5 Best Drop Servicing Courses Online 2021: The Ultimate List (Pros & Cons)

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Because drop servicing is such a new internet business strategy, there isn’t much training available. There aren’t many AFFORDABLE courses available.

However, I’ve found the greatest drop servicing courses for beginners that will help you launch your business without breaking the budget! Prior to selecting a course, you must first make the following decision:

What strategy do you intend to employ to create leads?

A lead is a possible client who expresses interest in your company. For those unfamiliar with business jargon, a lead is a possible client who expresses interest in your company.

Paid ads and active outreach are the two methods for generating leads.

Some drop servicing classes emphasize one way over another, so it’s crucial to know which tactic you’ll be employing before purchasing a course. Both have advantages and disadvantages, as you will see.

Why Should You Consider Taking A Drop Servicing Course?

Despite the fact that the drop servicing business model is evolving and that more people are talking about it every day, training may be beneficial at times.

Drop servicing visual- guide to dropservicing

An excellent drop servicing training will deliver the material in an actionable and systematic manner that will guide you through the process of gaining clients, obtaining talent, and connecting them while collecting fees.

Taking a drop servicing course will educate you on how to create leads for your drop servicing business, as well as provide you some insight into how to outsource work and establish a profit margin that you can live with.

Drop servicing training can assist you in getting started.

Still, if you’re the type of person who prefers to learn things the hard way and don’t want to pay for a course, there are a plethora of useful sources of knowledge on the subject available for free online.

1) Drop Servicing Blueprint {Creator: Dylan Sigley}

{Price to join: $997}

Drop servicing : best drop service courses

Drop Servicing Blueprint is an interesting training by Dylan Sigley, and I believe it has the potential to bring you money.

I simply believe that this business concept will necessitate more effort than standard dropshipping/eCommerce.

Not only will you need to advertise your service, but you’ll also need to ensure that it is supplied correctly.

A lot can go wrong, and you’ll need to assemble a squad.

What Does Drop Servicing Blueprint Teach?

Drop servicing Knowledge

This course teaches the drop servicing business model, as the name implies.

As a drop servicer, you essentially operate as a go-between for customers who need something is done online and others who can help them.

Let’s imagine you’re promoting online to get individuals to make their own websites.

You’d place advertising claiming to be able to do it, and everyone who was interested would buy from you.

Then you outsource the project to someone who can do it for less money and delivers the finished product.

You pay the individual you outsource to the difference between what you marketed the service for minus the cost of advertising.

The reason for this is that with drop servicing, you have to actually deliver on the service you’re offering… even more so than if you’re selling a $50 product online with drop shipping.

It’s possible that the individual you outsource to will offer a low-quality product, which will be a disaster.

Drop Servicing Blueprint Overview

Drop Servicing Blueprint is a 6-week course that includes a variety of bonuses.

Drop Servicing foundation- best drop service courses

Here’s a breakdown of each week’s events and bonuses:

Week 1: The Foundations

The first week does not include much training.

Instead, it emphasizes mental preparation and mentality training for starting a drop servicing business.

Week 2: Build Your Business

Week 2 is all about getting your business set up so everything is ready to go when you get clients.

This involves things like creating a website, deciding on a brand, learning copywriting to make your offer enticing, and creating a funnel.

This is a crucial stage in obtaining clients and should be completed first.

Week 3: Get Clients With Free Marketing Methods

The majority of your clients will come from paid ways, but you’ll also acquire some from free ones.

In week 3, you’ll discover how to do just that.

This includes tactics such as cold emailing, cold calling, SEO, social networking, and other similar tactics.

Week 4: Get Clients With Paid Marketing Methods

This is by far the longest lesson in the course, and for good reason: you’ll be spending the majority of your money on acquiring clients.

This includes all of the major paid method platforms, such as:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Youtube 

And there’s more. You’ll also be taught how to use retargeting advertisements.

This traffic safety instruction is excellent and diverse.

Week 5: Automate Your Business To Work On Autopilot

Week 5 shows you how to assemble the team that will be responsible for delivering your services.

Training on how to teach your employees, how to automate operations to save time, and email marketing are all included.

