Wondershare Filmora Review 2020: Is This Software Good For Editing?

Wondershare Filmora Review










Ease of Use


Video Editing


  • Easy to use, very intuitive interface
  • Plenty of effects and presets
  • Really useful for less experienced people
  • Very many online resources, tutorials, presets packs, effects
  • Very good and responsive support
  • Support team helps its users in a really polite way
  • Constant updates released regularly ulary
  • Affordable Lifetime License price. You get loads of presets offered by filmora, including components, title effects, video effects, split-screen templates, etc.


  • Filmora doesn't have a free hand masking tool. This may be one of the major drawbacks of the application.

The world of video editing is very enticing to creative people. Nowadays, varied software is available in the market that can be used to edit videos. Wondershare Filmora is a classic video editing software that has an exquisite collection of editing tools which are powerful and deliver an impressive performance.

Filmora is a video editor app that offers features like trimming, transitions, overlays, and other impressive effects. It is a simple yet robust application that can run on Windows and iOS devices. Despite being a lightweight tool, it offers all the necessary mechanisms to create great videos, such as varied video effects, loads of title templates, several transitions, and more. Filmora offers numerous well-designed templates that feature amazing animations. You can choose a template and then edit it as per your requirements.

You should be aware of the fact that if you are using its free version, your final video output will have the watermark of Filmora. The app goes through several updates, and by doing this, the company ensures that there are no bugs. The best part of this tool is that even novices can use it to edit their video in a highly professional manner. Filmora has a user-friendly interface and offers amazing effects, text tools, filters along with basic editing features.  The software is reasonably priced and you can avail its free trial to understand whether it works for you or not.  Today, we are going to review the video editing app so that you can gauge, whether it’s the right choice for you or not.

Wondershare Filmora Review: In A Nutshell

Most of the Filmora users are impressed by the powerful characteristics of the tool. They claim Filmora is the best option for editing videos. It has the capability of transforming chaotic videos into professional ones. They recommend this video editing platform to other aspiring video editors.

Wondershare Filmora- Introduction

Filmora offers multiple new tools and has a seamless and intuitive interface  It has multiple resources from which people may learn. There are several tutorials, packs, and presets.’

The support staff is responsive, knowledgeable, and professional during live chats. Using this tool to upload audio and media is easy. Also, you can use this tool to trim your videos. There is an option of integrating 4K video and GIF output. Also, the online store has simplified, adding new effects as required. There are multiple options which you can use to make the videos look unique.

Wondershare Filmora makes management of the content easy. Several buttons are available to access the audio, video, transitions, and titles. Also, video editors may burn the videos created through Filmora to DVD. Alternatively, they may upload the videos through YouTube.

Wondershare Filmora-Editing feature

Wondershare Filmora uses an intuitive design which makes it a popular choice among video editors. The advanced features of Filmora save effort and time. With its help, you can do the following to your video:

  • Change the background of your video
  • Create special effects
  • Eliminate background noise.
  • Use Picture in Picture to layer many video clips.
  • Add up to five text tracks and ten music tracks to the timeline.
  • Add panning and zooming movements to still footage.
  • Edit and export videos at resolutions up to 4k.
  • Adjust the dynamic range of the clips.
  • Adjust the white balance.
  • Reduce repetitions. As a result, the video editors may move the video forth easily.
  • Support hotkey commands so that the video editors may edit faster.
  • Apply color correction settings across multiple clips simultaneously.
  • The feature named Audio Ducking fades the music strategically to make the dialogue stand out.
  • Apply speed control. You may slow down a particular moment or fast forward to an interesting part.
  • Tailor the video to any platform. They are free to personalize their creations.
  • Split up the screen. It is a unique method of narrating a story.
  • Create custom elements to improve visual engagement.
  • The drag-and-drop feature of Filmora offers flexibility to add images and video clips in the timeline. Then, they may adjust the playing order.
  • Add a logo to the videos. The video editors may also adjust the size of the video with a few clicks.
  • Create vivid videos. Such videos put forth a brand as trustworthy and professional.

Wondershare Filmora- Editing Tips

Benefits of Using Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora has enriching video software. It allows the company to portray its values and culture through video. The advantages of using Filmora are as follows:

  • The videos created through Filmora are of premium quality. So, people use video editing software to communicate with clients.
  • Filmora has more than 130 types of preset titles and text. The video editors are free to choose from them.
  • The desktop version of Filmora is known as FilmoraPro. It allows advanced mode for editing, keyframing, and customizing effects.
  • The design of Filmora is user-friendly. Even video editors who have never made a video earlier may use it comfortably.

Wondershare Filmora- Latest at Filmora

Features of Wondershare Filmora

With Filmora, you can make your video clips unique and engaging as this tool allows the editors to add transitions, special effects, audio, movie filters, moving titles and so much more. Let us now have a look at some of Filmora’s amazing features:

  • Easy to use- Filmora video editor has an intuitive, user-friendly interface. This video editing software allows even amateur video editors to create professional-looking videos. The media files need to be dragged and dropped to the timeline of Filmora. Then, the video editors may edit the clips. They may also rearrange the sequence. It has the Smart Render feature, which may render the video’s preview on a real-time basis. The editors are free to see what is reflecting in the clips they are editing.

