ClickDealer Review 2023: Should You Join ClickDealer ?? MUST READ

Over the past decade, CPL, CPI, CPA and CPS models of marketing have experienced a tremendous boost both in terms of value and acceptance. As a result, the Internet marketing industry has seen the rise and fall of numerous Marketing agencies and services that have targeted these topics.

One such agency that has come into prominence in the past few years is ClickDealer. So let me take you into a detailed review of this marketing agency and tell you who they are? What they do? And why they are worth the attention?

What is ClickDealer? ClickDealer Review 2023: Should You Join ClickDealer ?? MUST READ

What is ClickDealer

ClickDealer is a Global Performance Marketing Agency, developed by GDM Group. Since its inception in 2012, they have primarily focused on developing solutions to fulfill  marketing goals across the industry.

It is an online tool that offers a full range of services to help publishers, advertisers, media buyers and agencies by bridging the gap between them so that they obtain peak performance with their advertising campaigns.

ClickDealer Review— Performance Marketing Company

ClickDealer is a recognized industry expert that has been setting high standards in online marketing services and has also been ranked as one of the best in its niche by Perfominsider and mThink Blue Book.

ClickDealer is globally known for providing top quality solutions for online business growth and uses cutting edge in-house technology that have set higher benchmarks in the field of performance marketing.

ClickDealer: Facts & Expertise


  • 40 billion ad impressions monthly
  • 13800k + direct offers and exclusives
  • 180 geo locations
  • 12 leading verticals
  • 5M + conversions monthly


  • 65 seasoned experts
  • 8 offices worldwide
  • 12 languages spoken
  • 24/7 performance excellence

ClickDealer: Highlight features


Since their unfolding into a Global Marketing Company, ClickDealer has worked as air that replaced the vacuum between Publishers, Advertisers, and Agencies. Today ClickDealer is the leading partnering medium between these 3 supergroups and provides offers and services to take the Internet marketing industry to newer levels.

ClickDealer Review - Experience

  • 1,5K+ mobile offers directly from advertisers
  • Global reach and multi-platform coverage
  • Laser-targeted traffic throughout any media channel, within any GEO and any niche
  • 24/7/365 experienced support
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Multiple payment solutions (wire/PayPal/Pioneer)
  • Meetups, contests, workshops, parties, loyalty program

The network constantly improves and tailors problem-solving capabilities, and adapts its platform and services to affiliates’ needs. They have built a reputation for staying ahead in the battle for exclusives and highest payouts.

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Why ClickDealer?

clickdealer review

ClickDealer has differentiated themselves by eliminating frustrations and obstacles for their partners and efficiently harvesting an unparalleled level of efficiency.


ClickDealer brings to the table the best set of exclusive offers, competitive payouts, lucrative verticals, weekly payments and the right expertise to take your business to another level.


ClickDealer empowers world’s leading advertisers with industry’s top publishers. Years of experience in performance marketing guarantee your leads will convert to sales.


ClickDealer partners are leaders in E-commerce, Mobile Subscriptions and Dating. They aim at delivering best results with the aid of their services.


They believe that the right investment on the right people makes success a cake walk hence they invest big on their team.


ClickDealer has a hunger for performance excellence.  They have been known to provide only top quality services.


ClickDealer brings in innovations in everything they do. It helps them grow faster.


They maintain proper fairness, honesty, and integrity with their partners. This is what makes their reputation.


ClickDealer Review - Publishers

For mobile publishers and affiliates specifically, they offer the following:

  • Any type of mobile business model (CPI, CPL or CPA)
  • Accurate payments on flexible terms (weekly Net2, bi-weeklies or monthlies)
  • Multiple payment solutions (wire/PayPal/Pioneer)
  • High-converting scalable mobile offers with highest payouts in the industry
  • A wide selection of exclusive offers from top advertisers worldwide
  • Affiliate managers who will guide you
  • Detailed reporting and real-time statistics
  • Exceptional rewards, contests and meet ups.


