What is SEO And How It Works? Everything Explained Step-By-Step

Today We’ll Learn What is SEO And How It Works?

Know in today’s SEO post, SEO. What is? All the small and big information including “ What Is SEO ” and SEO Benefits. Which will prove to be helpful in increasing the traffic of your websites.

Whenever a user thinks of doing online earning by connecting to the internet and creating a new blog. And with half-incomplete information, by getting a  new blog made by himself or by someone, he starts working on it. And also works hard on his blog. And write many posts.

But still, he is not able to get success. Traffic on the blog remains negligible and earning is not possible due to that. Due to which the new blogger always gets disappointed.

Many of them bloggers leave this area of ​​blogging and some bloggers get engaged in this search, after all, what is the reason why visitors are not coming to the blog  even after writing the post so hard?

Then he starts  searching for this thing on Google. And looking at different websites and YouTube related to all the blogging, one name comes out the most.

And that name is   SEO  and it is known that in today’s era the competition is  increasing continuously even in the  blogging field , everyone keeps thinking of getting ahead of each other.

If you want to keep yourself ahead in this era, then  you   should have SEO knowledge so that by using it very easily on  your blog or website, you can get success in the field of blogging. Like another successful blogger.

I hope that you must have come to know from our few things that without doing SEO, it  is  very difficult to get success on a blog or web site or it is impossible to say that.

What is SEO And How It Works?

What is SEO And How It Works?

Similarly, without the stated  SEO  to adopt your  dream of making money online , then you are left to become a dream to be that successful  SEO Rules  go to  Follow  to.

As soon as the  new blogger comes  to know about his shortcoming, why were he failing in the world of blogging, and since then only one thing starts running in his mind, after all this

  • What is SEO?
  • Why is SEO important?
  • Why do SEO?
  • What are the benefits of SEO?
  • How does SEO work on our blog?
  • What are the types of SEO?

And many similar questions keep running in our mind. And to know and learn these questions in detail, read many blogs and watch Youtube. But still some questions remain for us. And the  information related to SEO remains half-incomplete.

Do not be disappointed, today’s post What Is SEO is going to be very useful for you.

Because in today’s post  What Is SEO  , I  will tell  you step by step answers to all your questions related to SEO  so that by adopting them,  you too can be successful in the field of blogging. Like Best Blogger

In this post of “What Is SEO” , you will be able to get the finer details related to SEO along with the answers related to your questions  and you will be able to learn it.

Also, there are many  online earning platforms like Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense or many other online earning platforms by  writing posts on the topic of your choice while sitting at home, from where you can earn from thousands to lakhs of rupees.

 In today’s era, whether it is digital marketing on the Internet or to promote your small or big business or if you want to earn money by creating a blog related to the topic of your choice, then  you must know and learn about SEO,    so let’s keep in mind. Know the answers to all the questions related to SEO. and teach. In this post of What Is SEO.

Let ‘s start the post “ What is SEO  ” and do the first step of SEO with the  search engine because we do SEO only for the search engine. So that our blog or article can come in the search result.

And with its help, we can bring more and more traffic and earn more money. So let’s go ahead and know step by step answers to all the questions in easy words.

Search Engine

1: –  You will know very well that visitors to any website or post  come only through Search Engine , like Google, Bing or Yahoo  . This is such a platform that people all over the world use and search according to their need, their topic. 

And by clicking on the results found from the search engine, we reach the blog and from that our blog or post gets Organic Traffic.   

What Is Google Search Engine

2 :-  The Task of the Google search engine is to make the best article related to the keyword searched by any user available to the user in a few moments.

They also make 10 Unique Posts with the right information available on their first page by sorting them out of thousands of posts written on the same keyword. So that the time of the user can be saved as well as he can get the correct information about the searched subject.

Have you thought that every day how many posts are written on the same keyword and Google removes only 10 posts from them and shows us on our first page.

After all, how does Google know that the posts shown on the first page for the keywords searched by the user are correct information and content related to the keywords?

What are Search Engine  Crawlers?

3 –  were searched by User  Keywords related to the  Content  to provide the right information to  Google Crawlers / Robot  helps.  

