250+ Best Free High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015

 Are you looking for high PR bookmarking websites here is the list of social bookmarking sites with dofollow backlinks. Social bookmarking is one of the best and easiest ways of earning backlinks from high quality sites, as any SEO professional would tell you.

Social bookmarking will earn you good quality traffic; this in turn will boost your website Alexa pretty much. So why not use Dofollow social bookmarking websites and earn some backlinks which will fetch you good link juice.

What Are Social Bookmarking Websites?

In short Social bookmarking websites are those on which people share or search web pages, blog posts, videos, images, articles etc., that other people have bookmarked with the help of metadata. Technorati, Folkd, Blinklist, Digg, Pinterest, Diigo, Del.icio.us, Reddit, StumbleUpon are some of the well- known and top most social bookmarking websites.


Do’s And Dont’s While Doing social Bookmarking

The good thing is that there are many social bookmarking sites which give  dofollow links to their users. Bookmarking is a smart way to earn good backlinks from credible sites. Search Engines do give preference to these websites.

But before you go through this social bookmarking list beware, if you do too much of spamming there you can get penalize easily by the moderators of these websites. So never spam there and try to promote your websites or blogs in genuine manner. Don’t vigorously promote your websites content it will create panic button to moderator and they will ban you straight away. Also keep this thing in mind never promote your content too much, promote other blogs content too.

Because sharing other content will increase your credibility and you can earn good followers. So promoting other content shows that you are real blogger and people will like this. Many websites moderators will like this sharing method and you would soon gain trust of moderator. So I hope you like these High PR do follow social bookmarking sites list 2015. 

How to Submit Your Site to 48 Social Bookmarking Sites to Increase SEO, Backlinks, and Traffic


Exploring social bookmarking with Diigo

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List Of social Bookmarking sites  with do follow links:

  •                     Websites                                                             Page Rank                                                         
  • http://slashdot.org/                                             8
  • http://www.reddit.com/                                       8
  • http://www.stumbleupon.com/                              8
  • http://www.delicious.com/                                  8
  • http://newsle.com/                                             6
  • http://www.newsvine.com/                                  8
  • https://www.diigo.com/                                        8
  • http://www.folkd.com/                                          7
  • http://www.bizsugar.com/                                    6
  • http://www.blokube.com/                                     4
  • http://buddymarks.com/                                      5
  • http://blinklist.com/                                             6
  • http://linkarena.com/                                          7
  • http://youmob.com/                                            5
  • http://newsmeback.com/                                    5
  • http://givealink.org/main/show                         5
  • http://netvouz.com/                                            5
  • http://bookmarkgolden.com/                              3
  • http://www.pinterest.com/                                  8
  • http://blogmarks.net/                                          6
  • http://wirefan.com/                                             5

Some More New Bookmarking websites 2015 updated list: 

