8 Best Instagram Proxies Provider 2023: What Is The Best Proxy Service Provider?

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Looking for the best Instagram proxies provider, you are at the right place.

Most of you want to create multiple accounts on Instagram? Is your IG account blocked by Instagram? And what is the best way to manage multiple IG accounts? In our case, using dedicated private proxy servers to manage each account is the safest and most effective way to solve this problem.

Instagram is considered as one of the best places for social media marketing and brand promotion. We already know that you can use the Instagram app on your PC through many applications such as BlueStack.

But if you want to get more flavors, comments, and more specific follow-up, or if you want to manage multiple accounts? We strongly recommend the use of proxies.

 8 Best Instagram Proxies Providers 2023 

1) Oxylabs  #1 Best Instagram Proxy

Oxylabs data center: Best Instagram Proxies Provider

If you’ve been searching for a proxy service that can help your business get the data it needs, you’ve probably come across the name “Oxylabs.”

In short, Oxylabs is a proxy service that helps companies get business intelligence data. It offers premium proxies and enterprise-level support so businesses can manage their data scraping infrastructures effectively.

With millions of premium data centers and residential IPs worldwide, Oxylabs provides one of the most comprehensive proxy services available on the market today.

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2) IPRoyal #2 Best Instagram Proxy

IPRoyal Review- Overview

For many years, social media networks have been a place for family and friends to catch up. They also became a great channel for businesses to advertise their work, get in touch with their existing clients, and reach out to new ones.

Unfortunately, there are many rules on how you can promote your business on these websites. Fortunately, you can use IPRoyal proxies to get around any limitations and grow your Instagram presence.

If you use a free proxy, someone else might be using it. If that person does something wrong on social media, they will also get in trouble. With IPRoyal dedicated proxies, you can rest assured each IP is reserved just for you. This is the only way to ensure maximum privacy and avoid blocks or bans.

Social media bots are popular because they can fully automate your tasks. With IPRoyal proxies, you can even use multiple accounts on the same website. Your posts like, and comments – you can set up everything and grow your brand by reaching new audiences.

3) ProxyEmpire #3 Best Instagram Proxy

ProxyEmpire Review Proxies For Residential Use In The Best Locations

Are you in need of a reliable, fast, and affordable Instagram proxy solution? Look no further than ProxyEmpire. They offer both private and shared proxies and have a wide range of packages to suit your needs. Plus, their customer service team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or problems you may have. Let’s check out ProxyEmpire in detail.

4. InstantProxies

Instant proxies are commonly known for their fast proxy service and the availability of the network they provide. What sets them apart is the ability to test the speed and verify the availability of their proxy network.

This proxy service is relatively affordable and also provides a high-quality proxy. In addition to its speed, InstantProxies offers its users private HTTP proxies that support private browsing through popular browsers and are highly anonymous.

List Of Top Instagram Proxies Providers- Instant Proxies

Powerful web analysis of custom systems is also guaranteed if you consider instant proxies. Unlike other proxy services, you do not have to wait several days for delivery and can test before you buy. This proxy service does not provide many services compared to other proxy companies.

It has a pool of proxies that are provided for social networks like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Yahoo, and other websites like Amazon and Craigs Lists.

Step-by-step instructions are also provided for users. If you are not sure which option to use or where to find one, you can view helpful tutorials. Even if your problem is not resolved, you can request live support.

It also comes with a handful of proxy tools such as Proxy Availability Checker, Proxy Tester, Browser Privacy Test, Light Check IP API, and Light Check Online API are also provided to the user.

5. SSL Private Proxies

SSLPrivateProxy is a very good proxy service that provides high-quality private proxy as well as other shared proxy services. There are many packages available that are optimized for specific usage situations, such as: For example, creating accounts on social networks, unlocking websites, buying shoes and tickets, and doing SEO tasks.
SSLPrivateProxy offers the following services Private Proxy, Shared Proxy, Private VPN and Shared VPN.

List Of Top Instagram Proxies Providers- SSLPrivateProxy

In addition to the usual proxies, it offers a variety of dedicated proxies for specific purposes, such as For example, exclusive proxies for social networking sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, as well as sneakers, classifieds, and ticketing proxies. It is also aimed at players by providing proxy servers for Pokemon Go.

SSLPrivateProxy comes with handy custom coupon codes for their private proxy packages. If you need cheap shared proxies or sneakers proxies, it comes with a few coupon codes that you can use to get your proxies at a discount.

Moreover, SSL Private Proxies accepts payment in multiple methods, such as Credit Cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, and WorldPay.

6. NetNut

NetNut is one of the latest and most amazing residential IP proxy servers that give unique features. They provide dedicated and shared proxy servers that allow customers to hide their digital identities to reduce the fear of hackers or prevent cyber theft.

NetNut residential proxy review

It gives an impressive pool of residential proxies allowing for geotargeting and sticky sessions. When compared with the storm proxies, it has got a whole lot of residential proxies. Moreover, the IPs are always online and they have got even more than 5 to 7 million IP addresses.

NetNut offers complete anonymity and high speed by performing load balancing to connect you to the network. A lot of sites do not work well with the sneaker websites but this isn’t the case with NetNut.

Besides sites of Adidas and Nike, it works well with all the sneaker websites. The dashboard for the NetNut is really intuitive and the statistics are understandable. NetNut is still working on getting the Whitelist IPs authentication.

7. Geosurf

Geosurf is a reliable, secure, and fast Residential IP Rotation Platform. Using Geosurf is easy and intuitive, either with a few clicks or with a dedicated API.  Geosurf has millions of IPs generated all around the world (over 2000 locations in 192 countries) of which you can choose from and in total, this is an excellent overall solution for Instagram Proxies.

