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Babbel Review: In a Nutshell

Babbel is the best online source for interactive language courses that anyone can use to learn languages ​​in an effective and entertaining way.

Based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages, developed by linguists, native speakers, and software developers, the courses cover a variety of situations and social issues, including travel, work, hobbies and more.

Babbel provides a communication tool that gives you everything you need to speak, write and understand a foreign language. Each lesson lasts only a few minutes and develops your language skills according to the topics you have chosen. Babbel not only helps you memorize new vocabulary but also hears it and corrects your pronunciation. The reviewer makes sure that you remember the content well.

Babbel - Overview

Babbel was founded in 2008 by Lorenz Heine, who decided to create a vocabulary trainer to help him learn Spanish in an easy, fun and easy way. Together with his partners Markus Witte and Thomas Holl, he began to create Babbel, which has proven far more than a simple vocabulary trainer, but as a high-quality multi-level course using modern technology. went online in early 2008.

Currently, the Berlin-based company employs a team of more than 300 employees. This service is available worldwide on (as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices). It offers courses in 14 languages, from English to Indonesian, at home or on the move, using a smartphone or tablet.

How to Get Started with Babbel?

To test Babbel , I enrolled in his Dutch course, a language I’d never learned before. I have already used Babbel, but with different languages (German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish, and I once wrote in Russian).

This time I wanted to watch the program from the beginning.

You would not know if you would try one of Babbel’s courses, but the material is unique for each language. For example, in the Dutch program, there is an exercise in which one French woman speaks and another person in Dutch answers, “I do not speak French.”

Babbel Review

In the Netherlands and Belgium, you may need to use this term. Dutch courses will also show you the names of the cities in the Netherlands and show you their local pronunciation.

However, the first lessons of the Russian program are mainly for learning the Cyrillic language and making sure you do not learn French.

The fact that each program is unique strengthens my self-confidence. Other language learning programs use the same pictures and the same vocabulary, no matter what language you learn. Rosetta Stone is a great example.

If you do enough with Rosetta Stone, you can say in 20 languages that “the dog eats rice”. But you never know how to pronounce Groningen as a local.


Babbel has a clear structure. There are courses that contain lessons. If you have no prior knowledge of the language and would like to develop further, you should do it in the right order.

The Dutch program consists of five courses, all marked as beginners. Each course has about 20 lessons, although the last class has only nine lessons.

You can continue at any time or repeat the lesson. If you work consecutively, the application will always tell you the next program when logging in.

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Interface and diversity

Babbel’s content is excellent, but the user interface is not very clear and the variety of exercises is minimal. Be prepared to spend a lot of time writing simple words and short sentences, either by heart or by selecting letters in the correct order in a bank.

If you do not know the look of an application, Babbel will not cause any problems. It’s clear and simple, but not very nice.

Focus and specialty

Now let’s see how the language application works and how it can help you learn a new language.
For starters, Babbel is primarily interested in helping you learn new words, improve your speech grammar skills, and sentence structure.

Babbel also wants to help you improve your conversational skills when compared to similar voice applications like Duolingo and Busuu.

Learn with Babbel

Babbel teaches reading, writing, listening and speaking. In most exercises, practice correcting missing words in sentences, translating words, classifying in groups, and repeating words and phrases aloud.

Although the exercises can get boring quickly, the first steps of the program are difficult. They exposed me to new Dutch words and spelled them out a few moments later. I have often made a mistake. I tried to do at least two hours a day, but at that speed, I was afraid to take a step forward.

Babbel Review - Learn Spanish

On the fourth or fifth day, however, I was able to practice the same vocabulary from the first day, which suddenly made me feel that the language was within my reach.

However, I wanted more instruction and exercises with the sounds, as this could help me to find words that I learned to say, but that had spelling problems.

When a lesson ends, Babbel gives him the opportunity to return and do all the exercises he had problems with. I like this option, but it may be better to use adaptive learning and automatically let Babbel re-introduce the exercises she has done wrong in the past and incorporate them into her current lesson.

Features of Babbel.

Language courses in Babbel are offered as an online questionnaire. Thanks to the internet connection, you can access via your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Languages ​​are divided into subjects, which are then subdivided into more specific subjects, each with specific linguistic characteristics. For example, the Spanish program offers a 31-word vocabulary that offers the user a wide range of materials such as home tuition, body parts, and lifestyle.

In addition to his courses, Babbel offers a review feature that provides additional exercises that users can see after learning the language. The questionnaire format allows users to perform written exercises, voice response exercises or a standard memory card revision.

This review not only strengthens your knowledge but also guarantees that your pronunciation is modern and correct. Babbel uses voice and speech recognition to speak confidently.

Babbel Review - benefits

Babbel’s mission is to explain grammar rules and language concepts to explain in detail to users why words are used as they are. They even offer lessons on specific grammar rules to help you solve a particular grammatical problem that you may not understand.

For example, they provide a complete introduction to the prepositional case configuration. This is Babbel’s most exclusive feature and certainly useful for learning and maintaining the most complex grammar rules.

And since the explanation is in English, there is no pressure to use only the language you learn to understand your grammatical concepts and rules.

In addition, Babbel guarantees that your classes adapt to any language. For example, if an English speaker learns French, the lesson differs from what is offered to an Italian speaker.

In this way, users benefit from useful content that adapts to them and provides the maximum learning experience.

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How much does Babbel Cost?

If you are not sure whether Babbel is the right platform for you, offer a free trial like “Lesson 1” in the language of your choice. However, payment is required to access the full course.

Babbel- Pricing


The fees for Babbel language courses (in US dollars) are as follows:

  • One month (monthly billed) – $ 12.95.
  • Quarterly (billed every three months) – $ 26.85 (or $ 8.95 / month).
  • Every six months (billed every six months) – $ 44.70 (or $ 7.45 / month). It’s Babbel’s best-selling service.
  • Annually (billed every 12 months) – $ 83.40 (or $ 6.95 / month).

Pros And Cons


  • The repetitive character of the lesson.
  • The lessons are interlinked and gradually expand your knowledge.
  • Attractive content and comprehensive lessons


  • No downloadable material.
  • Do not develop enough of your conversation skills

Faq’s On Babbel Discount Coupon Code

✅Is it worth buying a plan on Babbel?

Babbel is one of the best online language learning platforms. Babbel is good for practicing grammar, with its low price you can easily learn any language you want.

👉How can I cancel my Babbel subscription?

To cancel your plan, log in to your account then click on the account information in setting now disable auto-renewal to cancel your subscription.

🤔Does Babbel offer any discount coupons?

Yes, it offers many discount coupons such as you can get 50% off on the yearly plan, 40% off on 6 monthly plan, and 30% off on 3 monthly plan.

🤑Does it offer any money-back guarantee?

Yes, Babbel offer 20 days money back guarantee to its customers. If you are not satisfied with Babbel you will get refund within the 20 days of purchase, you have to contact its customer service.

✌Which payment methods are supported in Babbel?

Making a payment with Babbel is safe and secure, Babbel accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Paypal.

Conclusion: Babbel Discount Coupon Code 2021

Babbel gives you words and phrases that you can use right away. You start with the basics like, “Hello, how are you?” And they are increasingly evolving into more difficult dialogues. In general, Babbel courses are more suitable for beginners and advanced students than for advanced students.

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