http://digg.com 8
http://www.mister-wong.com 7
http://www.mixx.com 7
http://multiply.com 7
http://www.bibsonomy.org 7
http://www.designfloat.com 6
http://www.kwoff.com 6
http://bignet.biz 6
http://www.dropjack.com 6
http://www.propeller.com 6
http://www.linkagogo.com 6
http://faves.com 6
http://www.jumptags.com 6
http://www.social-bookmarking.net 5
http://www.maple.nu 5
http://tipd.com 5
http://metamusica.com.br 5
http://www.searchles.com 5
http://www.backflip.com 5
http://www.theviraltrend.com 5
http://www.sinoloveo.com 5
http://www.a1-webmarks.com 5
http://url.org 5
http://www.myusa.com 5
http://www.newsmeback.com 5
http://www.spurl.net 5
http://news4vn.com 5
http://hotbmark.com 5
http://bookmarks.oneindia.in 5
http://url.org 5
http://www.kirtsy.com 5
http://www.ecopuncture.com 4
http://www.oyax.com 4
http://uyghur.co.uk 4
http://somethingaboutmaryman.com 4
http://bookawards.smallbiztrends.com 4
http://www.newskick.de 4
http://www.officialbookmark.com 4
http://spletarna.net 4
http://www.ohter.com 4
http://www.blogregator.net 4
http://www.blogospherenews.com 4
http://cloudytags.com 4
http://www.alfadigital.info 4
http://rubydojo.org 4
http://www3.utahpolitics.org 4
http://www.informatics.buu.ac.th 4
http://www.imcurtain.com 4
http://www.igirisu-eigo-ryugaku.com 4
http://www.leehaney.com 4
http://www.worthbookmarking.com 4
http://www.indianpad.com 4
http://www.atlantique-2007-2013.org 4
http://www.atlantique-2007-2013.org 4
http://www.pfbuzz.com 4
http://www.foxiewire.com 4
http://ansol.1407.org 4
http://otavo.com 4
http://www.myhq.com 4
http://orangify.com 4
http://www.malaysiastory.com 4
http://www.findnews.org 4
http://qofari.com 4
http://digg.tlcthai.com 4
http://www.b2blocal.net 4
http://twittbiz.com 4
http://smart-bookmarking.com 4
http://myesubmitz.com 4
http://www.sitejot.com 4
http://www.dotpoch.com 4
http://wanbookmarks.com 4
http://www.dnhour.com 4
http://socialmonkee.com 4
http://portal.tw 4
http://portal.tw 4
http://www.bookmarktracker.com 4
http://www.spletarna.net 4
http://postonfire.com 4
http://www.it-ideas.com 3
http://aboogy.com 3
http://www.rambhai.com 3
http://www.wobblog.com 3
http://linksnapr.com 3
http://hibye-app.com 3
http://socialblare.com 3
http://www.iphone-entreprise.com 3
http://www.digg.ca 3
http://www.v12.me 3
http://demo.pacifichost.com 3
http://www.copucha.cl 3
http://www.mouvement.tv 3
http://szkolenia-komunikacja.pl 3
http://todolaburo.com 3
http://goserp.com 3
http://www.startaid.com 3
http://www.addictionaire.com 3
http://www.joomocracy.com 3
http://www.bookmarks.wedigg.co.uk 3
http://grahamharris.com 3
http://www.socialdanger.com 3
http://wagg.it 3
http://www.applesense.com 3
http://52.co.nz 3
http://solinkable.com 3
http://mon-maroc.com 3
http://www.blogmyway.org 3
http://targovec.com 3
http://www.blogbookmark.com 3
http://www.topinews.com 3
http://trending.usefulinfonation.com 3
http://bookmarks.sadiakomal.com 3
http://hibye-app.com 3
http://vielbesucher.de 3
http://www.blogreporter.biz 3
http://xbangkok.com 3
http://www.wedigg.co.uk 3
http://www.izquierda-ezkerra.org 3
http://www.geimhost.com 3
http://sgssweb.com 3
http://hotscripts.ro 3
http://link-to-results.com 3
http://www.beritague.com 3
http://review.zazi.com 3
http://digg.ca 3
http://www.diggpligg.tk 3
http://www.funny.ro 3
http://www.totalpad.com 3
http://www.filmdb.net 3
http://www.tourdion.com 3
http://linksnapr.com 3
http://thai007.com 3
http://88-c.com 3
http://bookmarks.psycmeister.com 3
http://www.newsocialbookmarks.com 3
http://www.puplinks.com 3
http://www.business-planet.net 3
http://www.lamppr.com 3
http://www.fashionablylatent.com 3
http://101ako.com 3
http://www.technogies.com 3
http://www.technogies.com 3
http://www.taualphazphib.org 3
http://www.puplinks.com 3
http://88-c.com 3
