Meet The Guy Who Went From 0 To $12,000 In 6 Months With Dropshipping Business

Starting a new business, it is natural to look for something or somebody that could inspire you. It’s necessary to believe you can be as good as everyone else – and it’s exciting to know that in a couple of years you can become a role model yourself.

Today, Rahul Patil is the hero of our incredible story. The example of this Indian online entrepreneur shows that anything is possible if you dream big! Rahul did this with help of Amazing WordPress Dropshipping Plugin Alidropship.

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Meet The Guy Who Went From 0 To $12,000 In 6 Months With Dropshipping Business

Who Is Rahul?

Rahul is a prominent businessman from India who has started exploring the world of e-commerce 3 years ago. At that moment, he already had a solid background of a SEO specialist with an experience of running several blogs. Search engine optimization and blogging have always been his real desire, and he gave them all his free time.

About a year ago Rahul shifted his focus to e-commerce and drop shipping business in particular. It was a turning point in his career, and in his personal life as well.

Today, he has 3 drop shipping stores. The first one of them brings him about $2,000 on a monthly basis – there’s no wonder that he wants to open 2 more stores!

How Is It Even Possible?

For the most part, these impressive numbers are a result of a thoughtful webstore management. Rahul has tried several unsatisfactory e-commerce solutions before he finally found the one that helps him run the business in a semi-automated mode.

In Rahul’s opinion, the best thing about this solution (which is called AliDropship plugin) is its high efficiency in terms of conversion rates. This plugin allows building webstores with a carefully pre-designed layout: all the page elements and their placement are optimized to provide a pleasant and rewarding shopping experience.

Plus, the plugin has a feature of importing products from AliExpress and grabbing actual buyers’ reviews as well. This factor adds much to the drop shipping store credibility, and motivates Rahul’s store visitors to follow the example of happy customers.

What Did Rahul Do To Open His Stores?

Amazing WordPress Dropshipping Plugin Alidropship

Amazing WordPress Dropshipping Plugin Alidropship Amazing WordPress Dropshipping Plugin Alidropship

His first step was to find the suitable business niches. To do this, Rahul concentrated on 2 things: people’s problems and people’s hobbies.

He strongly believes that if a football fan finds a great T-shirt with the name (or the autograph) of his favourite player, he will buy it immediately.

The same thing happens if a person has some specific problem, and accidentally finds its solution in an online store. This way, the only product category Rahul advises to avoid is mass-market stuff – the thing that you can easily buy in a nearby offline shop isn’t a good find for a drop shipping store.

Secondly, he chose suppliers with good customer feedbacks. High products quality and fast shipping are the key factors that influence buying decisions.

Then, it was the time for the prices adjustment. If the product costs Rahul $5 along with the shipping fee, he sets his own price at the level of $20-25. According to Rahul, the items are worth this price because of their exclusiveness and great quality.

How Did Drop Shipping Change Rahul’s Life?

The most special moment of his business life was the first sell. That time he had some financial problems and it was a tough thing to invest money on his projects. He didn’t give up, continued working, and one day, he got a notification about his first sale – the income amounted to $2, but it was a promising start anyway.

His happiness was hard to describe. That day he clearly understood that earning money through working from home is not a myth.

Now, the business management takes him about one hour per day. During this time, he usually processes new orders and replies to clients’ e-mails. From time to time, he tries something new to improve his conversions, for example, he writes new product descriptions or changes the photos.

Besides that, he experiments with the promotional channels and techniques. What will you do, he asks, if your Facebook account or your store will be temporarily locked one day? His blogging experience has taught him to never rely on a single source of traffic – your profit depends on it, after all!

Rahul admits: the day you stop growing, you will eventually fall. While running drop shipping business, it’s essential to use all possible opportunities and remember that you are not wasting your money – you’re investing in your future.

And, judging by Rahul’s mindset, it’s safe to say that the brightest future awaits him – this guy will surely inspire hundreds, if not thousands of people to follow his example and embark on their own drop shipping journeys.

So check out the this amazing Dropship Plugin you can use it and start your dropshipping business today.

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I hope this case study inspires you to start a dropshipping business and make money online through ecommerce. Do you have any questions please drop in the comment section below.


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  3. Hai Jitendra there are lots of tips and techniques to learn from you.These are very useful for Startup who wants to grow his E Commerce business

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