Pradeep Chopra CEO of Digital Vidya: Built 0.5M $ Revenue in 2003 using Digital Marketing

Pradeep Chopra & Kapil Nakra, Co-founders of Digital Vidya, India’s largest Digital Marketing training company were batchmates at IIT Delhi. Soon after graduating from IIT Delhi in 1999, they started their 1st venture Whizlabs Software, a PMP & Oracle Certification preparation company in 2000.

Pradeep Chopra CEO of Digital Vidya

They shared an interesting entrepreneurial journey of over 15 years and could survive the 1st dot com bubble. Coming from middle class background, they’d to undergo huge struggle in aligning their family on the decision of leaving a cushy job to be on their own.

When they were struggling for their 1st sale in early 2001, they accidentally discovered the power of SEO to acquire 1st international customer. There hasn’t been looking back for them since then. Within 3 years, they could create a global brand with ~ 0.5M US$ revenue leveraging digital marketing.

Till 2009, they were informally sharing their expertise and experience about digital marketing with other professionals and entrepreneurs. In 2009, they launched digital vidya, an official platform to educate people about the opportunity of digital marketing. Since 2009, over 12,000 professionals representing over 6000 brands from over 25 countries have benefitted through 700+ digital marketing training programs.

I went to Digital Vidya’s office in Delhi and had a very nice conversation about my journey & Pradeep hustling journey too. I decided  to interview Pradeep Chopra, CEO of Digital Vidya and he cleverly answered my tricky questions. If you are someone who’s an entrepreneur or aspire to be one, you would find this interview interestingly and incredibly valuable.

Digital Vidya New Forum for helping Digital Marketers

 Digital Vidya, one of Asia’s leading digital marketing education firms announces the launch of Ask Digital Vidya, an online Digital Marketing Helpline platform. One of the unique advantages of Ask Digital Vidya is the presence of number of digital marketing thought leaders such as Mahesh Murthy (CEO, Pinstorm), Sanjay Mehta (Joint CEO,Mirum India) as Mentors, who are committed to contribute to the growth of digital marketing community by sharing their expertise.

Check out Pradeep’s interview :

Pradeep Chopra CEO of Digital Vidya: Built 0.5M $ Revenue in 2003 using Digital Marketing


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