LearnWorlds vs Podia 2022: Which Is The Best? (Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons)

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Pricing $24 $39
Best for

If you're a beginner, LearnWorlds enables you to create, market and sell online courses without any hassle.

Podia good for someone who is having some kind of techinical info. The platforms makes it to super easy to create and sell online courses.

  • Courses are delivered very systematically.
  • The available resources are very comfortably found and with
  • For doubt clearance, there are some convenient options avail
  • Multiple courses are being offered by Podia. You can go into
  • Quizzes are being created so those who are learning will hav
  • The engagement tools are great for students and it is knowle
  • It is seen that in the online assessments questions are most
  • The engagement tools are great for students and it is knowle
Ease of Use

LearnWorlds is an extremely easy-to-use platform especially for beginners who are looking to create and sell online courses.

Podia is another easy to use platform which easily lets you create online courses. However, the dashboard isn't that easy to understand.

Value For Money

LearnWorlds is value for money as the pricing starts from $24/month.

Podia is a bit expensive compared to LearnWorlds as the monthly pricing starts $39/month.

Customer Support

LearnWorlds offers expert and reliable customer support.

Podia has good customer support however it needs improvement.

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Looking for an in-depth comparison between LearnWorlds Vs Podia, We’ve got you covered.

The main differences between LearnWorlds Vs Podia are:

LearnWorlds Vs Podia 2022: Which Is A Better Pick?

Learnworlds provides the scalability and premium features necessary for developing and selling your course. It includes the interactive learning and administrative tools necessary to compete successfully in the e-learning business.

Podia provides the basic elements necessary to design and sell an online course but lacks the interactive tools necessary to attract and keep students. LearnWorlds is one of the greatest platforms for creating online courses.

Podia is ideal for solo businesses and new digital producers looking to provide easily embeddable and downloadable video content. LearnWorld is a scalable platform that includes all of the tools necessary for creating, selling, and managing online courses. It is appropriate for small firms that want to expand into larger enterprises.

The two platforms LearnWorlds vs Podia are having unlimited courses, and membership, and also there are various plans as per the features. LearnWorlds starting plan is from just $29 whereas Podia it’s is $39.

The users need to choose one as per their requirements. Both are user-friendly, I reviewed this up so from that it is reliable also it is having an easy go for revolutionaries like entrepreneurs.

LearnWorlds is more connected to doing an online business by launching online courses, community membership, etc. The Podia is concerned with the people, they think about the side income one should get so it is about the downloadables and memberships.

The course creators are confused about choosing which one to take for creating a course. Here you came to the right place and you will get to know about both categories and their excellence in various things. I researched this and I put forward the needful things one should know while making the decision.

🚀Bottom Line Upfront: LearnWorlds Vs Podia

🔥 LearnWorlds is an amazing, easy-to-use training tool for individuals and enterprises. You can easily customize the courses to train your employees and customers as well. It lets you take courses as well which you can sell to a larger audience. Podia is one of the BEST new digital selling platforms I have seen so far!  The simple, fun, and satisfying interface take almost. Get Started With LearnWorlds.

💥 Podia is more suited to solopreneurs and creators who are just starting out. Podia provides downloadables or simple embedded videos, making it a great platform for those in the early stages of their business journey.You can  try Podia if you are just getting started.

LearnWorlds Vs Podia: Overview


A platform where one will be able to grow our business widely by creating firstly, managing the course, and gradually selling it to the clients. A good e-learning experience is created and is helpful to students and various other professions.

LearnWorld depends on you how much you want to learn and how much you need it. With the users it is increasing on a larger scale from getting started as the smallest business but now is a leading and growing one.

It got started in 2014 in London. It is very helpful to the users as having lots of benefits. There is premium pricing about the same too. The features get added on when you subscribe to the premium subscription. There are great plans about the pricing too at the beginner level. It trains other people to sell things at great deals.

LearnWorld Overview: LearnWorlds vs Podia

There is cloud learning also in which the experts are there to guide you along the process and help the entrepreneurs and others to get the goal done.

