Evan-Moor Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Honest Review)

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Evan-Moor teaches children geography based on topics they like. Here in this post I have featured Evan-Moor Review as a complement to our mid-term homeschooling and had the pleasure of using the geography learning activities.

When reviewing Evan-moor, I discovered several features that are very useful for home teaching.
Each unit is organized by topic or topic, so it’s easy to follow. Of course, the activities are based on every concept of unity, so that children can have a more comprehensive view of the world.

Evan-Moor Review

Evan-Moor Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Honest Review)

Detailed Evan-Moor Review

Bill Evans co-founded Evan -Moor Educational Publishers in 1979 with his sister Joy Evans and girlfriend Jo Ellen Moore. As CEO, Bill helped found a powerful, business-focused company “to make learning easier for children.”

Under Bill’s leadership, Evan-Moor has switched the publication of complementary print materials to the development of a wide range of digital learning materials.

Today, Evan-Moor’s digital and printing resources are used in more than one million US classrooms, And in 90 countries.

Prior to founding Evan-Moor, Bill worked as an editor for the Community Colleges Chancellor in Los Angeles and as Associate Professor of Journalism at East Los Angeles College.

Evan-Moor Review - Evan Moor

He also opened his own law firm in Monterey, California. His experience in public relations, journalism, media, and law have contributed to the success of his Evan Moor leadership.

In December 2005, Bill Evans received the highest award in the educational publishing industry: the Hall of Fame Induction from the Association of Educational Publishers.

More About Evan-Moor 

We want spelling activities to go beyond copying spell words five times. The activities in this guide are much more than copying and repeating.

Start with the student who first reads the story of the unit and searches for the words in the story.

It reminded us of a “research and discovery” activity my kids enjoy doing!

When he shows up, he makes it more fun and my daughter was motivated to tag the words when she found them. In this way, the child can also focus on the letters of each word. They already integrate the spelling of the word in this introductory activity.

The next activity is to copy the spelling of words several times. The connection is strengthened by writing the words.

The workbook contains various types of writing activities to apply the words in a context that takes into account the child’s personal experiences.

For example, in the Sports, Sports, Sports unit, the writing activity encourages the child to write about his favorite sport or activities that allow him to write about his favorite recipe or to write a letter to a friend who listens to Magic

words included Another funny example is the writing activity, where the student is asked if he has found a mysterious map, where he wants to go, and what treasure he would like to find.

There are also fun activities such as crossword puzzles, word searches or acrostics. There are many ways to apply your spelling words.

Each unit contains a “spellamadoodle” activity in which the student is asked to write the spelling around an image that accompanies the story. It’s a unique way to practice spelling.

Instead of simply writing the spell words in a straight line on a sheet of lined paper, for example, the student can write them on the outline of a sailboat.

The practice of correct spelling of words is still in progress, but using a different technique.

The mission: Evan Moor

Since 1979, Evan-Moor has provided Educational Publishers with hands-on, creative and inspirational PreK-8 materials to help and enrich the core curriculum.

We strive to create teaching materials that meet current standards, best teaching practices, and students’ interests and motivations.

Evan-Moor Review - Evan Moor Mission

We are proud of our ability to develop products that not only develop and strengthen basic and complex skills but also develop a curiosity about the subjects in which those skills are taught.

The background of Evan Moor

As they taught their colleagues and friends, Joy Evans and Jo Ellen Moore, they created their first handwritten book to motivate the students. ,

In the 1970s, Joy and Jo Ellen taught as a team at a Title I school in California and developed their own additional resources to encourage students in their class to learn basic skills.

After several editorial rejects, Joy and Jo Ellen decided to publish their first six titles independently. In collaboration with Bill Evans, Joy’s brother, the trio founded the Evan-Moor Educational Publishers in 1979.

Joy and Jo Ellen taught the first years when Bill practiced law. The parents of Bill and Joy, Olive and Earl, volunteered to use their garage as a storage and shipping facility.

Olive and Earl were also the first sales team to visit local shops and reading clubs, and eventually, the efforts began at the grassroots.


Today Evan-Moor Educational Publishers works with the same family spirit and enthusiasm that founded the company almost 40 years ago.

While Evan-Moor sadly said farewell to Joy Evans in 2012, the passion and energy that Joy, Jo Ellen, and Bill put into Evan-Moor have made the company long-term success.

Today, as in Inception, Evan-Moor continues to develop resources and technologies with a clear focus on helping children learn.

Not just a spelling book

Activities also go beyond just memorizing words, but also in the meaning of words. Writing activities such as stories and poetry, crossword puzzles or related questions where the child applies his understanding of the meaning of the word. As a result, the activities help children to refine the use of contextual hints to determine the meaning of words.

