The Best Agile CRM Alternatives 2024 For Small and Medium Business

Graphic user-interface is superb and easy-to use for everyone. Deep analytical reports with charts and graphs can be accessed with this CRM tool in order to prepare effective Digital marketing reports.

Keap is best meant to deliver comprehensive results to small-scale businesses with a perspective to deliver high-end growth results.

There is no doubt that Agile CRM is one of the finest CRM tools which is used on a huge scale by companies from all over the globe. It has many advantages such as sales tracking, customer contact management, clean Graphic-user interface and proper helpdesk for resolution of problems.

Agile has also been featured in various different Marketing Software awards categories. The excellence and quality-driven results of Agile makes it a complete one-stop solution for every businessman.

Low-pricing is also another aspect that contributes towards the huge success of Agile CRM. 

Agile CRM Overview- best agileCRM alternatives

However, many businessmen found some issues with the overall performance of Agile CRM.

Basically, Agile CRM is an affordable and quite a great choice for small businesses. That’s why medium-scale businesses and large scale businesses should look for other ideal CRM tools that can increase their profitability exponentially.

Managing good customer relations with Potential customers is not an easy job.

That’s why we will mention some of the prominent Agile CRM alternatives that can be helpful in a lot of aspects. Let’s have a look on all of them:

Perfect & Top Agile CRM Alternatives To Try Out Now

1. EngageBay:

Engagebay pricing best moosend alternative

EngageBay is probably the most suitable alternative of Agile CRM tool because it provides the choice of selecting any package to its customers by themselves. In simple words, 


  • Unlike the Agile CRM tool, users can make a choice to buy either one of the tools that are Marketing Automation, CRM and Sale Bay Module according to their needs or can buy them within a single all-in-suite. 


  • It will basically make their customers pay only for the services which they are using instead of paying for the features which they are not using at all.       


  • Whereas, the Agile CRM offers all these features as a bundle to their customers irrespective of the aspect of whether they are using those features or not. This will basically help you to manage your budget in quite an efficient manner since you will only pay for the features which you’re using. 


  • On top of that, EngageBay services are also the best in the digital marketing segment. They are known for providing growth-oriented driven results to their clients. The Integrated service module is indeed another very formidable feature that offers live Helpdesk and Chats support to your customers.


  • Proper quick chat support is definitely something that impresses customers and provides a great impression of your business. 


  • Furthermore, it also provides a full 360-degree customer view so that you can see a full customer journey across the marketing and sales department all in one place. 


  • Proper insight reports of customers are indeed very helpful for making further strategies in order to expand the business. 


  • With EngageBay, deep insight reports with full analysis and information can be accessed and that too in a very limited budget. 

The profitability of your company can be increased only if you head towards the right CRM tool to make digital marketing strategies.

That’s why EngageBay is considered the perfect alternative to the Agile CRM tool which is both user-friendly and budget-friendly. Let’s hope you will like the pricing plans too!


  1. The only major drawback which has been reported by the users is that its Email templates are very simplistic in design and that too is in a very limited budget.  

Pricing plans of EngageBay:

Engagebay pricing best moosend alternatives

To realize your solid business expansion plan, you should subscribe to EngageBay premium services that are pretty affordable for everyone. 

Customers can either buy an all-in-one complete package or can buy different services separately.

Additionally, you will get a huge discount if you subscribe to the Yearly subscription package. That will directly reduce the investment cost of your business and will provide you with potential growth-driven results.

However, if anyone is still not convinced about the services offered by EngageBay, then a free package is also available that will provide a complete demo of the services which you will be getting. 

The subscription premium of the All-in-one suite starts from $14.99 per month and will go up to $79.99 per month for the Pro pack. Users can get complete Pricing details and can select a package that is best for their business. 

2. Less Annoying CRM:

Less annoying CRM- best agile CRM alternatives

This CRM tool is another very great alternative to the Agile CRM tool which is designed and developed specifically for small and medium scale businesses. 


  1. The graphic user-interface is superb and easy-to-use for everyone. Deep analytical reports with charts and graphs can be accessed with this CRM tool in order to prepare effective Digital marketing reports. 
  2. They offer a great subset of features and utilities all in one place and within one package. 
  3. In fact, their pricing offers for premium packages are also very convincing for small businesses as they have a very limited budget. 
  4. That’s why to maximize the Return on Investment index, one should consider subscribing to Less Annoying CRM(LACRM) at the earliest.  

