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      Are you looking for working Mindvalley Coupon Codes and Promo Codes?


      In this post, I have listed the best working Mindvalley Coupon Codes and Promo Codes 2020 that you can use to get up to 30% OFF on various courses available on Mindvalley, All of these Mindvalley promo codes are verified.

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      Bottom Line: Mindvalley courses are the best online courses available for entrepreneurship, personal development, and self-education. This post features 100% verified Mindvalley coupons and promo code, Mindvalley offers different coursed from self-development to meditation, we would recommend you get started with Jim Kwik Masterclass for free and do check out for our honest Mindvalley Jim Kwik superbrain review.

      Mindvalley Coupon Codes 2020: Get Upto 30% OFF (VERIFIED)

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      What Is Mindvalley?

      Founded by  Vishen Lakhiani who is based out of Beaverton, Oregon, the Mindvalley Academy claims to be the first e-learning website dedicated to “Personal Growth, Self-education and Entrepreneurship”. They are focused on helping you “unlock your extraordinary life”.

      Mindvalley has made innovative advances in this direction. They have developed a reflective approach that combines online learning, an application that guarantees the effectiveness of meetings and destinations meetings.

      Vishen Lakhiani- Mindvalley Discount Coupon code

      The Mindvalley Academy offers courses created by authors known for their personal development who can contribute not only to the development of the physical body but also to the mind and spirit.

      According to this website, those who can use the information provided by the courses will be able to achieve their personal goals. Currently, the Mindvalley Academy offers 58 classes, each designed to develop a function that incorporates mental or physical well-being.

      It is possible that some users are already familiar with the concepts of this website, as they are easy to find in many self-help books as well as in the movie “The Secret”. Check our detailed Mindvalley Video Review…

      Mindvalley Academy Courses Review ✅ Worth To Buy It ?

      Most of them can easily be considered wrong, but since some of the abilities of a human brain are still puzzling even to the most talented researchers. Hence they certainly deserve your attention.

      The Mindvalley Academy have appeared in the magazine Inc. and the BBC and has been rated A + by the Better Business Bureau, which is based on 14 complaints resolved in the last three years. From the point of view of customer satisfaction, it seems that the most common complaint is confusion after the 10-day trial period.

      mindvalley discount coupon code - start

      However, it seems that their customer service representatives are able to resolve the queries quickly and find solutions to the reported problems.

      Mindvalley Academy is an online learning site that offers free and premium courses. His team told me three excellent courses, offered here as viable solutions for the new year.

      Before exploring destination meetings, let’s take a look at how Lakhiani has developed applications that accelerate the success rate of online learning.

      How Does Mindvalley Works?

      Mindvalley was originally a digital publishing company that evolved slowly to become multiple companies in many sectors that is from mobile applications to health and wellness.

      Specifically for the Mindvalley Academy, the company claims to have more than 200,000 students and presents some of the best teachers, opinion leaders, and experts from around the world, all focused on creating new models of education, good -an ideal life method.

      Mindvalley Discount coupon Code- Select Your Category

      Society calls this idea “culture piracy”, which implies a close integration of technology and education aimed at “recoding” culture and advancing humanity.

      The Mindvalley Discount Coupon Code currently offers several courses in several categories and says it aims to help more than one billion people by the year 2050. The courses are divided into four main categories:

      My Honest MindValley Review: (My Own Courses At MindValley)

      My Courses At Mindvalley

      I have given Mindvalley a try and you won’t believe how it changes my whole life. Here are some of the courses that I took on the Mindvalley platform.

      Mindvalley Courses Review- My Courses At Mindvalley

      Some Of My Premium Courses At MindValley

      Also, I have access to all premium courses offered by Mindvalley. Check the screenshot below:

      Mindvalley Courses Review- Premium Courses

      What You Will Get Inside MindValley Courses?

      MindValley Discount Coupon Codes- Inside The Courses


      • Health and fitness: be happier, healthier, more energetic and more productive.
      • Yoga and energy practices: helps “anchor” your energy and harmonise your life.
      • Alternative Healing: Take an “upside down” approach to heal and revitalise yourself.


      • Happiness and positive life: increase your happiness, increase your positivism and lead a longer and healthier life.
      • Wealth and abundance: remove the blocks and start to bloom.
      • Career and entrepreneurship: find your purpose and live an extraordinary life.


      • Parenting & Family: Learn more about your children and parents.
      • Love and relationships: find your soul mate and then nourish the relationship.
      • Skills of people and social life: open your heart and live with happiness and love.


      • Spiritual growth: increase your consciousness and become one with your conscience.
      • Meditation: Change the perspective and open up to new possibilities.
      • Manifestation: is the art of turning your thoughts and desires into reality

      According to the website, the top three courses are currently:

      • The Silva Method: helps you to “create a revolutionary life” and has more than 43,000 registered students.
      • OmLife: helps you discover a “revolutionary technology” that allows you to enjoy the benefits of deep meditation in just a few minutes. Currently, more than 24,000 students are enrolled.
      • Unlimited Abundance: Home-based learning program with more than 18,000 students. This course will help you to overcome 24 “blocks of abundance”.

      Mindvalley Discount coupon Code- Explore The Curriculum

      If you are looking for a detailed list of the best Mindvalley programs, click here. It is interesting to know that the courses listed on the main course page do not appear elsewhere on the website and vice versa.


