10 Best YouTube Proxies 2023 (for Bots & Scraping)

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Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best YouTube Proxies, most individuals find Storm Proxies and IPRoyal are the best options.

As seemingly free as the internet seems to be, it is not. Governments and internet service providers employ censorship, rendering some websites unavailable to users.

Certain websites are geo-restricted, while others are prohibited by ISPs for various reasons. However, there are certain methods available for unblocking banned websites. To access websites that are not accessible in your location, you may utilize proxy sites, VPNs, or custom DNS servers.

When it comes to restricted websites, Youtube is at the top of the list. It is one of the world’s most severely prohibited websites. Several videos are unavailable in specific locations.

Now, if you’re having trouble accessing Youtube, we have a trick up our sleeve that might assist you in unblocking the site so that you can watch your favorite videos without limitation.

We’ve included several free Youtube proxy websites below that you may use to access the site even if it’s not accessible in your location.

10 Best YouTube Proxies 2023 (For Bots & Scraping)

1. StormProxies:

StormProxies dedicated proxy

If you’ve been exploring residential proxy services, chances are you’ve come across Storm Proxies as one of the finest providers. This is in addition to the top-of-the-line providers like Lum inati, Oxylabs, and Smartproxy, among other premium providers. How accurate is that, though? 

We’re attempting to ascertain this since we couldn’t believe what we read on their website, which may just be a well-executed marketing campaign. What reason do you have to take our review seriously? Because we are a reputable proxy review company. 

We’ve researched several proxy providers and made tips on how to use them. This review will enlighten you about StormProxies’ residential proxies.

We are aware that they also provide datacenter proxies; in fact, we tested and assessed their private dedicated proxies as well, but that is a subject for another day.

Storm Proxies has been around for over three years, entering the proxy industry in 2016. With its year of inception, one would assume it to be too new to achieve the level of confidence established by other suppliers.

While it cannot be considered a premium service, it has carved out a place for itself and is considered one of the finest among its peers. 

Its proxies are pretty quick in comparison to residential proxies, and they are exceedingly inexpensive and light on the wallet. They provide excellent customer support, and their web scraping software has been shown to be useful and functional.

They are, however, rather restricted in terms of coverage area, geotargeting possibilities, and authentication technique, to name a few. 

2. IPRoyal:

IPRoyal Review- Overview

IPRoyal is devoted to providing its customers with a wide range of IP address solutions. 

IP networking may be intimidating and confounding. With so many options, you need a company that is reputable and trustworthy, as well as having an excellent reputation.

IPRoyal’s purpose is to provide a long-term, stable solution that is tailored to your business’s individual IP address needs. Their solutions are affordable, trustworthy, and easy to use, ensuring that you get an excellent experience that develops with you. 

They have extensive experience in IP networking. They are well-equipped to handle all of your IPv4 and IPv6-related needs since they have millions of IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges spread across the world. Contact them now to understand how they can help you! 

IPRoyal home proxies use a simple paradigm. They, like the vast majority of residential proxy providers, have no control over the IP addresses utilized to route client requests. 

Unlike others that engage in unethical activity to get IP addresses for their pool, IPRoyal is ethical and even compensates users of its Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network. 

They provide a service called IPRoyal Pawns, which rewards anyone willing to surrender their IP address and Internet connection in return for serving as proxies. According to the service agent I spoke with, they get their IP addresses from this source. 

By configuring their proxies, you may prevent your online traffic from being routed directly to the required web services. Rather than that, they are sent to the IPRoyal service, which then searches the pool for an accessible IP address and forwards your request to the specified website using the available IP address. 

Thus, the online service to which you submit requests will remain oblivious of your genuine IP address. Due to their IP rotation policy, you are free to utilize as many IP addresses from their pool as you choose.

3. SmartProxy:


Smartproxy is a supplier of rotating residential IP proxies. It provides affordable and dependable residential proxy services. Each subscription includes access to the entire proxy pool, and the price is dependent on traffic utilization. 

