Codecademy Vs Treehouse 2020 | Which One To Choose & Who Wins?

Codecademy Vs Treehouse
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      Congratulations on choosing to learn to code online. It’s a decision that will help you put your career on a good path. It is natural that you thought about what to choose, Codecademy, or Treehouse. You have come to the perfect place. We are here to answer that exact question for you. At the end of this article, you will have a definite answer about which one to choose and you can be on your way to learning to code. 

      Spoiler alert, both of them are really good at what they do but they do it quite differently, and thus, you need to find what suits you better and with which you can learn quicker and better. 

      Both of them are self-paced demand courses online and come with quite pricey monthly subscriptions which makes the decision all the more important. So, choose wisely!

      About the Companies which will make you think which crowd to be in –


      • Treehouse has a user base of over 50 thousand users that have been gradually increasing since 2011
      • The user interface of Treehouse has an in-browser coding window along with the video lessons.
      • Treehouse offers a free seven-day trial after which it offers a monthly subscription to the users in which they can access as many lessons as they want.


      • Codecademy has a user base of over 45 million users which are growing rapidly with each passing day.
      • The user interface of Codecademy has lessons in the form of text and prompts. They also offer an in-browser code editor, similar to Treehouse. 
      • Similar to Treehouse, Codecademy offers an initial free trial of seven days after which the user needs to proceed with a monthly paid subscription which offers the user unlimited access to all its lessons.  

      Codecademy vs Treehouse 2020 | Which Is One To Choose? (TRUTH)

       About Codecademy

      Codecademy is one of the best leading digital services that will help you with coding languages. Codecademy packages come with 12 coding languages. Some of them are Ruby, Python, SQL, Java, C++, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Codecademy has been working on getting better and better and making the best coders for society since 2011. This has helped them cater to over 45 million users so far which are a lot more than what Treehouse has.

      Codecademy is highly accessible, with free beginner’s courses and an easy-to-use interface. It offers features that are most appealing to amateurs who are pursuing coding as more of a hobby instead of a full-time career. The pricing of the subscription packages also encourages more people who are looking to pursue it as a hobby due to the higher affordability.

       Codecademy Vs Treehouse - Codecademy

      Codecademy divides the browser into three columns: documentation, a code editor, and a virtual browser. The classes taught are text-based. You can read through the documentation and do an exercise with each lesson, filling in the blanks in the code editor. The platform will automatically check your code. When you get it right, you move on to the next lesson. They also offer occasional video lessons but these are very few and far apart and apply only to crucial lessons in any course that you choose. 

      Codecademy’s learning tracks, which are known as “Career Paths” is very helpful to someone looking to increase their coding knowledge. Career Path programs include courses such as Code Development, Web Development, Data Science, and more.

       About Treehouse

      Treehouse offers beginner to advanced courses in web design, web development, mobile development, and game development taught by a team of expert teachers. Its courses are aimed at beginners looking to learn coding skills for a career in the tech industry.

      Treehouse has been working with more than 50 thousand users since 2011. Treehouse offers courses for those who know they want a career in web development but may not have the relevant experience. The platform provides you with an opportunity to build your portfolio and network with other students and teachers. This network goes a long way after finishing your course and can help you land a job as well if you end up looking for one after the course.

       Codecademy Vs Treehouse - Treehouse

      Treehouse delivers its curriculum through video classes. After each class, you can take a quiz, a coding challenge, or an assessment. They also offer multiple development tracks, as well as intermediate and advanced learning courses to the users giving them a wider choice for their money. 

      One has to remember that course length is not always short and is composed of self-paced video learning. This process might be boring for some but is convenient.

      Course Lengths – How much time do you need to invest?


       Codecademy - Codecademy CourseCodecademy offers hourly estimates for all of their career tracks.

      • The Web Development course on Codecademy takes approximately 300 hours to complete
      • In about 350 hours, you can complete the Programming and Computer Science program on Codecademy.
      • In an equal amount of time, you can also complete your Data Science program. 


      Treehouse Course - Treehouse courses are designed to be worked on for ~3 hours per day for the duration of their recommended time for completion.

      • The Web Development course on Treehouse takes approximately 4 months or 360 hours of your time to complete. 
      • The PHP course on Treehouse also takes an estimated time of about three months of 270 hours to help you understand all the aspects of the software. 
      • The Full-Stack JavaScript course is one of the longest on Treehouse and would take you approximately 5 months or 450 hours to complete.

