CXL Institute Vs LinkedIn Learning 2024: In Depth Comparison Who Wins?

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CXL institute has become one of the driving forces of catalysing this transformation

LinkedIn Learning is an online education and online learning service and it’s a subsidiary of LinkedIn.

  • Pricing
  • Reliable
  • Support
  • Ease Of Use
  • Features
  • User Friendly
  • Quality
  • Customer Support
  • CXLinstitute has a lot of courses not just for entry-level b
  • They are known for getting very detailed descriptions in the
  • So if you are someone who doesn’t want a quick version and y
  • If you are looking for topics that are skewed around marketi
  • Some of the courses in LinkedIn Learning are crazy short. Th
  • If you are super busy or you just have something better to d
  • There is no narrative present in the courses. 
  • LinkedIn Learning is not perfect and some flaws were quite g
Ease of Use

The user interface is really easy to use and courses can be selected from the dashboard easily

CXL with LinkedIn is really easy because of its user interface. The course structure is really straightforward.

Value For Money

Yes, CXL courses worths every single penny you invest. As here you will be getting tons of courses along with the bundle you purchase. What's more, they offer certification courses which is the cherry on the top. Even they offer a $1 trial offer. To cut it short, CXL is a true value for money courses for marketers.

LinkedIn Learning is also worth the money, however, the courses offered by LinkedIn aren't for beginners who are looking to get started. By the way, the monthly pricing starts at around $29.99/per month which makes it a great choice.

Customer Support

The customer support of CXL Institute helps their customers through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

The customer support is great in LinkedIn Learning. They offer you live-chat support

In this post, we have featured CXL Institute Vs LinkedIn Learning the in-depth comparison between these online learning platforms.

LinkedIn Learning and CXL institute are some of the most popular learning platforms for you right now. If you’re looking around for online courses or if you have taken some changes where you heard of these all then you certainly know that these are online learning courses where they provide you with online education to the users which will help them in building their career and gaining a lot of knowledge as well. This course is accessible to every level such as beginner or intermediate. 

In this article, I will be talking about their features, pros and cons, and pricing plans. If you are looking for some tips which could benefit you then this guide will help you gain a few profits for yourself. 

CXL Institute Vs LinkedIn Learning: Overview 

CXL Institute Overview

CXL institute has become one of the driving forces of catalyzing this transformation. They have trained probably 30 or 40 people, not just the CEOs but senior managers, product managers, designers even developers. You know the number of things you have to pull together now to be successful in digital is overwhelming. It’s not like the old days of soiled structures of marketing, product to sales working independently.

Anyone would benefit from this CXL Institute and that goes from interns up to the CEOs and that’s been the case in any company they’ve got everybody using this. 

CXL - Overview

You know after the training sessions you’re equipped as you can go off and do it straight away so it’s very digestible and the good thing about is the people that do the training they are known global specialists in their subjects and they are the ones that are giving you this training and they are giving you the benefit of their experience as they give you the tips for insights and telling you what they did and how they did it and very few people get this stuff about how to walk to my sites and know what they are doing and you feel like you’re in the known and you’re in the small community of people in the world that do know their stuff and the rest of world doesn’t.

Now there’s no substitute for getting your hands dirty we’re getting in there and learning by doing but what the institute does is – it provides you with the skills, it provides you with the tools and it provides you with the process and you can do that whether it’s on e-commerce sites or whether it’s on media sites and you can do it on any die business be lit large or small. 

LinkedIn Learning Overview

LinkedIn Learning is an online education and online learning service and it’s a subsidiary of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is social media that meets an online resume for many people. There is a free trial but it will cost you about $30 a month or $1,400 of an annual subscription. For transparency, companies pay you for your LinkedIn learning subscription.

LinkedIn Learning - Overview

There are several online learning courses available in LinkedIn Learning which ranges from 45 mins to a program that takes almost a month to complete those courses which you have taken.  

