MindValley Pricing 2023: Is Mindvalley Worth The Cost?

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Program Quality
Customer Support
Leadership Skills


  • So much content
  • Quality of production
  • The Mindvalley Membership is a good deal
  • Very well-structured syllabus
  • Great Customer Support
  • Engaged learner community


  • The content can stray from scientific principles

MindValley is a unique online learning environment that is not your typical academic platform. Vishen Lakhiani, a multi-talented entrepreneur, author, and activist, launched it in 2003.

Price:$ 59

Looking for MindValley Pricing, you are at the right place.

Are you passionate about personal development?

MindValley is a unique online learning environment that is not your typical academic platform. Vishen Lakhiani, a multi-talented entrepreneur, author, and activist, launched it in 2003.

This online learning platform is dedicated to personal development via the exploration of all facets of human change. It is home to an incredible ten million students from all over the globe and is staffed by a team of more than 300 foreign faculty and staff.

Are you still intrigued? That does seem like it may be costly, doesn’t it? Certainly not. Let us examine in detail.

First of all, let me tell you a few things about MindValley that you must know before buying.

MindValley All Access Pricing:

The cost of a single course might be too high unless you intend to finish just that one course. However, I discovered that getting the MindValley All-Access pass is a much superior alternative than purchasing the course individually.

The MindValley All-Access pass permits you to enroll in any course (even multiple courses) now available or those that may become available in the future for a single payment.

This implies that all you have to do is purchase the annual membership and enroll in as many courses as you want.

A year’s subscription to All-Access costs around $ 299. This annual membership includes access to more than 30 courses, the MindValley communication forum, groups, and more, as well as annual access to new courses (if MindValley adds).

Taking into account your decision to enroll in two courses in a single year. If you purchase digital access to each course individually, the cost will be more, but with an All-Access membership, you will save a lot on only two courses.

If you enroll in four classes over a year, you may save more. Doesn’t it seem intriguing? However, since you get year-round access to the courses, the MindValley All-Access pass is a cherry on top of the bargain.

You can also go for MindValley All-Access monthly membership which will cost you around $ 59 per month. This is costly if you are looking forward to taking courses for the long term.

I preferred the MindValley All Access package over buying individual courses. It provides you the flexibility to enroll in as many courses as you desire without incurring significant financial costs.

Additionally, MindValley will assist you in completing all 30+ courses for the same price as digital access.

If you want to enroll in numerous courses, the MindValley All-Access subscription is worthwhile. Additionally, if you are still undecided about the membership subscription, MindValley offers a 15-day free trial.

You may sign up for a free trial of their membership plan. If you are dissatisfied with your subscription plan, you may request a full refund. This provides you with a feeling of independence and assures the safety of your funds.

We have a dedicated article on Mindvalley Review if you’re looking for more info.

What You Get With MindValley Membership?

The Membership grants you access to all Quests on the site (excluding partner programs).

If you’re looking for a year of unrestricted study, Membership is an excellent alternative. You may enroll in any of the courses and save money compared to purchasing Quests separately.

Additionally, you’ll have access to new Quests as they become available.

As soon as the new Charlie Morley Quest on Lucid Dreaming became available, I subscribed. There are a couple of additional future Quests that I’m looking forward to that I’m able to access for free as a member.

When you connect to your MindValley account, you’ll see your dashboard, which has a list of all the missions you’ve completed.

When you enroll in a quest for the first time, you begin by selecting an enrollment date. After that, you’ll have immediate access to the warmup lessons.

Certain Quests have more warmup lessons than others; for example, Ronan Diego de Oliveira’s 10X Quest has five warmup lessons, while Ken Wilber’s The Integral Life contains just one.

All warmup lessons, on the other hand, become accessible immediately upon enrollment in a Quest.

MindValley Pricing What You Get With MindValley Membership

This is in contrast to the Quest teachings, which are delivered one at a time. MindValley does not unlock the full Quest in one go since it is preferable to learn in tiny doses throughout the day.

I’ve observed that when I complete a Quest daily, I remember more material than when I miss days and binge classes to make up for the lost time.

Everyone’s learning method is unique, but since I spend my days reading books and attending classes, I’ve developed that talent.

Each lesson includes a video, written text summarizing the important learning points, and tasks to complete. These activities vary from journaling to mini-exercises such as meditations or listening to guided audio.

Each movie is between 5 and 30 minutes long. The majority of them are just ten minutes long, so they won’t consume a large portion of your day.

Additionally, to mark the lesson as complete, the tasks at the bottom of each lesson may be ticked off. This allows you to keep track of which chores you’ve performed.

Additionally, on the lesson page, there is a Discussion tab at the top that enables you to communicate with other students about what you’ve learned and exchange perspectives.

Then, for each Quest, there is a complete community comprised of all the students that participated in this round of the program.

You may share your thoughts on the Quest, ask questions, connect with like-minded folks, and perhaps make new friends. It’s similar to a social network for those who like learning and self-improvement.

