MGID Vs Taboola 2023 | Which One Is Better? (Get Bonus 25%)

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Pricing $100 minimum deposit $10 minimum deposit
Best for

This platform is used for native advertisements and it is known for its market strategy and positioning.

Taboola is similar to MGID, both known for native advertisements but differ in market strategy and positioning.

  • Acquire Visitors
  • Monetize Websites
  • Grow Traffic
  • Targeting & Re-targeting
  • Reaches Massive Audiences
  • Predictive Engine
  • Quite affordable to get started with
  • One of the oldest native ad networks
  • Users get dedicated account managers
  • Custom Targeting
  • Easy to set up campaigns
  • Worldwide reach and relatability
  • Traffic from MGID may lead to an increased bounce rate
  • Uneven performance across one campaign
Ease of Use

The user interface of MGID is easy to navigate but the admin panel can be too much for a beginner.

The UI of Taboola is really easy to use and it seems easy even for a beginner.

Value For Money

By creating native advertisements you can earn a lot and MGID helps you in that. So it is best to invest in MGID

Taboola offers a lot of things to their users and the minimum investment is $10 and which is really great but it still lacks a few things which MGID offers.

MGID vs Taboola, Both – pioneers in native advertising; both – undeniable industry leaders. And yet, they do differ significantly in market strategy, positioning, and client approach. So which ad network – MGID or Taboola – will meet your business needs best? Read on and decide for yourself. We have already done an in-depth MGID review which includes detailed insights into this native ads marketplace.

Bottom Line: MGID focuses more on their customer’s needs. Its market strategy is better than Taboola and this ad network can meet all your business needs. Grab your 25% bonus on MGID today.

MGID Review- MGID vs Taboola

The Detailed Comparison: MGID vs Taboola 2023

Which Ad Network to Choose And Why??

  • Minimum Traffic requirements

If you want to sign-up with MGID as a publisher, you need to have at least 3,000 per day or 90,000 per month monthly page views. As for Taboola, the number of monthly page views should be 500,000.

Taboola Earning Reports as Compared to MGID

Taboola vs mgid reviews

MGID vs Taboola- Dashboard

  • Revenue share

Usually, Taboola takes a 50% share of what the advertiser is bidding for CPC. By contrast, MGID charges a 35% revenue share, so the publisher gets 65% of the revenue.

  • Payments

Taboola issues payments in 45 days via Payoneer only, after the end of the month that you launched with them.

MGID pays based on NET 30 payment terms. This means that for e.g. the payment for July will be made on August, 30. The company provides clients with plenty of options:

  • Epayments (minimum payout is $100);
  • Payoneer Prepaid Card (minimum payout is $100);
  • Paypal (minimum payout is $100);
  • Webmoney (minimum payout is $50);
  • Payoneer Bank transfer (minimum payout is $100);
  • Tipalti Bank transfer (minimum payout is $1000);
  • ACH bank-to-bank transfer (minimum payout is $1000);
  • International bank-to-bank transfer (minimum payout is $1000).

I suggest contacting your manager to get more detailed information about payouts. Remember that fees vary depending on the chosen option.

  • CPM rates

You should understand that there is no single average CPM as it depends on the site, niche, traffic source, and SEOs.

  • Dynamic Re-targeting

MGID vs Taboola- Dynamic Retargeting

MGID vs Taboola- Reports

  • Traffic quality

Both are members of The Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Principles, The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA Framework) and Digital Advertising Alliance. Besides, MGID and Taboola have received the TAG “Certified Against Fraud” Seal due to their compliance with anti-fraud policies.

MGID vs Taboola- Traffic

MGID vs Taboola- Traffic Value

As far as I know, Taboola has a dedicated global anti-fraud team that manually reviews and automatically detects invalid traffic. MGID has an anti-fraud department too. Furthermore, MGID has also established a partnership with a third-party tool Anura for detecting fraudulent activity.

  • Optimal Budget

Taboola reviews with mgid reviews

Well, Taboola’s and MGID’s managers will give you two different answers to this question. Taboola has high expectations regarding their clients’ spending so you will not be able to run campaigns there without decent budgets. MGID is more lenient in this regard.

By investing $500 you get a personal manager who, depending on your budget and product, will tell you which seo is better to choose and what cost per click to set. He will also help you with creatives and will continue to give advice on further optimisation.

  • Designing Creatives

If you want to design your own widget quickly, Taboola has a solution for you – its ready-made stock of creatives. But the main shortcoming is that they’ve been used too often by other affiliates. So don’t expect your ad to stand out from the crowd.

MGID doesn’t have a stock option, instead, they create unique custom teasers upon your request.

MGID vs Taboola- Cliack Details

  • Moderation Policies

Both MGID and Taboola take their moderation policies seriously and oblige clients to follow them. But as Taboola leaves no room for a compromise, MGID is ready to cooperate. They can give you recommendations on what should be adjusted or changed on your landing page or in your ad to comply with their rules.

In the last couple of years, native advertising has become one of the major sources of traffic. Today, MGID is one of the most innovative Native Advertising Platforms. We have already done a complete review of MGID on Bloggersideas, do check it out.

  • Targeting and Traffic Insights

MGID vs Taboola- ScheduleMGID vs Taboola- TargetingMGID vs Taboola- Traffic InsightsMGID vs Taboola- Language SelectionMGID vs Taboola- Browsers

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Final Verdict: MGID vs Taboola Comparison 2023 | Which One Is Better??

No matter how experienced you are, questions might still arise. And you need to be able to ask them ASAP. In this regard, MGID is more customer-oriented. Once registered there, you will get your account manager’s email address and Skype name.

In Taboola, on the other hand, Skype’s name is revealed only to major clients. So you can contact your manager only via email at first, which makes it harder to get a prompt reply.

Finally, as an advertiser or publisher, you should try different traffic sources. This way you’ll get a better understanding of which verticals perform better and where. And remember: traffic is a fast-changing thing. You’ll never succeed unless you monitor the market constantly. But if you don’t have large budgets at your disposal, want to control and improve your campaign results and are looking for an ad network that will be your partner, MGID is a good choice.

P.S. MGID offers a 25% bonus on top of your first deposit from $500 to $ 5000. Sign up via the link and start making money right now!

No matter how experienced you are, questions might still arise. And you need to be able to ask them ASAP. In this regard, MGID is more customer-oriented. Once registered there, you will get your account manager’s email address and Skype name.

Price:$ 500
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