Smartproxy.com is a premium proxy service that offers powerful servers at a low price. It is a secure and reputable proxy service that offers a money-back guarantee for testing the network.

They have proxies in every country (195+ sites), making them one of the most comprehensive proxy providers. 

All proxies in the network are anonymous, and their servers use sophisticated rotation, which ensures that you will get a live and tested proxy from the pool or a random IP address from a specified place at random.

This is one of the simplest rotating proxy networks to utilize since it automates the process of proxy maintenance. 

Smartproxy’s service is particularly beneficial if you want to establish social network profiles, purchase limited-edition shoes or tickets, do market research, check advertisements, and scrape data, among other things.

They integrate with all social media automation programs and bots, as well as with all sneaker bots. The greatest thing is that they use all residential IP addresses, which are difficult to discover and block. 

The site’s price structure is excellent for all customers, as you can acquire modest plans for as little as $75 or professional, massive enterprise-level plans for as little as $3/GB. 

4. Shifter:

Shifter overview

The Shifter is one of the biggest proxy networks in the world, offering the most advanced private proxy services. These are the greatest proxies for web scraping since they are built on top-of-the-line HTTP/S and socks protocols. 

Shifter Proxies are integrated with high-quality HTTP/S and Socks protocols, ensuring smooth and error-free scraping for its customers. These proxies have a large number of posting servers and are constructed with many subnets. They ensure the client’s privacy when accessing the internet. 

Instant access to Residential and Datacenter IP addresses is possible with these Socks proxies. All you need to do is submit a request, and your orders will be processed automatically. The proxies are configured easily and quickly. 

Shifter Proxy Services has been offering high-quality proxy services for nine years. They also provide a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee and a super-fast internet connection.

Shifter proxies are built on the cutting-edge HTTP/S & Socks Protocols and have a unique Control Panel. These proxies are accessible in major cities and countries and provide limitless internet sessions. 

Shifter provides proxies that are designed to meet all of your proxy service needs and are ideal for a variety of applications such as pricing comparison, advertisement verification, sales intelligence, brand protection, web property testing, and SEO services.

Additionally, they are ideal for online shopping and web scraping. Additionally, it is one of the top youtube proxies that enables users to view YouTube’s restricted material. 

5. SmartDNS Proxy:

Smartdns proxy

The security of data stored online is jeopardized because hackers and other undesirable forces are on the lookout for opportunities to exploit users’ data for their own selfish ends. Proxies enable users to effortlessly ensure the internet security of their data. 

Proxies from SmartDNS are the most effective method for customers to mask their computers’ IP addresses. As a result, their internet browsing history is kept confidential. The IP address allows the server to be discovered online, therefore keeping the virus at bay. 

Whether you need to visit any website in the globe or are seeking the finest Spotify proxies, Smart DNS proxy is the appropriate tool to utilize. Most significantly, you’ll get entirely free Hulu and HBO premium memberships when you acquire this product. 

SmartDNS customers can effortlessly access the top Youtube proxies available. The platforms are packed with cutting-edge functionality and provide consumers with lightning-fast access. As a result, they are content with the media. 

With the assistance of the SmartDNS proxy server, users may effortlessly browse the web without encountering any limitations. Additionally, it offers users with digital material, acts as a flexible DNS, and unblocks blocked websites. 

Users may contact the firm through live chat or email. The platform is compatible with any internet-connected device. Users like dealing with the company’s customer service staff since they provide 24/7 help. 

6. Bright Data (Luminati):

Bright data review

Luminati is a consumer proxy service that consistently beats its competition. Due to the sheer quantity of IP addresses and the countries in which they are located, it is the world’s biggest network of proxy servers. 

Luminati.io has expanded at a considerably quicker rate than its rivals. 

Anyone who has ever utilized a housing service provider will tell you that Luminati is the best. With over 36 million IP addresses (data centers, residential users, and mobile devices) distributed over more than 200 countries and regions, it’s natural that this is the top choice. 

