BidVertiser Review 2023: Overview, Pros, and Cons (Payment Proof, CPM Rate)

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  • Automated approval process
  • Minimum withdrawal limit
  • Automatic system of sign up on the network
  • AdSense compatibility
  • Low payment threshold
  • High CPM rates for mobile traffic
  • One of the most extended PPC ad networks.


  • CPC usually is lower in comparison with Adsense.
  • Sites with low conversion & CTR get low ticket advertisers.

Bidvertiser is the best option to generate mobile traffic to your website because their mobile CPMs are very impressive across all locations. Some extended ad formats such as slider ads and Pop-under, which are not available with Adsense, can be availed with Bidvertiser.


Bidvertiser Review- An Advertising platform that offers you rewards for performance and liberty to customize your ads as you wish. Sounds great, isn’t it…

Today we are talking about the Bidvertiser platform. You probably already know about it if you are into digital display campaigns or looking for alternate options for Google Adsense.

Yes it is Bidvertiser. It has helped my start-up to earn a lot through smart advertisements.

We will discuss everything about Bidvertiser in this article that will guide you in curating a perfect advertising campaign on the platform..

Bottomline Introduction

Bidvertiser offers a unique ecosystem for advertisers and publishers with its services such as native ads, slide ads, push notifications, XML feeds, pop-under for desktops, laptops, and mobile phones.

It helps publishers in posting their customized ad campaigns and earn commission too. Advertisers on the other hand choose websites for advertisement by ad points given by Bidvertiser. 

BidVertiser Review 2023: In A Nutshell

 Bidvertiser started providing services in 2003. Bidvertiser is working as a bridge between publishers and website owners, and business owners. It is one of the competitors of Adsense in the current advertising market.

Since its foundation, Bidvertiser has worked with more than 80,000 publishers and advertisers from across the world. Bidvertiser provides services for push notifications,  ad space extensions such as pop-under, slide ads, native ads, XML feeds for laptops, desktops, and mobile phones.

Bidvertiser is fulfilling website owner’s need to directly deal with advertisers for their ad space, skipping automated systems.

Bidvertiser is now expanding its services to mobile, programmatic buying, and selling with years of experience and expertise. They are focusing now on their demand-side platform.

BidVertiser Overview- Bidvertiser Review

Bidvertiser functions from their offices in 2 Hayozma ST, Sha-ar Ha-ir building, Tirat Carmel, Israel. They store their data via Rackspace cloud in their California office.

Bidvertiser works on a rigorous support system to make customer and client journey smooth. Their efficient support staff and key account managers are always happy to help via instant messaging, calls, and support systems.

Let’s go through features of Bidvertiser for its clients:

Main Features

BidVertiser Features- Bidvertiser Review

  • Ad Formats: Bidvertiser gives the option to choose service from the bouquet of the list of Ad formats. They provide services in the following ad formats:
  • Native Advertisements: This advertisement matches its form and structure with the platform upon which it is running. This form of advertising is good for brand awareness, greater potential reach. It is also ad-block-friendly and puts the publisher in the driving seat. You can control the campaign as per brand requirements.
  • Slider Advertisement: Slider advertisement is also known as floating ads or catfish ads. These are banner ads that run at the bottom of the page. These ads can slide and fade as per settings. This form of advertising is good for specific target audience engagement. The publisher gets extra inventory without any effect on the ongoing ad campaign.
  • Pop-under ad format: Pop-Under ads are distantly related to Pop-up advertisements. Pop-up ad formats come before the page instantly on the website, while pop-under advertisements appear when other tabs have been closed. Meanwhile in linger behind the current browser window.

BidVertiser analytics- Bidvertiser Review

This form of advertisement is apt for those who don’t want interruptions. It appears when someone closes all tabs so that people will see for sure. Publishers will get good traffic and engagement with Pop-under advertisements.