By providing the correct information of millions of posts written daily to Google Search Engine  , it helps in indexing it. Crawler Robot visits your web site from time to time

And also Crawl post with your blog and your posts by your Google Search Library ( Database in)  Index  does.

And whenever a user searches for a keyword, Google’s Crawler, also known as Spider, shows the 10 best posts from Google Library that prove useful to the user in its search results. Which helps the user a lot. Get the right information about your favorite subject

Note:- Let us   tell that  Google Search Engine   does not show only   10 posts in its result but shows 100 posts . In groups of 10 – 10 through ten different pages.

But the important thing is that, all the users who are there, they mostly see the results shown on the first page and get their information from them.

At the very beginning of What Is SEO ,  the only purpose of telling you  about Search Engine is that you can understand how important it is for a blogger to bring his website or blog post on the first page of Google Search Engine.

So that more and more traffic can move to your blog. And more and more online earning  is done, so  what is SEO ?

What Is The Full Form SEO?

What Is The Full Form SEO?

Question 4: –  What Does SEO Mean? SEO has full meaning. Search Engine Optimization. (Search Engine Optimization).

S Search
E Engine
O Optimization

Search Engine Optimization   which   optimizes our blog or post by following the rule of Search Engine . Which we call SEO in sort  .

5: – In today’s era, internet has become a very important part of people’s life. Whether it is a matter of digital marketing or product sale or promotion of big companies, or whether it is a matter of website or blog providing online services and information or entertainment, all three are on the same pillar of the same word. are SEO. Its demand is highest all over the world today.

That’s why big companies take the help of big SEO experts to keep themselves ahead on the internet. So that your product or other content can be ranked on the top position of the first page of Google search engine,

So that they can get Unlimited Organic Visitors. And that is why big companies spend lakhs of rupees on Search Engine Optimization.

If we say it in simple and few words then SEO plays a very important role in increasing the traffic of any website. So that we can easily bring organic visitors to our website.

Note :-  . Before knowing SEO in more detail, we will know briefly about   Google Algorithm and  Backlink . Without knowing and understanding them, it will be a bit difficult to explain the work of SEO, so let’s know them first.

What are Google Algorithms? 

6 :-  Algorithms are an important part of Google. Google algorithms work for users using Google Search Engine.

It works to show the Best Useful Results of the search topic (Query) on Google. So that the correct information can be available to the user of Google.

To show Useful Results to its user, Google Algorithm works on many Factors or simply works on countless Factors.

For better results, Algorithm sees the quality of millions of posts written on the same keyword through its different factors and filters Spam and makes the most useful post available to Google search engine. according to sequence.

The biggest feature of Google is that it works day and night on the task of showing the best results to its users. For which he keeps on changing his algorithm. So that you can give better results to your user.

I hope you have understood from the things mentioned in brief, how the Google algorithm works. And why are important part of SEO

What is Backlink?

7 :-   Backlink is an ESI process that helps your blog to get high ranking on Google Search Engine. And also increases the quality of your SEO.

How does Backlink work? :- Let us tell in simple and short words that Backlink plays an important role for our blog post. It brings Organic Visitors to our article.

How to make backlink? :- Let us tell that this is a type of link which belongs to your blog or article, which we create by visiting the blog or website related to our topic through comments or guest-posting.

What are the benefits of backlink? –  To create this link, we use other’s website or blog. Just think that there is a blog on which thousands of visitors come. And if there is a link to your blog on the same blog, then visitors will also come to your blog through that link. And also a good signal goes to Google from the factor of Search Engine Optimization. Due to which the authority of your blog or post also increases.

What are the types of backlinks? :-   These are of two types which we use to increase the quality of our blog. We know it by two names

  1. Dofollow Backlinks
  2. Nofollow Backlinks
Note :-  . You have known two important points which  increase the quality of our  SEO . Now let’s move on. And  know the information related to SEO  one by one


8: –   Suppose you have created a blog and wrote a post in it and its keyword is (  Why SEO Is So Important? ) and you have not done SEO in this post.

So   the Web Crawler of Google Search Engine is  not able to crawl the content of your blog post, due to which your post is not stored on Google  ‘s  database , due to which Google  does not show not only on its  Top 10 page but also in its 100 posts of Result. .

