10 Best Etsy Proxies 2023: Our #1 Recommended

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Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best Etsy Proxies, most individuals find SmartProxy and IPRoyal are the best options.

Etsy is not your typical website where you can use any proxies you can get your hands on. If you need proxies to visit Etsy, come in now to see our expert-selected proxies.

Etsy is a marketplace for sellers of handmade and antique goods. Etsy, like many other large platforms, has an astringent anti-spam policy in place to weed out fraudsters, spammers, and dishonest individuals.

This implies they will block you if they believe you are being dishonest or in violation of their terms and conditions of use.

While this is a positive development, a significant number of individuals are prohibited and stopped from using the network in an unauthorized manner – a flaw in the algorithm.

Apart from these individuals who were incorrectly prohibited, there is another group of individuals who want to avoid limitations and surpass certain limits imposed by Etsy.

If you fall into one of these categories, you should be aware that when Etsy attempts to block you, proxies are your only hope.

10 Best Etsy Proxies 2023

One thing to keep in mind is that locating proxies designated Etsy proxies might be difficult. This is because there are no specific Etsy proxy requirements.

If a proxy server can evade detection and not reveal you’re true IP address, it may be used as an Etsy proxy. It must, however, be quick, secure, and dependable.

The following are some of the greatest services from which you can get Etsy proxies.

1. Smartproxy:

Smartproxy is a dedicated premium proxy provider on the internet that has been offering high-quality proxies for quite some time now. Smartproxy offers residential proxies as well as datacenter proxies.

Their Residential proxies are dynamic, meaning that their IP address changes after each repeating period. These IP addresses were chosen from a pool of over 40 million IP addresses in more than 195 locations worldwide.

Additionally, they provide proxies for Instagram & other social media, scraping, Craigslist, SEO, and a variety of other use cases!


Smartproxy does not provide a trial period or the ability to test the proxy’s quality before purchase. However, this disadvantage is well compensated by the availability of a return policy. Smartproxy offers a three-day money-back guarantee.

If you are dissatisfied with the service provided by Smartproxy or believe the proxy is unsuitable for your purposes, you can easily request a refund within three days of purchasing the proxies.

Not only do they offer one of the greatest proxies on the market, but they also provide excellent customer assistance. They have a ticketing system in place.

Additionally, there is a live chat feature where you may communicate with a member of their customer care team which is reachable 24/7.

Smartproxy’s distinctive feature, which attracts a huge number of proxy users, is its enormous residential IP proxy pool. Smartproxy currently has over 40 million authenticated IP addresses dispersed over 195 locations globally.

The benefit that Smartproxy additionally gives with these enormous pools of actual IP addresses is that they are seldom banned due to their authenticity.

Any IP address associated with Smartproxy that is misused to the point of blocking is sieved out and removed from the IP pool. This maintains the IP pool’s cleanliness and protects users from any danger associated with a dirty IP address.

Smartproxy is one of the most simple-to-use proxy solutions available. This is an excellent selling feature and a huge benefit for its consumers.

2. IPRoyal:

Founded in Lithuania in 2020, IPRoyal is a proxy service provider there. It caters mostly to sneakerheads but also provides datacenter, residential, ISP, and mobile proxies to a wide spectrum of consumers.

As a starting point, the organization rented IP subnets to other proxy providers. However, the company’s business model was later changed to one in which proxies were sold directly to customers. It is still possible to use the previous service, but it is no longer the primary focus.

When compared to other service providers, IPRoyal opted to cast a wide net and quickly gather all of the different types of proxy servers. Some of its services are still very limited in terms of features, but if they match your requirements, they can be effective.

IPRoyal Review- Overview

If IPRoyal leases out subnets, it must have a large number of datacenter proxies, which I’m sure it has. In other words, no one else will be able to access the proxies at the same time.

IPRoyal devotes a lot of time and resources on residential proxies. Although the website makes it appear as though there are just two residential proxy pools, this is not the case.

Premium Residential Proxies are the first on the list. There are more than 50 million IP addresses in this pool, which includes city-targeting options. According to what we’ve been told, it mixes the IP addresses of three different providers.

Royal Residential Proxies is the name of the second pool. Pawns, an app that allows people to trade traffic for beer money, is the source of this IP. Only 25k monthly proxies are currently available, however, they cover over 150 countries. Aside from North America and Europe, I seriously doubt you’ll have any success.

