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Most of you want to create multiple accounts on Instagram? Is your IG account blocked by Instagram? And what is the best way to manage multiple IG accounts? In our case, using dedicated private proxy servers to manage each account is the safest and most effective way to solve this problem.

Instagram is considered as one of the best places for social media marketing and brand promotion. We already know that you can use the Instagram app on your PC through many applications such as BlueStack. But if you want to get more flavors, comments, and more specific follow-up or if you want to manage multiple accounts? We strongly recommend the use of proxies.

How Instagram Proxies Work: Top Instagram Proxies Providers

When you buy dedicated proxies for Instagram, you get a personalized IP address for your Instagram account. Each proxy you access has its own IP address. It appears that with every Instagram profile, you can connect it from another location to create your social networks.

List Of Top Instagram Proxies Providers- sslprivateproxy instagram

For example, let’s say if you are having six Instagram accounts and you are using different proxies for each account. Instagram might think you came from Texas, New York, Illinois, California, Florida, and Ohio. Your accounts are not marked because they appear to come from a different location for each account, rather than a computer that manages multiple accounts.

What’s an Instagram Proxy and Where to Get Them?

Each account is completely anonymous and your IP address remains hidden. It’s because of the beauty of proxies for Instagram. You can start a private browser session and create as many accounts as you like. The number of proxies you use is as unlimited as the number of Instagram accounts you create.

This is a basic description, but the process is a bit more complex if you think about your Instagram proxy options. , Let us look at your options so you know how to get on with getting anonymous proxies.

 5 Best Instagram Proxies Providers 2021 Starting @$.50/mo  (Buy Instagram Proxies)

1) Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)

List Of Top Instagram Proxies Providers- Luminati

As the company itself claims that, is the largest proxy network in the world. They allow the collection of web data without the risk of blocking. The company provides millions of IP addresses, currently more than 40.5 million available in almost every country in the world.

You can start with an IP address from the beginning and use millions of dollars if necessary. Send a connection request to a remote server. The request is processed by the proxy and then connected to the remote server. For this reason, the service assumes that the connection is made through the proxy server, not the actual server.

Luminati has no interest in collecting the user’s personal information. They are interested in NPs and therefore they use an agreement system.

Users authorize access to their IP addresses as soon as their devices have sufficient Internet connectivity and are no longer actively used. Residential: Reserved for registered companies and Data Center test for individual and registered companies. But it’s a monthly commitment plan.

Data center IP addresses are static, much easier to recognize that a proxy, but they are cheap. Let me show you the proxy details of your IP proxies and data center proxies.

Features Of (Top Instagram Proxies Provider)

1. Exclusive Collection Of Proxy Servers

The company offers shared, exclusive data centers for home and mobile IP applications. What is the difference between them? The data center proxy is a server located in the Luminati data center itself. This is the cheapest proxy type. Proxies for home users are provided by home computers.

They are less likely to get stuck, but they are a bit more expensive. Mobile proxies use the resources of mobile operators. The IP addresses of data centers and homes are divided into shared and exclusive addresses. Shared IP addresses are used by multiple users, while exclusive IP addresses belong to a user. You can easily use it with your subscription and connect in a few clicks.

2. It Provides Global Space

You can select the IP address of any type in almost any country in the world. You can flexibly control locations and cities while shopping.

An unlimited number of sessions.

When submitting your application, Luminati uses certain hardware to provide you with the address that is likely to be available at the location you require. With its infrastructure, you can send an unlimited number of parallel requests to speed work and performance. In addition, you can control it from the user’s control panel.

Professional And High-Quality Support remains available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is provided by the engineers who created and approved the product. Luminati Proxy Manager With the powerful Open Code Proxy Administrator, you can use your proxy as efficiently as possible. It is provided free of charge and has many features. We will examine it in more detail in one of the following sections.

