ClickDealer Review 2024: Can You Trust This Affiliate Network?


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ClickDealer is a prominent affiliate marketing network, recognized for its specialized focus on high-demand verticals like E-commerce, Mobile Subscriptions, and Dating. Overall, ClickDealer is a well-regarded platform in the affiliate marketing industry, particularly for those targeting its key verticals.

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  • Variety Traffic Types
  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Strong Security Measures
  • Competitive Payouts
  • Responsive Support


  • Selective Affiliate Acceptance


Price: $

ClickDealer is like a one-stop shop for affiliate marketers, offering a huge variety of products to promote. I checked out ClickDealer, an affiliate marketing network, and here’s my quick take.

What really impressed me was their supportive team – they’re always ready to help, making the journey smoother, especially for newbies.

If you’re thinking about jumping into affiliate marketing, ClickDealer could be a great starting point with its user-friendliness and diverse options.

Let’s Know ClickDealer in more detail.

ClickDealer Review

ClickDealer Review 2024

ClickDealer is a Global Performance Marketing Agency developed by GDM Group. Since its inception in 2012, they have primarily focused on developing solutions to fulfill marketing goals across the industry.


It is an online tool that offers a full range of services to help publishers, advertisers, media buyers, and agencies by bridging the gap between them so that they can obtain peak performance with their advertising campaigns.

ClickDealer is a recognized industry expert that has been setting high standards in online marketing services and has also been ranked as one of the best in its niche by Perfominsider and mThink Blue Book.

ClickDealer is globally known for providing top-quality solutions for online business growth and uses cutting-edge in-house technology that has set higher benchmarks in the field of performance marketing.

ClickDealer: Facts & Expertise


  • 40 billion ad impressions monthly
  • 13800k + direct offers and exclusives
  • 180 geo-locations
  • 12 leading verticals
  • 5M + conversions monthly


  • 65 seasoned experts
  • 8 offices worldwide
  • 12 languages spoken
  • 24/7 performance excellence

ClickDealer: Highlight Features

ClickDealer is a Global Marketing Company that serves as a bridge between Publishers, Advertisers, and Agencies.

Their mission is to bring these three groups together and take the Internet marketing industry to new heights. ClickDealer is now the leading partner for these groups, offering a range of services and offers to help them succeed.

ClickDealer Review - Experience

  • 1,5K+ mobile offers directly from advertisers
  • Global reach and multi-platform coverage
  • Laser-targeted traffic throughout any media channel, within any GEO and any niche
  • 24/7/365 experienced support
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Multiple payment solutions (wire/PayPal/Pioneer)
  • Meetups, contests, workshops, parties, loyalty program

The network constantly improves and tailors problem-solving capabilities and adapts its platform and services to affiliates’ needs. They have built a reputation for staying ahead in the battle for exclusives and the highest payouts.

Why is ClickDealer a Good Choice?

ClickDealer has differentiated itself by eliminating frustrations and obstacles for its partners and efficiently harvesting an unparalleled level of efficiency.

1. Exclusive Offers:

ClickDealer provides access to unique and exclusive offers that are not readily available on other platforms, giving you a competitive edge.

2. Highly Competitive Payouts:

They offer attractive payouts, ensuring that your efforts are rewarded adequately, which is particularly beneficial for publishers looking to maximize their earnings.

3. Specialization in Key Verticals:

With a focus on lucrative areas like E-commerce, Mobile Subscriptions, and Dating, ClickDealer positions itself as a leader in these high-demand sectors.

4. Experienced and Knowledgeable Team:

Their team’s expertise in performance marketing greatly aids in optimizing campaigns for better results, making it a valuable resource for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

5. Innovative Approach:

ClickDealer’s commitment to innovation means they’re constantly evolving and introducing new strategies and tools, keeping you ahead in the fast-paced digital marketing landscape.

6. Strong Reputation for Integrity:

The platform’s emphasis on fairness, honesty, and integrity in dealings with partners establishes a trustworthy environment essential for long-term success in affiliate marketing.

These factors make ClickDealer an attractive option for anyone in the affiliate marketing ecosystem, whether you’re a publisher, advertiser, or an agency.

