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Do you aim to make your Android smartphone improved with progressive features and new theme provision then PixelPhone Pro is the Android app, you must replace with your phone app on Android smartphone. Designed with pace, easier exploration and customization in head, PixelPhone is a superb app for those who look for some transformed and exciting alternatives to the features that their device already has. Every Android mobile emanates a diverse phone app nowadays, which is fundamentally the utmost significant fragments of the device, so selecting something as per your suitability is most important.

The app was first developed by few Russian developers and later acquired by Felink Technology. The popular company encompasses both experienced and professional employees who have greatly refined the app with latest and advanced features.

The app has been well accepted by the people since its launch, thus to reward their customers, the company has launched a free version of the app for some time period. The free app of PixelPhone has all the features that are contained in the paid app of PixelPhone Pro.

PixelPhone Review features

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PixelPhone (Free):

Key Features

  • Organize your favourite contacts quickly and easily into groups to manage them properly.
  • The app features smooth scrolling of the contact groups up and down.
  • Just by swiping your finger, you can rapidly navigate to another group
  • There is multi-lingual language support for T9 search
  • The size of the dial pad is customisable from small to medium and large.
  • The supports Clipboard
  • There is an option provided for speed dial as well
  • The app even supports dialpad gestures like cleaning of filters, hiding of keyboard and undo input.


Overall, PixelPhone is a conversant experience for anybody who has used Android device services, which might seem slightly unexciting, but do you think somebody would like again to learn the usage of a simple app.

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Exciting Features

  • There is an area where Pixel Phone varies relatively, and that is the capability to select from numerous themes that are obtainable on the Play Store.
  • There are several options available for choosing themes which are compatible with any smartphone that runs on Android. For example, you can opt for a lighter theme in case of Samsung devices and the one in darker theme for HTC. However, the presence of several settings provides you the flexibility to change or modify things as per your requirements.
  • Such added extra features can be exploited to the hilt especially in the case of dual SIM mobile phones.

PixelPhone Review features APK

  • One can resort to the use of PixelPhone’s favorite feature to quickly call the number of favorites on their device.
  • Loads of options are available for the users who want to modify the settings as per their requirement.
  • There is no need of prolonged set up in the case of casual users since it just requires your existing contacts, favorites, as well as the logs and you, are ready to go.
  • Themes which facilitate the compatibility with all the leading Android phone be it Sony, Samsung or HTC.
  • Super-fast to locate contacts and facilitates scrolling through piles of call logs.
  • Some users might be confused owing to the absence of an in-call screen.


Opinion:  Among the plethora of phone apps available today, PixelPhone is one such app that is easily accessible. It shouldn’t be considered as a bad thing rather it is something good.  It’s always nice to try things that are new as well as different but provided one possesses an intricate knowledge of the same. PixelPhone has a unique feature wherein it hides several advanced options which are not required and rather puts across its best settings for optimum utilization by even an average user.

I found that PixelPhone provides you a vast range of options provided you are ready to dig deep into the settings, and the outcome will commensurate with the effort. While using PixelPhone one can quickly realize that apart from being very user-friendly it is leaner and also pretty quick. This is precisely what most of the users expect from such apps.


  • Speed (5/5) – This is one field wherein PixelPhone comprehensibly outsmarts its opponents. It’s lightning fast and at times I was baffled by its speed and the ease with which it could handle even the most exhaustive contact list.
  • Features (4/5) – For the majority of the people it might look as if it’s a more refined version of some existing app, however with the plethora of extras available in the settings and numerous plugins it has a lot to offer especially to the advanced users.
  • Theme (4/5) – It undoubtedly ranks high on the list of phone apps for best looks, it has a range of themes which further facilitates the way in which it looks as well as feels.
  • Overall (4/5) – It’s indeed a fantastic phone option which is very user-friendly and owing to its advanced features can captivate the attention of users. PixelPhone along with the Pro version fulfills all the eligibility criteria and comes out with flying colors.

The Future Aspects of Felink Technology And PixelPhone

  • There are adding more features to the latest version of PixelPhone Pro, which has been released on July 21. Some of the features that will be added are :
  • Record any call that you wish to save
  • Displaying of Caller ID like the location of caller.
  • Felink Corp. is striving hard to innovate more interesting and useful apps for the clients like Dorado Genius, 91 Launcher, CleanMaster, ShareU and many others.


As users, we often are at the receiving end of the various default apps installed on devices, but Android invariably proves to be an alternative for the same. PixelPhone is an excellent app that not only adapts to the various Android Phones but also offers several advanced features to exploit the dual SIM phone to the hilt. Nonetheless, what is pleasant about PixelPhone, in general, is that it is a much speedier app, and anybody can get used to it rapidly. It is infamy that in-call window is not there, but mostly, PixelPhone is a superb app everybody must give it a try.


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