Bright Data Pricing Plans 2023 Is Bright Data Legit?

Curious about Bright Data’s pricing plans and wondering if the platform is legitimate? Look no further – I’ve got you covered.

Bright Data, a prominent player in the data collection and web scraping arena, is trusted by businesses worldwide for its comprehensive services. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Bright Data’s pricing options, providing you with a detailed examination and clarification to help you make an informed decision. If you’ve been considering Bright Data for your data needs, stay tuned as we explore its pricing plans and assess the legitimacy of this powerful data solution.

What is Bright Data?

Bright Data, once known for its controversial business model that enabled it to sell users’ data to third parties without their consent, is now a separate company from Hola. The acquisition by EMK Capital has led many people who were critical of Bright Data’s previous practices towards more optimistic thoughts on how they can help solve problems within society through technology.

Bright Data Reviews Formerly Luminati

Bright Data’s unique service is to provide businesses with consumer IPs, which are not only less expensive but also more reliable than traditional methods of providing server centers or servers.

Businesses can now access websites from any country in the world without worrying about blocking campaigns because these residential and mobile internet protocol (IP) addresses will work for both intranet-based research as well as external outreach efforts through third-party marketing firms that specialize specifically on this type of campaign management tooling up their clients’ databases with quality data collections at affordable prices! Check out Bright Data Review here.

How does Bright Data work?

Bright Data, once known for a controversial business model enabling it to sell users’ data to third parties without their consent, is now a separate company from Hola. The acquisition by EMK Capital has shifted perceptions, leading many critics of Bright Data’s past practices towards more optimistic thoughts on addressing societal problems through technology.

In 2017, when the two companies were no longer connected but still offered similar services, consumers took notice in part because this was not what everyone expected after seeing so much negative press about VPNs like Hola VPN, which both had ethical problems regarding user privacy concerns among other things.

Bright Data’s open network allows consumers’ IP addresses for traffic throughput by its business clients when they are not using the device and are connected to WiFi.

This was how it worked with Hola – which makes this problematic whether or not that company is involved in your app development process since users might be concerned about their privacy if ads were included without any warning ahead of time as well as potential security risks related data sale practices within apps themselves (although no evidence has come out showing anyone actually buys/using these types).

Pricing Plans Of Bright Data (Formerly Luminati): Bright Data Coupon Code

Bright Data offers a variety of payment methods and packages to provide different types of users and we are sharing the same on this Bright Data review to make your decisions simpler. You can choose the best plan and the best price for personal and commercial use. Bright Data accepts PayPal payments, credit cards and payment methods for bank transfers and offers customers a 7-day trial to ensure quality service.


  • 750,000+ data center IPs
  • 85,000+ static residential IPs
  • 40 million+ P2P residential IPs
  • 7 million+ P2P mobile IPs
  • IPs available all over the world
  • Shared or exclusive IPs
  • Can specify IPs by country or by city
  • Web console dashboard
  • Open source proxy manager
  • The Unblocker
  • Chrome extension
  • API

bright data pricing

It has 3 types of packages

  • Pay As You Go

1IPs:  $0.02/Day – +$ 0.1 per GB and Unlimited $0.03/Day

10000 IPs:  $166.67/Day – +$ 0.1 per GB and Unlimited $333.33/Day

  • Micro-Package

1IPs:  $0.02/Day – +$ 0.1 per GB and Unlimited $0.04/Day

10000 IPs:  $200/Day – +$ 0.1 per GB rate $200.00 and unlimited $366.67/Day

  • Growth

1IPs:  $0.08/Day – +$ 0.1 per GB and Unlimited $0.10/Day

10000 IPs:  $200/Day – +$ 0.1 per GB rate $833.33 and unlimited $1,000.00/Day

  • Business
  • Enterprise

It has 5 packages

Starter Residential

  • Bandwidth:  40 GB included/$12.5 GB
  • Price: $500/Month

Production residential

  • Bandwidth:  100 GB included/$10.00 GB
  • Price: $1,000/Month

Plus residential

  • Bandwidth:  1,000 GB included/$6.00 GB
  • Price: $6,000/Month

High Volume residential

  • Bandwidth:  10,000 GB included/$3.00 GB
  • Price: $30,000/Month

Growth residential

  • Bandwidth:  50,000GB included/$2.00 GB
  • Price: $100,000/Month

Mobile IPs

  • Bandwidth:  5 GB included/$100 GB
  • Price: $500/Month

Bright Data FAQs on Bright Data Pricing Plans

💵What are Bright Data's pricing plans?

Bright Data offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets. Their most popular plans are Pay As You Go, Growth, and Business. Pay As You Go is a no-commitment plan that is perfect for small businesses or individuals who need proxies on an occasional basis. Growth and Business plans are ideal for businesses that need more volume and features.

✅How much do Bright Data proxies cost?

The price of Bright Data proxies depends on the plan you choose and the type of proxy you need. Residential proxies are the most expensive type of proxy, but they are also the most reliable. Mobile proxies are less expensive than residential proxies, but they are not as reliable.

🤔How do I get started with Bright Data?

To get started with Bright Data, you can sign up for a free trial or contact their sales team. They will be able to help you choose the right plan for your needs and get you started using their proxies.

Conclusion: Bright Data Pricing Plans 2023

bright data proxy reviews

The business proxy service Bright Data offers is unparalleled, with hundreds of millions IPs available and its peer-to-peer approach making them more effective than traditional data center offerings from other providers.

Bright Data is a new data analytics service that provides businesses with powerful tools to optimize their operations and offers excellent customer support. It’s easy for companies who can afford it, because BrightData will help your business grow! If you’re against P2P proxies (or “voluntary botnets”), don’t worry–they’ve made some strides in this area too; but still think about whether or not these features are worth the price tag before signing up at all costs.

So we hope you like Bright Data pricing plans and we recommend you to try Bright Data proxy services.

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