It is a platform where students will interact with their content by themselves and get involved by the same Learner experience is taken care of as more you do by yourself you will learn in a great way.

Learnworlds has been featured in Forbes:

Next-Gen Educational Tools Deliver A Big Dose Of Fun.

“We offer a lot of different modules that have been found to trigger curiosity in children,” said Learnworld’s Rana Chandradip.


Podia is a journey in which the courses are being done at an easy pace and you will achieve the passion you always wanted to in this. This was created in 2014 same as LearnWorlds. Here the public is on an individual base and the courses they provide are of a smaller level only.

It is a friendly one which you will access and know things faster. There is customer support provided whenever needed. You will be able to have a good income by selling the memberships, online courses offered, and Digital Downloads to a larger number of people.

Podia Overview

You can do these things on a quick basis as now digital networks are much stronger and have a greater audience. There are 3rd party consent isn’t required nor is many qualifications for this.

You can do it much more easily by making proper content so that people take away things. The making of newsletters and payment things can be done individually and earned on getting sold. A good way you can achieve your dream.

Don’t have time to read the full article, here is an expert summary for LearnWorlds Vs Podia

🚀 5 Reasons Why LearnWorlds Wins over Podia

1) Live classes can be a fun way to engage students and increase course engagement. Learnworlds offers the option of live classes, which provides an interactive video editor that allows you to add buttons, labels, questions, etc., all while hosting your live stream on Zoom for better interactivity with viewers.

2) Learnworlds offers an auto-graded examination that allows you to select the type of questions, the number of answers needed for a correct answer, and whether there are negative points given if incorrect.

3) By hosting SCORM and HTML5 files, LearnWorlds helps users easily take advantage of this technology by allowing it to be used in an online environment.

4) With the Learnworlds platform, you can automatically create transcripts and subtitles for your videos.

5) Learnworlds offer both video and pdf Copyright protection. The company also provides watermarks for videos and PDF documents to avoid unauthorized usage of content online.

Global Online Learning Statistics

online learning statistics

Source: Wikimedia

Here are some general e-learning statistics for your perusal.

  • Since its inception, the global industry has grown by 900 percent.
  • Since its inception, statistics show that the online education business will reach $325 billion in revenue in just over two decades, by the year 2025.
  • Thailand, India, China, and the Philippines are among the countries with yearly market growth rates of over 30%.
  • This market is expected to grow by 200% between 2020 and 2025.
  • Online education generates an additional 20% of revenue for Asia’s largest consumer market each year.
  • Online education is anticipated to grow to $6 billion in revenue by the year 2022.
  • Online education has been used by at least 60% of all internet users. Because they may do it at their own convenience, they are more likely to do so.
  • An eLearning platform has been utilized by 80 percent of businesses and 50 percent of academic institutions to some degree.
  • Employees and students save 40-60% of their time by using e-learning instead of traditional methods.
  • Europe’s average internet company has 25 employees and a turnover of 3 million pounds.
    The European Higher Education Area’s 48+ member countries believe that online learning should complement rather than replace traditional classroom instruction.
  • While one-on-one tutoring has a retention rate of 8-10%, e-learning increases retention to 25-60%. This is because it’s easier to go back and review what you’ve already learned, and you’re in charge of the entire process.
  • More than two-thirds of organizations now perform compliance training online.
    If companies adopted an online learning strategy, employee engagement would rise by 18 percent.

Features Comparison: LearnWorlds Vs Podia

LearnWorlds Features 

Signing-up- There is no need for a credit card to have access. It just gets started within a few minutes as well as in a one-step process. There are 30 days as a trial given to understand it easily.

Dashboard– After signing up the dashboard is being functioned. The payment thing is here and also about various types of video information are available here. Starting from the course setup to the offers having, the different pages having and building up about that to the others what saying all combines here.

Dashboard Of LearnWorlds: LearnWorlds vs Podia

Creation of the Courses– The description, title, and content need to be fixed up here. You need to write the amount for the course and also how much it will be available to the public.

