Perimeter 81 Adds a Radically Simple Secure Web Gateway to its SSE Solution

Zero Trust Networking Access pioneer Perimeter 81 has added a Secure Web Gateway component to its Security Services Edge (SSE) product. Protecting corporate personnel from harmful websites and unsafe information, no matter where they are, is now easier with the Secure Web Gateway (SWG), an extension of the organization’s well-known simplicity of use in Web filtering.

Access to certain URLs or categories of websites is restricted by Perimeter 81’s Secure Web Gateway depending on a user’s or a user’s job and other factors, such as the day of the week.

To ensure that no site goes unnoticed, these categories are updated regularly. Auditing and compliance needs and business regulations require that employees’ access to “restricted” or “warned” websites be recorded. For applications that do not require SSL inspection and to guarantee employee privacy, for example, while accessing banking or healthcare sites, bypass rules can be established.

Amit Bareket, CEO of Perimeter 81, believes that the new Secure Web Gateway feature is a huge step forward for the company’s Cybersecurity Experience (CSX) Platform, which improves the delivery of an enterprise-grade secured corporate network over the public internet.

There are an endless amount of places an employee may encounter on the web, and this release enables us to expand our easy cybersecurity to all those places. As with the rest of our Security Services Edge offering, the Secure Web Gateway will be visible to users and simple to administer.

An amazing cybersecurity experience for both users and the IT team who deploy and maintain cybersecurity helps firms safeguard both their hybrid networks and their hybrid workers more efficiently. As part of this version, we’ve included a Secure Web Gateway that can be controlled from the same simple interface.

Perimeter 81 Adds a Radically Simple Secure Web Gateway to its SSE Solution

Perimeter 81

perimeter 81

With the world’s first Cybersecurity Experience (CSX) Platform, Perimeter 81 dramatically simplifies cybersecurity. With Perimeter 81, enterprises of all sizes and in all sectors can fulfill the urgent needs of the nomads with a purpose, while also providing IT staff with the capacity to manage it all securely.

Amit Bareket, CEO of the firm, and Sagi Gidali, CPO of the company, are both former members of Israel’s top intelligence arm, the Mossad. Among our clients are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs), Fortune 500 companies, and industry giants from several fields. They are among the world’s major integrators, managed service providers, and channel partners…

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