Why Magento Store Owners Choose Cloudways

Because the performance of your resources is dependent on the performance of your hosting provider, managed hosting is one of the most important variables for the success of your Magento eCommerce shop.

Ecommerce stores, on the whole, require more resources than simple websites because they contain various processes and functionalities. Websites and stores created on Magento require a server with sufficient capacity and that meets Magento hosting criteria.

In this article, we’ll look at what Magento stores want from their hosting provider and learn how Cloudways meets those needs from 9 Magento site owners.

What do Magento store owners require from their hosting company?

Nobody likes to switch hosting providers on a regular basis. Here are several standards that Magento hosting should always meet.


Cybersecurity Predictions

Previously, online threats have wreaked havoc on Magento, including Cardbleed, which hit 2000 Magento stores and was considered as the “biggest recorded campaign to date.” Then there was the Magento Killer script, which hacked into config files and stole sensitive data such as credit card numbers.

As a result, Magento stores require hosting from a company that has its own safe environment and keeps its systems up to date with the newest Magento updates.


Magento is a dedicated ecommerce platform with extensive ecommerce capabilities, which necessitates the use of a powerful hosting server. Too many Magento stores are unable to achieve their maximum Magento performance due to a lack of server resources, resulting in a bad client experience.


Magento’s hosting requirements must be met by a Magento hosting provider. It should have all of the necessary packages installed, as well as sufficient resources to host Magento and handle traffic. In other words, it must be Magento-compatible and capable of handling its requirements.

Technical Assistance

Magento is a platform that is best handled by technical expertise, whereas store owners would rather focus on their online business. While the technical part of operations can be handled by Magento developers or agencies, hosting requires technical help from the hosting provider.

Dedicated Servers

Magento store owners are well aware that shared hosting options for Magento are unreliable. For Magento stores that require dedicated server resources and better server control, dedicated hosting solutions such as cloud hosting and managed Magento are advised.

Why do Magento stores continue to use Cloudways as their hosting provider?

Exceptional Safety

A dedicated firewall is included with every Cloudways server, adding an extra degree of security.

Magento store owners are also eligible for a free SSL certificate. Then there are security features like two-factor authentication, IP whitelisting, and server auto-healing.

Performance and Quickness

Cloudways’ servers run on a robust stack that has been tuned for Magento hosting. The Platform is also kept up to current with the most recent Magento versions, updates, and technologies. Get the best cloudways promo code here.

Elasticsearch, Varnish, and Redis cache technologies are all pre-installed, as well as the LAMP (Linux Apache MariaDB PHP) environment. There is also a fantastic CDN add-on. What’s the end result? Magento store owners can expect optimal performance.

Choose from five top providers in more than 60 locations.

Cloudways provides managed hosting services from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Lindoe, Vultr, and Digital Ocean, with data centres in more than 60 locations across the world. So, no matter where your consumers are, you’ll be able to reach them quickly and without any lag. Cloudways uses a pay-as-you-go model, which means you only pay for the resources you utilise.

Active Technical Assistance

We can’t say enough good things about Cloudways’ service, platform, and personnel. To make things even smoother, they are constantly enhancing and evolving their services. People appreciate the quick responses to difficulties, as well as the Slack channel communication and user-friendly online interface.”

Final Thoughts

Cloudways has created a name for itself as a managed Magento cloud hosting provider. Magento store owners don’t have to worry about hosting requirements or pre-installed packages with Cloudways because those issues have already been addressed.

The Platform’s capabilities have made it into a one-stop solution for Magento hosting needs, not only because of its ease of server and application management.

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