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      Computer programming is the science of developing methods which allow us to provide instructions to computers to do specific functions through a combination of electrical signals. Top Programming languages help us enter our instructions in learnable format and convert these instructions into electrical signals of on and off for the computer to understand.

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      top Programming Languages to learn

      Since the advent of computing, programming languages have taken various forms and names. There are some which are in high demand because of their wide-spread applications. These top rankers change from one computer generation to another.

      Today, techies, software engineers and students of computer science are always trying to find the top programming languages which will help them expand their domain and enrich their resume. A top programming job can help you bag a lucrative job or you may have a brilliant entrepreneurial idea based on your skills. So, keeping that in mind:

      Top 10 Programming Languages

      {Updated} List of Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn 2020

      1. JAVA

      In the recent year development in the android platform and mobile sector has led to the re-emergence of JAVA as the top pick of programmers. The demand for people who know the language has gone up!

      It is used almost everywhere today. It is in your phones, TVs, ATMs, Vending Machines, Gaming Consoles, games etc. It helps in creation of dynamic websites and helps programs run on web browsers. It is heavily used to make desktop and mobile applications.

      Therefore, because of its innumerable applications today, it is one of the top programming languages and definitely the number one on our list.

      1. C

      All of us have heard the term, ‘old is gold’. C is one of the oldest languages known to computer kind. It is a general purpose programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie in the 1970s. It is the most widely used programming language till date. It is a parent to many new languages like Java, JavaScript, C++, Limbo, C# and more. If you want to have strong programming foundations then this is the language to learn.

      All experienced computer and coding professionals say that once you get a hang of C the rest of the languages are fairly easy to learn. It is very fast compared to other languages. It is very basic and hence easy to learn and apply. Almost all low level coding is done using C. it is the first choice when it comes to System Level Programming, Operating Systems, Embedded Systems, Hardware Drivers etc.

      1. C++

      This offspring of C is another general purpose programming language based on Object Oriented Programming Systems or OOPS. It can be called a superset of C programming languages.  Of the top programming languages on the list, this one is the most powerful.

      Most of our operating systems like Windows are written majorly in C++.

      When it comes to low level hard core programming, C++ is the top pick. That is why its demand is evergreen and it is a formidable force when mentioned on your resume.

      1. JavaScript

      If there is any language of the internet then it is JavaScript. Its major function is to add interactivity to websites and their pages. It is popular as it supports almost all major web browsers.

      Thanks to its newest updates like Web 2.0 and libraries like jQuery, Node js etc., the language has raked in the biggest demand in recent years as the internet revolution has taken the world by storm.

      1. PHP

      Have a website on WordPress? Wondering what it runs on?

      Well, the answer is PHP which makes our list of top programming languages based on the power and stability it provides to global online systems like CMS. It is an essential tool for building modern web applications. Today the use of PHP is so widespread that it can be found on over 250 million websites and over 2 million web servers.

      It was built by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and has emerged as a code which 80% of websites use to build scripts. As it is open source software which can be easily learned today.

      Therefore, it is quite liked by programmers too!

      Major users of PHP today are websites like Facebook. Twitter, Flickr and firms like Apple and Wikipedia. Therefore, it is definitely in demand and the supply too is not bad!

      1. Objective C

      If you want to be an app developer for iOs then expertise in Objective C is what you should strive for. Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, the language has been quite in demand.

      It sure offers a lucrative profession as developers who make application for apple based de vices rake in a good money and are highly paid compared to other developers.

      Thus, this is surely one of the top programming languages to learn in 2020.


      1. Ruby On Rails

      This language has been termed by many as the language of start-ups and is by record the highest paying programming language on our list. Learning it can be easy but the application requires a lot of practice.

      It is used in variety of core and surface applications and its diversified range is what makes it hugely popular and a rare talent to find.

      1. SQL

      Structured Query Language has been in demand since database management systems came into play. It is regarded as the standard language for RDBMS. If you know this language then you can land high paying big data jobs which are hugely in demand today.

      This makes SQL a top pick on our list of top programming languages.

      1. C#

      This is Microsoft’s own personal take on C. The language can be used to create Windows Client Applications, XML Web Services, distributed components, client-server applications, database applications and a lot more.

      The language is very programmer friendly as the Visual C# comes with an advanced code editor, convenient user interface, integrated debugger and a host of other tools to make your developing chores easier. It is very much the language you want to learn if you want some easy and good pickings at Microsoft!

      1. Python

      Last but not least, is our final picking on the list i.e. Python. It is another general purpose, High-level programming language. It has one the easiest codes and is very easy to understand and read. The demand for this language is also good. Companies like Google, Yahoo and IBM use Python for many of their coding needs.

      As compared to other languages, Python is older to many and has been a top coding language for many years. Learning the languages greatly increases your brand value as a programmer.


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