Just think?  If  a post with high  quality content written by you hard work    does not show  in Google Search Engine,  then what is the use of your written post?

If we   want to do Online Earning from our blog or website  , then it becomes necessary to do SEO of our blog as well as the articles to be done in it.

So that Google’s  Crawlers  can easily crawl our article content and store  it  on their  database with  Top Ranking.

And when any User our Article connected   Keywords are the search on the search engine and our  Search Engine Optimization  are conducted posts Google’s growing more likely to come in the First Page.

By doing search engine optimization, our website gets more chances of getting organic traffic and our  online earning   also increases. As we  do blogging to earn money sitting at home.

Just think?  If there is no Organic Traffic on the blog then no income. And your hard work in the water. So you must have started to understand a little bit that  Why SEO Is So Important For A Website?  And why is it important to do search engine optimization on our article?
Do not be disappointed, today we will answer all the questions related to search engine optimization in simple words in this Hindi article of “What Is SEO”. So that you can use it on your website or blog post in an advanced way and you will be able to rank your article as soon as possible. So now know Step by Step

Types Of SEO 

9 :-    There are mainly 2 types of SEO which are divided into two parts, which we

Are known and that two Important Factor on Google our website  Ranking  draws and that  Organic Traffic  has become the largest source.

So now we know what are   On-Page SEO   and   Off-Page SEO  and what works. And why do we need to do this?

We optimization of the Best Ways to any blog post  on page  and  off page SEO  to  Help  take. Because keeping in mind the rule of Google Algorithm, two important factors have been made. Which we know or know by the name of On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

In simple words,  these are two groups that follow all the rules of Google Algorithm. Both these categories are like a guide. which we…

  • Google Algorithm Friendly,
  • Mobile-Friendly,
  • User Friendly

They are the keys related to how to write or prepare the content or you can say they are Teacniques. Using which we can greatly increase the quality of our content.

All the successful bloggers of today’s era adopt and use the Tecniques of SEO. If we New Bloggers also follow the rules of Optimization and use its Tecniques well on our article, then the quality of the content will also increase manifold.

Due to which the ranking of our  content  will increase day by day on Google search engine . Along with this, we will also get Organic Traffic so that we can earn more and more online. Like a  Successful Blogger  .

I hope that  in the post of “What Is SEO”, you must have got answers to many questions related to SEO so far. Which you can easily understand. Now know further.  What is On-Page SEO?

What Is  On-Page SEO?

What Is  On-Page SEO?

10 :-    What Is On Page SEO :- This is a guidelines related to the techniques that make your website and content Search Engine Friendly.
On-Page Optimize is divided into many different parts. It works on many factors. The best part is that. You can control all the factors of on-page SEO by yourself. Which is in the interface of your website. Which you can do better.

Now let’s know in brief about the Common Factor of some on-page SEO Step by Step, which can be used to increase the quality of your blog page, so that your blog can be very easily Top 10 Page of Organic Results. able to rank in

To do on-page SEO, you have to use the Interface (Admin Panel) of your website. And through Admin Penal, you can easily do On Page Optimization of your Blog and Content. Let’s go through some important parts of it.

Important Factor
(A):- Content
The most important part of on-page SEO is your content and it matters to have the best content available in it. So first of all pay attention to your content. And write only Unique Article for your blog with complete information.

(B):- Architecture
should pay maximum attention to the design of your website, remove unnecessary visits without work, keep the design clean and tidy.

(C):- HTM Tag Code
Coding is used to create any website. To improve the website Google search results or other kind of facility,   we use HTM Tag Code .

(D):- Content Length
The main part of on-page SEO would have been your article. For this the most important thing is that you have to focus the most on your content.

If you are doing any product review or or are giving information on any subject, then tell you as much information as possible related to that subject so that more and more words can be added to your content so that a post full of great information. be able to become

(E):- Mobile Friendly
Internet In today’s time, most of the use is done on mobile. And our blog gets the most traffic from mobile. That is why it is important to make your website or blog mobile friendly.

(F):- Website Speed ​​In
today’s world of running, no one has time, everyone wants the work to be fast. Similarly, people on the Internet also want to do everything in a fast way. And that is why  the loading time of every blog should also be fast , so that the user’s time can be saved and can easily visit your website.