Less Annoying reviews


There are some significant drawbacks and limitations that should be considered before subscribing to this CRM tool. 

  1. The first disadvantage is that it cannot be integrated with other third-party applications for combined operations and working. 
  2. Furthermore, the app sends out notifications for various updates to you only by SMS and Email, but not through app notifications. This may be the biggest disadvantage because you can miss an important or urgent notification as you cannot be present the whole day checking your mailbox. 

Pricing plans of Less Annoying CRM

Price for a one-month subscription to the Less Annoying CRM tool is $15 which is quite reasonable and affordable too.  


This CRM tool is a great choice for enthusiastic salespeople out there who are focused more on selling services to their potential customers.

Salesmate agile crm alternatives

Salesmate CRM tool is definitely a very convincing substitute of Agile CRM which is an ideal choice for both startups and small scale enterprise businesses.


  1. It provides an easy-to-use graphical interface with an informative highlights Dashboard. Every single piece of information regarding the customers and business expansion growth levels can be accessed from there. 
  2. The analytical reports are now represented in a customizable manner with significant upgrades that make it easier to understand for everybody. 
  3. Furthermore, new features such as Live Chat and DocuSign integrations are also included recently with a vision to provide everything for your business in one place. 


  1. The biggest drawback of Salesmate is that customizable data fields cannot be created which is pretty annoying. 

Pricing plans of Salesmate

Salesmate offers a free 15-Day trial to its users upon sign up. It basically offers 3 different pricing plans with different features in every pack.

In fact, they are offering a 20% flat discount on purchasing an Annual subscription. Visit Salesmate official website today and explore various different aspects of managing Customer Relation Management in a detailed description. 

4. Really Simple System CRM:

CRM software for small business

Really Simple System CRM is a simple yet very powerful and interactive kind of CRM tool for digital marketers. This tool is included among one of the fastest-growing CRM tools categories that offer a whole lot of features all in one place. 


  1. They have their separate and dedicated database software that helps you to track down customers details in just one click. 
  2. Furthermore, it also offers sales CRM software with sales force automation features at a very affordable price.
  3. In order to build a strong customer relationship, you may track all your sales leads and can manage them accordingly. 
  4. On top of that, this CRM tool also allows its customers to integrate their accounting software along with other system resources in order to maximize both efficiency and profitability. 
  5. Unlike the Agile CRM tool, there is very good customer care support available for the users who are facing any difficulties while using this software tool. 
  6. They have also added an integrated feature of CRM marketing software that you can use to build personalized campaigns to send newsletters directly from their resource Systems. 

Really CRM System- best agile crm alternatives


There are no significant drawbacks as far as the working of this CRM tool is concerned. However, it might be possible that you won’t find it’s graphic user-interface to be user-friendly. 

Pricing plans of Really Simple System CRM

Talking about the pricing of Really Simple Systems CRM, then it offers premium subscriptions in four different packages.

First one is a free trial package followed by Starter, Professional and then Enterprise level pack. They also offer a great discount if you purchase an annual subscription rather than billing on a monthly basis.   

5. Bigin by ZOHO CRM:

Bigin Zoho CRM- agile crm alternatives

Bigin is another very comprehensive choice as an alternative to Agile CRM in many ways. It offers various features that are listed below:


  1. First of all, it is the cheapest CRM tool available in the market that offers a whole lot of features that are helpful in increasing sales and overall growth of the business. 
  2. Actually, the developers of Bigin CRM have removed all those high-end features which are of no use to small businesses to cut down the subscription charges and hence making it the most affordable choice in the market. 
  3. Moving further, Bigin offers all the essential required features such as a built-in telephonic system, workflow automation, email sender, activity tracker and management system along with a fully customized dashboard. 
  4. Bigin basically serves every single purpose of a CRM tool that makes it a very comprehensive choice for everybody in the market. 
  5. Users can also integrate Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace and many other applications from Zoho like Zoho Desk, Zoho Forms as well. 

Bigin CRM reviews


The only concern with Zoho is that users will have to upgrade to the costlier versions of Zoho if their business starts growing exponentially as per the expectations.  