IPRoyal boasts that their Royal proxies outperform Premium IPs. You can, however, enable a high-end pool if they aren’t fast enough for your needs. Among the Royal, proxies is a smaller sample of IPs that have been vetted for quality.

3. ProxyEmpire 

ProxyEmpire began two years ago when the virus made people stay home. This proxy service grabbed my attention, even though many people prefer tried-and-true options.

ProxyEmpire reviews

The company is new, but the about us page shows they have proxy expertise. They had considerable proxy expertise and started a company. The service delivers 3 million IP addresses from 150 countries. ProxyEmpire offers home and mobile proxies to protect internet privacy.

I like ProxyEmpire’s up-to-date proxies. Their customer service is great; they’re always prepared to assist. I’m delighted with ProxyEmpire and would suggest them to anybody seeking a proxy service.

4. Shiftproxy

The need for reliable data has grown as the digital sphere has matured. Web scraping is an effective method for gathering and organizing data due to the abundance of data available online. As an additional point, Shiftproxy is a well-known option for web scraping.


Like an industrious digital spider, Shiftproxy ceaselessly traverses the depths of the Internet in search of the information you require. It can easily extract information from even the most complicated websites thanks to its advanced algorithms. Shiftproxy’s robust proxy network allows it to access data from even the most restricted and secure websites.

Shiftproxy, however, is much more than a data-collecting tool; it’s the key to a treasure trove of knowledge. Shiftproxy has strong data analysis capabilities, allowing it to convert raw data into insightful and useful information. It can assist in finding previously unseen connections, picking out previously unnoticed trends, and arriving at well-informed conclusions.

Shiftproxy is the best online scraping tool available, regardless of whether you are a business owner, marketer, researcher, or information gatherer. Because Shiftproxy can conduct the data sorting for you, there’s no reason to waste time doing it yourself. Shiftproxy’s versatility knows no bounds, and the outcomes never fail to impress.

5) Nimble Proxy

In today’s day and age, data is everything. It’s what businesses use to make decisions, large and small. That’s why Nimble was created – to provide a smarter, more efficient way to collect data.

With Nimble, you can easily get the public web information you need from any site you want. And because it’s powered by deep learning algorithms, you can be confident that you’re always getting the most accurate and up-to-date data. So why wait? Get started with Nimble today and see how easy collecting data can be!

In addition, the Nimble platform is also backed by a team of knowledgeable specialists, including Nimble founders, repeat business owners and industry veterans. This team is available to help you 24/7, so you can always be confident that someone is there to answer your questions or help you troubleshoot if needed.

Finally, because Nimble uses a simple and reliable API, you can scale your web data activities as needed without any issues. So if your business is growing and you need to start collecting more data, Nimble has you covered!

Nimble Proxy Review

If you’re looking for an easier way to collect data, look no further than Nimble. With its deep learning algorithms and simple API, Nimble makes it easy to get the public web information you need without any hassle.

Plus, with a team of knowledgeable specialists on hand 24/7, you can always be confident that someone is there to help if needed. So why wait? Get started with Nimble today!

6) SOAX:

It is a backconnect proxy provider with numerous IPs that enables it to connect to any proxy pool. Residential IP addresses originate from genuine devices, such as mobile phones or desktop computers. It varies.

Their pool is incredibly exclusive, which means you’ll have access to proprietary data, which is usually advantageous.

soax - Best Etsy Proxies

Others, dubbed SOAX proxies, have proxies in the majority of the world’s nations and provide an impressive array of targeting options.

Additionally, they are incredibly secure and simple to use, which makes them much more participatory and secure. Their adaptable payment choices ensure that it is accessible to everyone.

Additionally, they have access to very thorough and stringent servers that no one else has access to.

They give consumers access to a variety of mobile and residential proxy pools. Additionally, they have access to about 8.5 million proxy pools, which enables them to deliver a customizable and seamless client experience.

Their rates are competitive, yet their selection is still extensive. You may choose from a variety of various price options and tailor your selection to your specific needs.

Additionally, you may pick between residential and mobile pricing options based on your specific demands. They may even purchase a proxy server for a single day.

This is a somewhat unique function that SOAX withholds, and few are aware of it. However, this is rather unusual, and we’re quite thrilled about it.