The third-grade book contained a wide range of grammatical abilities, including capital letters, pronouns, topics and predicates, apostrophes, adjectives, and tenses.

Useful articles for teachers and parents, When choosing curricula and resources, the content comes first. Additional organizational elements also make life easier. For example, I appreciate the color code of stories so we can quickly see all the activities associated with each story.

Borders list the capabilities in which you work. It is therefore easy for the teacher and/or parents to recognize which language skills are being used.

Evan-Moor Review - Spelling Book

At the end of the book, you will find a list of removable spellings. It is a good picture to put in the student’s fridge or planner or to practice his spelling.

On the back of the book, a touch of response is a quick reference for the teacher or the adult. There is also a registration form that allows the teacher or parent to track the number of points the student has earned in grammar and spelling.

Key Features Of Evan-Moor 

  • Meet the needs of educators
    Evan-Moor is known for his exemplary teaching material that complements the basic curriculum. Our resources teach in different ways and in different ways to meet the growing needs of teachers, educators, and students.
  • Promoting a differentiated education

One of the biggest challenges of teaching is meeting the different needs of each student in a class. In this sense, Evan Moor’s supports are designed to appeal to multiple intelligences and to support the different levels and styles of today’s students.

  • Nice for the teacher and student

We are here to make life easier for the teachers. Whether it’s complete instructions, easy-to-follow instructions, exchangeable activity pages, slides, instructional scripts, or answer keys, our resources are easy to implement.

Evan Moor is known for creating attractive resources that students love as much as teachers. From colourful games and interesting stories to three-dimensional songs and projects, Evan-Moor’s materials are as entertaining as they are instructive.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchase of Evan-Moor, you can restore the original condition of the stamp within one year for a refund of the price. Purchase of the product.

Make sure you have completed the credit card details when you request a refund for your card.

What does this course contain?

Evan-Moor‘s book How to Teach Children’s Art is a hardcover book for teachers. It contains everything needed to teach children in grades 1 to 6. It has 159 pages and contains instructions to guide your children in nearly 100 projects.

The first part of the book is divided into seven parts, each corresponding to one of the key elements of the art.

This program is open and the best format to eliminate the stress of home school! You do not have to worry about lesson plans and accessories, as each lesson clearly tells you what you need and contains simple instructions for teaching your children.

You really can not mess this up! I like the fact that this book also contains colour pictures of project patterns so that you and your children can get an idea of ​​where the individual projects will lead to.

You can buy this book once and use it for all your children in elementary school years. With 100 projects, you can do art once a week for a whole school year and repeat a project for the fourth year! At this point, the children are older and could return to a lower level.

The first section

The first section was the perfect introduction to geography at home. As soon as I opened the book, I knew it would be a success.

My kindergarten kid is crazy about cards. Whenever we visit an exhibition, you must receive a card that you can follow.

When we are home, he regularly draws treasure maps and takes his brothers in search of gold. The cards are yours and devour every lesson.

The lessons were easy to teach and included different learning methods. We colored, used scissors and glue, practiced our writing and even worked on understanding by answering questions.

Geography Lessons- Evan-Moor

I will not lie to you, Cardinal Directions was the biggest hit of my kindergarten, but it was a struggle for me. The lessons got my son so excited that he asked me where we were going when we left. Honestly, I had to stop and think about where we were. Any book my children can contribute enough to continue learning is a benefit in my book.

Have your children seen a globe? I know that my children have seen many maps and images of our earth, but a globe, a real globe. I did not even think of having to present one. Evan Moor has taught children very well that a globe is round instead of a map.

They did not stop presenting a map but continued to push it as they discussed continents and oceans. The seven continents and the five oceans were not much discussed.

Some geography programs have countries on the continents, but I liked that they keep things short and comfortable.

Body Of Earth And Water

There are so many different types of land and water. This section may be my favourite because it contained adorable cuts to bring the lesson to life. For example; When they realized the difference between hills, mountains, and valleys, there was a mountain goat to explore. The maps for this section were not a problem, as the children recognized different symbols with different reliefs.

Evan Moor Concept

To learn that the weather is not the same everywhere in the world is difficult to understand as a kindergarten child. Evan-Moor has done a good job using a map to show the weather in different parts of the country. They even managed to provide mathematical concepts by indicating different types of weather measurements (rain, snow, sun).

The skills or concepts practiced in each activity are clearly identified. In this way, you can easily see on each page what your child will learn.

The tasks are efficient and short.