Week 6: Scale To The Moon

Once you’ve had some success, it’s time to scale up, which week 6 will teach you how to do.

You’ll discover numerous scaling techniques, upsells, and management and accounting techniques.

Bonus 1: Inside My 6 Figure Drop Servicing Business

Bonus 1 will show you one of Dylan’s drop-off services.

You’ll be able to examine his marketing strategy, team, backend configuration, scripts, and more.

Bonus 2: 7 Day Accelerator – First Sales Fast And Free

This bonus is divided over seven days, and it will guide you through your first sales.

This includes deciding on your offer, establishing your company, and developing and launching your product.

Bonus 3: Group Coaching

You’ll have access to group coaching where you can ask questions and get answers as part of this incentive.

You’ll also have access to a closed Facebook Group where you may do the same.

2) Drop Servicing 2021 Master Class

{Instructor: Boris Mitrovic}

{Cost: Price varies, but usually always on sale for less than $14.99}

{Time Needed: 1hr 45min}

Drop servicing masterclass- best courses for drop service

Finally, a drop servicing course that isn’t prohibitively expensive! This Drop Servicing Master Class is both inexpensive and enjoyable (and ideal for beginners).

While calling this a “master class” is a stretch, it will provide you with enough information to get you started on the correct track. From the ins and outs of the drop-shipping business model to putting up your website and making sales, you’ll learn everything you need to know.

The course is divided into three sections:

  • The Drop Servicing Business Model
  • Creating Your Website 
  • Digital Marketing and Positioning On the Market

If you’re itching to get your drop-servicing business off the ground, this training is for you. Because the course is only one hour and 45 minutes long, you may easily finish it and start your business on the same day.

Remember that the drop servicing business model is rather simple to grasp, so there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a training session.

There are ten lectures in total, the longest of which is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your website. You’ll discover how to:

  • Choose your domain and hosting 
  • Set up your website for the best result
  • Run Google Ads Search campaigns

The Drop Servicing Master Class is suited for people with a small startup budget, despite the course’s low cost.

This is because it concentrates on getting your Kartra website up and running. Kartra is an excellent solution for most drop servicers in the long run, but it isn’t cheap (and something I recommend doing after you start actually making money).

The training also covers how to use paid ads to generate revenue (aside from a four-minute lecture explaining how to find free traffic for your website). This will also necessitate a start-up budget.

So, if you’re bootstrapping and prefer to do more work yourself to keep initial expenses down, this training might not be right for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone interested in Dropshipping
  • Everyone interested in making money online
  • Everyone interested in creating online business

3) Matt Riley’s Free YouTube Course

Matt Riley’s instruction is ideal if you want to reduce your startup costs as low as possible. He employs a “no website” strategy that anyone can use. Why don’t you simply press play and watch it right now?

If you’re anything like me, cutting costs as much as possible is a top focus.

Almost anything you need may be found for free on the internet. The trick is to weed through all of the nonsense.

So, I sifted through the nonsense for you, and here’s what I discovered:

Matt Riley (and even Dylan Sigley) share their methods for free on YouTube.

They most likely keep certain secrets for their classes, but the majority of what they know is available on YouTube.

Matt Riley’s free YouTube course is fantastic because it is not only free, but it also employs a cost-free manner.

To be sure, you’d have to put in a lot of effort to make it work—but that’s to be expected, right?

In his free course, Matt covers his four-step process:

  • Niche Selection
  • Active Outreach
  • Closing
  • Fulfillment

This is the ideal solution for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time and money creating a website.

You’ll need to learn how to sell over the phone, which may be difficult for introverts, but if you master it, you’ll be able to generate income on demand.

4) Drop Servicing Simplified by Michael Geeh

{Price: $4.1}

Drop servicing business course

So, in my search for a fantastic free course, I stumbled upon Michael Geeh’s book. I was a little hesitant at first, but this book is truly remarkable.

Drop Servicing Simplified will address all of your questions regarding starting and running a drop servicing business. Michael Geeh is a one-stop shop for everything.

This book is only worth reading if you plan to use paid ads as a marketing strategy. Despite the fact that Geeh discusses free leads, the chapter isn’t as comprehensive as the website funnel model.