Luminati is a business that should be evaluated on the basis of its provision of services to newbies and IT experts. 

Luminati is included in today’s list of critics. As previously stated, their IP pool is far greater than that of any other proxy service. 

They now have over 72 million household IP addresses, over 300,000 data centers, and over 2 million mobile IP addresses. 

It exceeds the majority of its rivals. They claim that addresses originate in over 200 nations and regions. That is, wherever there is the internet, there is an IP address.

Bright Data continuously collects website data, which includes customer demographics, demographic data, online traffic sources, and consumers.

You’ll acquire insight into how individuals behave online. Utilize the data to improve the targeting of advertisements and marketing materials.

You can concentrate on developing a commercial product without worrying about how many scrapes or how much data is required since Bright Data takes care of it for you.

Luminati provides excellent customer care, and we know the Luminati marketing staff personally and remain in contact with them for proxy assistance. 

7. NordVPN:

nordvpn proxy

Have you ever found yourself unable to view your favorite movies or episodes on Youtube due to geo-restrictions? You no longer have to worry about this with NordVPN‘s high quality and finest youtube proxies, which let users access prohibited material on Youtube and other streaming sites such as Netflix and Disney+.

Additionally, with the greatest torrenting services and peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing capabilities, these NordVPN proxies are ideal. 

One may be hesitant to circumvent any streaming site’s limitation, but they have nothing to fear since NordVPN proxies give outstanding security. It provides encrypted access to Youtube, allowing users to circumvent limitations and view videos anonymously without being detected. 

This service provider’s proxies are very compatible and perform flawlessly with the following devices and operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS. They are also accessible as Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. 

NordVPN takes pride in its capacity to connect to six devices simultaneously, which means that the user may stream videos and movies with their family members on multiple devices without experiencing any latency in the connection. 

8. HMA:


“Curiosity killed the cat” is a well-known saying that is often used for a cause. There are several instances when netizens get enamored with something online, whether it’s a movie or a game they’re not permitted to access, and attempt to open it, causing major harm to their devices and the security of their servers.

This is when HMA proxies come to their rescue, shielding their IP addresses and personal information from viruses that might possibly infiltrate systems and exploit individuals. 

This proxy provider’s network spans the globe, with over 1100 servers in 210 countries and 290 locations. There are a total of eight P2P servers and five streaming-optimized servers situated in Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 

One subscription to the HMA proxy service enables customers to have five concurrent connections on various devices with no degradation in internet performance. For ease of installation, there are applications available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. 

HMA’s proxies, particularly the best Youtube proxies that provide access to blocked content on various streaming platforms, are equipped with advanced security features such as AES 256-bit encryption, a no-log policy, and a kill switch that automatically shuts down inactive websites to protect the user’s data. 

With the no-log policy offered by HMA proxies for schools and colleges, students may enjoy unprecedented anonymity and protection against IPv6, IPv4, and DNS leaks when streaming.

This proxy supplier provides customers with ultra-fast servers capable of 20 Gbps, ensuring uninterrupted internet access. 

9. Squid Proxies:

Squid proxies Review

A dedicated proxy server acts as a link between the user and the internet. Cheap private proxy servers may be characterized as servers that act as an intermediate between end-users and the websites they visit.

These servers provide varying degrees of security, privacy, and functionality, depending on the client-use user’s case, needs, and command policies.

If you’re seeking quality proxies, Squid Proxies is your best option. Squid Proxies shared and private proxies are designed for almost any lawful use. This company’s proxies operate flawlessly on practically every website.

They stay locked to the users’ IP addresses, which means they do not need a password or login to access. Additionally, there are shared proxies that can be set up rather quickly provided the firm receives money for the transaction. 

Squid Proxies offers anonymous HTTPS/HTTP proxies that enable users to quickly access websites using practically any popular browser, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Squid proxies handle both HTTPS and HTTP protocols and provide the maximum degree of IP anonymity. The company’s shared proxy service might assist you in resolving issues encountered when attempting to access the internet.