They may utilize these target sites to target certain nations or service providers and make them accessible to all consumers.

This is entirely independent of the package being used by the client.

They do not provide a diverse range of proxy kinds out of concern for customer confusion, and this is a higher-level choice that most businesses do not comprehend. It provides a pool of residential and mobile proxies.

7. Shifter:

Since 2012, Shifter has been a market leader in proxy services. They provide back-connect proxies, dedicated proxies, and shared proxies. They are one of the market’s most well-known residential proxy providers.

Shifter claims to operate the “largest peer-to-peer proxy network in the world,” with 26 million residential IP addresses and coverage of every city on the planet.

Shifter overview

To put it mildly, this is a tall assertion. 26 million IP addresses is an absurd number for a single corporation to host.

A strong customer care department is critical for any proxy provider. If one of your proxies fails, the consequences may be disastrous for a serious user’s aspirations and infuriating for the casual user.

As a result, having a contactable customer support team is critical. Shifter’ customer assistance system is ticket-based and intuitive to use. There is no promise as to how fast they will react or when they will be accessible.

Additionally, they provide a few emails around the site, albeit they do not seem to be meant for customer assistance.

Additionally, there is a help desk for existing clients who want assistance with already acquired services, indicating that paying customers are likely to get precedence over site visitors.

Additionally, there is a Frequently Asked Questions area that I suggest perusing before calling customer service, as there may be a straightforward answer.

This section answers the majority of queries that anybody could have and is useful. Not only do they contain remedies to potential concerns, but also straightforward explanations of proxies for the newbie who is unsure of what they are getting into.

8. ProxyRack:

ProxyRack provides a unique rotating proxy experience by using a vast pool of IP addresses. You receive a slew of unique features that set it distinct from the majority of typical proxy services available.

It may be used for a variety of various objectives, including enhancing network security and circumventing geographical limits.

It operates on a fast and stable network that almost eliminates downtime for surfing and downloading. It presents itself as a proxy service capable of being used for any kind of serious purpose.


The following are some of the primary benefits of utilizing a proxy service like ProxyRack.

ProxyRack provides a unique rotating proxy experience by using a vast pool of IP addresses. You receive a slew of unique features that set it distinct from the majority of typical proxy services available.

It may be used for a variety of various objectives, including enhancing network security and circumventing geographical limits.

It operates on a fast and stable network that almost eliminates downtime for surfing and downloading. It presents itself as a proxy service capable of being used for any kind of serious purpose.

The following are some of the primary benefits of utilizing a proxy service like ProxyRack.

The majority of rotating proxy services provide just a single IP pool. This is an issue when you have a large number of accessible IP addresses, yet they are all based on the same network.

ProxyRack differentiates itself by offering IP pools sourced from various sources, including residential IPs, data center IPs, and mixed datacenter IPs.

IP addresses may be accessed through wired networks, wireless networks, landlines, or 3G and 4G networks. This entails having a big and diverse sample size for obtaining meaningful data in the data mining sector.

9. HydraProxy:

HydraProxy is a high-quality proxy service that will provide you access to the Internet without being blocked or restricted based on your IP address while concealing your true IP address.

The HydraProxy service’s primary selling point is its affordability, and you can get some of the cheapest functional proxies from them.

Apart from their competitive cost, you’ll appreciate them for their extensive geographic coverage and high-quality service. While they offer several advantages, they also have several disadvantages that need development.

The size of a proxy pool is critical, even more so if you want to use a large number of IPs and have them cycled. With fewer IPs available in the pool, the likelihood of being allocated the same IP increases.

HydraProxy- Best Etsy Proxies

As a result, we take the size of an IP pool seriously, and HydraProxy maintains a large proxy pool while not setting any records. This proxy service provider maintains a residential proxy pool with more than 7 million IP addresses.

As is the case with the majority of residential proxies, their IPs are supplied through a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network, similar to their mobile IP proxies, and as such, you should not anticipate the whole IP pool to be accessible at any one time.

However, you will always get a significant sum to utilize whenever you like.

Apart from the breadth of their IP pool, another aspect of their pool that you will like is the places serviced. The IP addresses are not generated from a single place, but from over 100 nations worldwide.

If you need to keep the same IP address for a longer amount of time than the permitted period, you must contact the support staff, since this is not enabled by default.