ClickDealer: Benefits For Publishers and For Advertisers

For Publishers

For mobile publishers and affiliates specifically, they offer the following:

  • Any type of mobile business model (CPI, CPL, or CPA)
  • Accurate payments on flexible terms (weekly Net2, bi-weeklies, or monthlies)
  • Multiple payment solutions (wire/PayPal/Pioneer)
  • High-converting scalable mobile offers with the highest payouts in the industry
  • A wide selection of exclusive offers from top advertisers worldwide
  • Affiliate managers who will guide you
  • Detailed reporting and real-time statistics
  • Exceptional rewards, contests, and meetups.

For Advertisers

ClickDealer for advertiser

Working with ClickDealer, advertisers are given access to the following benefits:

  • Global solutions within cost-per-action marketing
  • Sustainable revenue lift and return on investment growth
  • Promotion of your product in any country
  • Traffic targeted according to GEO, OS, carrier, and device
  • Profound analytics and real-time statistics
  • Global reach and distribution across multiple media channels
  • Team of experienced account managers.
  • Advanced support 24/7
  • Unique custom methods to get your offers to the top

ClickDealer: Offers Top Verticals

ClickDealer, as an affiliate marketing platform, has several top verticals that are particularly popular among both publishers and advertisers.

ClickDealer Offers Top Verticals

These verticals represent the areas where ClickDealer excels in providing a variety of offers and successful campaign opportunities. Let’s break down each one:

1. Ecommerce & Retail:

This vertical includes a wide range of products and services available for online shopping.

From fashion to electronics, the offers in this category cater to a diverse consumer base, making it an attractive option for affiliates looking to target a broad audience.

2. Social Networking:

In this digital era, social networking platforms are crucial for connecting people.

This vertical focuses on offers related to social media platforms, apps, and tools that enhance social interactions online.

3. Gaming & Social Casino:

With the rising popularity of online gaming and virtual casinos, this vertical offers numerous opportunities for affiliates.

It includes everything from mobile games to web-based gaming platforms, appealing to a wide range of gaming enthusiasts.

4. Mobile Subscriptions:

This includes high-rate Cost Per Install (CPI) offers for internationally renowned applications.

Affiliates can promote various apps, from utility to entertainment, that require subscription-based access, tapping into the vast market of mobile users.

5. Software & Utilities:

This vertical focuses on software products and utility services. It can range from antivirus software to performance-enhancing tools, appealing to a tech-savvy audience looking for digital solutions.

6. Offers & Payouts

Over a considerable period of time and market experience, ClickDealer has evolved from an affiliate network specializing in CPL, CPI, CPA, and CPS into a fully-fledged global marketing agency that aims to provide its clients with a wide range of advertising services and offers.

ClickDealer Offers a Range of Traffic Types

ClickDealer offers a diverse range of traffic types, each with its unique benefits and characteristics. Here’s a look at the different traffic types they provide:

ClickDealer Offers a Range of Traffic Types

1. Native: Known for being user-friendly and blending organically with the content of a website, native advertising with ClickDealer can give your ads an authentic feel, increasing user engagement.

2. In-App: They offer various opportunities within mobile applications, ranging from rewarded videos to interstitial ads. This type of traffic is excellent for reaching a mobile-centric audience.

3. Email: ClickDealer uses custom, specialized email lists to address potential customers directly and personally. This approach is effective in solving specific issues or needs of your target audience.

4. Search: They provide demand-specific angles for search advertising, bringing high-value prospects to your product. This type of traffic is key for capturing users actively searching for related products or services.

5. Display: ClickDealer ensures massive exposure through display ads placed on premium spots across the web. This traffic type is excellent for broad reach and visibility.

6. Social: By targeting narrowly defined audiences on major social media platforms, ClickDealer’s social traffic quickly engages and converts users into customers. This is crucial for campaigns targeting social media-savvy audiences.

Each of these traffic types is tailored to suit different advertising needs and objectives, offering a comprehensive range of options for marketers and advertisers to effectively reach and engage their target audience.

ClickDealer: Security Measures

ClickDealer places a strong emphasis on security in its operations. Here’s a breakdown of their key security measures:

ClickDealer Security Measures

1. Manual Monitoring: They have a dedicated team that regularly reviews angles and creatives to ensure they meet compliance standards. This hands-on approach helps maintain the quality and legality of the advertisements.

