Fastest Growing Youtube Channels: Top 11 Growing Channels

In This Post, We’ll Discuss Fastest Growing Youtube Channels:

Fastest Growing Youtube Channels: Top 11 Channels

Jeferee Star

Jeffree Star, who began his YouTube career in 2006 as a small-timer, is now a YouTube STAR. He was busy creating an audience for his work as a makeup artist on Myspace before beginning a YouTube channel.

He is a guy of many abilities, while being most known for his make-up nowadays. In fact, it was due of his wonderful singing that he initially gained popularity. He used the reputation he acquired from singing to further his cosmetics profession.

This dog-loving makeup artist would often sneak into clubs only to show off his abilities in the hopes of one day being hired by a celebrity. He now runs a well-known cosmetics company.

Almost the course of 2019, he garnered over 5 million new followers, bringing his total number of subscribers to 11.7 million. His participation in and commenting on the James Charles vs. Tatti Westbrook rivalry is attributed with a large portion of his fame.

He will, in all likelihood, ascend further in 2021 as a result of his sheer drive and hard effort. He discovered his real calling at the age of 13, and he’s devoted himself to it ever since, and it seems to have paid off, literally.

Goldmines Telefilms

Fastest Growing Youtube Channels

Goldmines Telefilms is an Indian company that produces movies, music, and comic skits. It has been able to establish itself in the influencer-verse with a subscriber base of over 30 million.

They’ve gained a lot of traction during the past year. In fact, they increased their subscriber base by over 11.5 million in 2019, bringing them to where they are today. The Goldmines telefilms have a lot of potential, and the only way to achieve it is to keep going higher. 0

Their audience is always captivated by their unique and fascinating material. With such a positive reaction from their audience, there’s little doubt they’ll earn more fans in the near future.

Stacy’s Toys

Stacy’s Toys is one of the most well-known children’s Youtube channels, run by a 5-year-old Russian American girl called Stacy (or Nastya in Russian). Her doctors worried she would never talk again after she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. To show their friends and family, her parents began filming home films of Stacy playing with her father.

However, they quickly gained traction on social media, having 23.1 million followers at the time of writing. In 2019, almost 13 million of these were earned. She has surpassed $18 million in earnings to become the third highest-paid YouTuber.

Stacy is in charge of many separate channels that follow her and her father on various and crazy escapades. She is, nevertheless, most well-known in Russia, where she was born. It’s a popular channel among new parents, and we expect it to grow in popularity in the next decade.



When a prestigious Indian record label and film production firm went head to head with PewDiePie (the world’s most subscribed Youtuber) and overtook him by acquiring over 42.9 million followers in only a year, they made headlines. In 2019, Tseries and PewDiePie fought for the title of most subscribed channel. Tseries, on the other hand, was destined to prevail, because to India’s rising population and internet availability.



This 18-year-old English YouTuber is most known for his Fortnite commentary, challenges, and pranks. He began his career with a gaming channel. Morgz is Morgan Hudson’s stage name.

It largely acquired traction as a result of strategic shoutouts and a well-defined set of objectives. He stays up with current events; for example, when his views began to dwindle, he began doing popular pranks again, and as predicted, his views increased.

Over-exaggeration is a distinguishing quality of his, and it has served him well. He had just 7.1 million members in January of this year, but by the end of the year, he had grown to 10.9 million. With a growth rate of 53.5 percent, he became one of the fastest-growing YouTubers.



Alia Shelesh is a 27-year-old YouTube gamer who was born in England. She began off with call of duty and black operations films on her gaming channel, but she’s since developed and switched her attention to response videos.

She has almost 17 million members, with 2.8 million of them added only last year, making her one of the most popular female gamers. This is groundbreaking in the video gaming business, which was formerly controlled by men.

She won the Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards for Favorite Gamer in 2019, which drew a lot of criticism, with some claiming she won because of her “sex appeal.” Despite the fact that this debate is extremely unpleasant, it has helped push her into the limelight.


In 2006, this instructional animation channel for youngsters joined Youtube. Throughout the years, they experienced their share of obstacles. They began out as It’sMEonTV, focusing on nursery rhymes, but when that didn’t work out, they had to rebrand as ABCKidTV.

ABCkidTV, on the other hand, did not get much momentum, but they did not quit up. They established their brand by rebranding themselves as Cocomelon for the third time. It pays off to produce children’s songs rather than nursery rhymes. They exploded in popularity in 2019, garnering over 36 million followers in only one year.


With over 50 million followers, WWE, previously WWEFanNation, is the 8th most subscribed and most subscribed Sports channel on YouTube. They release brief movies of 1-3 minutes numerous times each day and have amassed over 14 million followers, bringing their total to 52 million in 2019.

WWE’s playlists are updated constantly, and the most recent and relevant playlists are played. WWE also changes their channel banner to reflect the most recent and important event.

5 Minutes Crafts

This channel is for all of us who are artists. They provide do-it-yourself films that include lifestyle and beauty tips. They’ve effectively moved their emphasis to crafts and prank videos, which might explain their 17 million subscriber increase in 2019.

When the channel began duplicating films in an attempt to pass them off as fresh, they found themselves in hot trouble. However, by the end of 2018, they had ceased doing so, and every video they released in 2019 included fresh footage, leading the page to boom on social media with new material, attracting more followers.

Nygaard, Safiya

She went out on her own after leaving Buzzfeed. She’s become famous for her “makeup experiments” or “Frankenstein makeup” in recent years. She used fashion and beauty blogs to capture her life, including her wedding, cosmetics, and everything in between.

But it wasn’t until she resurfaced on Buzzfeed for a video titled “why I quit Buzzfeed” that she began to gather attention. Despite the fact that it was not contentious, it provided her with the necessary exposure. Since she began, she has amassed over 7 million followers. With her background and charisma, she’ll only be able to go farther.

Dude Perfect

It’s simply five pals having fun while smashing world records in sports. They want to polish trick shots and maneuvers that would be very difficult to pull off in front of a regular audience. Their first films were simplistic and didn’t have a lot of money invested in them. They showcased their high school basketball abilities and camaraderie, which dates back to their college days.

They’ve also grown in popularity to the point that they’ve been given their own program, dubbed ‘The Dude Perfect Show,’ with over 48.3 million subscribers. Their companionship and friendliness, rather than the trick shots, are what attracts more onlookers.

You and I are the foundation of the influencer world. It depends on us to be sufficiently affected and “inspired” by its material to keep viewing, allowing them to profit and create better films. There will always be something crazy and fresh out there waiting to be found as long as the internet exists. From music to wrestling, there’s something for everyone; it’s simply a question of searching in the proper areas.

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