Mindvalley Masterclass Review 2020 | Is It Worth The Hype?

Mindvalley Masterclass Review






Ease Of Use




Online Course


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  • Offer free courses
  • Global Campuses
  • Dynamic Curriculum
  • Beginners can relate to any courses easily
  • Dashboard is super easy to use
  • All kind of courses available at reasonable price
  • Offers simple and flexible pricing options
  • Mindvalley has world’s best teachers, opinion leaders, and experts
  • Mindvalley Academy has more than 200,000 students


  • Study Materials like PDFs doesn't get updated frequently

Whenever an individual learns new things, there is a high possibility of talking differently with oneself and this will ultimately bring about changes in one’s life as well. One such interesting place to learn new things is at Mindvalley. There are a lot of courses out here for the soul, health, brain, motivation, happiness, abundance, as well as wealth. Some of the teachers also offer free masterclasses on these aspects.

A lot of the Mindvalley MasterClass free given for a duration of 60-90 minutes. Vishen Lakhiani hosts all these masterclasses. The classes offer some great tips, techniques, and exercises to enable you to progress. We have listed some of the free Mindvalley masterclasses which you can take any time.

Mindvalley Masterclass Review 2020: Is It Worth Your Try??

In-Depth Mindvalley Masterclass Review:

When you enroll in a Mindvalley Masterclass, your name as well as email has to be provided so as to secure access to it. You get access to a lot of material and classes once you enroll for the Masterclass and this can be found on the Mindvalley dashboard. These are ideal for beginners who wish to begin their journey of personal growth.  Check our Mindavally Academy review here:

Mindvalley Masterclass Review - Mindvalley

For example, once you get yourself registered for the Masterclass – The Genius Formula, in the section “My Library” on the Dashboard, there will be a preparation guide. Once you click on this guide, click the tab ‘Contents’ and check every chapter and learn about the teacher as well as get insights which will help in understanding the material provided in a better manner. It will also have the workbook in Chapter 1 for the Masterclass. You also get an email regarding the process to be followed post the registration for the free Mindvalley Masterclass.

Mindvalley – What is it?

MindValley is a company into education that provides online courses, software, programs, as well as services with the goal of transforming people into a better version of themselves which help them improve their life. The MindValley was launched in the year 2002 by Vishen Lakhiani who is a Malaysian–Estonian entrepreneur. From the time of its launch, there are about 3 million students from different age groups across the world.

Mindvalley Masterclass Review - How it work

Many prestigious universities from all over the world along with some of the top transformational leaders have partnered with Mindvalley to create some great courses. They have the desire to help people live a happy and healthy life by changing their way of thinking. This makes them different from their competitors. The courses offered by MindValley assist individuals in developing the mind instead of visible tangible things. Every problem, be it money, health, lifestyle, or relationships begins within your mind.

The MindValley Model

  1. Global Campus

Being an education company that provides online courses, a person can learn courses with MindValley no matter where they live. It could be your home, or even if you are traveling. You can benefit from these courses anytime you wish. The best aspect of Mindvalley is that you get an education anywhere, anytime! There are live local events conducted by MindValley at their university campuses. Every summer, their campus will be moving to a totally new city. In case Mindvalley visits your city, then you can visit the university campus as well as understand a lot more regarding the courses in just 30 days. The courses are available for people of all age groups. 

  1. Lively Curriculum

As the world advances,MindValley is pretty good at being update on the curriculum front. The courses, as well as lessons, are available online and the content of the courses begs to differ from the very traditional education that has been a part of our lives.

The courses that have been included in Mindvalleys curriculum gives us lessons that can be related to the current era. MindValley claims to transform learning into a lifetime adventure. It also claims that the courses have outperformed the basic online courses by about 500%.

  1. Expert Instructors

The courses that are offered by Mindvalley are created by experts like Emily Fletcher, Lisa Nichols, Neale Donald Walsch, and Vishen Lakhiani as well. You can check out some of the courses offered by them.

Mindvalley Masterclass Review - Expert Instructor

This is one such platform wherein you can find high-end education along with some of the brilliant minds who help inspire as well as transform others.

  1. Course Offerings

Mindvalley’s curriculum concentrates on 5 important areas in one’s life. There are more than 30 courses in the English language – you will have to pay for a few courses, while you can also avail of some courses free of cost.

Mindvalley Masterclass Review - Course offering

You can access the free courses for a specific amount of time. The paid courses can cost anywhere between $199 to $900. The pricing relies on the course length as well as the inclusion of a certificate of completion or not.

  1. Career and Influence on People

The courses that fall in this particular category have been designed for those who wish to enhance their career as well as have a lasting influence on people. For instance, a course by Robin Sharma that focuses on these aspects would cost you about $545.

  1. Productivity and lifestyle

If you intend to develop your lifestyle as well as a productive mind frame, Mindvalley has courses that will help you out. Vishen Lakhiani has written courses wherein you can learn the difference that lies between goals and means. As he wants you to experience the courses offered by Mindvalley, this course can be availed for free. You can check out the various free courses as this will help you understand if opting for a paid course is worth the money or not.

