Webflow Student Discount 2024: 90% Off

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to get the Webflow Student Discount, which allows students to save up to 90% on Webflow memberships. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Webflow Student Discount

Webflow Student Discount April 2024 (Our Pick)

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Webflow Student Discount

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Webflow is a website developing software that guides and helps website developers, be they students or veterans in the field, to build a unique and aesthetic website that is easy to control. 

Whether Webflow is free to students is bound to have crossed your mind (especially if you are one yourself). This article is curated and written to answer questions related to those that students might have in particular. We will be discussing the following:

My Favourite Webflow Student Discount😍: In a Nutshell

Webflow offers its customers many plans to cater to the needs of as many people at once. It also gives its customers the option of opting for a free plan.

You could choose between these plans and surely opt for the free plan if you’re a student. Check our detailed Webflow review.

However, one of the greatest challenges of being a student is that you must be mindful of where your money is going and make decisions that won’t weigh down your pockets. This being said, Webflow has a special discount for students, which can go up to 90% off. 

Webflow - Overview

Although students aren’t allowed to use all plans free of cost, Webflow slashes the prices to merely 10% of the original price. This is surely a steal of a deal because you get plans and features that would’ve otherwise bore down on you in terms of pricing and cost.

At this rate, you can equip yourself with the most enhanced and advanced plan at the same rate that a non-student would pay for the most basic plan.  

How To Get Webflow Promo Code Offer 

The process of applying for a student discount is pretty straightforward. However, you are required to follow a few steps and procedures.

The process is strenuous because the core team of Webflow goes through the information you provide them and only then considers your application. If you are deemed eligible, that is the only time you will be offered the student discount.

It seems like a legitimate reason to have a screening process as this filters students who truly need the student discount on Webflow instead of random people simply applying.

The application process is quite simple and doesn’t take that long.  

Step 1: Open Webflow Classroom

Once you get onto the Webflow main website, navigate your way through the website or use the search bar to look for the Webflow Classroom. 

Webflow - Sign Up

Step 2: Link to apply for the discount

After you have found the Webflow Classroom webpage, you will be welcomed by a message that includes a link that will directly lead you to the questionnaire page for the application of the student discount.

However, you can also scroll down and see a hyperlink under the subheading “Students 90% off”. Both of these links will lead you to the same page. 

Step 3: Redirect to the questionnaire

The link leads you to a page that will brief you about the questionnaire process and the questions you will be asked as a review. 

Step 4: Answer the questions 

The questionnaire asks you about the institution you study at and what course you study there. They also ask for proof of your admission into the institution. 

Step 5: Complete the Questionnaire

Once you finish the questionnaire, you will receive a message saying that your application is being processed and that you will hear back from them via mail within the next week. The email will contain the discount code you can use when signing up for any plan you choose. 

Is WebFlow Free For Students? 

As mentioned above, Webflow is not free, particularly for students, so you opt for the free plan.

However, if you want to equip yourself with a more advanced plan with enhanced features without it costing a bomb, Webflow does offer its student-based audience a discount that doesn’t cost that much.

This means that students are eligible for a discount of up to 90%. To anyone, this is a steal of a deal. The process of being applicable or selected for the student discount is as vigorous as possible.

You are required to submit proof of being a student. This proof can be anything from an acceptance email or other relevant material.  

Is Webflow University Free?

Webflow University is a platform that acts as a tutorial guide for Webflow. The platform releases videos and visual tutorials that help its users have a more seamless and hassle-free experience.

The program website for Webflow University is quite simple to decipher and is well organized.

Webflow - Free University

Each course title also shows you what difficulty level it falls under. The difficulty levels are Beginner, Beginner-Advanced, Intermediate, and Advanced. 

These courses are all free. This being said, you can only practice or understand what is happening in the tutorial if you have the features that the course tutorial also has. This may require you to sign up for a certain plan offered by Webflow. 

How Does Webflow Charge Students?

As I have mentioned above, if you are a student and have applied for the student discount, you will have to have passed the selection process that is done in the form of a questionnaire.

Once you are eligible for the discount, you get close to 90% of the price cut down from the original price. This makes the courses and plans more easily accessible to students.

This being said, whether you are a student or not, you can still opt for the free plan that remains for the extent to which you use it. 

FAQ On Webflow Student Discount

Does Webflow have a student discount?

Webflow gives a 90% discount to students who prove their academic status with SheerID. All paid plans—Professional, Team, and Enterprise—are discounted.

How do I use a student discount code on Webflow?

Webflow student discount codes require a Webflow account and SheerID verification. After verifying your student status, enter your discount code in the Coupon area on the billing page. Subscriptions receive discounts automatically.

Can you use Webflow for free?

Webflow's free plan allows customers to submit two projects without time limits. This package limits project pages, hosting options, and e-commerce features.

Is Webflow worth it?

Your requirements and priorities determine Webflow's value. Webflow lets designers and developers build responsive, high-quality websites without coding. It has drag-and-drop editing, CMS, and e-commerce. Compared to other website builders, it may be too pricey for beginners or those on a tight budget.

Can I cancel my Webflow subscription at any time?

In your account settings, click Billing to cancel your Webflow membership. You can then cancel or downgrade your membership. If you cancel your membership, your account will be reduced to the free plan, and you will lose certain paying plan benefits.

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Conclusion: Webflow Student Discount 2024

As a student, I realize the value of money when using platforms like Webflow. That is why I am so excited to discuss with you the fantastic benefit Webflow provides its student-based consumers. It’s comforting that Webflow recognizes its student audience and offers them a special discount.

Applying for the student discount is a simple process, and as long as you are a legitimate student, you have nothing to worry about. Webflow understands the financial restraints that many students encounter and wants to help them on their learning journey by making their platform more accessible.

By utilizing the student discount, you save money and gain access to a great web design tool that can help you improve your skill set.

Webflow also offers many educational resources through Webflow University, where you can access courses and guidelines for free. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and progress without additional financial costs.

So, if you are a student looking to use Webflow’s potential, I strongly advise you to take advantage of their student discount and the tutorials Webflow University offers. It’s a win-win situation that allows you to improve your web design talents while staying within your budget.

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