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What Extras You Get With The MindValley Subscription

Additionally, when you join up for the membership, you get a slew of other benefits.

1. MindValley Mentoring:

MindValley Mentoring consists mostly of interviews or “mentoring sessions” with Vishen, the creator of MindValley. Mentoring sessions totaling 100 hours are included in the MindValley membership.

These interviews began as Skype chats with the world’s most accomplished individuals in every field and quickly evolved into full-production interviews filmed across the globe.

2. Advanced Meditations with Omvana:

Additionally, the Membership includes the meditation software Omvana.

This app makes it simple to access the meditations associated with the missions you’ve joined. As a result, the meditations that appear in the Omvana app will correspond to the Quests you complete.

Additionally, you may explore additional meditations depending on the goals you want to attain, such as life visualization, purpose discovery, increased attention, and a stronger mind-body connection.

Advanced Meditations with Omvana mindvalley

A feature I like is the choice to listen to the mediations’ voices alone or in combination with background noise such as fire, a river, or sophisticated binaural beats.

Additionally, you may adjust the level of voices and sound effects separately to make one louder than the other.

3. MindValley Connections App:

MindValley owns and operates its own private social media platform, Connections.

Membership now includes the ability to connect with people who are enrolled in the same Quests as you and share your experience and personal transformation journey together.

Additionally, the app has a search function that enables you to locate individuals in your own country or your immediate vicinity.

Fellow students may browse your profile and learn more about your journey and the courses you’ve registered in; you can form friendships and assist one another in being responsible.

4. Learn Anywhere, Anytime with The MindValley App:

MindValley makes it simple to navigate the course content. You may access the classes through the website or the Android or iOS app.

When you join up for a Quest, Mastermind, or Membership, you automatically have access to the MindValley app. Simply download the app and log in using the credentials you generated when you joined up.

The primary app enables you to finish courses on the fly, listen while driving, and generally improves the learning experience.

While the majority of classes are video-based, you are not required to view them; instead, you may listen to the lessons if you want. You may watch a video while working exercising, doing chores, or driving.

The videos will continue to play even if your mobile device’s screen is turned off, which conserves battery life.

MindValley Pricing Learn Anywhere, Anytime with The MindValley App

The app is fully functional in the same way as the internet version. You may mark off classes as you finish them and even participate in lesson discussions.

My only complaint about the app (I’m using Android) is that it often freezes when I try to view a movie in fullscreen mode. While the music continues to play, the program stays stuck until I restart it.

I’m not sure whether this is an Android issue or a device-specific one, but I tried it on another older Android handset and the issue persists.

This isn’t a problem for me since I seldom use my cellphone to go through classes, but I do like watching some on my TV on occasion.

To do this, I must open a web browser and cast my device to my television. A more ideal option would be an Android TV app. I’m hoping they continue to develop this.

Is MindValley Worth The Price?

After completing dozens (perhaps hundreds) of online courses, some of which cost well over four figures, I can confidently claim that the MindValley programs are among the finest.

When you pick a Quest, you are making a lifelong investment in yourself, since the programs are completely transformative.

If you know which Quest you want to do, you may expect to spend between $200 and $500. This provides you with unrestricted access to the software for the duration of your purchase.

Additionally, you get free updates to your selected Quest, which means that when a program is updated each year, you have access to the new content at no additional cost.

Additionally, there is a 15-day money-back guarantee, so there is no risk if the program is not suited for you.

If you’re undecided which program to enroll in or if you’re comfortable taking various courses, consider the Membership. The 15-day return policy also extends to memberships, so you have nothing to lose.

The annual membership fee is presently USD 499.00 and includes access to all available Quests. You may also pay monthly for USD 99.00 if you wish.

Paying for a complete year works out to be far less expensive, at less than $45 per month.

MindValley Pricing

The MindValley library has over 30 Quests, and even if you just registered in ten of them during the following year, you would have spent little under $60 to complete each Quest.

Now, since it is a subscription, you do not own the programs; you only have access to them for 12 months.

It is totally up to you whether you choose to renew your annual membership or buy the programs you truly like in case you wish to take them again after your membership expires.

The annual membership is appropriate for people who wish to delve headfirst into a variety of programs and thoroughly immerse themselves in world-class transformative content for the next 12 months.

There are hundreds of success stories from other MindValley students if you’re looking for clarity and peace of mind.

I’ve read some of the classes that are readily available on the internet. You quickly see why MindValley has grown to be the business it is today since it contributes to the daily transformation of so many people’s lives.

Here are a few reasons that make MindValley worth the money –

It’s not always simple to choose the appropriate course at first, particularly if we’re unfamiliar with an online learning platform.

As such, I felt it would be beneficial to highlight some essential points to assist you in selecting the appropriate course (in this instance, quest) and understanding why MindValley is worthwhile.

1. MindValley Apps:

The MindValley All Access subscription provides access to MindValley and the Omvana app via smartphone, tablet, or Apple TV. 

