IPRoyal Review 2021: Is It Legit ? How Does It Work ?

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  • Highly reputable
  • Safe and Secure
  • Very Quick
  • Available in a lot of locations
  • Cheaper than Alternatives
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Available
  • Anonymous datacenter proxies


  • Customer support Needs Improvement

IPRoyal have significant expertise in IP networking. With millions of IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges located around the globe, they are well-equipped to meet all of your IPv4 and IPv6-related requirements. Contact them now to learn more about how they can assist you!

Price:$ 1

Are you looking forward to knowing whether IPRoyal is the right choice for you or not? Do you want to make sure whether IPRoyal is worth it or not?

If yes, I can help you out.

IPRoyal is an IP address supplier through whom you may purchase or lease IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Apart from that, they provide proxies for the home, mobile, and datacenter markets. Additionally, they offer sneaker proxies, among other services. This article will concentrate on their home proxy service.

In this article, I will be explaining to you all about IPRoyal that will help you make an informed decision as to why IPRoyal is the right choice for you. So, stay with me to the end.

What is IPRoyal?

IPRoyal Review- Overview

IPRoyal is committed to delivering a comprehensive variety of IP address solutions to its clients.

IP networking may be perplexing and frightening. With so many choices, you need a business that is dependable and trustworthy, with an outstanding reputation. At IPRoyal, their goal is to offer a long-term, dependable solution that is customized to your unique IP address business requirements. Their solutions are cost-effective, dependable, and simple to use, providing you with an exceptional experience that evolves with you.

They have significant expertise in IP networking. With millions of IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges located around the globe, they are well-equipped to meet all of your IPv4 and IPv6-related requirements. Contact them now to learn more about how they can assist you!

How Does IPRoyal Work?

IPRoyal home proxies operate on a straightforward model. As is the case with the majority of residential proxy services, they do not control the IP addresses used to route client requests.

Unlike others that engage in unethical behavior to get IP addresses for their pool, IPRoyal is ethical and even pays people who participate in their Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network.

They provide a service called IPRoyal Pawns, which compensates individuals who are ready to give their IP address and Internet connection in exchange for being used as proxies. According to my conversation with a service representative, they get their IP addresses from this source.

If you set up their proxies, your web traffic is not routed directly to the desired web services. Rather than that, they are directed to the IPRoyal service, which then searches for an available IP in the pool and directs your request to the targeted website using the available IP.

By doing so, the online service to which you make requests will be unaware of your true IP address. Because they allow IP rotation, you may use as many IP addresses from their pool as you want.

Why Choose IPRoyal?

They believe in a completely open internet that is accessible to everyone, free of blocking, prioritization, or other forms of discrimination. With security as their first concern, they constantly go above and beyond to guarantee that their clients’ activities operate smoothly at all times.

IPRoyal proxies locations- IPRoyal Review

As they all know, information is the most valuable and sensitive asset on the planet, and they aim to constantly maintain the highest levels of confidentiality, integrity, and data security. They don’t believe in making compromises, which is why they adapt and enhance their solutions to their customers and the market’s requirements.

Each proxy service boasts about the size of their IP pool, their competitive price, their high availability, or anything else. At IPRoyal, they enable their customers to evaluate all of their products’ capabilities in their environment. Following that, customers may choose the plan that best suits their requirements.

There is no small print, no “catch-as-catch-can” restrictions, no hidden terms or unpleasant surprises. All of their IP addresses are clean and genuine, making them ideal for VPN, wireless, hosting, data centers, marketing firms, and ISPs, among other uses.

IPRoyal provides a variety of proxy kinds and packages to meet every requirement and budget. Both residential and datacenter plans are dedicated, globally distributed, and very fast, ensuring that there are no speed sacrifices.

4G proxies are optimal for business requirements such as social media administration, SEO monitoring, market research, and site scraping. They are provided by a genuine 4G network, which offers limitless capacity and a variety of places. Privatized IP tunneling guarantees complete anonymity, and your 4G proxy server is allocated exclusively to you.

