Instagram Statistics For 2023 That You Should Know

In this article, we’ve put together Instagram Statistics marketers need to know to create a powerful Instagram marketing strategy

It’s usually a good idea to check in on how Instagram analytics have changed before starting a new marketing year.

Instagram released a slew of new features in 2022, as well as tweaks to current ones. New features bring new metrics, which means your Instagram marketing approach may need to be revised.

We’ve classified the Instagram analytics to make it easier for you to navigate through.

  • Facts and figures on Instagram app users and activity
  • Statistics on Instagram’s content 
  • Stats on Instagram’s Advertising
  • Brands’ Instagram stats

Facts and Figures on Instagram app users and activity

The prominence of Instagram isn’t fading away anytime soon. These Instagram user statistics will support your company’s choice to use the platform as a marketing tool.

  • Instagram has a monthly engagement rate of over 2 billion people.
  • When Instagram reached a billion active users in June 2018, the reporting was stopped by Meta Company. CNBC reported in late 2021 that the social media platform has surpassed the 2 billion active monthly users threshold.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2021, Instagram became the most downloaded app.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2021, Instagram jumped four places to become the most downloaded application, just edging out TikTok. This has been the finest quarter experienced by Instagram since 2014.
  • Men between the ages of 18 to 24 account for 17.9% of all Instagram users worldwide.
  • More than 50 percent of the world’s Instagram users are 34 years old or younger, according to social media demographics. 18-34-year-olds make up the largest age group, accounting for 62.2 percent of all users.
  • Instagram is the third most popular social network among teenagers in the United States, after Snapchat and TikTok. It may barely be the most popular app among teenagers, but it still has a sizable following.

Instagram statistics

The Pew Research Center reports that user wage ranges are very evenly dispersed. In the United States, 47% of people earning more than $75k have used Instagram. This figure is essential for businesses looking to use Instagram’s marketing and shopping functionalities.

59 percent of Instagram users check in on a daily basis.

The Pew Research survey also details how frequently Instagram users utilize their accounts.

Almost six out of ten adult Instagram users in the United States sign in a minimum of once a day, with 38 percent doing so many times. It’s excellent news for marketers to have users who are so engaged. To stay connected with your fans, create intriguing posts.

The most crucial takeaways

  • Because the popularity of the Instagram app is still growing, make sure your content is mobile-friendly.
  • The network’s users are extremely active, with many of them logging in numerous times per day.
  • Although it may not be the most popular app among US teenagers, it is the most popular among Gen Z and millennials.

Instagram Statistics 2023

With so many different content kinds to pick from, it’s beneficial to understand which ones users favor.

The average rate of engagement for each post is 0.98 percent.

Is it possible that your posts aren’t getting as much attention as they once did? You’re not delusional.

According to RivalIQ’s benchmark report from 2021, Instagram engagement rates have plummeted by 25%. The overall industry median is presently 0.98 percent.

Influencers, on the other hand, have a substantially higher engagement rate per post, at 1.42 percent. This rate is significantly higher than those on Facebook (0.19 percent) and Twitter (0.04 percent ).

The maximum engagement rate per view is found in carousel posts.

You can choose from three different types of feed posts: carousel, video, and picture. How can you choose which one to prioritize if your aim is to use all three?

Let’s begin with the average impression engagement rate. For every account size, SocialInsider discovered that the carousel kind is the winner. If you possess a small account, this is more evident. The maximum engagement levels per impression are found in accounts with less than 5000 followers (8.01 percent for carousel posts).

What about stories, though? Each day, you must upload up to 5 stories. You’ll enjoy engagement levels of over seventy percent if you do it this way. This brings us to the question of what kind of Story piece you can create.

91 percent of active Instagram users view videos at least once a week.

You have the choice of submitting a video or image content in Stories. Image material outperforms video content in terms of story reach for profiles having fewer than 100k followers. According to this survey, marketers should place a greater emphasis on graphics in their stories.

Those, however, are only Story statistics. When it comes to videos in particular, 91 percent of active users view videos on Instagram at least once a week, thus establishing a video marketing plan is essential.

