Udemy vs Treehouse 2021: Which One Is Right For You? (TOP PICK)

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Searching for online educational sites and confused which is the best? Nowadays with the increase in the number of internet users, learning has also shifted online. A variety of online platforms have emerged claiming to provide the best courses with ample fees. The most popular and widely known among these are Udemy and Treehouse. In this article, we will have a close look at both Udemy Vs Treehouse platforms and compare their strengths and weaknesses. 

Udemy Vs Treehouse 2021– The Ultimate Comparison

It is very well crucial to have an overview of the software you are opting for because in terms of studying there should not be any compromises by your side so let us get basic ideas about both of them.

Udemy Overview

Udemy is an online learning platform that focuses on all types of students and offers over 100000 courses in various languages along with a certificate of completion of the courses. Udemy offers both technical as well as non-technical courses which help in the overall growth and development of an individual. It offers courses of all the levels with new additions added every month along with good instructor support.

Anyone can become a teacher of Udemy which is a great feature as it increases the number of instructors per course but it also becomes difficult to check the quality of courses provided. Udemy gives lifetime access to each of their courses and you have to buy each course separately. Udemy has more than 50 million students and 57000 instructors teaching in over 65 languages as of January 2020.

Udemy Overview

Udemy is also an online learning platform that focuses on all types of students and offers over 100000 courses in various languages along with a certificate of completion of the courses. Udemy offers both technical as well as non-technical courses which help in the overall growth and development of an individual. It offers courses of all the levels with new additions added every month along with good instructor support. 

With a team of 57 thousand instructors and offering 150 thousand courses online, Udemy is the leading global marketplace for learning and teaching. Improving lives through learning, the platform helps you achieve your goals and thereby pursue your dreams.

The all-purpose learning platform connects millions of students like you to the skills you need to succeed. Udemy offers a number of courses on diverse subjects like software development, technology, management, meditation, basic sciences, human psychology, every day hobbies, and the list go on.

One of the best features that make Udemy stand out amongst the rest is that it not only allows you to learn but also gives you a chance to teach as well.

Treehouse Overview

Treehouse is an online platform that offers beginner to advanced courses in web design, web development, mobile development, and game development. Its courses are mostly for beginners looking to learn coding skills for their career growth. All the teachers and instructors on Treehouse are screened precisely before hiring which ensures quality maintenance of the courses. Treehouse offers various subscription plans and you can easily access a wide range of courses in your subscription period. It has a unique track system that easily guides you throughout the course which acts as a roadmap to what you will learn next. Treehouse is a great investment for those who want to learn coding from the very basics and also for someone who is looking forward to learning new technology.

Treehouse Overview

A boon for novice coding learners, Treehouse leads the race with over 1,000 hours of high-quality videos. These videos are so designed that they can aid you from scratch and further enable you to grab a job in the tech industry.

Another reason Treehouse is quite popular among 50,000 plus students learning 300 plus courses is that it offers on-demand videos and interactive code challenges. Further, Team treehouse allows you to opt for a free trial to see what suits you the best. No wonder, it is simply the best for learning coding.

Udemy Vs Treehouse- Features

Both of the platforms are online learning platforms and both of them are effective depending on your dedication. Both of them have special features that make them unique from each other. Let me guide you through the features for you to understand better.

Udemy Features-

  • One of the most talked-about features of Udemy is its huge number of courses. Udemy literally has an ocean of courses you can select from. If any of the courses you are unable to find online then you know who to come to! 
  • Some of the courses are free of cost.
  • Udemy often offers students discounts so you do not need to sit and wait to save money because it is already offering you a discount.
  • Udemy allows you to take your course in over 80 languages. Not an English speaker? You can rely on Udemy without any worries.
  • With their amazing customer support, they are constantly trying to create as friendly an atmosphere as possible to engage students to help each other out with doubts or any kind of queries.
  • The top courses are rated 4 or higher due to its exceptional quality.
  • The courses are spread across for beginners as well as for intermediate and advanced level courses. You can go from learning basics as well as becoming a pro in any course with Udemy.
  • The courses are adequate enough. Udemy provides a good value of money as the prices are low per course. 
  •  You get a certificate of completion for all the courses you take up.
  • The instructors are not particularly employed by Udemy. Anyone can become an instructor with Udemy.
  • You get to enjoy lifetime access to the application.
  • Not a programmer? You are still welcome by Udemy as the application is useful for almost everyone.