Luminati Proxy Tools

Luminati Proxy Manager:

  • Speed up development time with built-in scraping features
  • Awesome for first-time users
  • Debug Faster

Chrome Extension:

  • Browse the web via proxy
  • Choose the Country/City/ASN of your proxy
  • Customize User-Agent and other advanced settings


  • 100% success rate
  • Automatic IP selection and rotation
  • Compatible with your existing scrapers


Luminati- Best Private Residential Proxy Providers

  • Shared Proxies: $0.50/per GB
  • Private Proxies: $0.60/Month per IP
  • Residential and Mobile IPs: $12.5/per GB

Benefits of

  • Luminati provides the most reliable services available, as well as the most reliable proxy networks for home
  • Luminati works much faster than rotating proxies like Stormy Proxies because of its more efficient built-in rotation manager.
  • Supports the socks5 protocol. You can configure the socks5 protocol at
  • Luminati can be used to send an unlimited number of concurrent sessions. Thanks to its high success rate,
  • Luminati stands above other back-connect proxies: The Luminati P2P network is the best option if you need more IP addresses that are more profitable than Tor.
  • With many private IP addresses, around 14 million unidentifiable IP addresses can easily send all HTTP and HTTPS requests over their P2P network in every city and in almost every country.
  • This is especially useful for ad-tech players as it simulates environments such as browsers, operating systems, and peripherals, as well as luminati.
  • The support team is very helpful and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can easily get it via Skype.

2. NetNut

NetNut is one of the latest and amazing residential IP proxy servers that give unique features. They provide dedicated and shared proxy servers that allow customers to hide their digital identities to reduce the fear of hackers or prevent cyber theft.

NetNut residential proxy review

It gives an impressive pool of residential proxies allowing for geotargeting and sticky sessions. When compared with the storm proxies, it has got a whole lot of residential proxies. Moreover, the IPs are always online and they have got even more than 5 to 7 million IP addresses.

NetNut offers complete anonymity and high speed by performing load balancing to connect you to the network. A lot of sites do not work well with the sneaker websites but this isn’t the case with NetNut.

Besides sites of Adidas and Nike, it works well with all the sneaker websites. The dashboard for the NetNut is really intuitive and the statistics are understandable. NetNut is still working on getting the Whitelist IPs authentication.

Key Features of NetNut Proxy:

  • Sticky IP: NetNut’s residential proxies offer the sticky IPs using a unique identifier. Each of the users has the same exit IP.
  • Search Engine Proof: The residential proxies work well with all the search engines. It generates different IP with each request and gives you a new IP.
  • Segmentation: Unlike its competitors, NetNut gives you easy access to websites scraping with no extra charge.
  • Pool Size: The pool size of the IPs is pretty large and offers over millions of IPs.
  • IP Rotation: With this feature, NetNut gives a unique IP for each browser and can be integrated with any of the browsers.
  • Connect Multiple Devices: Users can connect to all the devices and use all the devices with the intelligent DNS proxy.

Pricing: Review

NetNut has seven tariff plans ranging from $ 300 for the smallest package to $ 3,500 for the largest package. There is another package that is priceless. If you need it, you need to contact the sales team. For other price requests like 2TB, 5TB, etc you also need to contact us.

It also offers a 7-day free trial period and on request, you can get 100 GB of traffic.


  • 7- day Free Trial
  • DiViNetworks Dependent
  • 24/7 Support
  • High Speeds and Low Latency
  • Less than 1% failure
  • IP Rotation
  • API for Stats


  • No SOCKS Support
  • No IP Whitelisting

3. InstantProxies

Instant proxies are commonly known for their fast proxy service and the availability of the network they provide. What sets them apart is the ability to test the speed and verify the availability of their proxy network.

This proxy service is relatively affordable and also provides a high-quality proxy. In addition to its speed, InstantProxies offers its users private HTTP proxies that support private browsing through popular browsers and are highly anonymous.