Finally, for those looking to get the latest pair of Yeezy sneakers, the newest designer garment, or the ever-elusive new gaming system, their sneaker proxies are here to assist. The majority of online merchants restrict sales of exclusive items to one per visitor.
Improved Security:

The primary characteristic of a proxy is anonymity, which is often critical for companies. With a proxy, all business data is anonymized, making it almost difficult to trace. This extra layer of protection substantially lowers the likelihood of hacker assaults and other security breaches. With a proxy, all private information (on customers, partners, investors, workers, research and development, and so on) is kept out of the hands of unauthorized individuals.

Here are a couple more reasons as to why choosing IPRoyal would be a good idea –

1. Bandwidth Savings and Faster Speeds:

The majority of people believe that proxies slow down internet speeds, which is far from reality. Their solutions substantially boost performance by caching frequently visited files and webpages and by eliminating ads while browsing. Their proxy servers may alleviate some of the strain on congested business networks, enabling them to operate more efficiently.

2. Internet Usage Control:

No firm wants its workers to use the corporate network to view improper material. When a proxy server is used, a network administrator may simply manage which devices have internet access and even which websites are accessible to workers. Their solutions allow you to block any unwanted material and websites, ensuring that your workers are not squandering time.

Major Features and Benefits of Using IPRoyal

1. Dedicated 4G Mobile Proxies:

Dedicated 4G Mobile Proxies- IPRpoyal Review

From site scraping and SEO optimization to competition research and social media management, their mobile 4G proxies significantly minimize the danger of being blocked by using highly trustworthy IP addresses from a legitimate cellular network. Each 4G proxy is held exclusively for you with quick IP change or automatic rotation.

Select your desired location and enjoy unlimited traffic with no throttling and speeds up to 100 MBPS. Analyze search engine results, collect useful data, and anonymously manage your social network presence. They guarantee reliable and secure connections due to their industry-leading hardware and security.

2. Blazing Fast Sneaker Proxies:

Blazing Fast Sneaker Proxies

If you’re desperate to get an elusive pair of sneakers or other unique and limited edition goods, their sneaker proxies will ensure you’re one step ahead of the competition. Simply tell them what you’re looking for and they’ll discover a solution that works for you.

Their proxies work with the majority of popular sneaker bots. Additionally, they offer IP addresses that are closest to the retailer’s location to eliminate latency problems and greatly improve your chances of success. The most popular retail websites, the most coveted brands, limited editions, unusual drops, and various locations – the possibilities are limitless!

3. Superior Performance Datacenter Proxies:

Superior performance datacentre Proxies

Their data center solutions provide limitless bandwidth at no additional cost, lightning-fast speeds, and simple integration. Because you may choose from a variety of places globally, geo-blocking becomes obsolete. Each IP address is reserved exclusively for you, allowing you to conduct anonymous site scraping, SERP data collection, and access to unlimited material from anywhere in the globe.

Their datacenter proxy service ensures that your sensitive private data is never compromised. Take use of HTTPS and SOCKS5 capabilities for secure data extraction and crawling. Whether doing market research, protecting your brand, or providing an additional degree of security to your infrastructure, our data center proxy solutions are unmatched.

4. 100 % Genuine Residential Proxies:

100 percent genuin residential Proxies- IPRpoyal Review

Their home proxy network is comprised of genuine IP addresses belonging to genuine people, ensuring that you will never be discovered or banned. There is no sharing of any sort, which means that your proxy is solely accessible to you.

Choose between sticky (up to 24 hours) or rotating proxies and take advantage of 99.9 % uptime and an ever-growing global IP pool.

Because residential proxies are indistinguishable from organic visitors, they are excellent for accurate data scraping. They established their network of residential proxies with authentic users located around the globe. Each participant is free to join or exit the pool at their leisure and is paid for their resources.