The dripping is also helpful so you can go for it if you feel your course needs that. The colors and various edits in it can be done. The content also is helpful to users in this.

LearnWorlds - Choose A Course Topic

Marketing and selling of the courses are also done.

24/7 Customer Support- By email and telephonic queries, issues are resolved. At the earliest, they try to resolve your issue in minimum time. They are helping the users as the app can be done in a much greater way and expansion of this is going on at a greater level.

Interactive engagement- The users can interact with the experts whenever they want help and they seek it. The experts are there for guiding them to work effectively and do it regularly.

The queries are solved and help for making up things which they are facing. The interaction makes things work at a faster pace.

Social networks building up There is social media by which the courses and plans can be spread to a greater audience. They do things by giving some great benefits also.

Unlimited Courses- There are lots of courses available. It depends on you which you want to take and go for it. About your current study or else about the passion you have that the right way is by choosing any that would be helpful to you.

LearnWorlds - Course Overview

Digital Downloads- Once you subscribe to the plans you will be able to do the downloading at an easier level as then you won’t have to pay for it.

LearnWorlds- Template

Podia Features 

Create Online Courses- Selling the courses stays best here as there will be making the money in dollars. There will be great selling in downloads and doing the membership with it. There are courses which you can also decide and do it likewise. The selling of courses is best for you how much you can do that can include the video, audio, quizzes, etc. It’s on you to do the drip content or the one-time content for users.

Podia Review- Online Courses

Sell Digital Downloads- By creating the template, and the ebook you can do various ways of selling it and also have style and expertise in it. Making money online can happen.

Podia - Digital Downloads

Host a membership- It is a great opportunity to engage with various content lovers and those who take up the courses can support and engage once become a member of this.

Make more with Bundles- There are incentives given on the courses so that the sale can be done in a faster way. It is helping customers and having the benefit of doing two to three courses at a minimum rate.

Use upsell offers- The discounts should be given so that it functions in a faster way. Customers love this offer and they buy products and get additional benefits too.

Basic Email System- Through the email system, you can do the drip campaigns as well as the time campaigns which would be great for students.

Podia - Email Marketing

Creating Quizzes for the Courses- They will do this easily and keep them engaged with this and can do it from mobile too.

Embed the Buy Button- This can be converted into the selling page from the webpage. The low-cost classes are being done here.

Set Start Dates- The students are needed to keep the dates in mind as they have purchased the course so.

Podia - Membership Area

Integrations make it easier- The affiliate system is working here as email marketing is becoming easier with the integrations.

Are you still wondering, which course will suit you best to sell courses online? Read In-depth Podia Review Here.

Pricing Battle: LearnWorlds vs Podia

Let’s see the pricing plans offered by LearnWorlds and Podia.

LearnWorlds Pricing 

There is a starter plan of about $29/month which gets divided into two parts $24 if you do it annually and $5 for course selling.

There is another one which is Pro Plan the benefits are great like the website building up, subscriptions happening on a greater level, SCORM compatible it is, and $5 for course needed to be dropped, integrations are about $99/month. There is an annual benefit if paid which is about $79. 

LearnWorlds Discount Coupon

There is a premium plan also available that is about Learning Center plan that is on trending and has so many benefits one should go for it to learn many things in it for a month it is about $299 and if it is taken annually you are saving the 600 rupees and costs just for about $249.

You will enhance your experience of learning in a great manner. The benefit can be taken about a 3-day trial in which you would know a few things and then make a  plan about the same which best suits you.

Podia Pricing 

The offer starts from a very lower price which is $39 per month in Podia. The free version is not available but the free trial is there so that you can enhance the courses and things at your ease.

Podia -Pricing


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What Users Say About Podia:

I’ve wanted to offer e-courses for a while but always felt overwhelmed with how to set it up. Podia has made it super easy to create a website for this new part of my business. The tools are super easy to navigate, and their team is super quick to help answer any questions you have.