List Of Top Instagram Proxies Providers- Instant Proxies

Powerful web analysis of custom systems is also guaranteed if you consider instantproxies. Unlike other proxy services, you do not have to wait several days for delivery and can test before you buy. This proxy service does not provide many services compared to other proxy companies.

It has a pool of proxies which are provided for social networks like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Yahoo and other websites like Amazon and Craigs Lists.

Step-by-step instructions are also provided for users. If you are not sure which option to use or where to find one, you can view helpful tutorials. Even if your problem is not resolved, you can request live support.

It also comes with a handful of proxy tools such as Proxy Availability Checker, Proxy Tester, Browser Privacy Test, Light Check IP API, and Light Check Online API are also provided to the user.

Features Of InstantProxies

List Of Top Instagram Proxies Providers- Instant Proxies


1. Avavility Across Multiple Cities

This is one of the most important aspects when choosing a proxy server. Depending on your needs, it may need to be from a specific location. Of course, this is because proxies are mainly used for confidentiality.

No Anonymity With this Provider

I was able to use multiple accounts on many popular Internet platforms. In fact, agents are obstacles to protecting us from many threats. These threats can be serious or not severe, but it is important that you never use free public proxy servers.

Unlimited Bandwidth.

Now that this provider is so cheap, I was surprised to have so much bandwidth. This is an important reason why this provider does not bother me, as it is difficult to complain if the connection is made immediately after payment and I have no downtime.

Chat Support

Well, frankly, I never needed his support because everything is just so easy. Some people need extra help, and this is another expert because if you can just turn to the help desk, nothing can go wrong.


List Of Top Instagram Proxies Providers- Instant Proxies Pricing

InstantProxies is one of the cheapest private proxy providers in the industry. This could be a bold claim, but as a person who constantly buys proxies, the amount of prices that are charged before a purchase error is committed is limited. What I mean is that if you pay less than a dollar for a proxy, then you have a high probability of not being shared privately, with reduced availability and reduced customer service time.

This is important because when you buy public proxies you are exposed to financial predators. InstantProxies is great because it’s best to be economical and affordable, but of decent quality.

  • Fast proxies. Excellent speed.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Great support.
  • 7-day money back guarantee.
  • Proxy tester tool is available.
  • No rotating proxies. Only static IPs.
  • No username/password authentication.
  • No SOCKS proxies.
  • No free trial.

4. Geosurf

Geosurf is a reliable, secure and fast Residential IP Rotation Platform. Using Geosurf is easy and intuitive, either by a few clicks or with a dedicated API.  Geosurf has millions of IPs generated all around the world (over 2000 locations in 192 countries) of which you can choose from and in total this is an excellent overall solution for Instagram Proxies.

What is so surprising about Geosurf, is the how intuitive is using it. Connecting to the service is about as easy as opening a website and changing IPs is done by 2 clicks. The connections are fast (tested and verified) and most important – You get your own clean IPs to securely access Instagram without the fear of being blocked.

Geosurf’s unlimited connections allow you to have unlimited ongoing connection with as many Instagram accounts you would want to manage. Just send a request and you have a new IP address. And the beauty of it all – you are billed only for the traffic and not for the amount of addresses or concurrent connections.

Key Features of Geosurf’s Proxy:

  • Millions of IPs: Geosurf literally provides millions of IP addresses, all for your exclusive usage. No need to worry about being blocked by some other user or agency that are misusing your addresses.
  • Outstanding API:The given API for your programming needs is very easy to connect to. Once connected (by a given username and password), you are able to change your IP address just by altering the port number. After trying this out, it seems a much better solution than the method of changing the username/password for a different IP address.
  • IP Rotation: The IP can be changed with each new connection. This allows you to securely connect to Instagram with a new account on the same browser, or to open each browser with a different IP address.
  • Premium Support: The customer support team at Geosurf is outstanding. An expert Customer Success Manager will respond to your questions within minutes by phone/Email or Skype.