http://www.newsgarbage.com 3
http://www.yeahmaybenot.com 3
http://www.tagne.ws 3
http://shiftlogic.org 3
http://www.nfer.org 3
http://www.dofollowbookmark.org 3
http://affiliated-business.com 3
http://wildcatcorner.com 3
http://blastandcastoutdoors.com 3
http://www.sw4sw.net 3
http://www.pr4links.com 3
http://sports-bg.com 3
http://blastandcastoutdoors.com 3
http://www.bukmark.net 3
http://blogwealthwood.com 3
http://ninetythrees.com 3
http://www.atozpia.com 3
http://mouvement.tv 3
http://www.duno.info 3
http://www.earnersclub.net 3
http://www.socialogs.com 3
http://jobsdigg.com 3
http://www.humsurfer.com 3
http://colombianoscreativos.com 3
http://urselections.com 3
http://nabtarin.ir 3
http://www.hotscripts.ro 3
http://www.oopza.com 3
http://www.ziki.com.au 3
http://www.thailandbookmark.com 3
http://www.psynet.gr 3
http://guqin.tcfb.com 3
http://www.tcfb.com 3
http://vielbesucher.de 3
http://www.newsocialbookmarks.com 3
http://pourquivoter.ca 3
http://www.dryli.com 3
http://www.affiliated-business.com 3
http://www.ideaspol.com 3
http://persianhaps.com 3
http://www.justdofollow.com 3
http://www.sports-bg.com 3
http://www.webmaster911.com 2
http://blessedit.com 2
http://pziq.org 2
http://www.bookmarksdiary.com 2
http://www.subbmitt.com 2
http://www.webmaster911.com 2
http://www.bedwire.com 2
http://quixperito.com 2
http://www.vidiovo.hr 2
http://social.zumbados.net 2
http://www.blogcharts.net 2
http://www.yoomark.com 2
http://www.bravsbookmarks.com 2
http://webmojstri.si 2
http://pziq.org 2
http://medic.al 2
http://www.annuaire-telesecretariat.com 2
http://linkuj.o106.com 2
http://www.whitneysegura.com 2
http://www.aviationcentral.net 2
http://whatsonsocial.com 2
http://www.autto.net 2
http://www.submitbookmark.info 2
http://blogcharts.net 2
http://wencel.biz 2
http://mleip.com 2
http://smartmynds.com 2
http://www.yeawo.com 2
http://zeezag.com 0
http://bharatboom.com 0
http://linkerbook.com 0
http://maple.nu 5
http://web2list.com 0
http://bookmarkyourpost.info 0
http://thebookmarks.org 0
http://mettablog.com 1
http://2collab.com 0
http://thesocialsubmit.info 0
http://bookmarksync.com 3
http://newspaanai.com 0
http://socialsubjects.com 1
http://dropyourlink.com 0
http://techaker.com 0
http://foxbizz.com 0
http://indiasurfer.com 0
http://oidobarra.com 1
http://tagyourpost.com 0
http://socialbookmarkdofollow.com 0
http://a1socialbookmarking.com 0
http://feedmarker.com 0
http://allgooogle.com 0
http://i89.us 0
http://indimine.com 0
http://bookmarkdevil.com 0
http://phlix.tv 1
http://w3m3.com 0
http://momshare.net 3
http://smokkr.com 1
http://yoomark.com 2
http://graphic-design-links.com 3
http://zoomit.ca 4
http://onliy.com 0
http://listyourpost.com 0
http://plugim.com 3
http://wpthemez.com 2
http://linkr.hu 4
http://tagji.com 0
http://iliketotallyloveit.com 4
http://scoopit.co.nz 6
http://smash-up.com 0
http://th3scoop.com 0
http://publish-articles.com 2
http://dnhour.com 4
http://nulify.com 1
http://ptnoticias.com 0
http://kloggi.com 0
http://mytitbits.com 1
http://squigglr.com 1
http://scalespro.com 1
http://indiasphere.net 0
http://philbuzz.com 0
http://koreantopnews.com 2
http://byme.in 0
http://bharatinfo.com 0
http://seoswamy.com 1
http://yuppmarks.com 0
http://nuzcom.com 0
http://stumble.info 0
http://baang.ir 5
http://humansthink.com 2
http://findbetterlinks.com 0
http://social.infoeduindia.com 0
http://goodiggnews.com 1
http://jewelry-scales-balances.com 0
http://onlinesocialbookmarking.com 2
http://xscoops.com 0
http://latestbookmarks.com 1
http://blogospherenews.com 4
http://fhot.net 3
http://socibook.com 0
http://xulnews.com 3
http://worldpharmanews.net 4
http://gyanin.com 0
http://amaze24.com 0
http://iidigg.com 1
http://jackool.com 0
http://woorp.com 0
http://lollu.net 0
http://suffil.com 1