Joy Cho

Founder & Creative Director, Oh Joy!

We tried just about every tool out there for selling digital products – switching to Podia was the first time we felt like we’d stick around. It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s reliable, and their support team is the best.

Alex Hillman

Stacking The Bricks, Doubled revenue after switching to Podia

What Users Say About Podia On Facebook:

Podia facebook review

Pros & Cons: LearnWorlds Vs Podia

There are various advantages and disadvantages to both. I checked about both and then wrote about the same. Some of them are discussed here.

Pros Of LearnWorlds

  • Courses are delivered very systematically.
  • The available resources are very comfortably found and with no foundation of time.
  • The additional advantage of hearing and watching the video and audio instructions, again and again, is provided.
  • For doubt clearance, there are some convenient options available such as chat and discussion boards. This is also beneficial for interaction between students.
  • Due to the absence of any strict or unchangeable rules, you can learn not only daily but also on weekends or whenever you have free time.
  • You can educate yourself anytime or at any place as the internet is accessible 24×7.
  • Independent and active participation is promoted by web-based learning.
  • Web-based learning is equally and abundantly beneficial for part-time students as well as students working full time.
  • Internet learning is considerably cheaper than the classical way of training. It cuts the expenses of many obvious things such as travel, printing materials, hiring an instructor, etc.
  • The advantage to learn at one’s own pace and own style helps them to suck up more information. Online learning permits this.
  • In this world, everything changes fast. Printed materials can’t get updated without reprinting and that takes a lot. On the contrary, online courses are updated and made available easily.

Cons Of LearnWorlds

  • It is seen that in the online assessments questions are mostly objective.
  • Additionally, the issue of the security of online learning programs also poses a problem.
  • The authenticity of the work and the progress of a particular student is also a big issue, as on the internet anyone can do a project in place of the actual student.
  • Computer-marked assessments are usually only knowledge-based and so they leave the practical aspects.
  • The web-based learning activities do not set you up for real-world situations.
  • It is seen that in some cases students develop a sense of isolation due to regular online learning.
  • The online courses need you to be answerable for your progress.
  • To stay on task there is no instructor in online courses to propel or push you.
  • Procrastination is a serious disadvantage of online learning. Online learning makes it easier to procrastinate.
  • Younger generations have become more reliant on technology and web-based learning is promoting it too.
  • Not everything under the sun can be taught and understood in online classes. Some complex topics need physical attention and are therefore best conducted in person.
  • Discipline, self-restraint, and time management skills are essential for organized online training.
  • The internet lacks the practice-based style of training.

Pros Of Podia 

  • Multiple courses are being offered by Podia. You can go into the ones in which your interest is and what you need currently. 
  • Podia has a special thing in which that is about drip content. The users get the information in a slower manner and stages depending on which course they have taken and also how many months it’s going to be done. There will be offers on it and you will learn things efficiently.
  • Quizzes are being created so those who are learning will have a challenge in it and will love to learn the things.
  • The engagement tools are great for students and it is knowledge-based driven as it is having a comprehensive and detailed thing.
  • There are different plans for the courses offered and offers for the same are applicable, the downloads if you opt for plans can be made easily.
  • There is a certificate also after the completion of the course.
  • There are marketing tools also available that include various types of integrations you can explore more but have great benefits.
  • The great advantage here is the telephone support provided whenever the users find difficulty in things. It is available in the plan above the basic one. The help center is quite efficient and works best.
  • Free and premium plans are available one can use as per their need. In which 14 days of free one is there.
  • Podia supports its users in the form of email and by chatting 24/7.

Cons Of Podia

  • There is an email design which is having limited customization only. There is no further customization available and that is the greatest disadvantage of the Podia.
  • There is just a free trial and a plan for free things is not available. The charges are applied to the plan.
  • There is not a separate feature about the assignment as things are going without that and as such in a few times it will get updated.
  • The certificate after completion feature is working at a slower pace and it is taking time. The users get the integration also about the same.
  • The accreditation is not provided about the courses there the Podia lacks as compared to the LearnWorlds.
  • The navigation feature is not user-friendly. It takes more time to understand and then you can do that.

