Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review 2023: Should You Go for It?

Unlimited Abundance Review

Overall Verdict

Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance is built on the principle that as we improve our abundance, all else improves as well.

Out of 10


  • Mind Valley Academy hosts the course
  • There is a workbook included with the sessions
  • The content spans 21 hours
  • Guided meditations are included in each session
  • Success stories with a track record


  • There is no focus on science in the content.


Price: $ 59

In This Blog, I am going to share Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance Review.

Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance is built on the principle that as we improve our abundance, all else improves as well.

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t want more money. Money makes life easier without a doubt.

Will this program actually remove the obstacles to prosperity and wealth?

If you’re concerned it seems too good to be true, you can trust this review to inform you of everything you need to know before you decide.

This is what I really thought of the Unlimited Abundance program after completing it myself.

Why I Wanted To Do Unlimited Abundance

I felt like it was very shallow to want wealth over everything else for a while; can you relate to this?

In fact, having a secure financial future affects pretty much everything else in our lives:

  • Better health — Having access to top-quality health care and food.
  • Better relationships — financial worries no longer cause tension or arguments between us.
  • Stronger community — giving back to the communities we live in and supporting causes we care about is important to us.
  • Growing spiritually and personally — this is often viewed as an indulgence (which is often perceived as luxurious).

Feeling financially abundant is something that is so primal and fundamental. Financial abundance becomes the foundation from which we can build our lives.

I was immediately curious about what I could gain from this program when I heard about it.

I grew up somewhat skeptical about things like healers because I was quite skeptical.

Since I began my personal development journey about 10 years ago, I’ve been consciously trying to open my mind to possibilities that I don’t necessarily know about.

Scientifically speaking, everything is just basically energy, right?

Maybe it doesn’t take much imagination to imagine that we can use and shift that energy in ways that aren’t common.

I believe we can open the doors for unexpected opportunities if we take action and let go of the “how”.

I put my trust in new techniques because life has a mysterious way of working.

How would you describe your superpower? Learn more about your hidden superpowers and discover your greatest gifts in life with our news quiz. Money seemed to be a block for me (although I wasn’t exactly sure what was blocking me).

Even though I have never been in tough financial situations, I still feel like I have an invisible ceiling when it comes to my income.

Although I earn a decent wage, my career has never advanced or changed much.

For me, taking Unlimited Abundance was about discovering what was holding me back and getting rid of it.

What Stops Us From Manifesting Wealth

A family with a median income of $53,657 ended 2014 with an average income of $53,659. 

Despite the drop, this number is still higher than what was achieved back in 1999.

In other words, household income has stagnated and even decreased over many years. Even during an economic recovery, people tend to feel anxious about the economy because of it.

The American workforce is also working harder than before. ABC News reported that Americans take fewer vacation days, work longer hours, and retire later than other countries (compared to other nations). 

Any person feeling hopeless can be attributed to heavy work and stagnant income. In addition to our individual depressive beliefs about money.

We may not be increasing our incomes due to a feeling of hopelessness. The problem manifests in negative ways as a result of negative energy.

We are powerless to change our circumstances when we feel hopeless and powerless.

It is necessary for us to have the opposite feeling in order to change the condition and manifest wealth. Money will help increase our wealth if we have hope and optimism about it.

With Christie Sheldon, Manifest Wealth and Success

A lot of people are concerned about money issues. Gallup has found that Americans’ greatest concerns today are money concerns, families, health, and problems with time management and stress

Now it’s not only men who are stressed and worried about their money problems but also women.

We believe money is difficult because of the conditions we live in. On the other hand, there are those who seem to have an abundance of money.

They have been able to achieve financial success, develop loving relationships, and live long lives. What makes them different from the rest of the people who feel powerless and hopeless?

Chris Sheldon is willing to help us with these issues. More than a thousand people have increased their wealth with her one-on-one sessions as a life coach and energy practitioner.