Working with ClickDealer advertisers are given access to the following benefits:

ClickDealer Review - Advertisers

  • Global solutions within cost per action marketing
  • Sustainable revenue lift and return on investment growth
  • Promotion of your product in any country
  • Traffic targeted according to GEO, OS, carrier and device
  • Profound analytics and real time statistics
  • Global reach and distribution across multiple media channels
  • Team of experienced account managers. Advanced support 24/7
  • Unique custom methods to get your offers to the top

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Offers & Payouts

Over a considerable period of time and market experience, ClickDealer has evolved from an affiliate network specializing in CPL, CPI, CPA and CPS into a fully-fledged global marketing agency that aims at providing its clients with a wide range of advertising services and offers.


If you want more information regarding their offers and services, just jump into their official website and signup for free. Fill in the required credentials and submit it for review by their team.

For additional support, customer care and social follow up make use of the following information.

Customer Support: [email protected]

Twitter: @click_dealer


MY SAY : ClickDealer Review 2023: Should You Join ClickDealer ?? YES SURE 

ClickDealer primarily focuses on creating a favorable environment for its affiliates by employing in only professional staff with the appropriate skills and expertise to solve any problem their partners may face.

They show particular interest in bridging the gap between publishers and advertisers and guarantee knowledgeable, twenty-four-hour support, smart marketing solutions and precise targeting to bring the most relevant mobile traffic, for every business which ensures an increase in their profits.


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Comments (6)

  1. ClickDealer is not a first and only affiliate network. But they have easy navigation, recognizable offers and clear dashboard.

  2. I don’t recommend Clickdealer at all, hardly you can make money with them especially about 5 months ago i was promoting one of their push subscription offer which worth only about $0.03 per conversion. I got good conversions from that offer and earned a total of $239 conversion from that offer with advertising cost of about $100++. Out of sudden my affiliate manager asked to stop the traffic with immediate effect due to poor leads quality. I stopped sending traffic as per request but then 4 months later when i request payout they deducted $239 from my account due to advertiser complaints of fraud traffic sent to that particular push subscription offer. I checked with my traffic platform which is Ezmob and they told me that they won’t be able to check this issue whether their publishers did send any fraud traffics since it’s already 4 months long. From this lesson i have learned that Clickdealer affiliate manager is not helpful at all, if she has told me about that suspicious traffic, i would have claimed back the money from Ezmob or at least show them the facts which of their publishers have sent fraud traffics and block them right away from sending further fraud traffic.
    Another issue with Clickdealer is i have been promoting another offer in the past 3 months with two good traffic sources which i have sent them about 1450 high quality leads/registration but out of this 1450 leads only 1 lead converted to paid member which is highly suspicious to me for such a low conversion. I don’t believe such low conversion and they should have taken some of the conversions for their own benefits. Overall they just want people to send them traffics for free and they take all the credits/conversions, ended up you will lose money getting low conversion. Those report they send to affiliates with high EPC offers that are encouraged to promote i suspect is all the fake information because you won’t get any good EPC from promoting those offers. Just stay away from this CPA network.

    The worst thing is you sent them email they will never reply.

    • But I will! recommend Clickdealer
      I’m Jakob and I run a couple of blogs and after trying a few other affiliate networks, I have chosen ClickDealer as my main platform.
      On this platform, I can find many attractive offers and the rates are one of the highest on the market in most cases. Even though the registration process took me some time, it was worth the effort. If you are searching for exclusive offers and good rates, give it a try.

  3. I worked with clickdealer for many years. they have a lot of offers and verticals, and it is easy to choose what you want to work with and gain profit. always pay in time and have nice support team.
    I agree, clickdealer is amazing CPA

  4. I work with ClickDealer many years, they are very great. I think the best for affiliates, because they have a lot of offers and verticals and I like the payouts so I can make good money with this network

  5. Hello Sir,

    Hindi blog ke liye kaun sa affliate program thik rahega? Commission junction jaise program yaa amazon /flipkart ?

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