MentorBox Review 2024: Is It Legit Or Scam? ($1 Trial)

MentorBox is an application that uses books to educate people. You may haven’t heard about this app yet, but one day you will soon. The application is going on viral on famous social sites like Facebook and Instagram with their official pages. Over the years, the popularity of this application is bursting all over the world. You can find it worth your money or not by reading the MentorBox review in detail.

Get your mentors packed and delivered in a box. There is an easy sign-up process with its cancellation policy. In the following write-up, you will know the good, bad, premium plans, and everything about the app. After that, you can decide whether the application is right for you or not.

MentorBox Review

MentorBox Review 2024 | It Is Worth The Hype?

Detailed MentorBox Review

MentorBox is the product by two most famous internet sensations, named Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr. They help us to get an application to gain knowledge through books by professionals. You can find significant lessons from famous writers and learn valuable information from books. MentorBox is a school of online courses where you can join thousands of students seeking knowledge and learn from anywhere you go.

Once you have enrolled for the mentorBox application online, then you can log in and can have access to many online courses offered by professionals, authors, and CEOs. You can find this application appropriate to master your skill or help you in taking your business to the next level.

MentorBox Review - MentorBox

You can read a book even in half an hour. Grabbing knowledge from these books can help you in increasing your business and personal development.

You can try the product to find whether it is suitable for you or not. We are offering you weighted reviews of this product to find, is it worth to try or not. This application provides life-changing knowledge through seminars and interview plans by famous authors.

Does it Contain Books?

Books are real friends and a great source of knowledge. MentorBox includes lots of books and learning material with interviews or seminar plans that keep you informed about the world. In MentorBox, thousands of books are provided to the users with easy subscription plans to gain knowledge. You can get expert advice and lectures along with interviews for free. If you read books continuously, you will know better ways to enhance the level of your business.

People who love to read books can download the app and search for books, as per their needs and interests. Many people are not fond of reading books related to knowledge because it can be tedious. You can use MentorBox to read entertaining books, read interesting interviews, and join live sessions with the experts.

The user interface of the MentorBox is designed with impressive themes. Everything is easy to explore and access without wasting any time. It is best for the people who want to gain knowledge to serve their purpose without just reading it.

Who Created This Idea?

Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez, the investors and internet sensational entrepreneurs, have created MentorBox. Both of the wealthy minds come up with the useful idea of MentorBox. The application is designed for people who like to spend their time reading books. It has focused on traditional learning as well as non-traditional topics like business, money, and leadership.

MentorBox Review - Alex Mehr

You can find books for nearly every topic related to business development, money, or leadership. You can find the list of great authors and can choose them as your mentors for the online courses and live sessions. There is also a MentorBox mastermind group on Facebook where you can directly connect yourself to the makers: Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr.

Reading these books can help you in self-development in many attractive ways. The books not only belong to the business niche, but you can also get books on personal development, psychology, etc. You can find important and helpful reviews on the product that helps you to choose the subscription plan wisely.

How Can You Get Signed Up with MentorBox

You can see MentorBox everywhere, as its ads are multiplying all over the internet. Once you visit the MentorBox site, the ads are not going to leave you. You can get the ads everywhere on the internet, and hence, you will surely find it attractive. The social media platforms will force you to subscribe to MentorBox.

You can have a check on it online and can have a three days subscription for free. After that, you will automatically be charged for the next monthly subscription. There are two plans offered by MentorBox: one for a monthly subscription and the other one as a yearly subscription. You can access all the online programs of different courses in a monthly subscription plan. You will receive a physical subscription along with some goodies.

What does Physical MentorBox Include

The physical box is given to an individual, who buys the monthly subscription of MentorBox. It includes the physical subscription plan for a month along with some goodies. There is a big difference between the online subscription and the physical box.

The physical box contains two or three books as per the subscription plan. The video lessons are provided along with the book summaries in the USB flash drive cards. Each book contains worksheets and cheat-sheets, along with a study guide. Other accessories like a bookmark and a magnet are also available in the box.

How is MentorBox Different From Other Applications?

MentorBox is very different from other applications like Audiobooks or Blinkist. In Audiobooks, you can find books more in an audio format, but in MentorBox, you will find a book to read and some audio material to listen to and work upon the given worksheets. Whereas, if you go for Blinkist, you can read book summaries and gather knowledge from the same.

MentorBox Review - Class Carriculum

It is unnecessary to read the whole book. But in MentorBox, you can read whole books without skipping any essential information. The application does contain book summaries. The trial pack is available in all three applications. You can simply download and use it to know whether it is suitable for you or not.

Who are the Mentors in MentorBox?

There is a variation of authors and C-level executives who have teamed up with MentorBox to provide online courses and share their reviews. They are known as mentors. There is no physical MentorBox provided to anybody. Therefore, these online mentors will tell you everything through their video content.

Is There Any Service for the Free Trial?

Yes, the MentorBox application comes with a free trial for about three days. You have to visit the official website and subscribe, as per your need and choice. You will get two subscription options, one for the monthly subscription and another for the yearly subscription. You can use this application for three days, and then after three days, you can purchase the desired subscription plan.

If you find it unsatisfactory, your money will be refunded due to a 30-day money-back guarantee. But definitely after using it for the trial period, you do not like to cancel the subscription. Every month, your MentorBox subscription will be renewed from your credit card on its own. If you want to cancel the subscription, you have to do it before the month ends or before the beginning of the renewing period.

What is the Pricing for the MentorBox?

