Top 10 Amazing Podia Examples 2024: Courses & Websites To Inspire You

In this article, we will provide the list of Top 10 Podia Examples 2024

Do you want to sell digital products via Podia but worry that it won’t work with your current set of tools?

Picking the right provider and learning how to utilize it effectively is crucial because of the substantial effort required to launch and maintain a platform.

To aid you in this endeavor, we researched numerous Podia courses and sites and ultimately narrowed the field down to 13 that best exemplify the platform’s many powerful capabilities and how they may be put to use.

These websites come from various niches, offer various digital products, and use various methods of making money.

Let’s jump right in and examine some Podia Examples.

1. Swim University

Swim University: Podia Examples

The goal of Swim University, a pool, and hot tub care site, is to teach its readers how to keep their facilities in top condition.

They achieve this through a WordPress site that has several items such as tutorials, reviews of recommended products, and helpful hints.

They use Podia to sell online courses to their audience and make money off of them.

They have four different video courses ranging in price from $49 to $97 that cover maintenance for both pools and hot tubs.

They provide course bundles in addition to single units. For instance, with the Total Pool Care Course Bundle, a consumer can get all four courses for a discounted price.

Podia has seen the most success with its online courses. Because of its numerous useful features, the platform is widely used as a setting for online courses.

2. Sound Mind Investing

Sound Mind Investing: Podia Examples

Sound Mind, founded by Austin Pryor in 1990, is an organization with the mission of instructing the next generation in the ways of investing in accordance with biblical principles.

Their flagship product is a software suite dubbed Multiply, which comes in a variety of formats. Amazon sells both book and DVD editions, whereas Podia offers both eBook and online courses.

Podia’s online course and digital download product types are used to distribute the video and PDF, respectively. The video and PDF are then sold as a package using the bundle product.

If you want your program to have numerous levels, this is a great model to follow. Through Podia, you can offer many products in a bundle and set up different levels of access for each.

3. Steady Sales

Steady Sales

Steady Sales, managed by Sheldon Snodgrass, is a resource for insurance professionals looking to sharpen their sales techniques.

Products such as the following can be found on the Podia website:

  • A sales training program comprised of six individual lessons.
  • Downloadable PDF documents that clients can use to monitor their development toward their objectives.
  • private consultations with an expert coach who can provide you specific recommendations.

Since Podia can handle a wide variety of products, we’ve been able to use it to our advantage and keep sales steady. This is a list of the product categories that can be used:

  • Online Courses
  • Community
  • Digital Downloads
  • Coaching
  • Webinars
  • Bundles

4. Painthog:


Painthog is an excellent free online resource for those just starting out with acrylics. They have articles on their site that help new painters learn the ropes and become more proficient.

The creator of Painthog also runs a number of Podia-based online classes. Robert Joyner.

On his Podia site, you may choose from dozens of individual courses for $49 to $129. Aside from that, he has four-course packages that range in price from $299 to $1,499.

Although this may sound pricey, he is able to compile and sell numerous courses on the same topic at a premium because of the high-ticket packages.

Robert makes use of Podia’s payment plan option, which allows clients to divide the cost across three payments, to rebut the argument for the increased rates. By doing so, you can boost your sales of expensive courses without increasing your prices.

Just so you know, Podia has very inexpensive pricing, and all paid podia plans allow you to make as many courses as you like.

5. MikiFoto + Co

MikiFoto + Co

Mallika Malhotra, a specialist in both brands and mentorship, runs the branding firm MikiFoto + Co.

Through her membership organization, The Brand Attraction Society, she helps people improve their brand awareness. She also provides a video course, social media post prompts, and electronic books among her many other offerings.

Twelve weeks long, the Brand Attraction Society’s mentorship program helps service providers refine their brand’s message.

Participants in the program can take advantage of biweekly coaching calls, online branding classes, and a supportive online community.

Whether you’re looking to build a community, offer online courses, host coaching sessions, distribute digital downloads, etc., Podia has everything you could possibly need to run a successful membership business.

Podia is an excellent choice if you want to create a membership site, and the sales page of The Brand Attraction Society will provide you ideas for what to offer to your members.

6. The Gutsy Boss

Several courses can be found on Becky Mollen Kamp’s site under the umbrella title, “The Gutsy Boss.”

She provides an online course that students can work through at their own pace, as well as a mentoring program and a membership in an online community.

The following are the benefits of joining her “Gutsy Boss Club”:

  • A virtual group of friends
  • An Interactive Guide to Being a Bold Leader
  • Communication with a coach in real-time
  • Gathering of useful materials

Podia is a great choice if you want to create a community for a business courses or membership & keep everything in one place.

7. Folyo


Folyo is a cutting-edge business that specialises in assisting web designers in expanding their client base.

Folyo’s subscription plan, video tutorial, and digital downloads are designed to help agencies get new customers, which is a common difficulty for such businesses.

Agency Leads Pro is a subscription service that generates over 500 new clients annually for its customers. For a monthly fee of $97, subscribers receive contact information for new leads that meet the service’s strict requirements.

They don’t just give members access to leads, but also to software, email templates, and marketing methods.

Curiously, they send out the leads using the community feature. One of the most novel applications of Podia’s community feature is the group’s organisation into subcommunities depending on different types of work.

8. Advocacy Alley

Advocacy Alley

Advocacy Alley is a website created by Jessica Wilson to teach people how to advocate for themselves.

She manages her virtual coaching practise via Podia. Specifically, she has two courses to choose from:

  • Email-Only Support, in which she offers continuous assistance just via electronic mail.
  • Advocacy in Action, she provides eight hours of individual coaching over the course of a month.

There are no restrictions on the number of customers you may have or the duration of your consultations when using Podia to generate and sell coaching sessions.

Podia can be used for both online courses and individual coaching.

And if you’re interested in seeing how a Podia-powered coaching site may appear, here’s one.

9. Simply Stacie

Simply Stacie

Aside from providing recipes, Simply Stacie also offers downloadable goods for sale. Those who land on your blog looking to shop and click a “Buy Now” button will be taken to Podia.

Here you can choose from one of Simply Stacie’s 13 PDF downloadable goods. Calendars, logbooks, meal planning binders, and recipe books are just some of the items available.

The prices range from $1.99 to $9.97, making all of the goods affordable.

Podia is an excellent choice if you want to offer just digital files. Podia’s free plan allows you to sell one digital product.

If you’re just starting up and don’t want to commit to regular payments, this is a wonderful option. When you’ve outgrown the free plan and are in need of more features, you can switch to a subscription plan starting at $39 per month.

10. Sketchnote Academy

Sketchnote Academy

If you want to learn how to sketchnote, you can sign up for Emily Mills’ online course at her Sketchnote Academy.

There are several reason why this particular Podia is among my favourites.

To begin, all of Podia’s product types are put to use at Sketchnote Academy. Digital goods, one-on-one coaching, webinars, and a social network are all on offer.

Secondly, I really like the design of their site and the pages that promote sales. The course promotion pages are beautifully created.

In spite of Podia’s page builder’s limited personalization options, it’s simple to use and quick to implement into a sales page.

More about Podia:

Concluison: Podia Examples 2024

So long for now! Thirteen different websites are discussed, each making use of the Podia platform in a different way.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the various ways these companies are putting Podia’s capabilities to use in marketing and selling digital goods and services.

Check out our comprehensive evaluation of Podia to learn more about the platform.

If you want to try the platform, you may start a 14-day Podia trial version.

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