      The Treehouse courses do seem longer than the Codecademy ones but one thing to keep in mind is that they come with Audio-Video lectures which might suit you better than the text and prompts lessons on Codecademy.

      Teaching Method – Find what works for you!

      One important difference between Treehouse and Codecademy is the way you learn from them.

      Codecademy- Codecademy Skill Path


      • Codecademy helps you learn with their interactive online platform. This platform keeps you more engaged at all times.
      • Most lessons are text-based. First, you have to read the documentation and then you will be given an exercise. The documentation is quite complete as a whole and the exercises also thoroughly check what you have learned from the lesson. 
      • Codecademy will check your code and will promote you to the upcoming lessons if you are correct. If your code is not correct, you have to redo the code until you get it right. You move on to the next lesson only when your code is correct so there are no shortcuts available. 
      • You will also have video sessions for the topics that need thorough understanding. These video sessions are really low as compared to the lessons on Treehouse.
      • Codecademy has developed a mobile application that will help you learn and practice from your smartphone as well. However, we recommend that you stick to using the full website instead of the mobile app to have the best learning experience. 
      • Codecademy’s projects are downloaded to your terminal and allow you to practice the language you’re learning in a basic way with some code and a mockup provided.


      • Treehouse uses video tutorials to connect with you and makes you understand the curriculum. Many find the video tutorials much better to understand the course. 
      • You will have certain tests, quizzes, and assignments based on the topics covered in the video tutorials. The variety of types of tests are enough to check if you have really understood the lesson or you might have to take the lesson again. 
      • Treehouse’s projects generally do not offer any code but yes, they do offer a detailed mockup. This mockup is considered as enough by many and might work for you too.
      • They are designed, mainly to build student’s portfolios, which generally involves building a portfolio site. This portfolio helps you in real life while taking up freelance projects or applying for an open vacancy.

      Treehouse- PathWay

      The Teaching Methods – My Experience:

      • Codecademy has a good platform for students that prefer learning verbally, whereas Treehouse gives its users an audio and video learning experience. You can find out what works better for you by taking up the free subscription to both these sites and then make an informed decision.
      • However, both Codecademy and Treehouse take a similar estimated time for the completion of courses. Both the websites focus on giving you an all-round understanding of the topic and thus the courses might seem long.
      • Codecademy is good if you’re on a budget and trying to upskill yourself. Whereas Treehouse comes out a little costly, but also offers more focused courses with built-in weekly support and is great for someone on a deadline trying to make a career change.
      • If your motive is data science or upskilling yourself with shorter courses, Codecademy will suit you better whereas if learning UX design is your aim, Treehouse offers the best help.

      Treehouse Vs Codecademy – Cost Breakdown & Analysis

      Codecademy and Treehouse, both operate on monthly subscriptions. Both of them also offer free trials of 7 days wherein a user can simply register to avail them. The platforms also allow you to pause or cancel your subscription at any time with both the free trial as well as paid subscriptions.

      Codecademy Pro: $39.99/mo

      Codecademy vs Treehouse - Codecademy Pricing Plan

      • Codecademy offers engaging and interactive lessons with its Codecademy Pro subscription which pushes its users to learn more with each passing day. 
      • The paid subscription also offers access to the Codecademy Go app for mobiles wherein users can learn on the go with their mobile phones. 
      • Codecademy teaches to code with a step by step guide which is quite whole and answers any major questions that the user could have.
      • If any questions remain unanswered through the lessons, they also offer you access to the Codecademy forums as well as a private Facebook group where peers can clear any of the doubts you may have regarding coding.

      While Codecademy’s monthly subscription is a bit pricey at $39.99 a month, they offer a discount for longer commitments: $19.99/month for an annual commitment. They also offer free basic courses and limited practice exercises on their mobile app.

