Blinkist Review 2022 Features & Pricing: Is Blinkist Free? (Blinkist Pros & Cons)

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User Friendly
Professional Book
Mobile App


  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • Learn anywhere anytime
  • Provides content in audio & text
  • One Account, Multiple Devices
  • You can access all titles offline with the app.
  • Unlimited access to every title
  • Sync highlights with Evernote
  • It also allows you to highlight ideas you love
  • Provides details insights with original Blinks and shows


  • The study material should get frequent updates
  • Limited Pricing Option

Blinkist is the best platform for those who love reading books, here you will find both fiction and non fiction of your choice.

Price:$ 4

Looking for an Unbiased Blinkist Review 2022, don’t worry, I got you covered.

Do you want to support your reading habit without going to the library? At Blinkist, you can get an extensive collection of books to read online. With the introduction of the internet, online book reading has also become popular.

There are tons of amazing books out there, but how do you find the time to read them all Reading one book a day is tough. But that’s 3,000 books in a year.

Solution: Blinkist offers summaries of the world’s best nonfiction books, so you don’t have to. Blinkist offers the key insights from top nonfiction in a made-for-mobile format. Learn anytime, anywhere! The service provides summaries of over 3,000 bestselling non-fiction books, and 15-minute reads. otherwise known as Blinks or book-in-blinks.

Now, you may be wondering what is Blinkist and how it feels to use Blinkist. Here in this handout, you get all answers related to the working and use of Blinkist with my In-depth Blinkist Review 2022

Bottom Line Upfront: Blinkist provides all the best selling books at an affordable price, and in this fast-paced era, most people don’t want to read books, and that’s where Blinkist comes and provides the best resources from all over the world so that you can invest your time in yourself too, Blinkist app help your nonfiction book and that too under 15 minutes. Don’t miss out on our coupon to save up to 25% off on Blinkist.

Blinkist offers the key insights from top nonfiction in a made-for-mobile format. Learn anytime, anywhere. Blinkist is one of the fastest-growing and most successful nonfiction apps on mobile platforms. Its popular Blinkist app has been downloaded over 1.9 million times.


Blinkist Review & Blinkist Coupon 2022: Save Upto 25% OFF

Blinkist Review 2022: Is Blinkist worth the money?

Blinkist, a professional book summary service allows you to recognize the critical insights from the world’s best non-fiction books in a few minutes. If you ever feel overwhelmed by all the newly released books or struggle to finish a non-fiction book, then surely Blinkist can help you.

Each critical insight that fits nicely on one page refers to blink.

There are thousands of non-fiction books in Blinkist through which you can benefit from reading. You can easily download the Blinkist app and get over 3000+ book summaries which change almost every day.


The preview for each book in Blinkist includes a subtitle, image, author, and time it takes to read. However, if you want full access to Blinkist features and its excellent service, then you can pay for Blinkist Premium.

It includes ultimate functions such as syncing your highlights to Evernote, audio versions of most book summaries, and you can save your entire library offline.

Who is Blinkist owned by?

Blinkist founder, Holger Seim, is a visionary that created an app to condense life’s most important ideas into 15-minute reads. His company has more than 18 million users as of 2021 and the headquarters are in Berlin Germany.

Who is Blinkist owned by - Blinkist-Review

Courtesy: Medium

Ways to Make Reading a Lifetime Habit

Ways to Make Reading a Lifetime Habit

If reading is a habit you’d like to develop, there are several approaches you might take.

To begin, recognize that reading is a pleasurable experience when you have a good book. If you force yourself to finish a bad book (or one that is really tough), it will feel like a chore. If this happens for several days in a row, you might want to put the book down and find something else to read.

Aside from that, follow these guidelines to develop a lifelong reading habit:


You should set aside a few moments during the day to read for at least 5-10 minutes. These are triggers that happen every day, and you’ll read about them no matter what.

The average person reads for just ten minutes every day. If you can find the time to read during your breakfast and lunch breaks, that would be great! You might also like reading before bed at night- 30 minutes is more than enough if it’s something new in this world of ours where we never know what will come next anyway…

Always have a book with you

Take your book with you everywhere! I always make sure that when it’s time to go, there’s a good read in hand. Unless of course, we know for certain our destination doesn’t have libraries or book shops–in which case carry this bundle instead (and don’t forget the keys!).

Whether waiting at doctor’s office appointments or sitting through traffic jams; if given enough patience then reading will soon become one less thing on our minds as well.

