Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass Review 2021: (Get It For $499 NOW)

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Program Quality
Customer Support
Leadership Skills
Growing Your Finances
Connecting New Friends


  • Great consistency of quality
  • High level of usability
  • Very well-structured syllabus
  • Engaged learner community
  • Programs are accessible offline
  • Responsive smartphone app
  • Great Customer Support


  • A Little Bit Expensive
  • Relatively small course catalog

Price:$ 499

Are you looking for Mindvalley Quest All-Access Pass?

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Here you get complete details of the Mindvalley Quest All-Access Pass.

Mindvalley is one of the world’s biggest hubs of online education committed to overall personality development. There are many platforms available for online learning, and these platforms mainly focus on personal growth. 

However, Mindvalley offers many various features. The Mindvalley is distinct as compared to other platforms because it has a sole focus on self-development. 

The Mindvalley has entitled a name for their online courses, which is called Quest. They have around 30 quests available at present, and expert instructors guide all these quests in a particular field. They cover all the issues related to various topics such as relationships, reading, listening, hypnotherapy, and much more. 

Mindvalley Overview

  • Get Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass For $595 Now

If you enroll for the all-access pass, you will get the opportunity to get trained by some of the best authors and experts of the era, including famous hypnotherapist Marisa Peer, the bestselling author Steven Kotler, and many more leading experts of the world.

Mindvalley has stated on their about page that they have more than 10 million students globally. Mindvalley actively ran conferences and events in the past, but these initiatives can fail for the upcoming days due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year.

 However, the online courses offered by Mindvalley are relevant for all users, including the people who are staying at home.

Check out this article which covers all the aspects regarding 6 Phase meditation which is guided by the founder of MindValley, Vishen Lakhiani.


Who can use Mindvalley?

Mindvalley’s main motive is to teach and make the users learn about the conversational views that many of the educational systems do not fulfill. It covers many aspects of life, helping in the personality development of an individual, such as spirituality, growth, well-being, and so many others.

MIndvallay Quest All Access Subscription


All of their courses have unique content, which enables you to understand every particular topic in detail, and it covers some of the great things such as the law of attraction, and much more.

All courses can be analyzed in Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass.

The videos available in each of the courses offered by Mindvalley is classified into several lessons.

All premium video is featured for around two – ten hours. Each lesson is represented with written descriptions and assessments, which can take up to 30-40 days for completion.  

Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass Review- Know what it is?

Every Quest available on Mindvalley at the yearly package can be accessed using Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass.

After enrollment and paying the initial fees, you can directly access the quests. You can obtain every Quest available in the upcoming dates available. Moreover, you can easily access all the materials instantly without waiting for any other member to get started.  

What is offered by Mindvalley All-Access Pass?

  • Grant access to 30 quests. All these quests contain a vast amount of content.
  • They can easily access different forums, Facebook groups, or communities.
  • The assessments offered by Mindvalley is a 30-minutes questionnaire that suggests you about personal development.
  • Free Interactions with the instructors via live calling. 

MIndvallay Quest All Access


Expenses Of Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass 

The cost of Mindvalley Quest all-access pass is $595 for a single year. This pack provides you full access to almost all the Quest available, But this does not include wildfire, unlimited abundance, and Lifebook online.

Basically, all the quests available on Mindvalley are offered for around $1000. But sometimes they offer around $295 in a condition where the user attended one of their masterclasses. For making the Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass beneficial, it’s always recommended to take at least three of the Quest in a single year.

The most advantageous way of determining whether Mindvalley All Access Pass is beneficial is to analyze all the programs available in the particular pack. If it contains at least 3 quests which you wanted to enroll, then its worth to go for it.   

Featured Mobile Application Of Mindvalley 

Mindvalley created an app for both users that is iOS and Andriod to improving the user experience. All you need to do is to download the application from the app store on your device. Before attempting to login to the app, make sure you have enrolled for Mindvalley All Access Pass.

Mindvalley Mobile Application

By logging into your account, you can instantly access your purchased package.

Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass Review Is Beneficial?

The people who believe in thinking differently and have value for learning about various subjects, or looking for inspiration, the Mindvalley is the right thing for them to consider. One can easily access the degree which is equivalent to the university degree.

What You Get In Mindvalley Quest All Access

  • Unlimited access to the Mindvalley Vault for 1 complete Year, Which include 30+ Quests
  • Access to all Upcoming Quest for a year
  • 15-day Money-Back Guarantee which is unconditional
  • Free Live Coaching Call with Mindvalley Aurtors
  • Access via different devices like- Desktop, iPad, Apple TV, and Andriod

Mindvalley University Online 2021

Mindvalley University has always been held in different places every year. This means that the users will have to travel according to the location selected by the Mindvalley university in that particular year. It helps and improves the experience in terms of both learning and traveling.

Mindvalley University focuses on implementing real-world topics that eventually develop the personality. The online university of Mindvalley is different in some ways as it consists of three weeks of online training with many events and conferences for building great connections. 

Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass- Pros and Cons

The course offers some of the best features, whereas it also has some cons. 

Mindvalley Pro

  • The course by Mindvalley offers good quality of information and content.
  • All the instructors are available for you in case you need any advice from them.
  • The perspective of your life can change for good if you are continuously attending the online class.
  • The teaching and lessons available in Mindvalley online education consist of highlighted issues and topics for improving the personality.
  • Mindvalley’s all-access pass allows you to enroll for the course in your budget compared to other online institutes.

Mindvalley Cons

  • The videos offered by Mindvalley are relatively short, which makes learning more complicated.
  • Each session of Mindvalley requires 30-90 minutes for completion, and hence it sometimes makes the schedule hectic.

Quick Links:

Mindvalley Quest FAQs

🤔What is Mindvalley Quest?

Mindvalley Quest is the name of all the programs at Mindvalley. These quests last on average 30-35 days, with a lesson unlocking each day.

What is the key difference between purchasing Mindvalley Membership and an individual Quest only?

A single Quest costs half of Mindvalley Membership. However, with Mindvalley Membership you get access to all the programs in this collection. You will find the full list of what is included in your Mindvalley here. With the purchase of an individual Quest, you will have lifetime access to that Quest. With the Mindvalley Membership, you will only have access to your Quests for as long as your subscription remains active. If you wish to cancel this in the future, you will no longer have access to your Quests under the subscriptions including the ones you've completed.

Will you get the access to the full programs plus bonuses if you purchase Mindvalley Membership?

Yes. All bonuses are included within the programs as well. You'll get the access to the full programs under Mindvalley Membership, as you would if you were to purchase them individually.

Apart from Quests, what are the other benefits you’ll get with subscription?

Omvana + Mindvalley Membership meditations on Omvana app (Android / iOS) Connections App Live calls with authors Mindvalley Mentoring with Vishen Lakhiani Little Humans

Connections App - how can this help you with your journey?

On this app, you'll be able to connect with Mindvalley Membership students across the globe, and with those near you based on your location. You'll be able to conveniently browse through upcoming live calls with authors, and add them to your calendar. You can expand your network and organize meetups with students near you to enhance your learning experience with Mindvalley.

How can you access my Quest if you’ve purchased it together with Mindvalley Membership?

Mindvalley Quest will be bundled together with all the other quests. Click on the Programs Tab on your Mindvalley Account. Scroll down and expand your list of programs by clicking on Show All. Your programs are arranged alphabetically. Click on the programs of your choice. Then, select a start date to begin your lessons.

Do mindvalley offer installments and payment plans for Mindvalley Membership?

Currently, Mindvalley does not offer any installment/payment plans for the Mindvalley Membership. They only have monthly subscription plans available on the Mindvalley App for now. If I purchased the Mindvalley Membership on the Mindvalley app, would I have the same access to quests and programs? Yes. You would have access to exactly the same programs on the app and our Mindvalley website.

Will you still have access to your Membership Quests after you cancel the auto-renew of your subscription?

You will have access until the end of your current billing period. After which, your subscription will be inactive and you will no longer have access to all the Quests, including the ones you've completed.

What is NOT included in the Mindvalley Membership?

WildFit Lifebook Online Unlimited Abundance Unlimited Abundance Live Evercoach Soulvana

With the Mindvalley Membership, you have access to Mindvalley programs. WildFit, Lifebook Online and Unlimited Abundance are not produced in-house by Mindvalley. These are partner programs and are excluded from this subscription.

There are so many programs, where to start from?

You may use mindvalley recommendations engine here to determine which program to start off with:https://www.mindvalley.com/recommend/

Is Mindvalley Mentoring with Vishen Lakhiani included in the Mindvalley Membership?

Yes, this is located under the Channels tab in your account.

Is Omvana included in the Mindvalley Membership?

Yes, you'll be able to access Omvana meditations, along with your Mindvalley quest-related meditations under one roof on the Omvana app. You may download the Omvana app here > Android / iOS

Is Mindvalley Membership an auto-renew subscription?

Yes, Mindvalley Membership is set to automatically renew each year unless you cancel the auto-renew. If you do not wish for this to renew automatically, you may cancel auto-renew for your subscription by following this article.

If you’ve purchased a quest, can you upgrade to the Mindvalley Membership?

Of course, feel free to write to mindvalley and they will send you a checkout link for the upgrade.

If you’ve missed the live calls. Where can you find the recordings?

All live calls are recorded and uploaded at least 7 days after the call has taken place. You can click on the Channels tab in your account, then scroll down and you'll find Live Talks & Workshops.

Is Be Extraordinary At Work included in the Mindvalley Membership?

Yes, this program will be included in the Quest format when it is released in 2021.

Final Verdict: Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass Review 2021

Mindvalley courses help in building your personality by making you think about the positive aspects of life. For this, you should be willing to change your thoughts and adapt the things in a more different way.

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