FAQs Related To LearnWorlds vs Podia

👉What is Podia?

Podia is a platform that lets you sell online courses, memberships, and digital products. It also has good email marketing features and is a good alternative to its competitors like Teachable and Kajabi.

👉The webinars are being provided by Podia?

There is a Question and Answer offer that is going on in Podia every Tuesday. It is done for helping the course creators learn about things.

👉The customer support in Podia is how much workable

There is telephonic support as well as email support that is resolved at the earliest to the customers.

👉Does Podia offer email marketing?

Yes, Podia has a built-in email marketing tool where you can create advertising campaigns, newsletters, and email marketing. It may also include third-party email marketing applications.

👉What level of support does LearnWorlds offer?

LearnWorlds offers the following support options: Email, Help Desk, Chat, Phone Support, 24/7 Live Representative, Knowledge Base, FAQ Forum, etc.

👉Where is LearnWorlds based?

The cloud-based LearnWorlds LMS is the ultimate solution for scaling your business, with advanced eCommerce features, a powerful course authoring system, and intuitive design. LearnWorlds is an ideal online learning management system (LMS) that allows you to scale your company without sacrificing quality or user experience through its many innovative tools such as an easy-to-use course authoring toolset, customizable templates, and responsive designs that look great on any device.

👉Is LearnWorlds safe?

LearnWorlds ensures the most up-to-date and secure cryptographic methods. School Admin passwords are salted and hashed, meaning they're never stored or transmitted as plain text. Employees cannot view or manually change passwords to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to LearnWorld's data at all times.

👉👉Does LearnWorlds have a free plan?

Yes, for 3 days you can use and then you need to take up their starter, pro, or the Learning experience plan.

👉Does LearnWorlds offer APIs?

Yes, LearnWorlds offers APIs.

👉Is podia a good platform?

Podia is a platform that offers you the opportunity to sell your online courses, memberships, and also digital products. It's got really good email marketing features so it would be an excellent alternative for those who want something more professional than Teachable or Kajabi!

👉Is LearnWorlds good?

LearnWolrds has the potential to be one of your best course building tools. It's got great SEO features and impressive landing page customization options which easily outweigh any drawbacks such as customer support or beginner-friendliness in my opinion!

Conclusion: LearnWorlds vs Podia 2022 

For creating side income, Podia will benefit solo entrepreneurs, content creators, and various experts. But for doing business and wanting to grow by giving membership to customers, e-learning business, and digital products, LearnWorlds is doing great things, I can say this because I reviewed it.

The learning experience stays best as you can explore things very easily. One looks at the representation of the brand there, LearnWorlds is best. Else there are different tools for creating, managing, selling, and delivering online education there Poida is efficient enough.

By looking at various advantages, disadvantages and the features which will be best for you, you need to decide as per your demand upon the same. My vote will go to LearnWorlds.

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Take the decision wisely, both are having their own set of things. After analyzing both the platform— LearnWorlds vs Podia, I personally recommend that LearnWorlds is the best as it has a starter plan of just $29 as compared to Podia which is $39 also the business is growing faster, and there is a 24/7 accessibility, the students can learn at their ease, the courses and memberships are great.

How You Can Market Your Online Course With Podia In 2022

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  1. LearnWorlds is Great. This intuitive platform makes it easy to create and sell courses online, with SEO tools that help you get found by potential students. Plus, the versatile customization options make it easy to create a landing page that matches your brand.

  2. I’ve used LearnWorlds for a few courses I’ve created, and it’s been a great experience. The platform is extremely user-friendly and makes it easy to build professional-looking courses with all the bells and whistles (like quizzes, slideshows, etc.).

  3. 4.5/5 stars – “I’ve been using LearnWorlds for a while now and I have to say it’s an amazing platform. It has all the features you need to create professional courses, and the support team is always there to help you out if you get stuck. Highly recommended!

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