Skillshare Vs Brilliant 2024: The Ultimate Comparison (Our Pick) Is Skillshare Better Than

In this article, I will take you through two such popular platforms of online learning. Skillshare and Brilliant. To make matters much simpler for you, I will be doing a comparison between both platforms. So let’s dive into the article.

Are you one of those people who are curious and love to develop new skills or explore different topics required for your career or hobby? A few people visit the local library or join community colleges to follow their new interests. Though these are good options, there are many affordable and convenient options online to pursue learning. Online classes are quite convenient as you can complete them at your own time and schedule them as per your work hours, etc.

They also are quite affordable in contrast to traditional educational institutions. So, how exactly do these platforms operate? What are the subjects offered and what are the costs?

Skillshare Vs Brilliant: Overview


If you are keen on following creative pursuits, then Skillshare is a good option. It offers classes that are project-based and has subjects like computer design, creative writing, video editing, 3D illustrations, and painting. So, rather than simply having video lectures, you will work on a piece that will be great for your portfolio.

 Skillshare Vs Brilliant - SkillShare

Furthermore, it has a lot of online learning opportunities such as branding, personal finance, and personal productivity.  You can use this platform free of cost and try some of the classes that are offered free. If you opt for their monthly or yearly subscription, then you can access about 25,000+ classes that are being taught by experts in branding, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs.


Are you inclined towards courses related to math and science? Brilliant is a great opportunity that helps you establish problem-solving skills that enable you to outshine mathematics, computer science, and science. It has interactive problem-solving along with short learning sessions that help you remain sharp. It offers a lot of courses related to chemistry, logic, quantitative finance, and classical mechanics.

Skillshare Vs Brilliant - Brilliant


Furthermore, there are daily challenges that help you test your personal skills. Similar to Skillshare, a free subscription gives you very limited access. The monthly, annual, or lifetime subscription enables you to opt for any class, take up daily challenges, and view personal stats, and daily challenges archives. 

Skillshare Vs Brilliant: What are they good for?  


Skillshare has segregated all the classes into 4 main categories – technology, creativity, lifestyle, and business. At present, Skillshare has more than 27,000 classes. Skillshare grants unlimited opportunities to its students and there are many top-quality classes having great teachers and content. However, bear in mind, on Skillshare, anybody can become an instructor.

Skillshare Course

This could lead to the creation of some bad-quality courses once in a while. It is recommended to read through student reviews before you select any class. Honestly, you will also not require all 27,000 classes. If you are working, and have taken up a course, it is essential to dedicate at least an hour to the course.


Brilliant revolves mainly around the idea of solving fun along with challenging problems. Anyone who wishes to learn mathematics, science, or similar studies, brilliant will be a savior.

Brilliant - Courses

The application has the right mix of education and entertainment. The app users can also learn to solve questions of science and math via conceptual quizzes having a variety of options. 

Skillshare Vs Brilliant: Similarities

Both these 2 platforms of online learning offer supplemental education to professionals, students, as well as anyone who is curious to learn. They have no accredited institutions or online colleges. These platforms offer a lot of engaging opportunities that enable you to explore the topics that appeal to you for personal as well as professional development.


Both these sites have a lot of favorable reviews. People who use these platforms prefer the subject matter, usability, as well as affordability. Both sites offer monthly subscriptions which convert to lesser than $1 per day and there are great discounts offered when you buy the annual subscription. The Brilliant platform offers users a lifetime subscription as well.

Skillshare Vs Brilliant: Differences

Skillshare is good for all those people who love those who enjoy creative endeavors. Skillshare offers great guidance in courses like illustration, computer animation, nature photography, or learning the piano. 

Classes Skillshare

In contrast to Skillshare, Brilliant is perfect for those who prefer analytical challenges that surround subjects like math or science. Brilliant is the perfect companion for all those who need additional practice in developing the problem-solving skills required to master the subjects and ensure the mind is active.

Skillshare has a lot of courses covering a lot of topics. If you need many daily challenges and focused classes, then brilliant is a perfect choice.

In terms of pricing, Skillshare subscriptions are cheaper in contrast to brilliant. A lifetime subscription to Brilliant can save a lot of money if you love the offerings of the site.

Pricing: Skillshare Vs Brilliant


The Brilliant app can get downloaded easily from the Apple app or google play store free of cost. Post-installation, the users can sign up for the Brilliant app free of cost. However, there are a few packages that are offered by Brilliant. They are:

Skillshare Vs Brilliant - Brilliant Pricing

  • Monthly: It will cost you $17.99 a month.
  • Annually:  It will cost you $5.99 a month.
  • Lifetime:  It will cost you  $345.99.

The best option would be an annual subscription. There are many people other than students who can benefit from using Brilliant. They are:

  1. Students

They can understand complicated concepts by way of problem-solving in science, math, and plenty of other subjects. This app aims at assisting students in developing their intuition rather than just memorizing formulas.

  1. Professionals

All those who intend to keep themselves updated when they prepare for some advanced-level interviews can benefit from Brilliant. Professionals can explore many topics like probability, computer science algorithms, etc.

  1. Lifelong learners

A user can choose from a huge variety of topics that have exercises that not just guide but are fun too. The quizzes ensure that the mind is active in addition to enhancing the skills of critical thinking. 


Skillshare has two pricing options: A free membership and a paid one. In order to take classes under any of these two options, you must be a member.

skillshare Vs Brilliant- Pricing plan

(1) Free Membership

Free classes are beneficial in many ways:

– Skillshare can be used free of cost and you can browse through the various free classes offered.

– This platform offers 2,000+ free classes.

– The classes offered by Skillshare are generally of high quality. 


– You get access to just the free classes.

– If you are a free member, then you cannot be a part of the workshops.

– Though you will be allowed to follow groups, you cannot take part in the discussions.

(2) Paid membership

– This membership comes at a price of $8.25 a month. If you opt for the annual membership, you have to pay about $99.

– Even if you want to pay the fees every month, this membership would cost you just $15 a month.

– Skillshare premium gives you unlimited access to every class offered by Skillshare.

– through this membership, you could access any topic, course, or workshop. 

– It allows you to join different groups and participate in discussions and connect with people who share the same interests.

– It has thousands of classes and you might even take up classes that you would not have thought of taking up, and at no extra costs.

SkillShare Vs Brilliant & Instructors

SkillShare Instructors

Skillshare Instructors Instructors

Brilliant - Instructor

Skillshare Vs Brilliant User Words & Testimonials?

SkillShare User Reviews

SkillShare- Learining Experiance

Brilliant User Reviews

Testimonials _ Brilliant

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Conclusion: Skillshare Vs Brilliant 2024

I presume that both Skillshare and Brilliant are excellent resources for all those who are passionate learners. If you love topics and projects related to calligraphy, painting, travel photography, etc., then Skillshare has many options available for you.

If you are more inclined towards subjects on math, science, chemistry, and the like, Brilliant is your to-go place. Every site has a lot of courses for beginners as well and you could choose the course and see which platform offers what you are looking for. Considering the fact that both these sites offer a free exploration, you could check them out together!

I suggest you take a free trial and then select the best platform you liked and I wish you All the Best in your further studies.

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