Geosurf has 4 tariff plans, between 450$ a month to a special plan for over 2TB of monthly traffic. All pricing plans are very competitive and give you a true value for your money.


  • Millions of IP addresses
  • Coder friendly – with a simple API.
  • Unique addresses for each customer. No more address sharing
  • 24/7 Support by industry leading support agents.
  • Low latency and high success rates.
  • IP Rotation
  • User friendly dashboard
  • Instant IP switching
  • More than 2,000 different locations


5. SSL Private Proxies

SSLPrivateProxy is a very good proxy service that provides high-quality private proxy as well as other shared proxy services. There are many packages available that are optimized for specific usage situations, such as: For example, creating accounts on social networks, unlocking websites, buying shoes and tickets, and doing SEO tasks.
SSLPrivateProxy offers the following services like Private Proxy, Shared Proxy, Private VPN and Shared VPN.

List Of Top Instagram Proxies Providers- SSLPrivateProxy

In addition to the usual proxies, it offers a variety of dedicated proxies for specific purposes, such as: For example, exclusive proxies for social networking sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, as well as sneakers, classifieds, and ticketing proxies. It is also aimed at players by providing proxy servers for Pokemon Go.

Features Of SSLPrivateProxy

High Anonymity Guaranteed

You have the assurance of high anonymity with a private SSL proxy. This means that your IP address will not be sent to websites that you use to browse because requests are being processed with your IP address. If you do not disclose your IP address, your privacy will be greatly protected.

Secured IP Authentication Method

The private SSL proxy uses only the IP authentication method to authenticate your connection. Where the connection is much easier and safer. Allows you to connect from multiple devices simultaneously without using the same IP address.

Monthly Randomization Of Proxies

With SSL Private Proxy, you can request a new set of proxies each month through your Control Panel. However, because not all private SSL proxy packages have this feature, you only need to make sure that the selected package has this feature before you buy it.

3 Days Return Policy

With the private SSL proxy, users can not test their proxies before they buy. However, if you are dissatisfied with the service, you can receive a refund within three days of purchase. However, this means that you will not use proxies to create accounts on social networks or publish ads.

Private VPN

SSL Private Proxy is a great solution for deploying private VPNs. Your VPNs are dedicated IP addresses with high performance. In addition, they allow you to send and receive data while staying anonymous and secure while surfing the Internet.

Shared VPNs

With SSL Private Proxy, you can encrypt and protect your network traffic while sharing your VPN over a wireless network that protects all your devices. Shared VPNs are designed to provide privacy and security regardless of your Internet usage.

Shared Proxy

Buy shared proxies from private SSL proxies if you do not want to spend your entire budget. Shared proxies offer 100% anonymity, high speed, security and convenience in one package. Currently, SSL Private Proxies offers the cheapest shared proxies on the market. So you have to choose the service to enjoy it.

Private Intermediaries

Purchase a private proxy with an SSL private proxy consisting of multiple cities and subnets. The private servers are highly anonymous and dedicated servers with no installation costs. More importantly, they are compatible with all devices, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.


SSL Private Proxy has a wide range of pricing packages to choose from depending on which suits you best.

List Of Top Instagram Proxies Providers- SSLPrivateProxy Pricing

The plans include:

  • 1Month Price – $15.00
  • 3 Month Price – $14. 25
  • 6 Month Price -$13.50
  • 12 Month price $12.00

SSLPrivateProxy comes with handy custom coupon codes for their private proxy packages. If you need cheap shared proxies or sneakers proxies, it comes with a few coupon codes that you can use to get your proxies at a discount. Moreover, SSL Private Proxies accepts payment in multiple methods, such as Credit Cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, and WorldPay.