I am not exaggerating here: packing up all concerns into one small bag will leave no room whatsoever for nerves…

Make a to-do list

Make a list of all the wonderful novels you’d like to read. This can be kept in your journal, a pocket notebook, your personal home page, your personal wiki, or anywhere else. Make a note of it whenever you hear about an excellent book, whether it’s online or in person. Keep a running list of the books you’ve read and check them off when you finish them.

Create a Gmail account for your book list and send an email to that address whenever you learn of an excellent book. Your inbox will now serve as your reading list. File a book under “Done” once you’ve finished it. You may also reply to the message (to the same address) with book-related notes, which will be included in the same conversation thread, making your Gmail account your reading journal as well.

Look for a quiet spot

Find a quiet spot in your house where you can curl up with a nice book in a comfortable chair (don’t lie down unless you’re going to sleep). To avoid distractions, there should be no television or computer near the chair, as well as no music or boisterous family members/roommates. Create one if you don’t already have one.

Reduce the amount of time you spend watching TV or surfing the web

If you really want to read more, consider watching less TV or surfing the Internet. Many people may find this difficult. Still, every minute you spend on the Internet or watching TV is a minute you could be reading. This could result in a lot of time spent reading books.

How Does Blinkist app Work?

Undoubtedly, nowadays people are unable to find enough time for reading still they want to know more about science, technology, history, and much more. If you are the one who wants to learn about virtual things in no time, then the Blinkist app is for you.

There you can get numerous book summaries that cover a vast area of topics and stories which you can learn in a few minutes.

Blinkist Review - Blinkist

  • Once you create your account on the Blinkist app, then you will be redirected to the library. There are two tabs, namely, ‘Currently reading’ and ‘Finished’. Currently reading is for the title which you have started reading or recently added. However, the finished tab is for all the summaries which you have already completed.
  • By searching a subject on the Blinkist app, you can go through relevant book summaries without pressure, stress, and time commitment. You can easily choose the one that seems interesting, and you can even listen to audio recordings in a few minutes.
  • When you click on one summary, you will be taken instantly to the first blink of that specific book. However, if you click on the three dots at the bottom of a preview, then you can easily remove the book from your library.

Are you tired of a busy lifestyle and looking for ways to read interesting books in a short time? Surely, Blinkist is the perfect fit if you are looking for shortcuts to read several books by getting an overview.

What are the main Blinkist features?

How can I read a Blinkist for free - Blinkist-Review

1) Reading summaries

The reading interface in the Blinkist app is not only clean but free of distractions as well. The first blink helps you to clarify if the review is perfect for you or not and then all other blinks cover the content of the book. The last blink which contains a recap with actionable advice refers to as a final summary.

Blinkist Features - Blinkist Review

2) Audio summaries

You can find an audio player at the bottom of each blink. When you press the audio will start, pages turn automatically unless you pause, or the summary gets finished.

3) Highlighting and sharing

You can use the cursor to highlight some text in Blinkist which allows you to mark that passage with a yellow background. You can easily save the passage as a highlight or can share a specific insight from any summary.

What makes Blinkist different from other book summary services?

The websites and various companies dedicated to summarizing the books have been present for ages. However, no book summary services can match the massive selection of Blinkist Library.

With over 2000 texts, video, and audio summaries, Blinkist library can satisfy almost every user in the short term.

The service provided by Blinkist is valuable where you can get various book summaries at your fingertips and get a better understanding of almost every book. You can read or listen to anything you want to with book summaries on a variety of subjects.Blinkist-reviews by users

Blinkist BookList - Blinkist Review

It is challenging to keep ourselves updated with the changing times, stories, and current topics, especially if there are lots of stuff to go through.

However, Blinkist leaves out all the fluff content and includes only significant points that are easy to access and comprehend as well. With the Blinkist app, you can quickly get organized with more accessible book summaries so that you can learn effortlessly about any topic.

Blinkist serves as a perfect solution for people who are looking for a brief introduction to a specific field but do not have much time to explore it.

Who can use Blinkist?

Blinkist is for everyone, especially for those who want to read fast rather than going through the whole book.

The college students who want to prepare for the test, busy individuals who are looking for efficient ways to utilize their time, and aspiring searchers who wish to brush up on a subject in which they have a keen interest.

Blinkist offers you a straightforward experience where you can export new summaries from a different perspective.