LinkedIn Instructor

LinkedIn Learning has great topics that will help you to communicate better with senior management as well as business development.  It also has great content on those particular topics and the people teaching them to seem to be pretty legit. Many of them do the stuff they are talking about for work. 

Features Of CXL Institute Vs LinkedIn Learning

CXL Institute


Emotional Targeting 

We love to think about ourselves as rational people. Every decision that we make has a logical reason for it. Unfortunately, most of our decision-making is emotion-based. Every decision we make in life has an emotional reason for it. Whether it’s going to feel better about ourselves, to feel part of a community or feel loved or just save everything we do has an emotional reason for it. And we don’t understand how much emotion has to do with our decision-making process. 

Now the thing is that brands, worldwide brands, have been using emotion to sell for many years. For example, Lego doesn’t talk about the spaceship you can build or the castle you can build. It talks about pride, it talks about how happy children can be when they build with Lego. And that’s the whole essence of marketing because it’s not about the product, it’s about the feeling that you get. We don’t buy a product, we’re buying an emotional value. We’re buying a better version of ourselves. 


So there are a couple of different types of abandonment. Abandonment is when somebody comes to your site. And browser around maybe adds something to a cart and then leaves without making a purchase. So, the two main types of abandonment are Browse Abandonment and Cart Abandonment. 

Browse Abandonment is when somebody comes to visit your website. They browse a product and they take a look at it maybe one time. They view the product page maybe three times, and then they leave. Cart Abandonment is when they go little further down the funnel: they actually view the product page and they add that to the cart and then they abandon. 

It’s natural like every business has abandonment and that’s just part of running an eCommerce business. You want to reduce it but it’s also an opportunity to follow up with people with really targeted relevant messaging and generally those emails you send to people who have abandoned a cart or browse abandonment are highly profitable and it is something to focus on. 

Digital Psychology 

The content of this course is unique and you’re not going to easily find this information anywhere else and CXL institute is a breath of fresh air in this fake course which they provide for higher prices. The duration of this course consists of 44 hours worth of content and you also get a Facebook group for discussions where you also get live-chat support in case of any queries.

CXL - Conversion Optimization

There are three tracks and a final exam that’s psychology foundations, neuromarketing, persuasion models and applied behavioral psychology. The content type is a mix of video text and also you get a ton of resources to research papers and other books and videos.

No matter what kind of learner you are there’s content present for you. You also get case studies which are quite a handful of information. The content is comprehensive and if you want to learn this information yourself you’d have to go through research papers and you have to condense them and find out ways you can apply them to marketing. This is like the unique selling proposition of this course. 

Psychology Persuasion Mini-Degree 

The best way to use this course is to use it as a library where you can keep coming back to the course from the last time where you stopped it and continue it from there itself. You can get the information back and forth which you need and use it as a reference. You can complete this course and gain a degree within 3-4 months. There are four certifications included in this course. You will get the final certification after the final exam.

Some of you might be wondering hey go with me CXL? CXL gives you a complete and comprehensive course and there is no alternative for this. Honestly, you can find this information by scrolling Google scholar or YouTube but there’s a lot of opportunity cost of time involved and effort as well.

The mini-Degree course costs around $599 and what’s interesting is they are selling the annual all-access pass also for the same price. If you’re a marketer or business owner or you’re a UX UI designer I highly recommend this course for you. 

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning - Course

Learning Data Analytics 

All these courses are available in LinkedIn Learning where you don’t need to use your free month offer or anything that sort. On the left side of the column, you will be finding data analytics fundamentals of data, understanding, and all other things which are listed in it where you can see it. When you scroll down you can find the course details like the learning objectives of this course on the skills covered for data analytics.

Once you complete the course content you can click on show all near certificates where you can see certificates. Once you complete the course content a download buttock will become available for this and you can download your LinkedIn Learning certificate.

Excel Statistics Essential Course

This course gives you a complete description of Excel where you can learn anything related to excel in this course. When you open the course you will find on the left side types of data that are present such as probability and measures of central tendency.