What is so surprising about Geosurf, is how intuitive is to use it. Connecting to the service is about as easy as opening a website and changing IPs is done with 2 clicks. The connections are fast (tested and verified) and most important – You get your own clean IPs to securely access Instagram without the fear of being blocked.

Geosurf’s unlimited connections allow you to have an unlimited ongoing connection with as many Instagram accounts as you would want to manage. Just send a request and you have a new IP address. And the beauty of it all – you are billed only for the traffic and not for the number of addresses or concurrent connections.

Geosurf has 4 tariff plans, from 450$ a month to a special plan for over 2TB of monthly traffic. All pricing plans are very competitive and give you true value for your money.

8) Bright Data 

bright data

As the company itself claims, Bright Data is the largest proxy network in the world. They allow the collection of web data without the risk of blocking. The company provides millions of IP addresses, currently more than 40.5 million available in almost every country in the world.

You can start with an IP address from the beginning and use millions of dollars if necessary. Send a connection request to a remote server. The request is processed by the proxy and then connected to the remote server. For this reason, the service assumes that the connection is made through the proxy server, not the actual server.

Bright Data has no interest in collecting the user’s personal information. They are interested in NPs and therefore they use an agreement system.

Users authorize access to their IP addresses as soon as their devices have sufficient Internet connectivity and are no longer actively used. Residential: Reserved for registered companies and Data Center test for individual and registered companies. But it’s a monthly commitment plan.

Datacenter IP addresses are static and much easier to recognize than a proxy, but they are cheap. Let me show you the proxy details of your IP proxies and data center proxies.

  • Proxies: $0.50/per GB
  • Private Proxies: $0.60/Month per IP
  • Residential and Mobile IPs: $12.5/per GB

What are the Most Effective Forms of Instagram Proxies?

  • Mobile Proxies: The best proxies for Instagram are mobile proxies since Instagram is a mobile app and hundreds of smartphones share the same IP address. If you require assistance with more than one account, you should consider that this form of proxy might get rather pricey.
  • Residential Proxy: If you’re using a residential proxy, you may choose either a static or a rotating IP address. However, if you’re looking to sign up for Instagram, a rotating IP address is the way to go.
  • Dedicated Proxies: To bridge the price gap between shared proxies and private social media proxies, a third alternative exists: dedicated proxies. Even though they aren’t ideal, they can be useful for Instagram account scraping if you’re going to be employing a bot.
    We advise against using shared proxies for Instagram. It’s impossible to know for sure if the proxies are safe to use or not.
  • Shared Proxies: If you care about the safety of your personal data, you should never use a free proxy to access Instagram.

FAQs On Best Instagram Proxies

Can You Use Instagram with Shared Proxies?

They won't function on your Instagram profile, unfortunately. Because they will be blocked, and even if they aren't blocked right now, they will be blocked soon. That's why you shouldn't waste your money or time on them.

Where Can I Find Out How Many Proxies I Need for Each Account?

As it is only logical for an Instagram profile to utilize a single IP address, you will only require a single proxy per profile. It's expected that you'll do this.

With a single proxy, how many Instagram accounts can you create?

As a result, the correct response to this question is that it is dependent on the type of proxy being used. One proxy per Instagram account is the general rule when utilizing a private proxy. However, you should link five to ten profiles per mobile proxy.

What is an Instagram proxy?

A proxy server acts as a bridge for your computer and the web. This implies that before doing anything on the internet, a proxy will be used. There is a unique number called an IP address for every computer in the world, including yours. This is the identifier that establishes your device's identity on the network and enables you to access the internet. You will need to utilize a proxy if you either do not wish for your true location or identity to be shown online. A proxy server might be quite useful when using Instagram. Let's say you need to use Instagram from a location where it's blocked, such as a school or workplace. To get around these restrictions and have full access, using a proxy is the best option. If you want to use a proxy service to access the Instagram app, be sure that it will provide you full access to the app rather than just a subset of its capabilities.

How Can You Unblock Instagram Using a Proxy?

Selecting the most suitable proxy service is a must to bypassing Instagram blocks. In our opinion, residential proxies are the best option because they may be used to mask the user's true IP address. It's true that they're more costly than shared proxies, but they also guarantee your entire anonymity. Additionally, they are more efficient and trustworthy than any alternative proxy solutions. Once you've decided on a proxy service, all you have to do is set up your device and connect to Instagram using that proxy. There is a wide variety of proxies available, including shared, residential, and dedicated servers. The choice you make will be determined by factors like your desired level of anonymity and your available funds. The shared option is a good choice if you don't want to spend too much on a proxy. However, while they don’t cost as much, they also aren’t as trustworthy, especially if you’re utilizing them to view huge websites.

How to Choose a Reliable Instagram Proxy Service ?

This is possibly the most crucial component of the entire procedure — picking the correct proxy service. If you want to really get your money’s worth, you’re going to have to do a good bit of research. Even though you might not be eager to shell out the cash necessary to hire a proxy, you should. There are free Instagram proxy alternatives, but you should expect them to be unreliable, reveal your true IP address, and be extremely sluggish. As we said before, the price of a proxy will impact its dependability and anonymity, thus deciding how much you are ready to pay for a proxy may be the first step. From here, you should ensure that your proxy service is both quick and legitimate. Also, find out how many locations they have.

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Conclusion: Best Instagram Proxies 2023 

In my opinion, Bright Data would be the best representative in terms of the price and quality of this list. They kept their servers running and had no problems using them. They beat all the competitors on this list simply because of the price and the quality, which are better than most of the list.

It comes with an impressive high-speed connection and high-security features with diverse locations of servers that will always ascertain your comfort. More importantly, the company is a good leader in providing you highly anonymous proxies and secure Virtual Private Networks. Let me know in the comments section below what you think about all these proxies and what you liked the most.

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