2. Affiliate Screening: ClickDealer employs an extensive vetting process for its affiliates. This means they carefully check everyone who wants to join their network, ensuring that only seasoned and professional affiliates are part of their ecosystem. This step is crucial for maintaining a high standard of service.

3. Anti-Fraud Software: The use of both in-house and third-party anti-fraud solutions is a testament to their commitment to safeguarding against fraudulent activities. These tools continuously monitor incoming traffic to identify and prevent any fraudulent behavior, thereby protecting both their advertisers and publishers.

4. Alert System: ClickDealer has algorithms designed to detect and report any potential issues in traffic flow. This alert system enables quick identification and investigation of any anomalies or suspicious activities. Such proactive measures are essential in maintaining the integrity of the platform and ensuring the quality of traffic.

These security measures showcase ClickDealer’s dedication to creating a secure and trustworthy environment for its users.

By implementing these rigorous checks and balances, ClickDealer ensures that its platform remains a safe and reliable place for digital marketing activities.

ClickDealer: Offers, Payout and Support


ClickDealer provides a broad selection of affiliate marketing offers across different verticals and niches such as Health and Beauty, Finance, E-commerce, Dating, Mobile Apps, Gaming, Nutra, Sweepstakes, and more.

They have a wide range of advertisers, giving affiliates the freedom to choose from various offers to promote based on their target audience and marketing expertise.

Payout Options:

ClickDealer offers various payment options to its affiliates, including CPA (Cost Per Action), CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPI (Cost Per Install), CPS (Cost Per Sale), and RevShare (Revenue Share).

Affiliates can earn a commission for each action, lead, install, or sale generated through their referral, or receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the referred customer over time.

The payment terms and rates may vary depending on the specific offer and the affiliate’s negotiation with ClickDealer.


ClickDealer assigns dedicated affiliate managers to assist with campaign optimization and offer selection.

Affiliates get access to advanced reporting and analytics tools and a knowledge base with articles, guides, and FAQs. Support is available via email, chat, or phone.

For additional support, customer care, and social follow-up, make use of the following information.

Customer Support: [email protected]

Twitter: @click_dealer


ClickDealer Pros and Cons


  • Offers a wide range of traffic options, including native, social, email, and more, catering to various marketing needs.
  • It focuses on high-demand areas like e-commerce, mobile subscriptions, and dating, which can be highly profitable.
  • The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced marketers.
  • Robust security protocols, including manual monitoring and anti-fraud software, help protect users.
  • Known for offering attractive payouts to its publishers, enhancing earning potential.
  • Provides helpful and timely support to its users, aiding in campaign management and optimization.


  • The extensive vetting process may discourage smaller affiliates from joining..


🎯 Who Should Use ClickDealer?

ClickDealer is ideal for both publishers and advertisers in the affiliate marketing space, especially those focusing on industries like E-commerce, Mobile Subscriptions, and Dating.

🤝 How Supportive is ClickDealer's Team?

ClickDealer is known for its supportive team. They provide assistance and expertise to help both advertisers and publishers maximize their campaigns' effectiveness.

🔧 How User-Friendly is ClickDealer's Platform?

ClickDealer's platform is known for being user-friendly. It's designed to be intuitive, making it easy for both beginners and experienced marketers to navigate and manage their campaigns.

📊 Does ClickDealer Offer Detailed Analytics?

Yes, ClickDealer provides detailed analytics. Their platform allows you to track the performance of your campaigns in real-time, giving you valuable insights to optimize your strategies.

🚀 What Makes ClickDealer Stand Out?

ClickDealer stands out due to its exclusive offers, competitive payouts, focus on lucrative verticals, innovative approach, and strong reputation for integrity and quality in the affiliate marketing industry.

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Conclusion: ClickDealer Review 2024

ClickDealer primarily focuses on creating a favorable environment for its affiliates by employing only professional staff with the appropriate skills and expertise to solve any problem their partners may face.

I must say ClickDealer is definitely a platform worth considering for affiliate marketers. Its versatility in offering various traffic types and specialization in high-demand verticals like E-commerce makes it a standout choice.

The platform’s ease of use and strong security measures add to its appeal, ensuring a smooth and safe experience.

Additionally, the support provided by ClickDealer’s team is commendable, making it accessible for both beginners and pros. And, of course, the attractive payouts are a significant plus. In short, ClickDealer ticks all the right boxes for effective and profitable affiliate marketing.

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