Preply vs italki 2024: Which One is a Better Language Learning Platform?

italki vs Preply

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italki is my first choice personally, but I can understand opting for Preply. I wouldn’t use Preply unless I was studying a non-language topic, and even then, I’d first look into other options.

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$ Pricing
$10-$20 $2-$10
Best for

italki is the most flexible and affordable place to find a tutor for the language you're learning. They have a huge number of teachers offering classe

Preply is for anyone who is willing to learn different languages in short period of time. They offer lessons on over 40 topics, including 27 languages

  • Options to become a tutor
  • Tutors are available for most rare languages
  • 100 languages
  • Comprehensive video calling option
  • Over 49,000 online tutors
  • 27 languages available
  • 1-on-1 lessons in more than 150 languages
  • Practice for free with the italki community
  • Free Language Assessment
  • Verified profiles
  • Affordable prices
  • Mobile friendly
  • Processing fee is charged
  • Teachers don’t receive payment for trial lessons
Ease of Use

Extremely easy to use platform with lots of free features

Preply has other things to learn than language which might make it a bit difficult.

Value For Money

Offers incredible value for money at such a pricing

With low pricing, the languages are limited but the value for money is justified.

Customer Support

So, you are here because you are confused between Preply and italki?

Rightly, like these, both are similar platforms where you can select a teacher to learn a new language. To determine which of the two platforms will be best for you, I have compared both of these platforms in detail so that it is easy for you to make your decision.

Preply and italki both offer language learning. italki has a greater number of language learning tools than Preply, which mainly focuses on preparing you with a study plan.

Overview: Preply vs italki Compared

As italki has existed longest, it offers a larger selection of tutors, so you can pick the one you like best. italki is also generally cheaper than other services. A lower price does not always mean a better product.

Furthermore, Preply offers tutors for a wide variety of subjects beyond language, because they have a great number of tutors.

Tutors on both platforms can choose from a wide variety of subjects and offer flexibility

I prefer Preply because their tutors are of the highest quality and their system is easier to use.

The prices on italki are generally lower too compared to other platforms. From my perspective, I would suggest you invest a few more dollars into the teacher you spend so much time with.

So, are you ready to know which one will suit you? Read along.

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About Preply & italki

Overview Preply

There are two of the most popular online language tutoring services on the web: Preply and italki. Students are taught one-on-one by their TESOL-certified teachers from all over the world.

Students have flexibility regarding time schedules (since teachers are available 24/7 on both platforms), and both platforms work on any device.

While learning a new language can be rewarding, adapting to that language can also be challenging, especially for students who are complete beginners.

It is useful to use language learning apps, but in essence, these are electronic versions of learning books. Real-time live sessions are the best way to learn from someone.

When teaching using real-time, grammatical and pronunciation errors are corrected right away for ease of understanding. Language learning apps do not allow students to ask questions, so this is an advantage. They can also raise questions in real-time. Compared to modular learning methods, it opens more conversation areas and clarifies ideas.

Experience: Preply vs italki


iTalki Overview

With both services, students will be matched with the right teachers based on their requirements and expectations. Yet Preply offers its students the opportunity to “personalize” their learning experience.

Essentially, it gives students the opportunity to adjust their learning process according to the price, qualifications, and location of the teacher.

The higher the price, the more qualified the professor is and the more insight he has into the subject – but that doesn’t mean the student will learn less.

Once students register with Preply, they can try a tutor for an hour for free. There is no syllabus of lessons; teachers adapt lessons according to the needs of each student.

Thus, every student is able to learn in a way that suits their style. Even so, this system offers an extensive network of online courses based on the convenience and comfort of the student.


italki- learn any language fluently

italki makes it easy to choose a teacher. Through this service, students can find tutors that are located close to their homes, affordable and provide the results they desire.

Student bios provide information on which teachers are a good fit for them. As well as filtering teachers by categories, students can also develop bespoke matchings between teachers and students.

Likewise, italki students have the option of taking trial classes in order to determine whether becoming more consistent with their lessons will be beneficial for them.