Additionally, Christie has created several online programs to make the process of working with her as easy and convenient as possible. It is made to help us manifest wealth and success, and one of her most popular programs is Unlimited Abundance.

Her method involves clearing depressing energy through energy clearing sessions. She replaces the negative energy with positive energy once the negative energy has been removed.

Positive energy makes ustic energy, we become creative and resourceful. We attract wealth and success into our lives through our creativity and serendipity.

Unlimited Abundance Review: What Is Unlimited Abundance?

Mind Valley has published Christie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance training program.

Christie conducted 24 energy clearing sessions with an international audience in 2016 which are included in the program.

Those who participated in the original sessions as well as those who want to join later have access to the recordings. Due to its long history and relaunches each year, you can rest assured this is not a scam.

To log in to Mind Valley Academy, you need your username and password. Mind Valley Academy enables you to access all Mind Valley online training that you have purchased. MP3 files can be downloaded from here.

Christie’s sessions are documented in a PDF workbook. The whole set of 24 recordings and workbooks can also be downloaded as a single ZIP file.

Unlimited Abundance Review What Is Unlimited Abundance

Titles and duration of the 24 recordings are as follows:

  1. Clearing Resistance (1 hour)
  2. Clearing Doubt and Fear (35 minutes)
  3. Clearing the Fear of Change (45 minutes)
  4. Clearing Money Zapping Decisions (49 minutes)
  5. Clearing Fear of Growth (54 minutes)
  6. Clearing Fear of Success (39 minutes)
  7. Clearing Fear of Rejection (51 minutes)
  8. Clearing Fear of Numbers (57 minutes)
  9. Clearing Indecision (47 minutes)
  10. Clearing Feeling Stuck (56 minutes)
  11. Getting Clear on Your Values (46 minutes)
  12. Getting Clear on the Future (56 minutes)
  13. Clearing Clutter (46 minutes)
  14. Clearing Family Blocks (56 minutes)
  15. Clearing Blame (52 minutes)
  16. Discover the Ultimate You (52 minutes)
  17. Generate Your Future Self (43 minutes)
  18. Turning Blocks Into Profits (57 minutes)
  19. Clearing Self Sabotage (58 minutes)
  20. Clearing Lack of Self Worth (50 minutes)
  21. Clearing Your Financial Mess (56 minutes)
  22. Clearing Financial Illusions (53 minutes)
  23. Clearing Fear of Scarcity (49 minutes)
  24. Clearing Blocks to Welcoming Abundance (56 minutes)

In addition, Christie answers questions (31 minutes). There are 1,254 minutes or 21 hours total in the recordings you receive.

In comparison to other programs discussing the same subject, this program is considerably longer. This means that the investment is well worth it. However, some people might find it too long.

The Live version of Unlimited Abundance was launched by Christie in 2016. Christie and other attendants held monthly live sessions for people who bought the course during this period.

Live sessions of the course lasted for a year. Prior to that, Christie had last conducted live sessions in 2011. Join our course now if you want guidance in overcoming your abundance blocks at this point in your life.

Who Is Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Marie Sheldon is one of the most popular teachers on the Mindvalley platform, but I had never heard of her before taking this course.

Among her many clients are celebrities. She is an energy healer and coach.

The energy healing part might seem skeptical to you, and I admit to being skeptical myself.

Who Is Christie Marie Sheldon

Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, admitted to being unsure of his own abilities until he saw the results for himself, but he was so impressed that now she is also his personal coach.

Additionally, Christy Marie Sheldon has worked with thousands of private clients during her 20 plus years of teaching.

Her track record is definitely impressive.

Is Unlimited Abundance Really Possible?

Is it effective? Let me explain:

  • Chris explains why we are unable to manifest abundance due to different fears
  • As the audience, she asks them to describe their own negative beliefs
  • In order to eliminate negative beliefs, she performs an energy clearing routine with the audience
  • Through guided meditations, Christie helps us to tap into our unlimited resources
  • By enhancing the audience’s energy, she replaces negative energy with positive energy

Energy clearing is the key to the program’s power. The recordings are just as powerful as the live sessions. Our creativity and resourcefulness are reinforced through guided meditation.