Pricing plans of Zoho

Mentioning the pricing details of Bigin CRM, it will cost $7 per month to the users if they bill annually. Whereas for monthly billing, the cost is $9 per month. And for large businesses, a high-end edition of Bigin is also available that start from $12 per month.

So, choose accordingly whatever suits your requirement. Users can try out its features and work by subscribing to its 15-day free trial.

6. Daylite:

Daylite CRM- best agile CRM alternatives

Daylite is a special and unique CRM tool that is developed specifically for iPad, Mac and iPhone users.

Basically, Daylite is a great CRM tool choice for all small scale enterprise businesses with up to 150 or 200 people who want to expand their business by assisting a large number of clients and projects. 


  1. Daylite features different useful project management tools to provide the users with insights of ongoing projects and sales numbers. 
  2. On top of that, Daylite also features Daylite Mail Assistant that can be integrated directly with Apple Mail for sending emails and newsletters directly to the customers from one unified platform. 
  3. Daylite also allows its users to create customized reports of sales insights, customer interaction, customer’s information and their interests etc. 
  4. As a Mac tool, it can also be integrated with other Apple apps like Apple Calendar, Siri and Contacts. 

Daylite CRM reviews- best agileCRM alternatives


  1. The biggest drawback of Daylite is that it only offers one complete package to the users which simply means that there is no flexibility in the pricing of packages. 
  2. Furthermore, Daylite CRM is only meant for Apple users. That’s why Android and other OS users cannot subscribe to Daylite as it won’t work with their systems at all.

Pricing plans of Daylite

If you are an Apple user, then you should subscribe to the free 30-Day trial today. We really hope that after using Daylite, your search for a great alternative to Agile CRM will end.  

Once the trial period is over, the subscription charge payable is $24 per month when billed annually.   

7. Keap:

Keap review- agile CRM alyternatives

Keap is yet another very good choice as a substitute for Agile CRM. This tool is also meant to deliver comprehensive results to small-scale businesses with a perspective to deliver high-end growth results. 


  1. Contact list of potential customers and other leads can be imported from other CRM tools very easily. 
  2. Keap basically works for customer satisfaction which is indeed the foremost motive of every business. It will help to capture a good market share of customers along with a great number of referrals too. 
  3. Although this CRM tool is on the pretty expensive side, still users prefer to use it for their business expansion motive. 

Keap by Infusion- best agile CRM review


  1. The main drawback of Keap CRM is that there are a whole lot of features that might not be useful for entry-level businesses or startups.
  2. That’s why pricing can be an issue for those who possess a very limited budget for their business expansion. 

Pricing plans of Keap

The Lite plan will cost users around $56 per user/per month.

Whereas the Max plan that features all the customized and enhanced features will cost around $140 per user/per month. Free trial for a limited period is also available for every single plan.

So, do check out the other listed details on the official website of Keap and subscribe to its services as per your requirements.

8. Insightly:

This CRM is definitely a great alternative to the Agile CRM tool. Below mentioned are some of it’s key highlighting features.

Insightly CRM- best Agile CRM Alternatives


  1. The graphic user-interface is so interactive and easy-to-use. Once you login to your account, you will get every single piece of information about your ongoing digital campaign under a single tab. 
  2. Insightly can also be integrated with G Suite and Microsoft Office 365. 
  3. This CRM tool holds a great reputation for its smooth Customer relation-building values. Useful CRM tools for managing customer contacts, tracking sales information and assigning tasks to team members are available to ensure potential growth in the business. 
  4. Additionally, it also features Microsoft BI (Business Intelligence) which is a pretty useful feature to get real-time data of customers from various different countries. 
  5. It actually helps the small businesses to understand the actual trends in the market and hence making informed decisions on the same. 

Insightly CRm custiomer reviews- best Agile CRM alternatives


  1. Although the user-interface is quite responsive, some users still think that it is outdated. So, it will possibly be the main drawback of Insightly, unlike the Agile CRM who has a great user-friendly interface. 

Pricing plans of Insightly

Pricing will not be an issue for the Enterprise level businesses because it offers its subscription in 3 different packs. The entry-level plus pack will cost you around $29 per month while the professional level pack will cost around $49 per month.

The Enterprise pack having all the customized CRM tools will cost $99 per month. You can choose any one of them according to your business requirements. 

9. Nimble:

nimble crm- best agile crm alternatives

Nimble is an incredible CRM tool that probably outshines a lot of its competitors by a huge margin. Let’s explore its key feature below. 