http://paie.cn 0
http://tweetr.in 0
http://bytesocial.info 0
http://linkne.ws 0
http://linkne.ws 0
http://kabulis.com 0
http://digg-digg.com 1
http://pharmacy-scales.net 0
http://medicalogs.com 0
http://whobuiltthatsite.com 0
http://overflowlegal.com 0
http://bookmarkdig.com 1
http://sporticts.com 0
http://techinreview.com 2
http://dealshouter.com 2
http://ellamey.com 1
http://greensocialtech.com 3
http://thehottestlinks.com 1
http://webdesigndefinitions.com 1
http://hit.in.th 0
http://clickfor.net 1
http://mobiseer.com 0
http://whatnwhen.in 2
http://wedelia.com 1
http://tutable.com 2
http://delicious123.com 0
http://cenq.com 1
http://netwebpad.com 0
http://freehotlinksdirectory.com 0
http://blogtwitt.com 1
http://irtoplinks.com 0
http://bookmarkdaily.com 0
http://roadaholics.com 0
http://gobigg.com 2
http://jumbobookmarks.com 2
http://onlinebookmarkingsite.com 1
http://maglev08.com 4
http://bookmarking4u.com 0
http://bloggingcanadians.ca 5
http://neotags.info 0
http://blessedit.com 2
http://hitdigg.com 0
http://spartansportspage.com 1
http://bookmarkingpixels.com 0
http://raidx.co.uk 0
http://detektei-hamburg.com 0
http://bookmox.com 0
http://bookmark-site.com 0
http://producthater.com 0
http://video-bookmark.com 3
http://bookmarkplace.com 0
http://japansoc.com 5
http://indianscoop.net 3
http://nippondit.com 0
http://buzzytag.com 0
http://postolia.com 2
http://windowly.com 1
http://posicionatuweb.es 0
http://favname.com 0
http://floatingdesigns.com 0
http://ellepop.com 1
http://indianbytes.com 0
http://justsoft.org 0
http://getboo.com 0
http://newdigg.com 0
http://javaads.com 0
http://dofollowbookmark.org 2
http://inbookmark.com 1
http://universalbookmarks.com 0
http://blogcharts.net 0
http://donedigg.com 0
http://actualtopics.com 2
http://oopza.com 0
http://LinkingFriends.com 0
http://brightsapphire.com 1
http://site-patrol.com 0
http://bookmarkshub.info 0
http://24by7bookmarks.com 0
http://bookmarkstime.com 0
http://diggyourlink.info 0
http://bookmarkslinks.com 0
http://metrotagz.com 0
http://etagz.info 0
http://drigg-code.com 0
http://bookmarkspiders.com 0
http://bookmarkroll.com 2
http://zoombookmarks.info 0
http://jumptagz.com 0
http://clixwlix.com 1
http://bookmarkszone.com 0
http://clickbuzz.info 0
http://x-oe.com 0
http://officebill.net 0
http://m-topic.com 0
http://doddle.co.za 0
http://forexbookmarks.com 0
http://sturvs.com 3
http://dosocialbookmark.com 0
http://bookmarkja.com 0
http://bookmarkocean.com 0
http://rujai.com 0
http://fuzzfizz.com 2
http://onlinearticlestore.com 0
http://sowhats.net 0
http://expressbookmarks.com 0
http://socialwebcms.info 0
http://dgdig.com 0
http://bookmarksland.com 0
http://britainsgotdiscounts.com 0
http://exceptnothing.com 2
http://afunpark.com 3
http://simpletagz.info 0
http://linksroll.info 2


Technically you will be able to bookmark anything – you may virtually bookmark each page of your website or blog but I don’t suggest that.  The concept behind social bookmarking is that you simply sharing content with different users round the internet. This can be significantly vital for sites with a vote element. If you bookmark rubbish it’s  simply a style of spamming! I like to recommend solely bookmarking your best content – blog posts, articles, editorials, interviews, podcasts, videos, resources and other stuffs. This keeps everybody happy.

 So Do you have any more social bookmarking websites which gives do follow links just drop in the links in comments below I would be happy to know that.

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      Bizsugar is a niche social bookmarking for small business, so you can only share small business related articles, unless, your post will be deleted..

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