  1. Mind and Spiritual Connect

The courses that fall in the category of Mind and Spirit enable you to allow you to challenge the various beliefs and get rid of all unwanted distractions. Check out the course by a transformational instructor – Jeffrey Allen which helps in strengthening

Mindvalley Masterclass Review - Mind And Spiritual

the spiritual bond and helps you connect with yourself. This course would cost you an extra fee as it also gives you a certificate of completion. So the course generally costs about $349, whereas, with the completion certificate, the cost would come up to $399.

  1. Health and Fitness

Having a very healthy, fit lifestyle is not as easy as it appears to be. For a few people, our cravings for all this sweet and savory almost put our healthy lifestyle in the backseat. The various courses on Health and Fitness aim at helping you to be conscious and live a health consciousness life.

Mindvalley Masterclass Review - Health And Fitness

The course on this aspect goes by the name – The Roadmap to Fitter, Healthier and Youthful You and is created by Ben Greenfield and costs $399 and in case you want the certificate of completion, it would cost $449.

  1. Relationship and Love

Not every person has a great healthy love life. For a few people, it can be tough to form some clean as well as non-toxic relationships. MindValley offers courses where one can learn how to be the best when you have people around you.

Mindvalley Masterclass Review - Relationship and Love

There is a course on this subject offered by Psalm Isadora and it talks about Love, Intimacy and the art of Tantra. It is available at a cost of $295. In case you require the DVD in addition to the digital access, it will cost you about $495.

Refund Policy

Honestly, the courses offered by Mindvalley are expensive. Also, if you want a completion certificate, it can add to the costs. There are some courses which are priced as high as $900. In case you have bought a particular course and your fee is definitely not helping you and is not worth it, then you could request a refund. Now, refunds will differ based on the type of course that you have selected.

There are many courses in Mindvalley which give you a trial of 7 days wherein you can experience the course and understand if it is for you or not. In case you do not like the course, it can be canceled with those 7 days of trial and you will not get charged for the course.

Apart from all the classic courses which you could take, there are quests conducted by Mindvalley. These are special courses that are scheduled on some predetermined dates and you can take these up simultaneously with the rest of the students. Once you begin the quest, you can opt for a refund within a period of ten days of starting the quest. The paid courses come with a refund policy of 30 days. There are some students who opt for Mindvalley’s annual membership. In such a scenario, the refund request must be done within 10 days of the initial purchase.

Pricing Plan

Mindvalley Masterclass Review - Pricing Plan

MindValley Application

There is an app offered by MindValley  which is known as MindValley: Education Evolved. This app offers various courses that can be completed ina short time of 20 minutes or even lesser. The app has a star rating of 4.6+ and has 100,000 or more downloads on Google Play Store. The app has been described by Play Store as a daily coach for goals, mindfulness, gratitude, productivity, and motivation. 

The Affiliate Program of MindValley

MindValley is on the lookout for affiliates who will assist them in creating and shaping a new vision-related to education as well as personal growth. In case you are not quite familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing, the concept has a very simple mechanism. The person earns commission by promoting any product or service thereby making people purchase the product. So how can you get into the affiliate program of MindValley? You need to check the requirements. Mindvalley is on the lookout for 3 important things when they hire an affiliate.

(i) A well-established follower count: You must have at least 200,000 fans/followers. This is one requirement of Mindvalley.

(ii) You must have a highly engaged audience. They look into your popularity, the rate of interaction and also the relationship you have with the followers.

(iii) you must have consistent traffic. The current, as well as historical traffic, is analyzed by Mindvalley. This helps them understand if you can reach the desired volumes or not.

Bear in mind that paid advertising is not permitted by MindValley and it indicates you must have organic traffic. Once these requirements are met, you can sign up with Mindvalley on their website and proceed with the submission of your application. If you get accepted as an affiliate, you can check out your affiliate dashboard, wherein you can choose the offer as per your preference. You can select the method by which you wish to promote the brand and select the tools from a wide range of creatives. They also give you an email copy, a social media copy, some banners, as well as webinar links or special offer links of the sales page. You also get your very own affiliate link which will be used to promote MindValley. This link can be pasted on your website, social media account or your blog. 

Furthermore, MindValley provides 30 days lifetime for the cookies. This indicates that your affiliate has to sign up in a span of 30 days from the time of clicking on the link. Once this is followed by the affiliate, you could earn about 30% commission. And note, there is no limit on the commission that can be earned. The commissions earned could be received by PayPal. You need to collect a minimum threshold of about $100, post which you could take your payout. MindValley processes commissions only on the 15th of every month. In case you get lost at times in this affiliate venture, you need not worry! You also get a committed affiliate manager who will guide you well in the various campaigns.

Customer Review:

Mindvalley Masterclass Review - Customer Review

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Final Verdict: Mindvalley Masterclass Review 2020 

Thus, in the end, I totally recommend Mindvalley’s masterclasses from their experienced teachers. Give your mind some openness and give your life new meaning with these masterclasses.  Know more in detail about the kind of free masterclasses from Mindvalley by clicking here. 

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