You have nearly more than 19 topics covered in the excel statistic course. If you are looking to learn excel you can still go with this course. It’s a completely fulfilled course for excel. It’s a starter course even if you are a beginner where you can still take this course and you can see the course details in the description itself. 

The duration of this course is 3hours 37minites. It’s offered to both beginners and intermediates. They also have learning objectives where you can learn about how to calculate simple probability or differentiate statistical knowledge and all other things are taught in this course. The skills covered in this course are MS Excel and statistical data analysis. Once you complete the course you can click on show all new certificates and you can download your LinkedIn certificate. 

Learning Excel Data Analysis

These course details are given in the description itself. The duration of this course is 2-9 minutes. It is also a beginner-level course and you can see what are the contents of this course on the left side such as foundational concepts of data analysis, visualize data, test the hypothesis, utilize data, distributions, a measure of covariance, and correlation. All these things will be taught in this course. 


The learning objectives of these are the difference between mean, median, and mode, what is the relationship between variance and standard deviation and about correlation, etc you can find all these in the topics which are discussed in this course. You will learn this on data analysis and MS Excel. Once you complete this course you can click on show all new certificates and you can download your certificates. 

Learning Data Visualisation 

In this course, you will have content like big ideas, informational hierarchy, analog process and storytelling and other topics are available in this course. The duration of this course is nearly 4hours long. This course is also a beginner plus intermediate level course and they have the learning objectives on the skills covered in data visualization as you may know from the name itself and once you complete the course you can download the certificate from click on show all new certificates. The download button will be available after you complete the course. 

Ease of Use 

It is very simple to use and easy to understand. It is user-friendly too.CXLInstitute also offers a small preview of a course that you’re likely interested in. They even provide you with a log-in and logout system for your privacy concerns and they also offer straightforward navigation to the users.

The experts who guide us to learn the course are very skilled as they have subject matter expertise for a few years and they know what they are doing as they provide us with tutorials. The experts are very well trained and professional in their course of work. The platform focuses on quality improvement and performance

It has a great interface that is user-friendly where it is easy to use and simple to understand. They have a pretty accurate description of the type of content they provide. It’s very career-oriented and it’s like a personal development kind of training which they provide to the users.

If you’re going at their courses offerings then you’re going to find out a very strong selection of courses for software training, personal development, leadership training, project management, creative courses like video production, graphic design in photography, and self-help topics like mindfulness, meditation and stress management.


LinkedIn Learning is the clear winner as it offers you services that are user-friendly when compared to CXL Institute. Though CXL institute is also great at what it does but LinkedIn Learning is quite ahead when compared to CLX Institute.

Customer Support 

The customer support of CXL Institute helps their customers through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. They can contact the customers through these platforms. It is also easy for customers to reach them when they contact them almost immediately when they have an issue or face a problem. 

The customer support team is quite active when you raise your queries as they respond to you within a 24-hour time-frame and solve all your queries and the issues which you are facing.

CXL - Our Team

Now you might be wondering how do I contact if I’m not using any of these social media platforms? You don’t have to worry about anything because they offer you an email option as well where you can contact them through your email account at any time from anywhere for your queries and they revert to you within a few hours.

The customer support is great in LinkedIn Learning. They offer you live-chat support where you can send in your queries or the issues that you are facing on the website. A sales specialist is appointed for you to solve all your queries and issues which are facing. You can contact them through the mail for your queries and they will revert to you within 24 hours.

LinkedIn-Learning- Team

Their customer support team is pretty active when it comes to solving issues and queries of the customers and they will revert to you within 24 hours. You can also reach them through social media platforms as well.


The customer support team in both online learning platforms is great. They offer you customer services throughout the year and they revert to you within 24 hours time-frame. I can’t pick a side as they have great customer service. It’s a tie on this one.

Customer Reviews

I think learning from people with a lot of experience is essential to developing yourself as a person. There’s a benefit in the network that you created and cumulated the smart people you have access to, and the smart people that you can tap into. As you start your career you want to know functional aspects and technical experience.