Treehouse Features

  • One thing that this platform provides is great instructors. The professors are able to apply their own techniques and methods to teach the students. The communication is very approachable and clear. 
  • It is not simply learning of textbooks, the animations included for teaching makes it even more enjoyable. 
  • They focus on project-based learning where they show you how to build your application step by step. 
  • They are always striving towards being on track with the current industry and introduce new courses every month.
  • It gives you real-world exposure by frequently asking you to build your own project such as mobile applications, websites, URLs, etc so that you can apply their teaching practice.
  • Treehouse supports both iOS and Android so you can install it irrespective of the mobile you use. 
  • They work towards constantly motivating their students to reach their goals through recognition. 
  • If you are a student, you can avail of student discounts and learn the course. Do not wait because of the budget because they have got your back! 
  • With their workspace being one of their best features, you do need to install additional things to your laptop or computer. You can get access to learn everything from their workspace.
  • Beginner’s best friend. It grants you detailed tutorials of everything right from the basics. Even if you are someone who forgot basics, Treehouse will help you quickly brush up everything and you can proceed further.  
  • Provides Techdegree so that your Resume looks amazing!
  • The dashboard comes along with Treehouse.

Udemy Vs Treehouse-Basic Differences

Treehouse and Udemy both have a completely different business model and hence comparing them according to just their pros and cons won’t do complete justice. Udemy or Treehouse – what platform to choose- depends on what you want to achieve.

Udemy gives you lifetime access for the courses and Treehouse is a subscription-based platform. While Udemy is mostly suitable for beginners, Treehouse is suitable for learners of all levels.

Udemy Courses

Udemy gives you a certificate of completion and Treehouse gives you a tech degree. Treehouse provides you with technical courses while Udemy gives you technical as well as non-technical hobby-based courses like foreign languages, music, photography, personal development, etc. Udemy offers lifetime value whereas Treehouse provides better learning support. In certain cases, either of them will be better than the other hence it all depends on your needs regarding the courses. Either way, it’s great to have these websites for our learning purposes.

The main difference between Udemy and Treehouse is the number of courses offered. Udemy offers more than 1,00,000 courses on all subjects whereas Treehouse offers over 300 plus courses on technology-oriented courses. I have used both of these platforms and would like to share my own experience through this article. Both platforms provide a variety of courses that would suffice the motive of learning at its best. 

Treehouse- Courses and Features

The courses will help you build your skillset and have an exponentially rising effect on your career growth chart. Between Udemy and Treehouse, both of them cover various computer skills and are great for getting started. To minimize any further confusion let us take a look at all the pros and cons of these two platforms.

Udemy Vs Treehouse-Pricing Reviews

Deciding which course to spend and how much is as difficult as selecting the course itself. To clear out the confusion for you, I have jotted out the pricing criteria of both the online courses at stake here.

Udemy Pricing

As far as Udemy is concerned, you need to pay once per class. Cost for different courses varies but according to my research, a detailed course will cost you around $60-$120.

Udemy Pricing Plan

Treehouse Pricing

Learning with Treehouse will make you shed $25 per month from your pocket. After paying the fee, you can access more than 1,000 videos with the tracks. Post this, you can try your hands on other advanced features.

Treehouse Pricing

Enrolling into any of its programs by availing monthly or annual subscription, you can access as many courses as you want during this period.

Udemy Vs Treehouse-Pros & Cons

Comparison of both of these leading online learning platforms urged me to outline the fine differences amongst them. Since everything has its own pros and cons, let’s have a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of Udemy and Treehouse.

Udemy Pros

  • The review and rating system in Udemy helps you choose and purchase good courses.
  • The count of beginner lessons for certain languages is quite good.
  • You are also free to learn intermediate to advanced subjects.
  • Udemy offers a wide range of basic to advanced level courses on various topics.
  • The courses offered here are focused on beginner and intermediate levels hence it is more suitable for a person having very little knowledge about any particular course.
  • Udemy has a wide community to help each other out and it bridges the gap between all types of students.
  • Udemy doesn’t require regular participation and the courses can be completed according to one’s own pace.
  • Udemy targets a large audience from all domains.
  • Some courses and free and they offer regular discounts on many of the courses
  • Udemy provides a certificate of completion after the successful completion of a course.
  • Udemy offers both technical and non-technical courses.
  • The access period of Udemy courses is for a lifetime.
  • Udemy offers a low price per course.

Udemy Cons

  • Many independent instructors take part in designing a course. Thus, you will often find more than one course on the same topic.
  • Due to different teaching methods, you’ve to pause the video often to review each step. 
  • No strict control is maintained over the course authors. Moreover, they don’t have a proper course review system. 
  • Assessing the quality of a course is difficult. 
  • The quality of the content varies widely as for each topic various instructors offer the courses according to their level of expertise. As anyone can be a teacher on Udemy, keeping a check on the quality of course content becomes difficult most of the time.
  • Despite offering many courses for free there are several courses which are expensive and have a limited discount
  • Udemy provides a huge community both on its site and social media for students so that they can help each other out with their problem solving and hence the whole process becomes easier.