On the MentorBox website, you have to enter some details like email address and your name to find the current price of the subscription. As you will be offered a free trial but after getting subscribed for any one option. Online cost for the MentorBox is $7 per month, in which you can access all the online learning programs. You have to pay $89 per month for the physical package of the MentorBox.

 MentorBox Review - Pricing

The prices may vary on the website as per their modernization on their subscription plans. You can contact MentorBox directly to get the updated price of the subscription plans. The yearly subscription at the price of $59 is also available. Sometimes, you can get discounts if you are a lucky customer. If you are ready to give some of your information, then you can find on-going premium offers and more detailing on these subscription plans.

Is MentoBox Good for Book Lovers?

Mentorbox is for both types of people who like to spend time with books and who do not. If you are not a book lover and do not like to read books, then the MentorBox app is for you. The enthusiastic readers mark all the important parts while reading a book and make their notes.

They read their study guides to get any help. MentorBox comes with a collection of books that can add up the knowledge to anxious readers. You can easily add some books to your reading list on MentorBox to access them later. Reading is one of the effective ways to learn.

 MentorBox Review - Tai Lopez

If we talk about non-readers, then it is difficult for them to read a whole book and make notes or study guides separately. MentorBox can help those people in gaining knowledge without reading much. The study material is provided within the application, so you do not have to make it on your own.

Cheat sheets are also available with the gist of the book. Especially, there are video options for every book, that will increase the interest of non-readers and help them in gaining knowledge. MentorBox is attracting most of the visual learners and engaging them in its interesting books and study materials.

Is There Any Refund Facility?

MentorBox offers an absolute refund facility on the purchased subscription plan within 30 days as per the deal. If you find it unsatisfactory, then you can request for the subscription cancellation. Your refund will be clear immediately within hours. Sometimes, the refunding process of the canceled subscription may take a few days.

You may get some issues with customer service. You will have to wait for a few days so that the customer support team can cancel your plan and refund your money. The responding process from the customer service will increase the time in making refunds. You can make a refund request or talk about any problem; then you can contact at [email protected]. Here, you can email your questions and wait for them to reply.

Customer Support MentorBox Reviews?

The customer support department of MentorBox is quite generous. They serve their customer’s requests and problems. You may experience some delay as they may get some time to revert. If you have any questions regarding the app, its subscription plans, etc., then you can contact MentorBox at any time. It offers 24×7 customer service support to their customers.

There is also a Facebook page, named MentorBox, which also gives group customer support service. It helps customers to resolve their problems regarding their refund or app-related issues. The Facebook page helps in solving your questions related to the app.

Is There any Website for MentorBox?

Yes, MentorBox also has a website named You can visit the website and get an introduction video to the MentorBox application. You can subscribe to the free trial of the application for three days. You can also check upon the application reviews at the bottom of the page. You can find information and details about the recent joiners of the application.

 MentorBox Review - Maya Burkenroad

You will get essential information about the product and the usage of the application from the website. It will help you in choosing the right subscription plan. You can have a free trial to discover the app and decide whether to buy it or not. On the sales page, you will observe a wide range of subscription plans along with discounted rates.

MentorBox Pros & Cons

Every product has positive as well as negative impacts, as MentorBox does. Let us see some pros and cons of MentorBox:


  • The application allows people to read hundreds of books in a month.
  • It is easy to choose a list of books of your choice, else MentorBox will provide good and latest books.
  • The books chosen by mentorBox belong to the people’s reading lists.
  • If you have an online subscription to MentorBox, then you can access the book and study material anywhere you want.
  • There is a column of supplementary materials that allows you to remember important facts and information about books.
  • Books are available along with their comprehension to increase the reader’s enthusiasm.
  • It is easy to get back to reading where you left before, with the help of a bookmark feature.
  • Getting a physical subscription from MentorBox will be more worth money.


  • Lessons from the mentors are expensive, and you won’t get it for free. So you have to hire them personally.
  • The prices of the subscription plans get updated. Therefore, you need to contact MentorBox to know the current rates.
  • There is a money-back guarantee, but you may find the refunding process very slow. It will take a quite long time to get your money back if you cancel the subscription.
  • Books that can help in promoting business levels can be expensive.
  • Many big promises are made on the sales page of the application to sell this product to the people. Your credit card will make the renewal of the subscription plans without any permission or notification.
  • The customer support is not good enough to handle queries and problems of the subscribers.


👉🏻How Can I Cancel My Subscription Plan?

👉🏻You have to contact the customer support directly, and they will generate a refund back request. They will transfer your request to the appropriate department that can cancel your subscription plan.

👉🏻How Does My Subscription Get Renewed?

After the expiry time, the subscription will get renewed for the next month or a year automatically. A secure transaction will take place from your credit card itself.

👉🏻What is the price of the Monthly Physical MentorBox?

You have to pay $89 per month for the physical box of books. Once you subscribe, then you do not have to worry about subscribing every month again and again.

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Conclusion: MentorBox Review 2024 | Should You Try

MentorBox is one of the suitable products for the book readers as well as non-readers. Despite slow customer service, this product has more advantages that make it quite ideal for all. The application is not so cheap, especially when it comes to the hiring of mentors for the online courses and the live interview sessions. Study materials with related books are also provided.

In this MentorBox review, we have covered all the essential information about the application. It offers two subscription plans, i.e., for a month and a year. You can also subscribe to the physical MentorBox that can help you in reading the physical books. It comes with more accessories like bookmarks and goodies.

 It also offers a free 3-day trial subscription to check all the features and functionalities of the app. There is a money-back guarantee if you find the product unsatisfied. Read reviews to understand the application in a better way and decide whether it is worth your money or not.

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