Major Use Cases of IPRoyal

Use Cases of IPRpoyal Review

1. Collecting Data on the Stock Market:

Acquire real-time insight on the status of several worldwide markets. Monitor stock market trends and price changes to ensure that your investments are performing optimally.

2. Crawlers of Search Engines:

Accurately collect SERP data from several search engines without regard for geographical limitations. Accurate data collection and development of effective marketing and SEO tactics.

3. Monitoring the Review Process:

Maintain a database of consumer feedback from various sources (retail websites, forums, social media, and search engines). Promptly respond and enhance your brand’s reputation.

4. Email Security:

Keep one step ahead of email fraudsters and protect your enterprise’s information technology infrastructure against ransomware, malware, and other threats.

5. Aggregation of Travel Fares:

Maintain constant updates to your aggregator website by collecting correct data from an infinite number of sources, regardless of their complexity.

6. Protection of the Brand:

Protect your intellectual property and brand image globally. Maintain your business’s reputation and increase client loyalty.

7. Comparative Pricing:

Maintain an awareness of your competitors and economic developments. Collect important data to aid in the development of successful pricing strategies and market expansion.

8. Verification of Advertisements:

Ascertain that your marketing efforts are appropriately shown to your target demographic. By imitating real visitors, you may avoid click fraud and other scams.

9. Testing of Websites:

Test your website or mobile application from the viewpoint of a real local user anywhere in the globe. Confirm pricing, currency conversions, and localization, among other things.

10. Search Engine Optimization Monitoring:

By monitoring outcomes and SERP rankings, you can increase brand loyalty and conversions. Maintain a competitive edge with unfettered SEO data collection.

11. Restricted Content Access:

Avoid geo-blocking and enjoy unrestricted internet access regardless of your location. Amass business information and negotiate the best deals while remaining anonymous.

12. Social media platforms:

Maintain control of your social media profile and promote your company without fear of being banned. Easily expand into new markets without regard for geographic boundaries.

13. Scraping of data:

Collect trustworthy and precise data from any location on Earth. Maintain a competitive edge while remaining anonymous.

14. Advantages of Privacy:

Protect your devices at home, at work, and anywhere else with an additional layer of security. Untraceable traffic and location concealment

15. Management of Content:

Control your business bandwidth and enjoy completely anonymous corporate communication. Reduce the likelihood of hacker assaults and other security breaches.

16. Market Analysis:

Without limitations, get the most accurate data from anywhere in the globe. Acquire critical market insights that will aid in the expansion of your company.

IPRoyal Pricing

IPRoyal pricing- IPRpoyal Review

They have 4 major services and a pricing plan for each.

  • Residential Proxies (Starts from $ 0.80 per GB): This includes flexible rotation options, sticky sessions, API access, and you can cancel anytime you want.
  • Datacenter Proxies (Starts from $ 1.30 per proxy): This includes 10 GBPS speed, reliable 24/7 customer support, and unlimited bandwidth and threads.
  • Sneaker Proxies (Starts from $ 0.80 per proxy): This includes instant delivery, unlimited bandwidth, and Pass or IP authenticated user.
    4G Mobile Proxy (Starts from $ 90 per proxy): This includes unlimited bandwidth, 100 K residential IPs pool, auto-rotate toggle, and API access.

IPRoyal Pros and Cons

IPRoyal Pros

● Highly reputable
● Safe and secure
● Available in a lot of locations
● Very quick
● Unlimited bandwidth available
● Anonymous datacenter proxies
● Cheaper then alternatives

IPRoyal Cons

● Customer support needs improvement

Conclusion: Is IPRoyal Scam or Legit? IPRpoyal Review

IPRoyal has everything you need. It has servers in multiple locations that can help you with your business. You can also go for IPRoyal pawns if you are looking forward to earning some passive income.

They are also planning to make IP: AUTH and SOCK5 soon. All this makes IPRoyal one of the best choices in the market.

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