  1. It’s graphic user-interface is so attractive and incredibly well developed that you will become a fan of it when you visit there on Nimble official website. 
  2. It has a whole lot of powerful CRM tools for market segmentation and it can also be integrated with Office 365 and G Suite. 
  3. This will allow the users to quickly import and organize their contacts from the external platforms they are already using. 

nimble crm reviews- agile crm alternatives


  1. A lot of users have issues with Nimble’s Android application as compared to its iOS version which is working perfectly fine. 

Pricing plans of Nimble

Paid packages are available in 2 different packages. The first one is Contact Edition which will cost you around $12/month. Whereas the Business edition will cost you around $25/month per user. 

We will recommend you to first use the free trial pack of 14-days without entering your credit card details. 

10. Salesflare:

Salesflare CRM - best agile CRm alternatives

Last but not the least, Salesflare is yet another very appropriate alternative to the Agile CRM tool which has a lot of features.


  1. This CRM tool is specially geared for the B2B industry which simply makes it a perfect choice for both small and medium scale businesses around the globe. 
  2. It is simple to use and can be integrated with different applications in order to import the data from other external platforms directly. 
  3. Customer leads insights are displayed right at the front of the Insights menu.            
  4. On top of that, this CRM tool is also a great option for sharing data and team collaboration, unlike the Agile CRM that doesn’t support this feature. 
  5. Overall, Salesflare is a great choice and a reputed name in the market for digital marketing campaigners.

salesflare crm reviews


  1. A huge drawback of Salesflare is that it is on a costlier end when compared to other CRM tools, especially for small-scale businesses. 

Pricing plans of Salesflare

Pricing of different level packs is also very decent and affordable for small-scale businesses. Here is the list:

  • Growth Version: $29 per user/per month when billed annually.
  • Pro Version: $49 per user/per month when billed annually.
  • Enterprise Version: $99 per user/per month when billed annually. 

Like other CRM tools, it also offers a free trial period that can be claimed directly from its official website. 

FAQs On Best Agile CRM Alternatives:

✅ What actually does a CRM system do?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system basically helps to build strong Customer relations by managing customer’s data in the most efficient manner. It can be used to communicate with customers, can be integrated with social media applications for great teamwork with a vision to increase sales and business growth.

💼 Why should I consider EngageBay CRM over Agile CRM?

The answer is pretty straightforward. No one can match the legacy and excellence of the EngageBay CRM tool. Not even the Agile which is considered as the greatest contender of EngageBay. Talking about features, specifications, making excellent Customer relations, user-interface; everything seems to be perfect with EngageBay and that’s why it is the top quality CRM tool.

✔ Should I subscribe to a CRM tool for my small business?

es, you should definitely purchase a CRM tool even for your small business in order to increase its reach to the customers. If proper Customer relation is built, then there is no doubt that exponential growth in the business will be realized. In our recommendation, EngageBay CRM tool is probably the best possible option present out there in the market.

⚡ Why do businesses choose CRM?

CRM serves an easy-to-use platform for the businesses in order to reach out to their customers. It also tells them about the latest market trends, customer’s need, lead generation and many other listed features too. That’s why every single business around the globe chooses a good CRM tool so as to maximize the profitability of their business.

💯 How does a CRM work?

Basically, CRM has a functionality through which it can track customer and company interaction via many different ways. The main motive of CRM tools is to simplify the task of reaching out to the customers. Companies are the biggest beneficiaries of CRM tools such as sales management, lead qualification, opportunity management and resolving the customer’s queries with excellent customer care support.

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Conclusion: Which Is The Best Agile CRM Alternatives To Try Out

To conclude this article, we really think that the EngageBay CRM tool is an ideal choice for everybody. It has all the mandatory CRM tools which are required for proper and smooth sales and marketing. Since the pricing of EngageBay is also very affordable, that’s why it outshines all its other contenders by a huge margin. 

Other options are also very good in themselves but if you specifically want the best possible alternative to Agile CRM, then just go with EngageBay CRM. 

We really hope you have a good time reading this article. 

we really think that the EngageBay CRM tool is an ideal choice for everybody. It has all the mandatory CRM tools which are required for proper and smooth sales and marketing. Since the pricing of EngageBay is also very affordable, that’s why it outshines all its other contenders by a huge margin. 

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