Squid is a necessary and good proxy server for Youtube. It is a marketing proxy with a high level of anonymity that works with all browsers and also supports HTTP and HTTPS proxies. The platform is secure and simple to use and maintain. 

It moves at a breakneck pace. The users are satisfied with the proxy’s web support. It’s a fantastic private proxy that enables users to connect to different IP subnets. 

The company’s customer service department is robust and effective. The pros are promising and prompt in responding to the consumers’ inquiries.

10. Blazing SEO:

Blazing SEO

Blazing Proxies was created in 2015 by Blazing SEO. Not only does Blazing SEO provide proxies, but it also provides OCR/text captcha solution services and an archive org scraper.

That is a new proxy service that has begun operations on BHW. All of their proxies are housed on dedicated servers that are only operating at 20 % to 30 % CPU and RAM and are connected through a dedicated 1 Gbps network connection.

Additionally, Blazing SEO LLC created a special API that you may use to automate the purchase, replacement, and cancellation of proxies, and you can configure it on GSA SER to automatically acquire your proxies at a certain frequency.

Over 80% of their subscribers only utilize their services for GSA Proxies. Additionally, there are no software limitations. Another fantastic feature — Blazing Proxies guarantees that all of your orders will get unlimited/unmetered bandwidth and that their IPs WILL NOT be resold to other customers.

Therefore, if your tools or task demand a significant amount of bandwidth, you should give this service a try. 

At the bottom of the main page is a link to the site’s customer service section. It’s a bit less sturdy in appearance, but it does the job. The Blazing SEO support staff is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Therefore, regardless of the time or nature of the situation, you should have no difficulty obtaining the assistance you need. It’s a ticket-based system that enables you to submit things with attachments, which is rather convenient.

Additionally, they have a large number of frequently asked issues addressed on their customer service page’s Frequently Asked Questions area. Additionally, they feature a forum where users may discuss their proxies.

I believe this is an excellent tool that would enable people to engage, evaluate, and assist one another in resolving common concerns. However, it seems as if no one has uploaded anything there yet, indicating that despite its awesomeness, it is underutilized. 

11. MyPrivateProxy:

MyPrivateProxy- Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers

If you wish to access the internet more securely by preventing phishing websites from seeing your true IP address, MPP group private proxies have you covered.

The supplier has been in business for a long period of time and offers one of the top smart proxies on the market. You may get bulk finest high proxies for business and begin promoting on social media with several accounts without fear of being banned.

Proxies from the MPP Group are designed specifically for search engine and Internet marketing companies. It operates over 230 dedicated proxy servers across twenty-four data centers worldwide.

Their infrastructure is never designed to fail. MPP leverages enterprise-grade infrastructure, experience, and industry experts in data centers with a long track record of uptime. 

MPP Group Proxies are well-known for their lightning-fast performance and use dedicated Servers. These proxies are highly skilled super-elite private proxies that are located in different datacenters. 

Their Socks Proxies are capable of managing authenticated IP addresses and are linked with clever automated proxy renewal procedures.

Additionally, they provide users with high-speed services with a high likelihood of uptime and performance. 

MPP Group maintains a network of high-quality proxies throughout the United States and Europe. Given that these are the industries in which they are concentrated, companies should be evaluated in terms of their coverage in these domains. 

They have servers in around thirty sites in this region. The United States maintains servers across nine states and twelve major cities. They also have computers in locations outside the United States. 

MPP proxies provide an automatic and easy-to-use control interface, as well as protected networks. These proxies are intended for high dependability and are hosted in Datacenters with a high level of availability and consistency. They operate from 24 data centers located across the globe.

12. YouTubez:

YouTubez is one of the industry’s leading YouTube proxies, providing customers with unmatched protection. While viewing movies, one may remain secure and protect their system from cyber-attacks with this internet security application. 