(G):- Page Size
To improve our content, we use many images, videos and many types of widgets, due to which the size of our page increases and due to that the loading time of our posts increases. . Because of which the user leaves our post and goes to other’s post. For this we should optimize the page size well.

(H): – While uploading the photos
used on the Image Optimization blog, reduce the size of your images, and the size of your images will be reduced and will open on your blog in a fast way.

There are also many types of WordPress Plugins available to reduce the size of images, which we can use, we can reduce the size of the photos.

(I):- Image Alt Tag
Image is also a good source to bring traffic to your blog post. Therefore, you should always put Alt Tag on your images so that your image can also be indexed in Google’s database.

(J):- Internal Links
to stop visitors to your blog. Make sure to do internal links of posts similar to the written article so that the page view of other posts will also increase as well as the ranking of the linked post will also increase.

(K):- External Links
To increase the quality of your content, in order to explain in detail a particular topic or word used in your article, a post filled with the quality of another blog is added to your article, which is called  External Links.  It is said and this is also an important  SEO factor.

To rank the keyword research article as soon as possible, one has to do keyword research in a proper way and choose the keyword with least difficulty and high traffic and CPC.

The competition of keywords extracted by doing  Keyword Research will be low and you will soon be able to rank on Google’s No.1 Position.

(M):- Long Tail Keywords
During keyword research, the new blogger should always choose Long Tail Keywords for his article,   the competition of Sort Keywords is very high and it may take a long time to rank it on Google.

(N): – Highlight Important Keyword
of course certain key words were written on the blog Article Highlight  pronounce it you think there are two advantages to Rank as well as one you are Important Highlight by Keyword post and the second article The user who reads also likes it.

(O):- Other Techniques
Now we know some other techniques which   are related to On Page Optimization . Whichever we have to use in our article according to the rules of On Page SEO

  1. URL Structure
  2. SEO Friendly URL
  3. Title Tag
  4. Heading Tag
  5. Meta Description
  6. Content Quality
  7. Keyword Density
  8. Sitemap
  9. Check Broken Links
You have learned briefly   about On-Page SEO . If you want to know this topic in detail, then read our another post in which step by step is explained how to do On Page SEO for Blog and Post? And  know the Best Techniques of On Page SEO  , which will prove to be a boon for your website.

Do you know what is WordPress Dashboard? And how does WordPress Control Panel work? If not, then definitely read this post of ours which will prove useful for you.

What Is  Off-Page SEO?

What Is  Off-Page SEO?

11 :-    What is Off Page SEO?  When we write an article on our blog, then we do its On Page Optimization and then publish thepost . And then our on-page SEO work is completed.

And then after that we do Off Page Optimization of the published post. So that our article is completely SEO Friendly according to Google  Algorithm Rules .

Off Page SEO: –  This is such a technical formula through which we  can rank our post  in No.1 Position of Google Search Result . And you can also increase the authority of your post.

If you understand Off Page SEO  in simple language and in brief, then it means that. This is a way to promote your post and share it.

Do it on social media  or on a website made on Niche similar to your article or on different platforms available on the Internet.

Due to which traffic is also available on your blog from there and Google will also get a good signal of your blog, from any other authority blog, which will also increase the trust in the eyes of Google, your website and the ranking of your article will also increase.

So let us now know in this part of “ What Is SEO ”, which are the available  Internet Platforms  through which we    can do Off Page Optimization . So let’s go ahead and know the best techniques that we can adopt. And you  can make your  content powerful .

Off page SEO works on many different factors. So let’s know that   in this post Step by Step in brief  the Unique Techniques of doing  Off Page SEO    which are very important.

Important  Factor

 (A):- Search Engine Submission
Although Search Engines will search your site slowly but it takes some time to do so. To speed up this process, you have to upgrade your website to Popular Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Submit your blog post to Bing, etc.

Search Engine Submission An important part of off-page SEO is the Search Engine Submission of your article  . So that Search Crawlers can crawl your blog post soon and submit it to your search directory.

And if a user searches the keyword given in your article in the search engine, then your article can also come in the search result.

(B):-  Social Networking Site
Social networking site is the best way to share the link of your blog post and you can also create a good backlink for your article there. And also you can share it on many social sites. 