  • Clean IP Address
  • Multiple Locations
  • Instant IP/Location Switching
  • Private and Shared Proxies
  • 1GB Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Simultaneous Usage
  • Highly Anonymous
  • Works with any SEO Tool
  • IP and Username Authentication
  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Dedicated Specialty Servers
  • IP Refresh
  • Multiple Subnets and Prefixes
  • Non-Sequential IPs
  • Virgin Proxies Available

How To Use Proxies for Instagram to maximize exposure

Once your proxies are set up for Instagram, you can use them as per your needs. Many vendors go beyond their use to add subscribers and collect analytics. You use them to make sure that every displayed image gets maximum exposure. For example, if they have a great image that they know people will love, they’ll show it in multiple accounts, using an anonymous proxy for each account, or at least using VPS as a proxy.

This facilitates collaboration with other brands. Eighty-five percent of the best brands use Instagram and a proxy to access Facebook, which makes it very difficult to point out if you have only one account. Creating multiple accounts makes it easier for you to create a splash in a busy marketing scene. You may not be able to perform well on an Instagram account. However, if you have 10 or 20, it will be difficult for other advertisers to compete with you. Suddenly you become the seller of Instagram to win.

You can even create multiple accounts for specific customer types. If you use multiple anonymous proxy servers, you can easily create specific marketing campaigns. These proxies can open up countless opportunities that can not otherwise be accessed. Once you take advantage of these opportunities, the sky will be the limit. You will enjoy all the benefits of Instagram marketing.

Best Practices for Using Instagram Proxies In Instagram Account

If you’re new to Instagram marketing, you probably do not know how to use Instagram proxies and software to your advantage. You can follow some tips to make the most of the social network.

Don’t Be Too Fast

First, the race wins slowly and steadily when it comes to using Instagram proxies. Some people install proxies and then use their accounts to send tons of content. This can be considered spam and possibly blocked. The best way to avoid this is to behave the bot like a human being. Make it run at the same speed as humans so it is less likely to get stuck. As a bonus, you are more likely to share valuable content as you proceed slowly. That way, you can generate real followers.

List Of Top Instagram Proxies Providers- instagram proxies stats

If they block you now, you’ll need to unlock the Instagram proxy. In many cases, you just have to log out and log in again. If that does not work, wait a day and try again. If you still can not unlock the Instagram proxy, you’ll need to get a new one. In some companies, you can exchange locked proxies for new ones.

Then you can simply replace the blocked proxy with the new one. Enter the new proxy information into the software so they can work for you again.

Do Not Share Your Instagram Proxies

Then never share Instagram proxies with others. You may want to be a good person and help, but if you share your powers with another person, you do not have your own IP address. If this other person uses the proxy to create Instagram accounts, the proxy may hang. You could even have a banned account in your hands. Keep your strength to yourself so you do not have to fear being bogged down by someone else’s actions.

Use Multiple Proxies

Also, make sure that you use a different proxy for each Instagram account. This is the only way to hide your identity. This will not overlap IP addresses.

Speed Matters A Lot

You must also consider the speed of the proxy. You automate multiple processes, and if your proxy is too slow, time can run out before the software can complete the task. Check the speed of the proxy to make sure that it can perform the various tasks that the bot launches in its own way.

Always Go With Paid Proxies

Finally, choose paid instead of free proxies for Instagram. Although it sounds “free,” you may have problems using a free proxy. Legitimate companies offer private powers. On the other hand, anyone can use a free Instagram proxy service. This could result in a connection to a network being made in the basement of another person, which could have malicious intent. In fact, hackers are known to offer free proxy services just to hack other people’s systems.

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(Final Verdict): List Of Top Instagram Proxies Providers 2021 Instagram Proxies for IG automation

In my opinion, Luminati would be the best representative in terms of price and quality of this list. They kept their servers running and had no problems using them. They beat all the competitors on this list simply because of the price and the quality, which are better than most of the list.

It comes with an impressive high-speed connection, high-security features with diverse locations of servers that will always ascertain your comfort. More importantly, the company is a good leader in providing you highly anonymous proxies and secure Virtual Private Networks. Let me know in the comments section below what you think about all these proxies and what you liked the most.


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