      Mindvalley has produced Omvana, the most profitable health and wellness application on the iTunes Store in more than 30 countries. In mid-2014, Dormio, Mindvalley’s second mobile application, became the second most downloaded health and fitness application in the United States.

      More recently, Mindvalley has launched the Quest application, which says it will increase the completion rate of online learning by 800%. Quests are described as a “new digital multi-channel learning platform that combines microlearning technology and virtual communities”. It is based on the experience of 10,000 paid students.

      Determination Encounters

      Mindvalley continues to produce exceptional festivals around the world. Previous destinations are Bali, Ibiza, Dubrovnik, Mykonos and the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Next year, several more are planned in various fascinating locations.

      I talked to a participant at the recent A-Festival festival in Negril. Mindvalley chose Jamaica for its beauty and the results were impressive. A-Fest is a meeting by invitation only; 2000 and only 20% are accepted.

      The arrival

      The warmth and friendliness of A-Fest began even before the flight to Montego Bay. While I was at Charlotte airport, waiting to board the flight to Montego Bay to charge my cell phone, a stranger leaned back and let me plug the charger into his cell phone.

      mindvalley discount coupon code -Discover

      It turns out that after boarding I’m sitting next to him on the plane. “African Ken” by the name, on the way to his second A festival: “Oh, that’s great, man, the people are very good, people from all over the world, education, mindfulness and happy birthday.”

      Introductions and first impressions.

      After checking in at our headquarters, the Iberostar Montego Bay, all-inclusive, pulls me to the sea to swim. As I speak in the Caribbean, clear and warm, I speak to Ruth, a new member of the A-fest festival, whom I met on the bus to the hotel. Born and raised in the UK, she raised 6 children while living in the Middle East and elsewhere. Each of us is approaching A-feast on the edges.

      Most participants are younger than us. “I do not know how much” miracle “I can take more than 5 days.”

      The first day begins in the conference room: the basis for our presentations. And first is Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley. He reaffirms his mission to touch one billion lives, wishing to exert greater influence on humanity than any combined Ivy League school by teaching “things traditional teaching does not teach, such as meditation and mental exercises.”

      Mindvalley discount coupon code -intro


      • Health and Fitness
      • Yoga and energy exercises
      • Happiness and positive life
      • Eliminate obstacles and start to bloom
      • Helps in creating an innovative life
      • Offers revolutionary technology
      • Mindvalley Academy currently offers several courses in various categories
      • highest education ROI on planet Earth
      • Excellent company for self-improvement


      • Students need an affinity with their teacher

      How can I access all the courses?

      Depending on the complexity of the course, prices vary between $ 30 and $ 200. Some of them contain educational material that can be offered anywhere in the world. Shipping to the United States takes 5 to 7 days and costs $ 7.95 for the student. Orders from Canada will arrive in about 2 weeks for $ 19.95. Delivery outside these areas costs $ 39.95 and takes 1 to 2 weeks.


      All courses have a money-back guarantee, valid for 30, 60 and 90 days depending on the complexity of the course. The guarantee applies in all cases and customers can receive a refund for a reason that is as simple as not believing that the course is suitable for them. In addition, there is a 10-day trial for all courses for only $ 1. If the user is not interested in further studies, it is enough for him to announce his election to the Mindvalley Academy. The total amount will not be charged at the end of the trial period.

      Pricing Plan Mindvalley Academy

      Mindvalley courses currently cost between $72 and $138, depending on the duration of the course, either online or with materials. However, the Mindvalley Academy offers a $ 1 test that will allow you to test the program of your choice for 10 days.

      If you want to keep the program, just wait until the end of the 10-day trial period and your payment method will be charged accordingly. To cancel before the trial expires, simply send an e-mail to Technical Support. There are no additional fees.

      Mindvalley Discount coupon Code- Free Trial Offer

      If you order a physical material program (instead of digital material), delivery will be made within 5 to 7 business days via the USPS. Shipping costs for most home classes are $ 7.95 in the United States.

      Mindvalley Promo Code includes a 90-day money-back guarantee. To request a refund, simply fill out a contact form. A customer service representative will respond as soon as possible.

      Quick Links:

      Conclusion: Mindvalley Discount Coupon Code | Get Upto 30% OFF

      With all this information, you’re probably wondering, “Is the Mindvalley Academy a scam?” According to our research and experience, Mindvalley Academy seems to be a legitimate business focused on delivering innovative courses designed to transform your life. However, there are some things to consider before buying a course.

      First, the current list of Mindvalley Academy courses is limited to 4 at this time, but the site promises others will. The actual number is somewhat confusing, however, as one group of courses is included in the four main parts of the website and another is on the main course page.

      Despite relatively favorable online comments, some Mindvalley Academy courses may be considered “pseudo-sciences” and not supported by studies that prove their effectiveness. However, as with any other type of self-help, some people can achieve life-changing results while others do not.

      Mindvalley Academy’s customer service representatives seem to be very attentive to finding solutions to customer complaints. Your $ 10 test seems to be a great way to see if any of your courses are right for you. And even if you have already received a course, you have 90 days left to request a refund if you are later dissatisfied with the material.

      In general, it seems that Mindvalley Coupon Code and Mindvalley Promo Code are beneficial to some people and have a very low risk of trying. you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to never miss any update related to the new courses, coupon discount, promo codes, and more. check out their About Us page to get a glimpse of their journey so far.

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