Popular Social Networking Site

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • LinkedIn
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • reddit

Like there are some other social sites where make a blog profile matching the niche of your blog and also share the post you have done on your blog on all these social media sites.

Because it is such an Internet platform where countless users visit. And from here you can also get a good amount of traffic for your article post.

Sharing the link (URL) of your post on the social site comes under Off Page Optimization. Which all popular bloggers do and are always active.

(C): –  Directory Submission
a blog does not much benefit from time in Directory Submission of today look to SEO, but again nothing Biswsniy  Directory Blog  your URL in the  Submission  should. So that your  backlinks can  increase.

(D):-  Question Answering
Sites also have a big hand to do Question And Answering Site Off Page Optimization because we do  off page SEO to bring search engine and traffic to  our blog. Below are some popular question and answering site links, which you can use.

  •  Yahoo Answers,
  • Quora,
  • reddit.

Question and Answering’s site works to bring traffic to our blog, just we should use these sites well. Give correct answers to the questions asked by the people related to the niche of the blog. And along with the answer, publish the link of your blog as well.

So that after being satisfied with the answers given by you, the user can also come to your blog by clicking on the given link of your blog.

(E): – Guest Posting
our blog  biggest contribution in raising Authority  Guest Posting  are of. Which increases the referral traffic of our  blog. And also Google gives a good signal of our blog to the search engine. And  there is Authority Increase of Blog .

For us your  Blog or  Article  related  to the search made blog or website Niche. Which allows guest posting.

Then you contact them by call, mail or message and write a good article for their blog from your topic and give a link to your blog in it.


Guest  blogging  is the best way to increase the authority of your blog post and bring referral traffic to the article  .

(F):-   Blog Commenting
Blog commenting is also another important part of Off Page SEO. And through this we can create backlinks for our articles.

Note:-   Before Blog Commenting, keep this in mind whether the blog on which you are commenting is getting the blog from your written topic or not.

And always  comment only on the blog having more DA-PA than you  ,  check the spam rate as well as see whether the blog on which you are commenting approves the blog comments or not.

Make sure to do Blog Commenting, people will know about your blog and many backlinks will also be created, by clicking on the link given during the comment, people will also come to your blog, which will also give you traffic.

Similarly, off page SEO has many factors. By using which we increase the authority of our blog or website. And Google delivers good signals to Crawlers.

So that our article can come in the top of Google search and our traffic can be increased. Similarly, there are many other factors related to Off Page SEO, which are used by not only the new blogger but every successful blogger to make his article powerful.

Other Off Page SEO Factors

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Local – Listings
  • Link Baiting
  • Forum Posting
  • Delicious Etc
  • Blog Marketing
Do you know what WordPress is?  And why does every  successful blogger use WordPress  and what are the benefits of using WordPress in the blogging field.

Type Of SEO Techniques

Type Of SEO Techniques

12 :-    When the talk of“ What Is SEO” goes on, some other questions come to our mind regarding SEO. After all, what are the Types of SEO Techniques and how do they work?
  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Gray Hat SEO
  3. Black Hat SEO

And after all  ,  what is the work of White Hat SEO ,  Black Hat SEO  and  Gray Hat SEO and how does it work, what are the other benefits on our blog or post? So let’s know the answer to these questions also in this post of “What Is SEO”.

What Is White Hat SEO?

13: –    White hat SEO is the technique that we all should use because it is the key with the help of which we can bring our article to No.1 position in Google search engine.

This Technique follows Google’s Guidelines, keeping in mind all the factors of Google Search Engine. That is why it is called White Hate SEO. So let us know in brief how White Hat SEO is done and why it is necessary?

Using White Hat SEO   increases the trust of Google Search Engine on our blog or article. Due to which our blog post ranks quickly on the search engine. for us

The most attention should be paid to the  content, because according to the  Google Guidelines Rules , Google wants to show its user only the most unique content result. For this, first of all you should pay attention to your article.

Give it with complete truth and information about the subject on which you are writing so that the user reading your article will be satisfied and not come and think why he has opened the site and he goes out after taking half the incomplete information, that is why he would explain what he wrote completely. If it happens then it is said that!

Content Is King 

Website Speed  comes under White Hat SEO  which takes care of the time of the user. That is why you have to keep the loading time of your blog FAST.

