Edureka Pricing: Edureka Pros & Cons 2023 What is Edureka ?

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Looking for Edureka pros & cons and Ontraport Pricing ? This article will help you to decide whether to invest in Edureka platform or not. 

What is Edureka?


Edureka is a high-quality, award-winning online education company with the mission of making quality learning accessible for everyone.

Founded in 2013 by engineers and experts from around India; Eduraka offers both offline as well as digital courses on various technologies such that it can cater to any skill level or location across India.

With its affordable pricing tier system (which starts at Rs 500), this platform allows students who might not otherwise afford this training access via an easy pay structure where they only need monthly payments instead of weekly ones like other platforms do – saving time too!

Edureka is an online platform that offers a variety of continuing education classes. It partners with academic organizations and corporations to provide 24/7 support, built-in messaging systems for reminders on the material covered in each session as well as easy access through its mobile app where you can take your own notes while studying at any time or place without having worry about missing anything important because it syncs up automatically!

Edureka was founded by Lovleen Bhatia, Kapil Tyagi, and Vineet Chaturvedi in 2003. The company has grown dramatically since then with loyal investors following their progress through each update that is made to the website or business model for Eduruokea Class Room.

This growth isn’t surprising given how popular training platforms like these are becoming all over the world – some estimate more than 5 million dollars annually!

Edureka, a private company founded in 2011 has been growing rapidly since it first began offering its online courses. With over 400 thousand students and thousands of hours worth of training material, you are sure to find what you are looking for here!

Who is Edureka For?

Edureka is a great way to earn your degree without the hassle of traditional classes. With over 20 different course materials, including live webinars and video lectures on any topic imaginable in just one subscription-free platform – it’s never been easier or more convenient!

  • Robotic process automation
  • Edureka DevOps training
  • Edureka data science courses
  • Databases
  • Project management and methodologies
  • Digital marketing
  • BI and visualization
  • Operating systems
  • Data warehousing and ETL
  • Programming and frameworks
  • Architecture and design patterns
  • Edureka Hadoop training
  • Edureka big data
  • Cloud computing
  • Software testing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Frontend development
  • Mobile development
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity

Edureka Pros & Cons :


  • Edureka’s courses and projects are designed to provide you with real-world experience. The certificate that follows the completion of the course will demonstrate your competency in this tech field, making it a valuable asset for employers or those seeking self-employment opportunities across industries worldwide!
  • Affordability is one of the best features of this platform. Not only are there different options for how you can take your course, but it also allows users to choose when they would like their class hosted so that completing them doesn’t disrupt any other commitments or scheduling conflicts.
  • Edureka gives you an interactive, virtual experience with industry experts that are eager to share their knowledge and help you succeed. The instructors can answer any question during or after class – no matter how basic.
  • Edureka is a leader in providing lifelong access to course content and an extensive library of resources. All courses include lifetime free updates, so you can go back through your lectures anytime after they air or complete assignments from previous semesters without limitations!


  • Edureka is not the platform to consider if you’re looking for a freeway to build your knowledge in tech topics.
  • There are other platforms and MOOCs available! One great example of this would be Coursera, which offers many courses at no cost with plenty more offered on their website through trials or subscriptions – perfect depending upon what kind of student/teacher ratio preference one has (and budget).
  • You might find that the courses don’t contain what you’re looking for if there haven’t been any recent updates. Fortunately, we have plenty of options available across various topics and this should help satisfy your appetite!
  • One of the most common complaints about Edureka’s customer service comes from those who have had to wait an excessive amount for a response. The company is usually eager and willing, but some customers complain that it can take up to one hour or more before they receive help via email–which seems like remarkable slowness considering how quickly everyone wants their questions answered!

Edureka Pricing


Edureka offers a variety of courses to suit your needs and interests. The pricing may be on the higher end, but it’s worth checking out for those seeking certification in new areas or wanting an alternative learning platform where they can get real-world experience while still earning credit for future degrees!

Courses vary in their pricing. For example, a course that covers full-stack web developer training might cost anywhere between $1000 and 2000 while one for cybersecurity certification can be as low as 250-300 dollars

The average price for a certification course is about $300 to 400. The cost varies depending on the workload, instructor qualifications, and whether you’re able to attend live or virtual sessions at your convenience!

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Final Thought

Edureka is a company that offers world-class learning and development services. A fast-growing one, they offer courses for virtually any IT skill from web programming to cybersecurity; of course, if you’re trying to decide whether or not Eduraka’s lessons will suit your needs then this basic overview probably won’t help much in making up your mind about it either way!

Edureka has an excellent completion rate, which indicates that its courses are effective and easy to understand.

Edureka also offers affordable programs with certificate options for students who want a competitive edge on the job market without accruing too much student debt; it’s definitely worth checking out!

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