You can achieve this through CXL institute which helps you in gaining this experience and offers you a bunch of courses related to these aspects and experiences where you can learn from the best and support your career for the better. As you start to progress in your career where your craft lands and what your craft is, it all starts to evolve.

CXL - Testimonials

I also think to be the best in your field, it comes down to that growth mindset. You have to consistently be pushing and learning and expanding the scope and size of how you think about your goal. 

They also offer courses which will help you in developing your personality, your traits, your body language and everything related to personality development. They refer to skills or knowledge that we are learning or acquiring throughout our lifetimes to enrich ourselves. This course also helps you in in-person success where you can achieve it in your career or your study-time.

 LinkedIn Reviews

If you get a good grade then that would be a very short-term success and long-term depends on your goal which defines different success and people. The platform also makes it easy to share all of these certifications on your profiles. There are companies out there that value these things and at the very least having them on your profile will not hurt your resume. 


I think both have great customer reviews as you can see in the above. But what stands out most to the people is LinkedIn Learning as they were more familiar with it and they use it all the time in their job search and it provides better courses which can be useful to the users. LinkedIn Learning is the clear winner in this one. 

Pricing Plans| How Much Does CXL Institute Vs LinkedIn Learning Cost?

CXL Institute 


The Individual Plan

  • This plan costs around $249 per month.
  • The quarter plan costs around $459 for each quarter.
  • The annual plan costs around $1,299 per year. 
  • The features include mini degree course completion, certification of the courses which you have completed and a roadmap tool where you can monitor and rate your progress.

The Team Plan 

  • This Plan costs around $224 per month.
  • The quarter plan costs around $413 for each quarter.
  • The annual plan costs around $1,169 per year.
  • The features include: A roadmap tool, mini degree courses, you can earn certifications to various courses you’ve completed and you can monitor and rate your progress.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn - Pricing


Monthly Plan 

  • This plan costs $29.99 per month.
  • You can try it for free as it offers you a free trial for a month once you paid for a monthly subscription.

Annual Plan 

  • This plan costs $19.99 per month.
  • You get a one month free trial for free after paying a monthly subscription.
  • You will save 33% compared to the monthly plan. 


Both the pricing plans are great in their way. But if you ask me LinkedIn Learning is a bit more pricey when compared to CXLInstitute. In this case, I would say CXL Institute is the clear winner as it offers less pricing plans with more beneficial online courses to the users. 

CXL Institute Vs LinkedIn Learning Pros and Cons

CXL Institute 


  • CXLinstitute has a lot of courses not just for entry-level but for intermediate and advanced digital marketers as well. 
  • They are known for getting very detailed descriptions in their courses. 
  • So if you are someone who doesn’t want a quick version and you want to understand digital marketing inside and out. This is where you could go to find a course like that.
  • I would recommend you the growth marketing mini degree. 
  • Growth marketing is a kind of a subset of digital marketing where you’re focused especially on either growing the customer base or you’re growing your revenue. 
  • But I think right now where digital marketing is that will give a really good foundation into the current job opportunities and what problems businesses are looking to solve with digital marketers.
  • Now, this is going to give you a little bit about all the mainstreams of digital marketing.
  • You get into content marketing paid media, SEO and you get into all the different lanes. 
  • I think this can be helpful especially if you feel you don’t know what specialization you want at all. 
  • It is more of an intense lift of a course this is something where you can apply to get the scholarship and you have to finish it in six months or you can do this part-time and just have this on-going. 


  • There is no narrative present in the courses. 
  • There’s no flow to the modules as well. 
  • They are all stand-alone courses that can be beneficial to some and might not be to some. 
  • It is pretty expensive.
  • The duration of the courses can be time-consuming.
  • If you have work experience then this might not be the best platform for you.
  • Unless you don’t complete the courses you won’t be getting any certifications.
  • There are better alternatives when compared to CXL Institute.
  • You might gain insight on topics you don’t know but it doesn’t offer much to the users.