Reading books helps in boosting up your knowledge, and you can quickly achieve your goals with crucial information gained with book reading. However, some people find it challenging to read hundreds of pages and get caught up in a busy routine.

With the audio service provided within the Blinkist app, you can easily discover the essential parts that are interesting or relevant to you. You can even have access to many non-fiction book summaries at the Blinkist app in just 15 minutes.

Read the book summaries – Even offline

The internet is the ultimate source where you can easily find answers whenever you need them. To enjoy book reading, you do not have to visit the library because you can easily read entire books online in an internet browser. However, what if you get frustrated with the internet connection?

Blinkist Review - Category

Don’t you have an issue with a stable internet connection always? Do not worry, because the Blinkist app allows you to read book summaries without an internet connection.

It is because once a title gets added to your Blinkist library, then it does not require an internet connection to open. However, if you are using the audio option on Blinkist library, then you can access it quickly after you have downloaded it first.

Moreover, the app works conveniently whether you are in the United Kingdom, Asia, Africa, the United States, Canada, or any place in the world.

How is the Blinkist app useful to utilize spare time?

When people have spare time then instead of reading books or taking part in an extra-curricular activity, they prefer to spend time on smartphones.

Browsing through social media is not always helpful to gain knowledge; moreover, you are wasting too much of your time on social media. But now, with the Blinkist app, you have a much better way to utilize your free time on your phone.

  • If anyone is looking for a new smartphone application to go with, then Blinkist is the ideal one. There is no reason to go through 100 pages for the entire book reading. Instead, you can quickly grab the book summary by listening or reading the format in 15 minutes.
  • The individuals who are looking for an efficient way to become an expert on one subject and want genuine understanding, then reading a book is a much better option. Moreover, Blinkist reading becomes much more comfortable and productive.
  • By downloading the Blinkist app, you can keep your mind updated with a wide variety of books. You can even listen to book summaries as an audio version in your car. It makes the app highly convenient, which works everywhere.
  • You can learn something compelling, engaging, and knowledgeable through Blinkist. By reading your favorite book, you can keep your mind engaged productively.
  • It is next to impossible for several online book service providers to deliver an entirely understandable topic summary in a few minutes. However, at the Blinkist app, you can quickly achieve the in-depth comprehension that you are hoping to have.

Best Blinkist Alternatives

Still unsure about the Blinkist app, don’t we got it covered, check out the Best Blinkist Alternatives that are equally worth a try and some of them free too. so let’s get started.

1. StoryShots

StoryShots - Blinklist Alternative

StoryShots is an app that takes the pleasure of reading and storytelling to a whole new level. It’s a collection of free books, short stories, and movies with audio summaries in text, animated, and video formats. You can find some of the best books and movies for your child or family on the app.

StoryShots is a learning app with free book summaries in text, audio, and animated formats. It’s featured worldwide as one of the best educational apps and called “very clever” by Steven Pinker, Bill Gates’ favorite author.

StoryShots lets users learn faster and smarter without having to study. And it has a wide range of features that include PDFs that you can print out yourself or use in your classroom. It is good for both students and teachers when they don’t have to worry about studying anymore.

2. Instaread 

Instaread-Blinkist Alternative

The Instaread app has been a hit with users who want to quickly learn something new. They provide a simple and fast way to access the current news of the world, books to read, videos to watch, and blogs to read. The user interface is minimal and fast, making it easy to use.

Instaread is an easy way to look up and learn from over 700 books, magazine articles, original pieces of writing, blogs, videos, and more. It’s fast and easy to use.

You can search for things using a variety of keywords. You can read all types of content such as news, books, movie reviews, or even inspirational quotes.

It’s very convenient as you don’t have to remember all the sources or whatever it is that you are looking up; instead, you can just pick the book/article/etc. that you want to see in a summary form easily and just do it without having to go through the whole thing again!

3. 12min

12min - blinkist alternative

12min is a platform that chooses, reads, and summarizes the most important non-fiction books. Start here to learn more about the books that have been selected for our list of the best non-fiction books of all time.

You don’t have to waste time reading hundreds of boring books by yourself. 12min will allow you to get quick access to information about a subject, in the order you choose it.

There are so many books out there on any topic but finding them all can be quite time-consuming and confusing for beginners. 12min makes it easier to learn something new, especially if it’s something that you need to know quickly. It also helps with reviewing or improving your existing knowledge.

How much does Blinkist cost? (Blinkist Pricing Plans)

The Big question you must be wondering is how much it costs to use such a productive and beneficial book reading app. Generally, the Blinkist app is free to download. However, if you want to access several new and innovative features, then you can go with the premium version.