2. MindValley Channels:

MindValley’s online platform is about much more than its courses (quests). As a member, you may access a variety of channels, including MindValley Mentoring, MindValley Talks, and the MindValley Podcast. It is a well-rounded online education program.

3. MindValley Instructors:

Each year, MindValley instructors are chosen from more than 1,000 applicants. Its instructors include more than 200 best-selling writers, presenters, and activists who are adept at inspiring and transforming audiences.

If you wish to learn from world-renowned specialists via ground-breaking personal improvement programs.

If you’re interested in altering your body with Cecilia Sardeo, improving your relationships with Katherine Woodward Thomas, or achieving professional success with Lisa Nichols, MindValley offers it all.

4. Stories on MindValley:

MindValley offers around 14,000 success stories from members that you may read. You may sort by Programs, Categories, or Countries (see image below).

The community is a significant component of the MindValley platform, and sharing your experience enables prospective members to have a better understanding of what to anticipate.

I should mention that it lacks the easy review system seen on Skillshare or Udemy, which both have more extensive filtering and ranking system.

Additionally, it enables you to search for certain terms, such as course quality or most recently updated. Although MindValley does continue to provide you with feedback from former students.

5. Community:

MindValley’s online learning community is one of the most active on the market. I must tip my hat to them since they have done an outstanding job with this.

If you value connecting with a like-minded, helpful, and supportive group, MindValley is the platform for you.

I posted a post on the first day I joined The Mastery of Sleep quest and was linked with a few other MindValley members.

Each quest has a ‘Join the Tribe’ (community) section where you may introduce yourself and share your thoughts, successes, and problems. Connecting and sharing with other students, MindValley thinks, is a critical component of the learning process.

6. MindValley Life Assessment:

This 20-minute survey will ask you questions about 12 different aspects of your life, including your health and fitness, emotional perspective, spiritual fulfillment, and work happiness.

You will be prompted to indicate your level of agreement or disagreement with the statements in these areas.

8. Free Courses:

A great approach to get a feel for MindValley is to check out one of its weekly free Masterclasses. They last between 60 and 90 minutes and are taught by a MindValley instructor.

Along with its free weekly masterclasses, MindValley offers a variety of On-going Free Masterclasses. It’s an excellent method to familiarize yourself with the platform while also learning about the MindValley instructors.

Is MindValley for You? Let’s Check Out.

Who, specifically, would benefit the most from attending a MindValley class?

These are the individuals who will get the most value for their money.

1. Learners Who Like Online Learning:

All of MindValley is available online. It is largely video-based, with all videos being lectures. If it is your preferred method of learning, you will benefit much from MindValley.

2. People Who Like Daily Tasks:

MindValley is based on the concept of doing something every day. It is not a forum for “binge consumption.” If you appreciate learning in little increments and reserving a limited amount of time for beneficial habits, MindValley will be an excellent fit.

3. Skeptics:

MindValley makes many audacious promises. According to some professors, you may access the memories of inanimate things. Perhaps you can. If you’re a curious skeptic, you may want to check out MindValley.

4. Someone Interested In Alternative Spirituality:

Many of the MindValley Quests are based on the concept of “do-it-yourself spirituality,” so if you’re interested in some off-the-beaten-path metaphysics and esoteric knowledge, you’ll love what MindValley has to offer.

5. Somebody Who Loves Self-help Books and Courses:

If you’re a lifelong learner who enjoys discovering the newest course on manifestation, public speaking, or energy healing, you’ll adore MindValley. It is intended to properly portray the charm and inspiring spirit that pervades the self-help industry.

FAQs About MindValley Pricing 2023:

Is MindValley worth a subscription?

While an annual subscription does make the site far more reasonable than purchasing individual lessons, it is significantly more expensive than competitors such as MasterClass or Skillshare.

How does MindValley Make money?

They spend a lot of money on marketing; probably 60 % to 70 % of their expenditures are going to be marketing after revenue sharing is included, because once the platform is up and running, more marketing equals more money, and they continue to put in a lot more work.

Is MindValley a reputable company?

Over 12 million students from 80 different nations use the site. Vishen Lakhiani, a New York Times bestselling author, founded MindValley to foster individual spiritual growth and lifelong learning. MindValley is a respectable, well-established corporation created over two decades ago, in 2002.

Recently, we also reviewed Mindvalley Quests in-depth:

Conclusion: MindValley Pricing 2023

I cannot speak highly enough about MindValley. It Is definitely worth your money.

Is MindValley appropriate for everyone? Most likely not, but then again, not everyone likes cats, Disney, or warm weather. Each to their own is a phrase that springs to mind here.

If you are not entirely devoted to self-improvement, increasing awareness, changing your behaviors, or breaking out of your comfort zone, MindValley is probably not for you.

To the rest of the world, I encourage you to be thrilled about the adventure you are about to embark on, to trust the process, and to wish you the best of success on your voyage.

MindValley individual courses can be extremely costly. Just avoid that and simply pay for all-access and that will save you a huge amount of money your won’t regret.

If you’d like to connect with me or ask me a question, please leave a comment below or send me an email through my contact page.

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