10. Bright Data (Formerly Luminati):

Bright Data is a well-known IP proxy provider and data collector with one of the most major residential IP addresses in their network. You may pick from over 72 million active IP addresses.

The service offers incredible functionality for proxy requirements, including data harvesting and scraping, an unblocked proxy network, and more.

Bright Data’s network of servers ensures that you not only get quick loading times but also the finest surfing experience imaginable.

This is fantastic for those who want their video material to buffer less and load more quickly! The service is one of the finest residential proxy providers, boasting superior speeds and the most robust streaming capabilities.

Additionally, Bright Data provides datacenter IP addresses and mobile IP proxies.

Bright data - Best Etsy Proxies

In every region of the globe, you may get limitless connections and simple customer assistance. Bright Data’s high-speed servers provide it an advantage over other proxy providers.

Bright Data provides residential proxy services through dedicated IP addresses and mobile IP proxies.

All transmission is encrypted using SSL 256-bit, which ensures that your data is entirely safe from eavesdropping. This function ensures that the website never detects your ISP or geographic location.

Utilize your browser’s incognito mode to prevent cookies and the collecting of web data. Using the browser toolbar, you may manually modify your location and gather data.

The service enables you to connect to an infinite number of websites concurrently without experiencing any speed restriction!

This conserves bandwidth and enables you to work on y while also visiting other websites online. When clients describe their experiences, they often say how high speeds remind them of surfing in China or Japan. Naturally, there are no advertisements, since this is not public wifi!

Additionally, they explain how much more efficient things become when just one person connects rather than three. It’s the same as having your private VPN connection.

Unlike other providers, we always have a live chat accessible, ensuring that consumers will always get an immediate response from a real person if they have any queries regarding our services.

They are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and assist during non-business hours! Their customer service is simply the finest in the industry.

This eliminates the need to modify any parameters or go through a manual setup procedure — it takes care of everything!

Why Do You Need Etsy Proxies?

I’m sure you’re wondering why you need to use proxies to visit Etsy. The fact is that you do not need them if you have not been blocked and are not attempting to evade any restriction or visit from a place other than your current location.

IP monitoring and blocking continue to be the primary means through which Etsy combats spam. If you can conceal your IP footprint and utilize random IP addresses, you can circumvent Etsy’s anti-spam mechanism. However, do you even have the proxies for?

Getting Around Obstacles:

If Etsy has prevented you from accessing their site. Typically, Etsy will ban you if you violate their terms and conditions – or if they judge you to be an untrustworthy individual or spammer.

However, this block might be an error. When you are banned, your device’s IP address is blacklisted, and you are unable to access their platform using that device again.

Proxies enable you to bypass this restriction and appear to them as a different user.

Managing Multiple Accounts:

Etsy does not permit the ownership of several accounts by the same individual. However, some individuals possess many Etsy accounts and administer them automatically via the use of automation programs referred to as Etsy Bots.

They use proxies to conceal their IP footprints and fool Etsy into believing that each account is on a distinct computer. Without proxies, all accounts will be associated with the same machine and will be permanently banned.

FAQs On Best Etsy Proxies

🤷 How Many Accounts Can a Proxy Protect?

As a result of the above, it is clear that the best course of action is to operate an account via a different proxy. This is to ensure that your accounts do not share a common IP address, which may be used to connect them and subsequently ban them. This does not imply, however, that you must adhere to the one account, one proxy rule. If you are aware that you cannot afford this, you may manage many accounts using the same proxy server.

🧏‍♂️ Why Should You Use Proxies for Etsy?

Proxies are not used by regular Etsy users, and Etsy does not even permit their use. However, as an Etsy marketer, there are some jobs for which you will need to employ proxies. You will be unable to carry them out without proxies. Managing numerous accounts is one of them. Etsy will discover and ban your accounts if they are operated from the same IP address. As a result, you will need to utilize proxies to ensure that each account has a unique IP address. Additionally, you will need proxies if you want to sell in places other than the one in which you are now located since you are not permitted to sell in other areas. Additionally, if your actual IP address has been restricted, you may utilize proxies to access Etsy.

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Conclusion: Best Etsy Proxies 2023

As previously said, whichever kind of Etsy bot you use, ensure that you get a sufficient number of proxies.

While the list of providers in our post should cover you and give you respectable Etsy proxies, bear in mind that these are not the only ones accessible.

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