Treehouse Pros

  • Courses are deemed to be genuine and authentic.
  • The courses along with learning tracks offer practical experience. 
  • It is known for maintaining a strict quality standard.
  • Feedback and code reviews are also available. 
  • Excellent support is also offered through a vibrant community forum. This enables you to take help in case you are having a problem.
  • The courses make the programmers try their hands-on coding in real-life projects.
  • Treehouse focuses mainly on programming and web development within which it offers all levels of courses.
  • The advanced level courses offered here better as compared to Udemy and they are updated with new content to expand your knowledge
  • The company is more supportive of its students and gives recognition to their work. Here the progress is monitored and timely encouraged
  • Treehouse requires regular participation and the courses more project-based offering practical learning through projects.
  • Treehouse targets a comparatively small audience basically from the programming and software development domain.
  • you can easily get student discounts through their email support.
  • Treehouse provides with a Techdegree after completion of a course
  • Low subscription fees 

Treehouse cons

  • Starting directly with the advanced courses is going to be frustrating and discouraging. 
  • Treehouse also has a wide range of teachers for various courses but here there is more inconsistency observed among the courses. for example, a course from an instructor may be very slow-paced but easy to understand while the same course from other instructors might be a bit high paced and difficult to understand.
  • The advanced materials on Treehouse are usually locked away as bonuses and Treehouse courses are comparatively more expensive than other courses.
  • It proves a forum where students can ask doubts but most of the time students’ questions remain unanswered. 
  • Starting directly with the advanced courses is going to be frustrating and discouraging. 

Now that I have told you about both of these platform’s pros and cons, it is important that you analyze it before choosing one. 

Who should go for Udemy?

Udemy is the best choice for someone who is looking for non-technical programs and people who are looking for a single course to get an idea of the basics. Courses like stock trading, foreign language, yoga, etc these courses are not available on Treehouse therefore Udemy is the right choice to invest your money in. There are also numerous benefits and features of Udemy that you have read above.

Who should go for Treehouse?

Treehouse is for technical background. If you are someone who wants to learn about technology or someone who wants to learn a new technology then it is the best choice to invest in Treehouse. However, you should keep in mind that Treehouse is proper for technical fields and does not provide courses of different backgrounds like Udemy.

For technical people, this is the best choice, as I recommend personally. With their Techdegree, you can boost up your resume as well.

Udemy Vs Treehouse- My Honest Review- Which One is Winner?

Had I been at your place, I would have pondered over each and every aspect before investing the hard-earned money on learning coding online. Considering the aforementioned points, I would recommend Udemy for keen enthusiasts who want to master the basics. It leads a helping hand in learning non-technology courses.

On the other hand, my inclination towards Treehouse would be more, if I would have been eager about learning every minute detail about programming and technology while preserving my earlier knowledge about my job field.

If you are a complete beginner and have very little knowledge I would personally recommend you Udemy but if you already have enough knowledge and want to take a step further in any particular course Treehouse is the best for you.

If you want to learn a single course for value addition, choose Udemy but if you are looking for various courses or an upgrade in your knowledge and skills with a Tech degree then choose Treehouse.

Irrespective of the platform you choose for gaining knowledge, more focus should be given to your quality of learning and mastering your acquired skill sets. Gaining more certificates of various courses surely adds up value in your resume but having the required knowledge is equally important. 

Both these platforms will teach you the course and skills required but its value completely depends on how you put your skills to use. 

Before choosing anything, keep in mind that it is entirely my point of view. Udemy or Treehouse, whatever you prefer should be your call only depending on what you are looking for. 

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👉Is Treehouse any good?

Yes, if you are looking for a technical course online then Treehouse is one of the great choices. It offers a wide range of courses and works on introducing new technical courses to keep up with the latest technologies and changes in the industry.

👉Are Udemy courses legitimate?

Udemy provides over 1000+ courses and the quality of each of these courses varies. So it is the best choice to go through the detailed review of the courses on their website before deciding to go further.

Conclusion-Udemy Vs Treehouse2021– Which One Worth Your Money?

The reason why Udemy wins over Treehouse is that it narrows the gap between different types of learners. The vast community helps each other out. Further, courses available in as many as 80 different languages. The courses are a bit expensive but the factor can be ignored as the platform follows scientific teaching methods.

Overall, Treehouse is suitable for learning because of its student-friendly and efficient features and courses. Further, its project-based learning approach makes it an excellent platform for advanced learning. The courses and techniques are updated at regular intervals. So, you can rest assured that you will be provided with up-to-date information.

Treehouse and Udemy are two of the biggest names in online courses – but which is the best depends entirely on you? When you choose between any of the two, do keep this detailed Udemy Vs Treehouse article in mind and yes, you can thank me later.

Treehouse and Udemy are two of the biggest names in online courses - but which is the best depends entirely on you? When you choose between any of the two, do keep this detailed Udemy Vs Treehouse article in mind and yes, you can thank me later.

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