In Title and Meta Description, you should use only those keywords which are actually related to your article and your article has information related to keywords. Similarly,   there are many factors under White Hat SEO , in which some special factors are known?
  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Heading H1,H2,H3 Etc
  • Image Alt Tag
  • Last Paragraph Of The Post
  • Keyword Density
  • Links

So you briefly understood what is the technique of white hat SEO and how to adopt it by following Google Guidelines. Now know further,  what are black hat SEO techniques?

What Is Black Hat SEO?

14 :-    What are Black Hat SEO Techniques?  There are two ways to rank your blog or web site in the search engine, one is  White Hat SEO   which is done following the rules. To rank your article in Google.

Ignoring the guidelines of Google, using the wrong technique to increase the ranking on the search engine as soon as possible and bring your article to the No.1 position is   called black hat SEO .

How to use Black Hat SEO Technique: –  Often people use their article to rank their blog or web site in search engines.

Meta Keywords: – While  writing, use those keywords which are not found in your article and any user who comes after seeing Meta Keywords gets cheated on the blog. Similarly, the crawlers of the search engine have to be misled in the same way on different things so that they can rank their articles soon.

So in this sequence, we tell you some techniques of doing Black Hat SEO, which we use to bring our article to the top.

  • Spamdexing
  • Article Spinner
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Backlinking
  • Link Building
  • Keyword Density
  • Invisible Text
  • Invisible IFrames

By using all these methods, people also get their post ranked, but they soon get out of the ranking. Because Google Crawlers have become so smart that they catch the tricks done by you, due to which your post is out of ranking and also gives punishment to your blog.


Only then it is said that a  successful blogger is the  one who  does SEO of  his article and blog following the guidelines of Google sincerely  .

What Is Gray Hat SEO?

15: –    People also use Gray Hat SEO,    this technique is a mixed formula of White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO to get  ranking in the search engine.
 There are many ways to do Gray Hat SEO on the article  . In which they also use the method of White Hat SEO and also use Black Hat SEO. From time to time.
How do gray hats use SEO techniques? And what is its method? This is the biggest question that arises. So let’s briefly summarize some  Gray Hat SEO Techniques  .
Expired Domains: –  Also use the most in the technique of Gray Hat SEO because Expired Domains already have backlinks, due to being Old Domain, its DA-PA is high and it is not very difficult to rank.
PBN (Private Blog Network): –  Many bloggers also use PBN to increase the authority of their blog or to rank their posts.
What are PBNs?  This network is a kind of self-made blog and through this Blogger to  create Dofollow Backlinks for his article  .
Article Rewriter :-  The techniques of Article Rewriter are also very popular, through which people   copy the article of Popular Blog and post it by rewriting it a bit.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

The full form of SEM is “Search Engine Marketing”, it is a type of marketing and through this you can come to the top page of Google search engine.

This technique is another form of SEO, by doing  Search Engine Optimization  , free traffic comes to your blog, but SEM is a way to get tariff by paying a kind of money.

In short and easy words, understand what is SEM? So the only thing that comes out is that to get your article in the search engine, it is possible to run advertisements on Google by paying money.

From  this post of What Is SEO , you must have got the answer to all the questions related to SEO and you must have learned the technique of SEO which will make your blog post powerful and will also hinder the traffic of your blog by adopting it.

If someone has not understood anything related to SEO, then definitely email  or comment us   . so that i can answer your questions

I hope that our What Is SEO post has proved useful to all of you and you must have learned something new from this post, if yes, then do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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Jitendra Vaswani
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Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner and renowned international keynote speaker who has embraced the digital nomad lifestyle as he travels around the world. He founded two successful websites, BloggersIdeas.com & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe of which his success stories have expanded to authoring "Inside A Hustler's Brain : In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” (20,000 copies sold worldwide) and contributing to “International Best Selling Author of Growth Hacking Book 2". Jitendra designed workshops for over 10000+ professionals in Digital marketing across continents; with intentions ultimately anchored towards creating an impactable difference by helping people build their dream business online. Jitendra Vaswani is a high-powered investor with an impressive portfolio that includes Imagestation. To learn more about his investments, Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, & Facebook.

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