The reviewer has listened to all sessions at the time of this review. In the following lesson notes, I share my journey of learning from the program.

After I followed the energy clearing sessions, I was able to earn a small sum of money.

There are others who manifest large sums of money, even as high as tens of thousands of dollars. If I am able to manifest a large sum of money after completing the program, I will update this review.

Live Webinar Event Invitation For Unlimited Abundance

The masterclass is a good way to learn more about the Unlimited Abundance program.

Christie Sheldon offers free energy clearing sessions at Mind Valley once or twice a year. In this event, people who join during the promotion period typically receive a special discount.

Live Webinar Event Invitation For Unlimited Abundance

If the program is a good fit for you, you can join the free energy clearing session and the masterclass/webinar. 

Unlimited Abundance Review: Pros and Cons

The above is my description of what the program contains. Let me now share its pros and cons. It is a good program, but it has some weaknesses:


  • Mind Valley Academy hosts the course. Accessing the recordings, listening to them, or downloading them to your computer is made fast and simple with the platform
  • There is a workbook included with the sessions. Christie’s presentation slides are included in the workbook so that you can easily follow along. You can also read along with the sessions if you wish (this is helpful to some people)
  • The content spans 21 hours. To clear your energy blocks, there is a good depth of material to study. Compared to other programs, this one is longer.
  • Guided meditations are included in each session. With Christie’s assistance, you can easily clear your energy blocks with the guided meditation.
  • Success stories with a track record. Participants report manifesting various amounts of money after undergoing the energy clearing sessions – from $514 to $200,000.


  • Prices are high. One of the main concerns about joining this program is the cost. You can get 70% off using the link at the bottom of this page right now, which compares to other similar programs.
  • There is no focus on science in the content. How energy clearing works is not explained scientifically. This program might seem too abstract to you if you prefer a solid scientific foundation.

The program is worth the price even if it is expensive. It has manifested money is several times more expensive than the price. Despite the fact that this program does not make you rich, it gives you an advantage over trying to manifest money on your own.

Who I Think will Like Unlimited Abundance

  • Those who feel they are stuck financially, who wish for more money but do not know why it never seems to materialize.
  • When you can’t reach your full potential or make the most money you can.
  • It may be unhelpful for them to have unhelpful “stories” about money. Your feelings of fear, unworthiness and even self-sabotage might be holding you back from achieving more wealth and abundance.

Unlimited Abundance Is Not Suitable For:

  • Although I’ve already said it’s okay to have some healthy skepticism, if you’re completely closed off to this working, it may not work. 
  • A commitment to working through the material, as well as some belief (or hope), is essential.
  • Anybody looking for a quick fix by imagining themselves rich. You must still remain proactive and apply what you learn even though much of the reprogramming takes place subconsciously.

Unlimited Abundance Costs How Much?

There is a total cost of $349 for the Unlimited Abundance program (I’ve outlined what the program includes further down in the review).

The payment plan is also good since it is a large sum of money for most people. You can also make three payments of $129 (with a total repayment of $387).

In addition, the Mindvalley Membership does not include the course – which usually gives you access to a wide variety of services offered by Mindvalley.

It’s usually a good option since an annual membership costs $499.

Unfortunately, Unlimited Abundance does not support that. Nonetheless, I recommend you check out the membership anyway (although personally, I would not recommend it).

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Unlimited Abundance Review

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Conclusion: Unlimited Abundance Review 2023

Is my attitude, feelings, and even my bank balance better than it was before? Of course.

As a result, for me, this program is worth a considerable investment of both time and money.

Definitely on a path towards abundance now, and I intend to continue in that direction – so maybe next time I update this review, I’ll be sipping Cristal.

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