  • Transparency: Bidvertiser works with the principle of openness. Every procedure is crystal clear and easy to use for publishers and advertisers. Publishers get complete clarity and information about winning bids, incoming bids and can track revenue per conversion.Similarly, advertisers can review audience demographics and source of traffic which is coming on a website by target advertisement metric.
  • Targeting: Publisher can do customer targeting and segmentation with Bidvertiser. With the segmentation feature, publishers can target a specific audience according to demographic parameters such as age, sex, location, preference, behaviors, relationship status, educational status, and many more.

BidVertiser Targeting- Bidvertiser Review

Bidvertiser works with in-house technology, more than 80000 satisfied clients, and a talented pool of managers. Their human resources always respond timely to all queries. Account managers are available on the phone, on skype, and by email.

How to get started and use Bidvertiser for advertising purposes?

Bidvertiser is a must-go-to platform for all of your advertising needs if you are a publisher or advertiser.

Let’s understand the process to start and use the BidVertiser platform for running successful ad campaigns.

Bidvertiser has made this platform for a better user interface and user experience known as UI and UX. Publishers or advertisers can quickly initiate the process of signing up. The process is automatic and secure.

The publisher needs to fill in all the details of their website. Bidvertiser will assess the website. They have fixed guidelines and protocols for selecting sites. Websites have to fulfill specific criteria to be able to run an ad campaign on Bidvertiser.

If your website does not deal with adult, illegal, and pirated content, you are good to go. Bidvertiser will send you a mail containing all the details for onboarding.

Once approved, go to your dashboard, select ad size and types of ads for the campaign. Bidvertiser provides several creative templates to choose from for your advertisement.

The publisher can choose as per their brand story and choose their perfect ad space for the website. The final step is to create ad code and paste it inside of your site’s HTML. You can view your ad now on the web page.

Bidvertiser rewards publishers with ad points if their ad is doing good in terms of conversion and CTR. CTR is the click-through rate. It means how much the company is paying for one-click on their ad.

Later, advertisers use these points in rating publisher’s sites at the time of bidding. For this, publishers compete for good points because good points will bring them, high ticket advertisers.

Restrictions and Requirements:

There are certain restrictions and requirements by Bidvertiser. The publisher needs to comply with these conditions for using this platform.

  1. Websites with adult and sexual content, excessive profanity, inappropriate language, drugs, or illegal substances, content that support hate crime are not eligible for the Bidvertiser platform.
  2. Bidvertiser strictly bans websites involved in piracy, spam, black hat practices, etc.
  3. Websites that are under construction or not adequately developed are not allowed.
  4. Publishers should refrain from illegal ways to generate traffic or conversion. The website will be banned if found out by Bidvertiser.

Publishers need to take care of these restrictions if they want to start with Bidvertiser.

How to get a high ticket advertiser?

The publisher has to be attentive; content should be engaging. The publisher should fulfill promises made in the advertisement. The customer should be satisfied with your service. 

Customer traffic, engagement, and traffic depend upon how happy your customer is and how you have fulfilled your promise made in an advertisement.

Bidvertiser gives ad points based on Click-through rate and conversion. Higher ad points mean advertisers will score you higher. A High score means more high ticket advertisers.

So, the point is to focus on your ad copy. It should be relevant and value addition for the customers.

Payment Methods:

Their available payment methods are:



Wire Transfer

You can withdraw a minimum of USD 10 from your PayPal account.

They work with a 2 Tier revenue model. They mix CPA and CPM payment systems along with traditional CPC systems. With this, the publisher not only earns per click but also when a conversion happens.

BidVertiser Pricing- Bidvertiser advertsing platforms review

There has been quite a mixed rating we have about Bidvertiser. It has a consumer rating of 1.47 from 16 reviews. It stands at number 45 in affiliate’s sites ranking. (Source: Sitejabber)

We need to understand the pros and cons of Bidvertiser. Every company has scope for improvisation. This analysis helps in making amendments in services and understanding customer experience with the brand.

