10 Jaw Dropping Clues That You Are Meant To Be An Entrepreneur

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Almost every article on the internet suggests that entrepreneurial path is not for everyone. And yet the article goes on about how many successful people possessed traits such as persistence, ethic, persuasiveness and etc.

For years I have studied entrepreneurs and found that what the reason behind their success was not what society considers asset. Instead famous people like Henry Ford, Oprah Winfrey followed the path endorsed by management pundit.

So stop judging yourself in the field of entrepreneur by how they label you or say about you. Maybe your very own liabilities are your real assets.

Here I present 10 signs which will be indications that you are a born entrepreneur.

You Are Meant To Be An Entrepreneur

1. You Visualize Opportunities Everywhere

You have a habit of seeing potential in every living being and in everything. Every morning you wake up and you are in a hurry to go out because you have ideas to first think and then word upon it, jobs to set in action and a business to be built and expand.

2. You Love to Crack Your Own Problems

When you see a project or something which could have been executed in a better way, you don’t think twice before stepping up on and start working on resolving it. That usually indicates that you always like to solve other people’s problems.

Later, these solutions can bring life in itself and become a business in coming future.

3. You think of all the things around you and instantly look for how it could be turned into a business

It could be that you like to make up new stories. Once you’re a master at making up tasty recipes. Making new software becomes fun for you. All of your thinking process is involved when you start having fun in the work you are doing.

These ideas which keep on hitting inside your head are all feeds for the entrepreneurial side. You look for all the way to turn them into a profitable business or people who are capable of doing it for you.

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4. As a Child you used to Sell Stuff

You have the skills to be an entrepreneur if you had the experience of selling things as a child. It maybe you had a lemonade stand near your house or sold Pokémon cards like Snorlax.

Or just like me you built websites for your friends or parent’s friends and started freelancing without even knowing what the word actually means. You possibly got addicted on earning money and decided it was a good job task to take on.

5. You Think in Terminology of Investments

With any job you undertake whether it is mowing the lawn during weekends or watching TV in the evening, you take into account money and time investment and returns. If you watch two hours of TV means that’s two hours less for your business growth.

On the other hand hiring a person to mow your lawn leaves you with time to take ahead your business dreams. You are continuously biting numbers and augment on resources on how to use them.

6. You Judge other people having Leadership Qualities

You know that your business can go down if you are the one standing in the middle, so you look for people having potential to help you develop your business. Whenever you meet a person at a party, you always look at them in search for what role they can play to help your present or future business.

You also plan to give training to people who have those leadership qualities who can take your spot in the business, so you can easily go ahead and start working on your next project or business.

7. You love to talk about other businessman’s success

You never bad-mouth success stories of people in your house. You know that you always look positive side of such success on entrepreneurs to become one yourself, and you absorb all the advice given by the people.

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8. Reading biographies of your favorite business kingpins is your hobby

You love to get an inside glimpse of your favorite entrepreneur’ life which inspires you do something with your life and business. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett are all known business gurus via their biographies, and after reading you know as to which quality to take on from each of the individuals.

9. You are determined to a mistake

The word “give up” is not in your dictionary. You know that is an idea doesn’t cook well, there will be tons load of opportunities to go great guns with your next business.

You have tried and failed a lot of times, you know that you will again make mistakes, but you keep developing new business or ideas not matter what, because you have gone for the marathon and not to win a race.

10. Your give a damn about creating the world a better place

You are very well aware that business is a medium for change on a larger scale and it is your job to make the world a better place. Running a business is something you are driven into because you believe in yourself and in giving the world something useful. Most of all you know you are a person who can make it happen.

Your work is your reward

Owning and starting a business is job where you are the boss and is often idealized. And some business owners do get instant and fantastic success, though many businesses don’t make it in more than a couple of years.

That does not mean you should give up before even trying it for once. Instead you should give a try to examine whether you find success in it and if not then you will have a reason to ditch your job.

I hope you were able to find out whether you have the quality of being an entrepreneur or not.

What signs of Entrepreneur you have , lets share your signs in comments below !

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