      Treehouse Techdegree: $199/mo

       Codecademy vs Treehouse - Treehouse Pricing

      • With a Treehouse Techdegree subscription, you have access to all the guided lessons in the form of videos and audios as compared to text and prompts on Codecademy. 
      • The subscription also offers you access to Techdegree projects which give you a peek into the real life of a coder and increase your skills in the real world of coding. 
      • All your codes on Treehouse are analyzed in depth by your fellow batchmates to help you understand where you have gone wrong where you could have done better. This helps develop a certain set of skills that can help in the world of coding. 
      • Treehouse also offers you weekly office hours live support wherein you can get in touch with them about any queries or questions you have. You also get access to a Slack community of your peers where you can interact with them about the lessons and other things regarding coding. 
      • Treehouse offers three different types of subscription plans. The Treehouse Techdegree costs $199 per month, Treehouse Basic costs $25 per month and Treehouse Pro costs $39 per month. These offer varying levels of features according to the plans with Treehouse Techdegree offering access to all the features.

      My Experience

      Treehouse offers a more detailed coding course and also is a bit expensive whereas Codecademy is truly for beginners and rookies and is comparatively more affordable. Treehouse is only good if you’re looking into an all-round assortment for money. They offer various courses in which you get a chance to learn – data analysis, quality engineering, user experience, and visual design, business literacy, professional prep, and soft business skills.

      Codecademy is the opposite – they only offer one course per coding language. (e.g. there’s a path to learn Python, Ruby, PHP, etc.) Codecademy is one of the best for verbal learners while Treehouse is much better for audio and visual learners. 

      To be honest, I was really stuck while choosing one for myself. I really learn better with the Audio-Visual lessons of Treehouse but shelling out $199 a month was simply too much for me. So, if you are in a position like me, it will be really hard for you to choose as well because it’s a tough decision of whether you want to shell out that much extra for the audio-visual lessons.

      If you do have that kind of money to invest in learning to code, I would definitely suggest Treehouse to you because of the well-rounded package with good teaching techniques but if you cannot invest that much or you’re simply looking to upscale your skills, Codecademy works well too. 

      Irrespective of the platform you choose, we think this a great period to kickstart coding and bring out the real coder within you. So, ultimately it is your decision to make before you start off.

      So, what platform are you choosing?

      Codecademy Vs Treehouse Testimonials

      Codecademy Reviews & Testimonials

      Codecademy For Business _ Codecademy TestimonialTreehouse Reviews & Testimonials

      TreeHouse - Customer Review


      👉🏻Is Codecademy free?

      Certainly not, you can get the 7 day trial for free so that you can decide if it suits you best before making any payments. Codecademy also offers tiered plans for 6 months and 1 year. These semi-annual and annual plans are a bit cheaper compared to the monthly renewal plans.

      👉🏻Is Codecademy a good place to learn to code?

      Codecademy can be very well stated as a good place to learn to code. Step by step guided tutorial approach is the winning factor we must say.

      👉🏻Is Treehouse free?

      Treehouse offers you a free 7-day trial likewise for you to be sure about how treehouse is helpful for your career and whether you want to spend it.

      👉🏻Is Treehouse a good place to learn to code?

      Treehouse has multiple career options for you and also it gives you intermediate and expert level training so as to make sure you go step by step and learn all the necessary coding at the just-right time. The video tutorial format helps you understand better. The video length depends upon the depth of the topic and gives you precision.

      👉🏻What options are available to learn to code online?

      There are many online websites that teach how to code but Codecademy and Treehouse are the leading ones due to their curriculum, assessment techniques, and method of teaching.

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      Conclusion: Codecademy Vs Treehouse 2020

      Certainly, this depends on what you are looking to learn. Codecademy offers one course per coding language, which means it gives you a complete foundation for every coding language that you want to learn. However, it does not give you proper in-depth knowledge about the language. It falls short of being enough to replace a Bootcamp or any real-life experiences.

      Treehouse is better if your motive is to attain complete in-depth knowledge about the coding languages that you are learning. They offer multiple courses, so you can learn more and more about the same language until you feel that you know most of it. Treehouse provides opportunities to learn and work in the fields of data analysis, quality engineering, user experience and visual designs, business literature, and soft business skills. This, however, comes at a price, a price of $199 per month.

      Both of them offer good support too, but I personally think that the support from Treehouse is better due to the live support that they offer to the users. The human touch of the support where you can call in or message a human about any issues you have with them helping to solve is better than a Facebook group which Codecademy offers. This live support gives quite a few brownie points to Treehouse.

      The ability to learn on the go using Codecademy Go also earns brownie points for Codecademy because Treehouse has nothing to offer in this segment. If you travel a lot and prefer learning while on the subway or in an Uber, Codecademy will offer more value to you because of the mobile application.

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