According to Sprout’s Social Index, Volume XVII: Accelerate statistics, video is the most beneficial content type for accomplishing social media goals for 54 percent of marketers.

As per another research, 68 percent of video marketers aim to integrate Instagram video in their video marketing strategy in 2022, up 10% from last year. Don’t become the brand that gets ignored.

Tuesday is the ideal day to post on Instagram.

The best times to post on Instagram, according to Sprout’s research, are Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Monday through Friday at around 11 a.m. Sunday is the worst day to post.

The most crucial takeaways

  • Instagram Stories continue to be popular. Learn about the best practices.
  • Instagram’s organic engagement has plummeted. Schedule your material for optimum interaction if you haven’t previously.
  • There are various options to upload the video on the platform.  You’ll require a video marketing approach since new features are added all the time.
  • Advertising data on Instagram
  • Are you trying to persuade your boss to raise your Instagram ad budget? Here’s some evidence to back up your claim.

After seeing a website in Instagram Stories, 50% of users go to it.

It can be difficult to decide where you intend your Instagram ads to appear. You’re in luck if you want to get people to visit your website. “50% of Instagram users have viewed a website to purchase a product/service as a reaction to seeing it in Stories,” according to Instagram. By adding the product tag to your post it becomes easy for customers to find your website.

Product tags improve the number of people who visit a product’s page.

Instagram’s feature focus has shifted in recent years to improve the consumer buying experience. Using a product tag on a minimum of 5 posts per month boosts product page visitors and sales.

According to the same study, simply mentioning the product in the post caption triples the number of views on the Product Detail Page.

$1.23 is the average IG CPC.

In the United States, the average cost per click (CPC) on Instagram is $1.23. The cost varies depending on the campaign’s goal and the time of year. The video view campaign goal CPC was $4.33 in February 2022, whereas the catalog sales CPC was $0.383.

Campaign objectives are important to consider while creating ad campaigns. If the CPC is too steep for your budget for particular objectives, you could be better off scheduling your advertisement for a different month.

93 percent of marketers intend to utilize Instagram to boost influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is still a growing sector. According to a poll, 93 percent of marketers & agencies intend on using Instagram. When asked to name the different kinds, 83 percent said Instagram Stories & 36 percent stated Instagram Reels.

Both parties benefit when you find the perfect creator to collaborate with. Users find this natural fit to be 25 percent more relevant.

The Branded Content tag on Instagram makes it simple to highlight a collaboration. When you combine Branded Content Ads with a brand advert, you’re 90 percent more likely to get cost-effective results than by using just one technique.

The most crucial takeaways

  • Tag items wherever you can & as often as you can.
  • Use Branded Content advertisements in addition to your regular brand ads.
  • Instagram advertising is an effective approach to combat declining engagement rates.

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Stats on Instagram’s Advertising

Benchmark your brand’s performance with Sprout’s social analytics reports and the usage metrics below.

Ninety percent of Instagram users follow some of the other brand.

According to Instagram, ninety percent of users follow a company on the social media platform. However, because the network has over 200 million company accounts, you’ll need to be innovative with your content.

70% of buyers use Instagram to plan their next purchase.

According to Instagram’s research, 70% of customers use the platform to plan their next purchase. Instagram is a terrific venue to create brand awareness campaigns when combined with ads.

Single pictures make up about 75% of brand posts.

Single-image posts account for 75% of a brand’s postings, according to Sprout’s Content Benchmark Report. When asked which kinds of content were most useful in attaining goals, 54 percent chose video and 53 percent said photos. With this dissonance, marketers can still improve their content types.

The most crucial takeaways

  • Create a content marketing strategy that is in line with your objectives.
  • Use Instagram’s shoppable content features to your advantage.
  • For brand awareness efforts, use Instagram.
  • Which Instagram metric is the most significant to you?

That was quite a lot of facts and figures, to say the least. Did any of these catch your attention?

Instagram’s popularity and growth show no signs of slowing down any time soon. To be relevant, brands must keep up with the newest statistics and trends.

Make the most of these statistics to improve your Instagram marketing approach. Do let me know if we missed anything or your feedback in the comment section below.

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