Wondershare Filmora- Windows Download

  • All-in-one video editor- This tool offers the integration of various features. With Filmora, you get the following features all in one place-
  • 4k editing support
  • Noise removal
  • Frame by frame preview
  • Audio mixer
  • Green screen
  • Audio separation
  • Audio equalizer
  • 3D Lut
  • Inbuilt video Templates, filters, overlays, text presets, and Transitions- Filmora lets the video recorder record screen and captures them on a real-time basis. It has royalty-free music tracks and sound effects. The inbuilt audio library is for personal use. It also has fifteen color video presets. The video editors do not need to download the inbuilt stock media from anywhere else. All of them are available in the Filmora video editor. Also, it has several special effects, such as overlays, filters, image masks, and tilt-shift effects.
  • Colour Grading – Color Grading is one of the most amazing features of Filmora. This feature may sound very fancy, but in reality, has a very simple meaning. With the feature of color grading, the colors of a picture are adjusted, or that of a video. Make your videos cinematically appearing as per your preference. However, the process is not simple, and you may have to spend a lot of time to get results as per expectations, just like several other creators. This feature helps you get that perfect hue and the gradient you have been looking for in your videos.

Pros and Cons

Filmora is known for providing amazing results at an astonishing price. However, the market is flooded with several video editor tools and whether or not you should go forward with this option is a tough choice. None of them is perfect, and so isn’t Filmora. It has its own share of benefits, and it does contain a few flaws. Let us have a look at its pros and cons.


  • You get varied choices of video effects, and you can pick them according to your requirements. You can apply several effects such as overlay, filters, elements, etc., to your videos. They provide a drag and drop editor for the ease of their users.
  • You can also use this tool on low-end laptops and desktops. It is a lightweight weight with easy to use interface. It furnishes over 400+ varied transition effects.
  • Filmora offers an advanced audio editor that includes audio ducking, audio keyframes, etc. It has a stylish text editor that offers basic and advanced editing.
  • Filmora supports numerous input formats and several export choices that include uploading your video directly to Youtube, etc.
  • It has in-built sound effects and music. Filmora has a very fast video rendering speed. It has in-built color grading tools, and you can also apply LUTs.
  • It is also possible for the users to download several free video effect packs from Wondershare’s Online Store.
  • Affordable Lifetime License price. You get loads of presets offered by filmora, including components, title effects, video effects, split-screen templates, etc.


  • Filmora doesn’t have a free hand masking tool. This may be one of the major drawbacks of the application.
  • You get watermarks in your output when exporting videos from the free version.
  • The color grading tool offered by Filmora is limited. You don’t get a color wheel, waveform, or curve as well.
  • It doesn’t offer motion tracking as well.
  • There is no video keyframe provided as well.

Pricing Plans

The video editors need to subscribe to Wondershare Filmora. It has a free trial period available for a month. After the free trial period is over, the video editors need to subscribe to any available plans. The plans are as follows-

  • Quarterly Plan- $24.99
  • Monthly Plan- $9.99
  • Yearly plan- $99.99

Wondershare Filmora-Pricing

The general features of the plans are as follows-

  • No watermark
  • Free tech support
  • Updates are free of cost
  • Free up-gradation to the latest features

The subscription plans are always updated free of cost. The plan may be canceled at any given point in time.  Refunds are available within 30 days under accepted circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions:

✅Do I need to pay to use Filmora?

The full-featured video editing tool of Filmora is not free. To use the templates and built-in features of this tool, you can opt for its free version as well. However, there is just one flaw in using the tool: the imported video of the free version will be watermarked. If you want to remove the watermark from your video, you will have to subscribe to the paid version.

✅Can I use Filmora 9 offline?

The offline activation of the Filmora tool allows the users to edit and export their video even when they don't have an active internet connection. You are required to activate the offline activation by going to the File-Offline Activation. You are required to feed in the licensed registration code and email to activate this tool's offline mode.

✅Is Filmora Pro free?

Yes, you can effortlessly use all the required features of Filmora for free with a watermark. If you think that the tool is a good fit for your requirements, you can opt for its licensed version to remove the watermark.

✅Can I animate in Filmora9?

It is recommended that you should use FilmoraPro for animation. Make animation videos by integrating keyframes so that the animation is smooth and natural. You are required to build a white plane to start making animations in your videos effortlessly. Audio mixer and color correction will raise the animation video to a whole new level.

Final Verdict: Wondershare Filmora Review 2020

The Final Cut Pro and the Premiere Pro version of Filmora are robust and are filled with amazing video editing features. Both of these tools have a ton of granular controls which will help you edit your videos professionally. However, one of the major flaws of this video editor software is that it fails to offer advanced editing features. Also, if you are just looking to put your videos together for Youtube, you may find the interface a bit difficult. You will have to opt for its recurring unlimited subscription, which is billed annually, to use the effects store.

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