Let’s go through a couple of positive and negative pointers about Bidvertiser:

Pros and Cons of Bidvertiser:

Pros Of Bidvertiser

  1. It is a good and acceptable alternative for Adsense.
  2. Publishers can earn multiple commissions with the same user activity.
  3. Their payment is higher in comparison with other available networks.
  4. Bidvertiser has a proudly fill rate of 100%. Fill rate means a percentage of showing ads on the web page. So publishers can rest assured that their ad will display on the web. Inconsistent ad display is a common problem with smaller networks.
  5. Bidvertiser is running one of the most extended PPC ad networks.
  6. It offers a minimum withdrawal limit.
  7. Automatic system of sign up on the network.
  8. High CPM rates for mobile traffic and engagement
  9. A low threshold of withdrawal helps small business owners to monetize their site at an early stage of their business.
  10. Combine Adsense and Bidvertiser for the ultimate return of your ad campaign.

Cons Of Bidvertiser

  1. CPC usually is lower in comparison with Adsense.
  2. The publisher has to take care of the context of the content. Bidvertiser doesn’t match the ad with the content on your site.
  3. Sites with low conversion and CTR get low ticket advertisers.
  4. If the publisher is relying solely on PPC campaigns for conversion and revenue, Bidvertiser is not the apt platform.
  5. Daily-earnings vary a lot. The publisher can not make long-term strategies based on this earning.

Difference between Bidvertiser and Adsense:

Bidvertiser is an effective alternative for Adsense. There are some fundamental differences between their functionality.

Though Adsense and Bidvertiser deal with the same kind of advertisement, their delivery method is different.

Adsense displays your ad after comparing content on the website, ad relevance, keyword relevancy around ad copy. In contrast, Bidvertiser places your ad based on the highest bidding. It helps you to get more excellent CPC at the expense of relevancy.

In terms of market share, Google Adsense is the leader, while Bidvertiser is consistently moving towards the top position. With 80000 plus satisfied customers, it is for sure a noteworthy competitor for Adsense.

Frequently Asked Questions On Bidvertiser: 

👓What are the policies for a refund?

Bidvertiser works very professionally for refund requests. They accept refund queries within 30 days of deposit as stated in their terms and conditions. You can go through their website. 2nd deposit or later must be for a sum of USD 200 or more, must still be made within 30 days of stake (s), and will come with a 10% processing fee. Cryptocurrency deposits do not qualify for refunds.

✔ What to do if I am facing a problem in logging in or recovering login information?

If you have a logging problem, you should try to make sure you log in with the correct account type. Account types are Advertiser, Publisher, and Referral. Please try each account type if you are not sure of your account type. Please make sure you fill in the Username and Password correctly, remembering that they are case sensitive. If it's still saying that you have got the information incorrect, please use the Forgot your password? Option. Once done, click on the I am not a Robot box. If you still cannot log in, please send us a support ticket, giving us the email and URL(S) in the account to help us find it. If you happen to know the account number, this would be very useful. They cannot search via username.

💥 Why should anybody choose Bidvertiser in place of Adsense?

First of all, if you want to monetize your business in the initial days of operation, Bidvertiser is a better option. You can withdraw as minimum as 10 US dollars. Some extended ad formats are not available with Adsense, such as Pop Under and Slider. You can use these with Bidvertiser. Most preferably, try both at once for the best outcome.

✔ How to contact the Bidvertiser?

Support is available Monday to Friday. If you can not find the answers, you are looking for this help center. The best way to contact them is via the online support system, send a ticket.

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Conclusion: Should You Try It? Bidvertiser Review 

To put it in a nutshell, Bidvertiser is the best option to generate mobile traffic to your website because their mobile CPMs are very impressive across all locations. Some extended ad formats such as slider ads and Pop-under, which are not available with Adsense, can be availed with Bidvertiser.

So, use Bidvertiser for these features, which are not available with Adsense. Please plan your ad campaign on both platforms. A combined campaign will give you the best outcome.

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