When I say Geeh encompasses everything, I don’t mean just anything.

Drop Servicing Simplified will teach you all you need to know about drop servicing, from establishing a niche to tracking your company’s performance.

Here’s everything else you can expect to learn:

  • Drop servicing basics (what is drop servicing, drop servicing vs drop shipping, etc.)
  • Niche selection
  • How much to charge for services
  • Cost of advertising
  • Competitor analysis
  • Niches to avoid
  • Hiring the right freelancer
  • Designing your website
  • How to write sales copy
  • Shopify vs WordPress
  • Upselling and cross-selling 
  • Finding clients: free and PPC
  • Closing the sale 
  • Managing workflow 
  • Performance tracking

5) The eComDimes Drop Servicing Blueprint

The eComDimes blueprint is the best resource for anyone who want to build a drop servicing company that they can be proud of and promote!

eComDimes course- best drop servicing courses

It comprises of eight classes that can take you from complete novice to expert in weeks or even days, depending on your effort and pace:

  1. Introduction to Drop Servicing
  2. Structuring Your Business
  3. Finding Freelancers and Drop Services
  4. Set Up Your Sales Funnel Or Webpages
  5. Develop E-A-T (Expertise, Authority & Trust) SEO Course
  6. Grow With Email Marketing
  7. Finding Clients And Generating Traffic
  8. The Success Mindset

What’s Taught In The eComDimes Blueprint?

SemRush Coupon

You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck at eComDimes… and if you’re willing to put this to use, it’ll help you stand out from the crowd and succeed!

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s covered in the eComDimes ultimate blueprint:

  1. Understanding The Fundamentals – Before jumping into any business opportunity, it’s a good idea to know how everything works together beautifully! We begin at eComDimes by describing drop servicing, how it works, and why it’s a terrific business model for both beginners and specialists.
  2. Structuring Your Business– In this foundational course, you will learn how to structure your business and create a brand identity. It begins by laying out what factors to consider when choosing a niche, as well as a list of the most lucrative drop-servicing niches. You’ll also learn how to choose a name for your business and what makes a good online store.
  3. Creating Your Storefront – While Clickfunnels and Shopify are excellent “storefront” platforms, you’ll still need to put in some effort to build your eCommerce store from the ground up. You’ll be able to speed up this procedure and have your store open in no time. While you’re getting things set up, you’ll learn some ingenious methods for getting the most profit out of your store.
  4. Finding Reliable Freelancers – In this phase, you’ll learn how to start building valuable partnerships with skilled freelancers so that you may use and market their expertise to your target audience and grow your business. Here you’ll find the greatest suggestions and activities for finding the perfect freelancers, as well as where to look for them on the internet!
  5. Establishing E.A.T. — This course offers actionable actions and instructions for establishing E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) for your company. The step-by-step instructions on how to do it are the secret sauce I have for you in this course.
  6. Exponentially Grow With Email Marketing– In this course, you’ll discover how to maximise the power of email marketing to grow your business to new heights! Email marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. With 3.9 billion users, email is currently used by more than half of the world’s population, so becoming engaged is a no-brainer.
  7. Finding Clients & Generating Traffic- After all, the better you grasp the psychology of why, how, and when someone buys from you, the more effectively you can sell! You’ll understand the key differences between a customer’s journey and a sales funnel, as well as the many methods for generating targeted traffic and clients, in this course.
  8. Having The Success Mindset In Place – The mind is similar to a muscle in that the more you use it, the stronger it becomes and the more it can expand. Everything on the outside will change as soon as your thinking shifts. This course seeks to demonstrate the power of your mind and provide you with that motivating influence in your daily life that will propel you and your company to new heights.

What’s Unique About eComDimes?

eComDimes benefits and bonus- best drop servicing businesss

Most programs merely cover the fundamentals without providing you with the specific ideas, methods, and techniques that have been proved to work. You’ll learn theoretical notions and procedures that don’t work in those programs.

This occurs because most gurus teach you programs without following through on their own advice.