LinkedIn Learning


  • If you are looking for topics that are skewed around marketing, business and strategy then you are going to have a lot of choices in this platform. 
  • Some of the courses in LinkedIn Learning are crazy short. There are courses which are scheduled for 45 minutes long and you can finish these types of time-based courses in one sitting. 
  • If you are super busy or you just have something better to do than sit in front of a laptop all day then the super short courses are there for you. 
  • If you are going for volume, say you want to learn as much as you can to maximise the monthly subscription you can just take 20 of those short courses. 
  • The cool thing with LinkedIn Learning is that some of the world’s smartest businessmen and professors have programs and courses on the platform. 
  • Famous and successful businessmen might not have a YouTube channel or a TV show to talk about their negotiation tactics but they have content on that LinkedIn Learning. 
  • This is also a great opportunity for you to sit in classes at some of the best universities in the world. 
  • The sense of achievement is great in LinkedIn Learning. 
  • When you finish a course on LinkedIn you will get a certification of completion.


  • LinkedIn Learning is not perfect and some flaws were quite glaring. 
  • The quality of some of the content is not up to the mark. 
  • Honestly, some of the short courses that you take, especially the ones that take you just about an hour or two to complete well, are not going to give a lot of value. Some of them are just common sense in video form. 
  • If you have a few years of work experience under your belt you might have a hard time getting any sort of challenge from some of the courses.
  • The quizzes are also for the most part quite easy in some cases as you can skip ahead to the learning checkpoints and still pass. 
  • To make things worse for LinkedIn Learning some of the skills-based content like public speaking or presentation skills are taught better in tier platforms such as YouTube.
  • There is a cultural gap between the content and the real-world experience of the learner. 
  • LinkedIn Learning is primarily an American Platform so it is expected that most of the content is going to be US-specific. 
  • You may find it hard to find courses and topics like communications or marketing.
  • The majority of the case studies are also on American brands or American companies so it might be quite difficult to relate to their unique set of wins and losses. 

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FAQs On CXL Institute Vs LinkedIn Learning

👉Which one is the best platform?

I think both the platforms are great as they offer you online courses for online educational purposes. They also have great subject matter experts who have several years of experience. The best thing about both the online courses is you get certificates after you completed the courses and they provide you with a roadmap tool where you can monitor and rate your progress.

👉Is LinkedIn Learning worth it?

Even though it is a bit pricey not gonna lie but it has amazing features which offer you unlimited lifetime access to the library, you get certificates where you can download them after you complete the courses which will help you in your work experience and for your job search. You will even get access to LinkedIn lifetime premium.

👉CXL Institute’s mini-degree holds a value?

Yes, of course, the CXL institute holds a great amount of value. They offer mini-degree courses on digital persuasion of psychology where it has 10 topics present in it and the duration of the course is about 3-4 months depending on how early you’d like to complete it. After completion of the course, you will even get a certificate for the mini-degree which plays a huge part in your career and for your future as well.

Conclusion: CXL Institute Vs LinkedIn Learning 2024

With CXL institute you can pick and choose courses that are more relevant to the jobs you’re applying for or where you want to take your career but this is something that if your someone that wants to get into the detailed description of where you want to get into the leads with all of the different elements they provide and understand everything to help you in your career before you get going then this is the course for you.

It has a great user interface as it provides you with more intel on the courses you’re going to choose from and it is user-friendly which can be simple to understand and easy to use. They have several courses where you can choose from which helps you in your career to land that perfect job or if you’re a student then it’s going to help you prepare for the future.

Despite the flaws of LinkedIn Learning, I don’t think they are enough to break the entire experience. If you’re after introduction or beginner level knowledge you will find that the majority of the courses are good enough for that. The information is enough and generally, you will still walk away with one or two things that you can use for your day-to-day needs.

If you’re looking for a bang for the buck platform then it’s quite okay as well. For $30 a month you can go in turbo mode and can do just as many courses as you can. It also doesn’t hurt that you have some sort of social proof after you complete to show for it especially if the companies that you are applying for value those kinds of certifications or certificates. 

Price:$ 1
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