Platform interface: Preply vs italki


Preply vs italki- Focus on skills

Getting the lesson across optimally to its students, the service’s interface is undoubtedly crucial. Subscribers to Prepare are given access to Prepare Space, a video-calling platform that is intuitive and easy to use.

As a result, students have easy access to vocabulary notes and materials that their teacher has prepared for them. In addition to providing a more direct channel for communication between a student and his tutor, it allows him to get a feel for his teacher’s methods and learn from them.


Student Discount -Preply

Similar to this, italki lets students arrange tutoring sessions and book tutors. The platform that you wish to have your lesson on will be asked when a student books a lesson. The most common video platforms for having class are Skype, WeChat, and FaceTime, or other platforms that your tutor can suggest.

italki Classroom is another option. You can initiate the class by logging in, clicking “Enter Classroom”, and meeting your tutor or student.
Platforms like italki and Preply have never made learning easier.

Cost for students: Preply vs italki


Discount Details for students

In addition to finding the most suitable teacher for the student’s budget, Preply does not compromise the student’s learning experience. Teacher native speakers or international certifications are required for all teachers.

Even with Preply’s many perks, students still have access to them. Students can find teachers for as little as $3/hour who are qualified by Preply professionals to meet all of their learning needs.


Student Discount -Preply

Students can also use italki to find the right teacher for them within the price range they are looking for. It is either a professional teacher or a community tutor that teaches on italki. In terms of qualifications and education, they differ. Tutors with high proficiency in English but no formal teaching credentials are community tutors.

The cost of a class is often determined by the type of teacher you are seeking.

Verdict- Prices of classes (Preply vs italki)

The price for each platform is set by the teachers. Although the prices are not much different, Preply is cheaper (between $2 and $10) and italki is cheaper (between $10 and $20) in lower-priced classes. Prepare a budget so that you can determine how much you can afford to pay. Decide how much you want to pay after deciding the amount you can afford.

How To Become A Tutor (Preply vs italki)

How to become a tutor on Preply?

Those interested in starting their careers as online English tutors might find Preply to be a valuable resource.

Preply Hiring Requirements:

How to become a tutor

When it comes to applying for Preply, there are no strict requirements. Because each application is approved individually, TESOL certificates are not mandatory.

Additionally, if you don’t have expertise in English, Preply lets you choose from a range of languages to teach. German, Italian, French, and Spanish are some of the languages taught at Preply.

Tutors on Preply are paid an average of $550 per week on average, although you can set your own hourly rates. It usually costs $15 – $25 per hour.

When you have more experience and receive positive feedback from your students, you can increase your class rate gradually.
Preply offers a trial lesson for new tutors. The commission rate for subsequent lessons will start at 33% and drop continuously to 18% as soon as you’ve completed a certain amount of teaching time.

Book Preply lessons online- italki vs preply

The following information is all you need to begin your application:

Preply tutors- italki vs preply

  • Describe yourself in a few words
  • Your headshot should be submitted
  • Provide a brief description of your tutoring strengths
  • Provide a two-minute video introduction of yourself
  • Let us know when you are available

You will have 5 business days to submit your profile for review once you have submitted it. Once it’s approved, you can start offering your services all over the globe!

How to become a tutor on italki?

iTalki become a teacher

Italki also makes it easy for you to become a tutor.

iTalki Hiring Requirements:

It is necessary to meet the following requirements to become a professional teacher on italki:

  • A minimum of 18 years of age is required
  • Graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Priority will be given to education students.
  • Trained as an English Language Teacher/TESOL
  • The video should last between one and three minutes.
  • Know the language natively

In order to become a tutor, you must:

Following successful completion of the application, you will be invited to take a quiz and watch some training videos.

  • A minimum age of 18 is required.
  • Video introductions of one to three minutes should be submitted.
  • Your native language speaker

The next step is to complete a video call with the italki teacher service.
The final step is to finalize your profile and make your classes available to students all over the world.

How much does italki take from the teacher?

Trial lessons with italki are free. italki takes 15% from all transactions between teachers and students during regular lessons.
They use something called italki Credits, and they’re rounded up (there’s no such thing as partial italki credits).