I’ve done it before and will continue to do it in the future, so you’ll be getting cutting-edge information based on where I’m at in my real-life drop servicing enterprises.

I’m not going to hold anything back, and you’ll see everything. Because this is such a novel business model, it’s essential to get started now, consolidate your position, and be the first to market.

Paid Ads vs Active Outreach:

Paid Ads: Paid advertisements are self-explanatory: you pay for people to click on your ad. This is the most effective strategy for anyone seeking a higher level of passive income.

This strategy entails eager purchasers literally knocking on your door.

You’ll need to learn how to run Google Ad campaigns and create a high-converting website. So make sure you pick a course that goes over these abilities in detail (I have a few suggestions).


  • (Almost) passive income strategy
  • Easier to scale 
  • Less work
  • More streamlined


  • High upfront costs
  • Difficult to learn PPC as a beginner 

Active Outreach: Active outreach is the exact opposite of paid advertising. Instead of waiting for interested buyers to come to you, you must go out and actively seek them out.

Cold emailing campaigns are one of the most common ways to do this. This is generally the ideal technique for novices who are just starting started because you don’t have to invest money in ads.

If you’ve worked as a freelancer before, you could already be a pro at cold emailing!

If you have more time than money, active outreach will certainly suit you better than paid marketing.

Paid ads, on the other hand, are a good option if you’d prefer to sit back and let your money do the work for you.


  • No startup costs
  • You don’t have to design a website (to begin with)
  • Higher profit margins
  • More likely to get repeat customers 


  • You pay in time instead of money (this method takes a lot of work)
  • You’ll have to handle a lot of rejection


eComDimes is currently on a sale of $297 (instead of $597) to help the maximum number of people get on board.



  • Good traffic training: Many courses only focus on one type of traffic. However, this course goes over all the most popular traffic sources.
  • Decent refund policy: 30 days is a good amount of time to get your money back.


  • Expensive: This course gives 6 weeks of training and less than 90 videos.. $997 for that seems too much.
  • Tough business model: I personally don’t like drop servicing that much. You have to build a team and it’s difficult to scale. The upside isn’t that high with this business model.

FAQs On Best Drop Servicing Courses Online

✔Is drop servicing easy?

This depends on what method you use to generate leads. If you use paid ads to find clients then drop servicing is rather easy. If you use active outreach to find clients, drop servicing can be quite difficult and time-consuming.

✔ Does drop servicing work?

Yes. Drop servicing definitely works. If you take care to learn the ins and outs of drop servicing before you launch your business (and you offer a high-quality service), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be successful. Remember, all good things take time!

🔥 Is Drop Servicing Blueprint legit?

Yes. Drop Servicing Blueprint is Dylan Sigley’s drop servicing course. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Trust Pilot and Sigley’s students swear by his methods. The course is very pricey though!

👓 Is Drop Servicing Blueprint worth $997?

$997 is a lot of money for what you receive. Because there aren't many drop servicing courses available, I can understand why the fee is so high. There are, however, schools that teach identical business strategies for a fraction of the price.

$$How much can I make with drop servicing?

With this company strategy, I can see someone making six figures. However, because you'll need to build out a workforce to deliver things, it'll scale up far more slowly. You can't merely take 100 orders at once because the service will require 100 personnel to deliver.

✔Is there a better alternative?

Yes. I'd personally go with drop shipping instead because it's easier to scale.

💥What is the best service to provide for drop servicing?

Shopify is the best and it is easy to setup, has lots of theme that suit the store of different niche, there are lots if app that help make your store easy and ready for Marketing.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Drop Servicing Course? 

These were the list of best drop servicing courses online. In my opinion, Drop servicing blueprint course by Dylan Sigley is the best and worth try.

This course teaches the drop servicing business model, as the name implies. As a drop servicer, you should surely try those course that gives an in-depth module along with various tutorials. You can also try the eComdimes course as it is best resource for anyone who wants to build a drop servicing company that they can be proud of and promote!

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rop servicing blueprint course by Dylan Singley is the best and worth try.  This course teaches the drop servicing business model, as the name implies. As a drop servicer, you should surely try those course that gives an in-depth module along with various tutorials.


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