The internet connection is lightning fast, allowing users to watch HD material without having to wait for it to load. Please review the following list of this service provider’s features to learn more about it.

While all the finest YouTube proxies are responsible for bypassing firewalls, they are also responsible for keeping their customers secure while doing so. YouTubez is an example of a proxy that encrypts both user data and the IP addresses of their devices.

Regardless of price, all of this provider’s product bundles include browser extensions for this proxy server for all major web browsers, allowing customers to access the web securely. There is no need to configure them; just selecting an appropriate server and connecting them is sufficient.

It’s only natural for superlative proxies to have premium servers with rapid connections. Additionally, it is capable of providing regular proxies with servers that provide better speeds.

This proxy is the best option for anybody who wants to watch HD material on YouTube from different regions. It has servers located across the globe, and you can choose the region or area you want them to switch to automatically. 

13. Geosurf:

geosurf proxies

GeoSurf is a proxy service provider specializing in residential IP addresses. Their proxies are ideal for data harvesting, web crawling, advertisement verification, and sneaker/shoe bots. 

GeoSurf enables users to see any geo-targeted material. It enables users to browse and read local content in any country.

GeoSurf offers these services via a VPN client, a Residential IPs API, a Direct Connect API, a browser toolbar, and smartphone connections. GeoSurf offers static gateways in over 120 countries and 30 DMAs. Keep in mind that these are HTTP(S) protocols, not SOCKS protocols. 

GeoSurf Residential IPs are accessible in over 192 countries and link major cities across these nations. Other IP addresses are being added to offer access to additional places worldwide.

Additionally, they provide a toolbar browser plugin that enables you to see online material across all of your many proxy sites worldwide.

This is particularly advantageous for people who utilize their proxies for purposes such as ad verification. GeoSurf Toolbar is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, as well as Firefox for Mac. 

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FAQs related to YouTube Proxies

🤷 Is a YouTube proxy server secure?

Youtube proxy websites enable you to access geo-restricted material by masking your IP address, but since your personal information is not secured, there is a possibility of danger in rare instances.

🧏‍♂️ How to download videos from YouTube that are geo-restricted?

Downloading YouTube videos that are forbidden in your location is a pretty easy method. All you need to do is install and configure a proxy server on your smartphone, then activate it through settings. Then, on the proxy tab, copy and paste the video URL to download it.

🙋‍♂️ How to use proxies to unblock YouTube videos?

There are websites on the internet that allow you to unblock youtube proxies for free. Simply putting the URL address into the address box provided on the website's homepage and customizing the parameters is sufficient to click Go.

🙆‍♀️ What is a Proxy for Youtube?

It is a program that conceals a user's IP address from trespassers, allowing them to effortlessly view YouTube videos that are restricted in their country. It circumvents the filtering that YouTube imposes on its material, allowing users to access them freely.

💁‍♂️ How To Get Free Online YouTube Proxies?

Proxy servers are very simple to install and configure on any device, regardless of the operating system or software used. Prior to turning it on and effectively utilizing it, one must ensure that the proxy picked has a minimal risk of security difficulties. Each proxy provider firm has its own set of rules and procedures for configuring and using the proxy. The technique for using a proxy server may vary somewhat depending on the browser being used.

🙇‍♂️ How To Use RUSVPN To Unblock Youtube Videos?

The simplest approach to unblock YouTube videos with RUSVPN is to establish an account and configure your browser to use a VPN to access prohibited YouTube videos. It enables users to view restricted material, seamless movies, and television series from anywhere in the globe.

Conclusion- Best YouTube Proxies In 2023 (For Bots & Scraping)

When Youtube stops operating, you may use one of the above-mentioned free proxy services to see the video streaming site’s videos. We tested each of the above-mentioned Youtube proxy websites and can confirm that they were all operational at the time of writing. We’ll continue to update this list of free Youtube proxy sites, so keep an eye on this area. 

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