6 Tips On How to Write a Business Report: Business Report Layout

Business reports are formal piece of statistics containing all facts and figure of the business concern. A business report analyses the situation and brings out the best explanations related to a particular business situation. It is basically a document containing fully systematized information divided under suitable presentation. Such reports are valuable source of demonstrating our methodical, rational and assessment abilities. In this post we will discuss the tips while writing a business report. These tips will be divided in the following structure.

Method of writing a candid business reports

Any business report writing involves many steps before delivering the final copy of facts. One cannot jump onto report writing without having any relevant information. There is precise format to be followed by those who prepare business reports. Also you can hire someone to write custom reports like Writer Per Hour who can do detail custom writing service.

Let’s discus the process in little details:

  • Thinking about a particular matter

One cannot prepare uneven reports without analysing and considering the situation. All the business reports are generated for particular periods i.e. monthly, quarterly or yearly. And those reports reveal the situation of the firm regarding the assured stuff. So, preparing any business report requires lots of assessment to get the factual data.

  • Discussing

You cannot draft a report alone as it is a group effort. It is so because every department in the concern is led by different managing groups, so you need the collective information of all areas. Lot of discussions are involved for preparing a picture-perfect business report. A report will mark the growth of the business concern by taking into considerations the overall perspective of each operative department.

  • Writing

After collecting all the relevant information of all the functional departments in your business concern, you can now start writing all the facts and figure in your report. But do not finalise the such reports in one go, as there will be many changes required at each level of the report writing. You might suddenly come to know about the stock market conditions which form an important part of the genuine business report.

  • Reconsideration

Every ready report needs to go through many rectifications to get to the final structure. Many authorities scrutinize all the information represented in the business reports. You have to edit, proofread and check all the facts over and over again to reach the final stage of the report discharging.


Before writing any report, one has to keep in mind the various aspects determining the business report. This part will provide you a definite answer to why such reports are of great importance to the outer world and for whom are we doing all this.

  • Target Addressees

Now if you are getting ready all the stuff from various sources, then definitely you must be having focussed group of audience to whom these reports are essential piece of info. These reports are the mirror image of the firm reflecting the real picture of what is going inside the four walls of the concern. The targeted people are disclosed all the evidences so as to know the real status of the company. The compilations create a positive influence on reader’s mind and it may lead to better future opportunities in the form of capital investment or stock raising.

  • objective

The determined handing over of the business reports is something which resolves the confusion. When you know the purpose of the report, you can outline it accordingly. If you are asking the investors to invest in your business, then these reports will have all statistical data of the establishment. No one will come forward to provide you with the necessary financial assistance if they do not know your company’s last 10 years’ growth chart. So when you know the objective of a business report the overall procedures become easy to handle.

    • Accessibility of resources, even time

All the business reports preparation requires lots of time. The availability of resources is also important because we need to drive reports on previous years’ data, if that is missing, your report will not depict the rea picture of your concern. So it is very important to have handy facts and statistical data to finish the matter early.  No report can be developed as we do not have relevant sources of information. And also that you cannot waste much of you time in searching the data, as other important works are missed out.

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Structure of an ideal business report

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While planning a business reports, there are few instructions which one must follow to get the desired content in a well-organised format. Every business report must have all the inclusions given below:

  • Heading page

The title or heading page must have the relevant title, name of the writer and reportee.

  • Cover letter

Letters of transmittal officially presents the statement to the reportee.

  • Table of contents

Table of contents takes into account all the topics covered under this report and states what actually a report encloses.

  • Intro

The introduction art contains all the contextual findings and goals of the business report. Even the steps followed while writing the report are also explained briefly.

  • Main part

The main body of the business reports includes all the detailed information about the company, its growth charts and the capital structure along with physical assets. All the company’s methodologies are stated clearly in this report.

  • Wrapping up

The conclusion part of the business report summarises everything in one page, including all the references, suggestions, verdicts, and implications.

  • Cross-references

The cross-references part means the appendix which includes additional stuff like questionnaires, citations, suggestions, and sources from which the content is been derived.

Organising the report

The structure of the report has its own importance in the mind of the reader. If your report is not formatted in an appropriate way, then it may not even be read by the user. So preparing the content according to the following guidelines is very necessary:

  • Use simple and comprehensible language
  • Use suitable headings for each section
  • Create comparison tables to show the progress of the firm
  • Insert necessary references wherever required
  • Do proper numbering
  • Proofread and edit it before printing the final copy

An ideal business reports is:

  • Short but clear-cut
  • User oriented
  • Well researched
  • Thorough
  • Accessible in correct linguistic
  • Well-categorized

Final Roundabout

A good business report follows clear guidelines and achieves its objective by full representation of data. Overall if we see, these ideal business reports are usually developed to:

  • Inspect accessible and possible answers to an issue, or a circumstance
  • Relate professional and managing philosophy to a real-world situation
  • Validate your critical, cognitive, and estimation proficiencies.
  • Attain assumptions pertaining to a particular matter
  • Arrange for approvals for upcoming events
  • Present summarized and flawless communiqué abilities.


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