Most children (including mine) value learning more than writing, and Evan-Moor is well aware of that. Tasks have a purpose but do not require much time. We spend more time learning than writing long answers, which makes children happy and eager to learn.

Skill Sharpener: Geography involves hands-on learning activities that allow children to apply what they have learned at the end of each session. When children ask, “Can we do this activity?” It’s a wonderful thing.

The design of the inspector: Geography

One of my favorite things with Skill Sharpeners: The geography is this: It’s easy to follow the design of each book.

Each unit is highlighted by a color strip that is visible on both the open pages and the closed book. This simple ribbon helps my children see their progress in unity and throughout the book.

Use of the Skill Sharpener: Geography in Homeschooling

When looking at skill sharpeners: geography it was easy to see how they could be adapted to the specific needs of the child. Each unit can be completed or assigned, depending on what works in your home school.

If your child needs help reading the lessons and instructions, you can read the geography articles aloud. The passages of reading are short and rich in interesting information. This helps the children to be interested in the lesson and to focus on it.

Once your child reads, the clear and attractive design of the skill sharpener makes them an excellent choice for self-employment. At the end of the book is an answer key. My children review their own work and discuss everything they missed or did not understand.

A third possibility is the use of development techniques: in geography, the main concepts are taught at the beginning of the session, and then your child is asked to complete the remaining activities independently.

With about 17 units in each skill book: geography we usually complete one unit every two weeks. Of course, we adjust the number of pages we finish each day of the school as needed.

Customer Reviews:

Evan Moor- Customer Review

More About Evan-Moor

Since 1979, Evan-Moor has been producing quality educational materials for public and private schools, many of which are also suitable for home use.

The many titles available in the areas of linguistics, math, reading, science, social sciences, writing, and crafts aim to develop skills and encourage the love of learning while respecting state standards.

The materials are intended for children from pre-school to eighth grade. They are colorful and attractive to children.

The company offers more than 450 titles. How to teach children’s art, the huge book of scientific resources (which is a great resource for handhelds and notebooks), and the History Pockets series.

Did you use these school products at home? Help other home teachers by adding their opinions to our home school program magazines list.

Resources Of Evan-Moor 

There are tons of resources our children can use to write, read and calculate, but what about science (my favorite)?

How do you know what your child can understand? What should I now imagine so that logic (the most important and neglected aspect of science) can become easier later? How do we teach our children to think critically instead of just reacting?

How much is it? It would be very easy to try to do everything. the. Things. and in the end, do too much and burn everyone. So, how can we teach our children from the beginning to be thinkers by giving them enough amount and fun lessons? It seems impossible

That’s why I looked up PreK Smart Starts workbook STEM, publisher of education editions, Evan-Moor. Cayden, 4, is definitely in the “why?” And he asks me to work more at school every day, so I thought it would be a good time to see how he does a workbook.

This book is ideal for preschoolers if you work with simple, clear, entertaining and engaging worksheets without having much space.

Smart STEM PreK is designed to teach our children to follow the logic and reasoning process in ways that other resources simply do not have.

Evan-Moor Review - Activity Book

This book is perfect for young students. There are various units, plants, animals, geosciences, weather, etc., and in these units, pages are read balanced (or read, hahaha) with activity.

Some exercises only read others are more than just reasoning and circles or associations, others even encourage children to try to draw or paint words.

At the end of each session, there is a practical challenge, with a STEM journal for (mother, father or teacher) to complete the results or notes.

Encourage everyone to modify their invention until they do what they are supposed to do, as part of the design process (which is different from the scientific process).

This section also provides a list of key questions that you can ask your child so that they can think twice and logically move from one problem to the next.

It promotes critical thinking and helps develop our children’s ability to solve a problem, even if they feel they have exhausted their options.

It’s the first time I see such a newspaper in a children’s book, and I love it. A short comment, why I like it all so much. The difference between good and bad science is the investigator’s journal.

Each researcher keeps a notebook in which he records his readings/notes, his goals, his hypotheses, the possible changes, the intended procedure, the notes of the changes made and, of course, the raw data.

Good researchers are meticulous and I like the fact that Evan Moor recognizes him.

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Conclusion: Evan-Moor Review 2024 | Should You Go For It??

Since 1979, Evan-Moor has been producing quality educational materials for public and private schools, many of which are also suitable for home use.

This program is open and the best format to eliminate the stress of home school.

The many titles available in the areas of linguistics, math, reading, science, social sciences, writing, and crafts aim to develop skills and encourage the love of learning while respecting state standards.

Now today, as in Inception, Evan-Moor continues to develop resources and technologies with a clear focus on helping children learn.

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