Blinkist Pricing

Though the premium version of Blinkist comes with a 7-day free trial, it is available as a monthly plan for $12.99. You can even get access to an annual plan for $6.67 per month. Here, you can enjoy 50% off with great features such as:

  • Audio versions
  • Send your favorite summaries to your Kindle (if you have them)
  • Save your Blinkist library offline.

Are you unsure whether to use it or not? Then you can sign up for a free, 1-day trial in which there is no risk.  Generally, the average cost of reading non-fiction books is around $10-$15, which is costing you more as compared to the Blinkist premium app.

You can quickly finish approximately 50 books a year or even more by using Blinkist. So, it shows that it is quite affordable to use the Blinkist app instead of paying a higher amount for other e-books.

What are the Significant Blinkist Pros & Cons?

Blinkist Pros

  • Gain practical knowledge:

Do you want to be the kind of person who has immense experience in almost everything? Surely, you can enhance your knowledge and learning skills as well through Blinkist. Here, you can learn about different topics or subjects in a few minutes.

Blinkist Review - Exel In Your Carrier

You can even use the methods suggested by experts to achieve success. The books which you will find in Blinkist library cover almost every field and are well-organized so that users do not face any inconvenience.

  • Save cost with time:

Can you imagine completing a 300-page novel in 15 minutes? Yes, Blinkist, which is not only tremendous but informative as well makes it possible for you.

Blinkist_Facebook Review

While using Blinkist, you will not find anything complicated to understand. You can quickly learn about different stuff in a few minutes. Moreover, you can save up to 50% if you go for an annual plan of Blinkist. So, it is a much better option to gain knowledge in less time and with less amounts.

  • Remain updated:

In the era of technology, it has become crucial to be updated about everything. You can easily keep yourself up to date with Blinkist, which avoids fluff content and provide you with essential information.

Micro-Learning, App Blinkist Saw A 60% Rise In Political Reads 

Blinkist Review-Forbes

Courtesy ~ Forbes

Now, you can focus on the fields with the latest data gained through Blinkist once you start using it. Moreover, you can write down important notes on the nitty-gritty in the Blinkist app.

Blinkist Cons

While using Blinkist, you are not only gaining knowledge, but you are also accomplishing something. Whether it is about self-help books or interesting subjects, you can easily enhance your productivity through Blinkist. However, there are some of the disadvantages of using Blinkist:

  • The app only provides you with a brief overview but does not offer in-depth knowledge about the topic. Though it is ideal to go through with a book summary when you do not have enough time, still those who want to delve deep into the subject will not find it worth it.
  • The individuals will not get the feel of holding a book in their hands as the Blinkist app is on the screen. Though there is an audio option as well, still people find it a trade-off.
  • It can be tough sometimes to choose from a variety of book reading options.

How to unsubscribe from the Blinkist plan after using its free Trial?

Most of the users of other premium apps, they find it quite challenging to unsubscribe from the Trial and cancel the premium plans. However, for unsubscribing the Blinkist app, it may take some time, but the steps to follow are quite straightforward.

The levels for two different phones, Android and iPhone are completely different. Follow the below instructions to unsubscribe from your phone.

If you are an Android user:

  • Go to your smartphone home screen and then visit the Google Playstore app.
  • In the main menu of the Google Play store, go to subscription options and visit the Blinkist app.
  • Here you can click on unsubscribe and confirm it. No matter if you were opting for the free Trial or for some subscription plan, it will log you out of the app unsubscribed.

For the iPhone User:

  • iPhone users need to first visit their phone settings available on the home screen.
  • Click on your name in the settings and visit apple ID by visiting iTunes and App Store options available. Or Apple ID can be your iPhone email ID with which you have logged In.
  • Here you need to enter a passcode or go to the Touch ID option.
  • Go to subscriptions by scrolling down and tapping on it. Details and other terms will appear on the screen.
  • Choose the option of cancellation as Cancel Trial or Cancel Subscription. It depends if you were under a trial period, then cancel Trial or for subscription cancellation visit Cancel Subscription.
  • Tap to confirm your subscription cancellation.