Preply vs italki for Teachers

These platforms both allow teachers to market their courses on their platform, giving them full control over how much they charge and how many students they can accommodate.

There’s no problem taking a vacation. It’s just a matter of closing your schedule. It will be helpful to gain traction on the platform if you keep your availability as open as possible in the beginning.

Finding the best platform to work for you is always a great idea as a teacher. See which one fits your needs the best!
Aside from that, they are great for teachers without a Bachelor’s degree. This may prove handy if you are hoping to work for Chinese companies such as VIPKid or Gogokid.

Preply Reviews

Preply Review

It is convenient, easy to use, and simple to use the Preply platform. The availability of classes that match the student’s needs as well as affordability make this program stand out from a student’s perspective.

Teachers who are just getting started on Preply pay high commissions, but as they teach more and more classes, the commission rates become smaller. New teachers on the platform might be at a disadvantage because of this.
Ultimately, Preply provides a great solution for online teachers who wish to make money from home while teaching their native language.

italki Reviews

iTalki Testimonials - Review

My overall impression of italki is positive because it lets you book a reduced-cost trial session with a teacher before you choose one. This allows students to sample multiple teachers at a low cost.

The free features of italki are also quite useful. In the notebook section, you can write homework, which is pretty cool. Any language-related topic can be discussed. Furthermore, you can practice your English for free with language partners.

Advantages of italki

Trial lessons

There is an option on italki to book 30-minute trial classes with different instructors. These are usually discounted rates. If you want to decide which teacher will be right for you, this is a great option. The trial account has a limit of three classes.

Free Features

italki comes with a few free features. The notebook section can be used for writing homework. Any topic relating to languages is fair game. Free language practice is also available by finding language partners. (It is very difficult to find native English speakers.)

Advantages of Preply

Preply Space

There are many similarities between Skype and Preply Space, but it works differently. You can review your teacher’s vocabulary and share materials with your teacher with this tool.

Very cheap classes

Online classes at Preply are among the most affordable. A surprisingly low rate of $3 per hour is charged by some teachers. Starting at $4 an hour, italki offers a variety of features. A teacher’s quality usually increases with their price so make sure they speak English correctly!

Disadvantages of italki

Processing fee

Payments are processed by the payment providers (such as Visa, Mastercard, and others) when a class is booked on italki. For every hour you buy on Preply, you will only be charged $0.30.

italki classroom

The italki classroom is almost never used by the instructors on italki. Most of them face connection issues with Skype often, so there seems to be no benefit to it. I believe they will soon improve this, as it has been getting better.

Disadvantages of Preply

No flexibility on packages

It is necessary to stay with a teacher after buying some hours with them. You should be able to change teachers if there are any problems or if you want to access various teaching styles.

Teacher commissions

There is an unfair commission teacher have to pay when they begin working. italki is likely to have a higher quality of teachers since a lot of great teachers won’t accept this.

Conclusion: Which One Should You Choose? (Preply vs italki)

Both services are extremely effective and are available to everyone at an affordable cost. The most efficient way to impart lessons to students is to find the right teacher. Although each has its own approach to achieving this, they all boil down to finding the perfect one.

It is important for students to have patience and resilience before jumping to these sites – after all, each tutor with both sites is certified in bringing out students’ inner confidence in speaking a new language.

Preply or italki are the best platforms to begin building your teacher business if you are looking for an online platform to teach a language through.

From the comfort of your own home, both platforms permit native speakers of any language to teach classes to students around the world.
Thus, if you are a teacher, select according to the ease of platform and payout.

Else if you are a student, you can obviously take the trial class first with both the platforms and see which teacher suits you the best of which platform.

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italki is my first choice personally, but I can understand opting for Preply. I wouldn’t use Preply unless I was studying a non-language topic, and even then, I’d first look into other options.

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  1. Not sure where you get the prices from? I compared the two (Spanish courses with Spanish tutors) and Preply is a lot more expensive than iTalki. Probably because the Preply organisation takes far more money from the tutors than italki and they adjust prices to compensate. Most tutors on Preply cost $20 EUR/hour while hour rates for iTalki teachers usually are in the $12-$15 range.

    But perhaps it’s different with other languages.

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