Quick Links:

Blinkist Reviews & testimonials by Customers

Blinkist is an app that gives executive nonfiction book summaries to busy experts. The Blinkist team reads books, takes out the key points, and explains them to the reading/listener in an easy-to-understand, 15-minute book summary. ~ Lia Laura


“Blinkist is an app which provides summary of a book. Basically it makes the notes of key points in the book and is presented to the user. That way, people who are busy and don’t have time to read but still want to know what the book is all about, can benefit. Or they can decide whether to read the entire book after listening to the gist.” ~ Pradnya


Courtesy – Quora

Blinkist Review Reddit


Courtesy ~ Reddit

FAQ Related to Blinkist Review

✅Is Blinkist worth your money?

If you don’t have the luxury to carry books with you all the time then Blinkist is a great solution for you. This platform is purely for bookworms. You can read any book you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want with Blinkist. It has over 4000 nook summaries in its library.

👉Which is better audible or Blinkist?

The Blinkist is the best choice if you are looking for summaries, where Audible is a better choice in case you are interested in reading the entire no fiction or fiction book.

👉Is Blinkist app free?

Yes, the Blinkist app is free with a limitation that is as a free user, you can only access or read the daily pick, a daily random book summary which Blinkist recommend.

🤔How does a Blinkist work?

The core idea of Blinkist is to take the trending & best of new nonfiction books and turning the entire books summed up in a different series of these “blinks” of around 15 minutes or so. Users get to see the top-10 trending list with options like suggestions and user wishlists.

🤔Does Blinkist offer any free trial?

Yes, Blinkist offers a 7-day free trial to their new users. But you have to sign up for the yearly plan to get the free trial.

👉What’s it like to use Blinkist app?

The key feature of the Blinkist app is listening & reading and they are good at it. the app is simple to use, fast & easy, has A user-friendly interface, A focused design, Blinkist app has all one needs to have the best book reading & listening experience.

👉Does Blinkist offer offline access?

Yes. The book summaries one adds to their library will automatically be available as the downloaded version in textual format. Even you can download audios, and delete them whenever you feel like.

👉How many books are on Blinkist?

Blinkist on average add for 40 new books summary per month and tally stand 4000+ books in Blinkist library.

✅How much does Blinkist cost?

The monthly Blinkist subscription costs $12.99 and if you sign up for an annual plan you will get 50% off on the total yearly cost.

😎How much maximum discount can you get on Blinkist?

You can use our exclusive coupon to get up to 25% off on Blinkist.

🙌Does Blinkist offer any money-back guarantee?

Yes, Blinkist offers a 14-day money-back guarantee to their customers. So if you are not with its service then you can ask the support team for a refund.

🙌Is Blinkist legal?

YOur Blinks are a new way of reading non-fiction books. They summarize the main points and important details in the book, but they are original works written in our style. They are legal because they do not copy or quote directly from other books.

Conclusion: Blinkist Review 2022 – Should you go for Blinkist Subscription?

Since all the coins have two sides so does the Blinkist app. Along with its pros, it has cons too. But what they offer has more advantages than disadvantages. The Blinkist offers a lot more and it depends on how you utilize it.

Do you find any benefit in it or not? To check once, you may even have to go through 7 days of free Trial that will help you know if Blinkist is useful for you or not. These seven days will help you decide about the status of your interest.

You Can Also Check There Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter

However, many people find that Blinkist is an expensive app, but that’s not the case. Why waste your precious time playing games or wasting time on mindless internet surfing when you have Blinkist with you every time? Books are our best friends, but we do not realize it very often.

It seems like you were searching for a seaming solution like Blinkist to keep you occupied every time. However, make one thing very sure that if you feel fed up for once, then do not force yourself on reading.

No matter how many books could be refreshing for you, but you need some break from them too.  But never judge anything before you have tried for it.

In Short:

Features: Blinkist summaries are set up and accessible as a widget on your home screen.

Advantages: Blinkist is easy to use and available in a number of languages. It’s the same content across all platforms so you can read the book on multiple devices at once.

Benefits: Not only does Blinkist give you quick access to information, but it also provides an opportunity to learn something new each time you open it up, providing more value for each hour spent reading.

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  1. Blinkist is a lazy person’s choice. It takes from books without even delivering what it promises. I can’t imagine how something that requires so little of the reader could be satisfying, but rather just seems like a scam.

  2. If I could only recommend one app with all my being, it would be Blinkist. Make time in your day for moments where you are engrossed with art or culture–and download Blinkist.

  3. There’s something about finishing a whole book within fifteen minutes as opposed to sitting down with it for hours. In fact, the idea ‘Blinkist’ was created from the concept of reading these types of articles in under 15 minutes. You can finish one book per day without any extra work on your part, making Blinkist a success through and through.

  4. Reading has always been one of the most enjoyable pastimes in my life, but between work and school it can be hard to find time to pick up a book. I was constantly trying to read everything at once, never giving myself the chance to fully dive into any one story. That’s when I found Blinkist! Using its app or reading magazine, I can get that same sense of satisfaction by getting an overview of books that are relevant to my interests without having to waste hours on end.

  5. Nobody wants to read a whole book, not when there are five hundred other things on the to-do list. Blinkist saves you time, so you can spend it productively elsewhere…snag your fifteen minutes of reading greatness with this app!

  6. Blinkist is an app for mobile phones that delivers bite-sized, condensed information on any topic imaginable. It offers a 20 minute audio synopsis of the best books and articles by some of the most notable authors in modern history, ready to be consumed and digested at your convenience. If you want to know what Blinkist is all about, it could be described as podcasts for nonfiction enthusiasts or novels made easy.

  7. I dig Blinkist. One great thing about the service is that you don’t have to commit plenty of time in order for your reading habits to be considered “healthy.” I am a busy guy, and often have trouble balancing both my career as a lawyer with being an active father. On top of all that, I love learning new things! With this platform, I can absorb massive amounts of knowledge on one subject without even leaving my living room.

  8. Blinkist is a service that promises to deliver some of the best reading books in under fifteen-minutes. But does it actually live up? The Blinkist App uses their little blinks which are indeed short summaries to provide you with information about what they’ve chosen for you, but not much more.

  9. One of the best parts about reading a Blinkist summary is that you can do it in your spare time, when you have downtime at just fifteen minutes. More than just being descriptive, the summaries are engaging and concise enough to inspire action.

  10. Blinkist is a service that promises to deliver some of the best reading books in under fifteen-minutes. But does it actually live up? The Blinkist App uses their little blinks which are indeed short summaries to provide you with information about what they’ve chosen for you, but not much more.

  11. Blinkist is a perfect app for anyone with a short attention span, who spends most of their day on their phone. I love the idea behind this service because it’s great to be able to grab moments wherever I am and get information in digestible bites without having to invest hours reading. Blinkist offers key insights from top nonfiction books in an easy-to-digest format!

  12. I stumbled across this app and am a total convert. I can use it on my phone while out of the house, which is important because we’re drowning in work (I’m not complaining)!

    This app curates some really great reads from journalists and professionals, provides audio so you don’t have to lug around books, gives them zippy summaries for those with short attention spans or long commutes–basically it’s been an amazing breath o fresh air and I’ve taken a ton away from reading these handy little bio pages. It also starts up quick-like if your data plan is low or you’re reading on airplane WiFi that charges by the hour! Current lineup includes entrepreneurs like Bill Gates to late night hosts like Jimmy Fallon all

  13. I’m convinced that this is the easiest way to read more than one book a month. It’s not just fast, it’s also much more efficient because I can skim through summaries quickly or pick specific ones to dive in to if I want.

  14. With Blinkist, I was always able to find something great to read or hear at the perfect time. Whether I was riding in the subway on my way home from work, sitting on a coach waiting for friends to arrive – or fidgeting during a boring class – I’d open up my app and get lost in an interesting book that would usually be much too long of reading commitment. By signing me up with Blinkist Unlimited, they made sure that except for short periods of horrible context-driven indecision (which are normal) but can’t blame them for that!

  15. With Blinkist, you don’t have to lug those heavy books around if you’re commuting or just trying to stay on top of things at home. The app offers an abridged account of the book for easy reading (customized by genre) and audio, too!
    In your opinion: what makes a good book summary?
    Good summaries provide a no-nonsense approach that’s designed for busy people with short attention spans. I like how this new mobile app includes subject sections and summaries so I can quickly pick out something I might be interested in while on my commute.

  16. Blinkist is a revolutionary app that lets you read a book in about 15-minutes. It’s perfect for those who have limited time and wish to be more efficient or just enjoy reading!

  17. Blinkist is a great way to read more books without having your reading pile grow exponentially. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it’s not – believe me – I know from experience! That feeling when you finish one book and can’t think of what else to pick up, but end up with five more books on the bedside table that might or might not ever get read? With Blinkist, there are no such problems.

  18. You know how everyone’s all about podcasts now? Well, Blinkist is the podcast of books! For a quick look at some book excerpts, visit You’ll love it.

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