Cloudways Coupon Promo Code 2021: 3 Months Free 40% Off

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Ease of Use
24/7 Expert Support
HTTP/2 Supported Servers
IP Whitelisting


  • All PHP Apps Supported
  • Advanced Caching
  • PHP 7 Ready Servers
  • Innovative Control Panel
  • Integration & Add-on
  • SSD-Based Hosting
  • Auto-Healing Managed Cloud Servers
  • 1-Click Free SSL Installation


  • Some hosting plans price can be reduce

Price:$ 2.95

Are you looking for Cloudways promo code, Cloudways free credit, Cloudways coupon code, Cloudways free trial to try out or use their services, then you have come to the right place.  

Cloudways is another popular cloud hosting platform for providing hosting services for business owners. Currently, Cloudways offers hosting on Amazon web services & DigitalOcean.

I am sharing exclusive Cloudways hosting discount for all of you folks, use Cloudways Coupon hosting promo code on checkout and get Free 15$ credit. Their starting price is 10$ and you can scale up your server to any size according to your need.


Cloudways Discount Coupon Cloudways Promo Code May 2021

How to redeem discount coupons: Listed best Working Cloudways Coupon For Maximum Discount  In (2021)

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$25 Discount For The First Month

Save $25 Off on All Orders with this Cloudways Coupon Code
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$30 Free Hosting Credits

30% Off for 3 Months (Exclusive) Enjoy 30% off on your first 3 invoices.
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Get $20 Hosting Credit Free On Hosting Plans

Use the code and Get $20 Hosting Credit Free On Hosting Plans. The offer is only for the first time users.
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20% Discount First Month With Code

Save 20% off on First-month Cloud hosting plan using the code. Use the code at checkout.
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Refer A Friend & Earn $20 Hosting Credits With Each Referral

Refer your friends to Cloudways and earn $20 hosting credits whereas your each referred friend gets $15 hosting credit after they have updated their account.
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Cloudways 3-Days Free Trial

Here is a chance to take 3 days of free trial in a few steps- just signup with a valid email id and experience Cloudways. Upgrade your account before the trial period expires.
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20% OFF On All Cloudways Coupon

This code helps you get 20% off for your 3-month cloud hosting. Valid for all Cloud providers and cloud plans you want to order.
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5% Discount On All Cloudways Hosting Plans

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15 % Cloudways Coupon. Applicable on All Hosting Plans

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Save 35% OFF on 3 months Managed Cloud hosting

This code helps you get a 35% Cloudways Discount for your 3-month cloud hosting invoice. It valid for all Cloud providers and cloud plans you want to order.
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Save 30% For The First Month

Try KVM Cloud hosting at Cloudways with 30% off for the 1st month of your hosting plan.
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Save 20% for 6 Months On Cloud Hosting

Super-fast, scalable, and secure managed cloud hosting for startups - Get 20% off your 6 month VPS orders.
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Cloudways 7-Days Free Trial

Take a 7-day free trial on any Cloudways plan with no credit card required. You only need a valid email account and experience Cloudways.
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Save 50% for Annual Cloud Hosting

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  1. Click on the coupons above and it will redirect you to the Cloudways website.
  2. Go to the Sign-Up page, enter your email credentials, select your options such as “I would best describe myself as” and “My monthly hosting spending is”.
  3. Click on Get On the Promo Code, then paste our exclusive cloudways coupon there (CWBLOGIDEA), click START FREE button.
  4. Verify your email address and phone number.
  5. Finally, enter your credit card details to redeem the Cloudways coupon code. Enjoy the exclusive discount!

Simply add promo code “CWBLOGIDEA” when you sign-up with Cloudways and a $20 credit will be applied automatically. You can also start with 30 days free trial of Cloud hosting with Cloudways and your discount will be applied automatically when you upgrade to higher plans.

Promo code: CWBlOGIDEA Offer: $20 free hosting credit.

cloudways review- wordpress hosting

  • Deploy unlimited applications on top of Amazon EC2 and DigitalOcean in 1 Click
  • Proprietary VMAN formula gives your applications the speed to leave behind your competitors in sales and on Google.
  • Great Security With Dedicated Hardware
  • In addition, all servers and applications are placed behind a secure firewall, which restricts unauthorised access and thwarts hacking attempts.
  • Cloudways is the only PaaS provider that combines the freedom of dedicated servers with ease and agility of PaaS
  • Servers are fully managed and regularly patched to make sure you have the most easy and secure hosting experience.
  • Cloudways expert cloud support team is always there for you, even on Holidays through live chat and ticketing system.

So what are you waiting for? Click below to sign up for Cloudways hosting promo code and get special discount now!!!

Dedicated Environment

All servers launched on Cloudways have dedicated IP address and other resources. You have full control of your cloud server to create apps, contrary to the limitations of shared hosting

SSD Based Hosting

A powerful yet simple service that delivers superior performance and top-of-the-chart global response times. It can be integrated with few clicks without any technicalities.

Built-in Advance Caches

We provide an optimised stack with ready to use caches including Memcached, Varnish and Nginx and Redis to deliver expedited responses.

PHP 7 Ready Servers

All our server are PHP 7 ready by default. PHP 7 is known to be significantly faster than its predecessor.

Free WordPress Cache Plugin

Breeze is engineered in-house to offer better performance than any other plugin in the industry. It comes pre-installed on all WordPress sites on Cloudways.


A powerful yet simple service that delivers superior performance and top-of-the-chart global response times. It can be integrated with few clicks without any technicalities.

Redis Cache Support

Enabling Redis cache improves the performance of databases. Combined with Apache, Nginx and Varnish get you unbeatable performance.

Free Magento Full Page Cache

Built-in Full Page Cache gives you one of the fastest hosting stacks. It significantly improves the performance of Magento 1.x stores.

Pre-configured PHP-FPM

PHP-FPM dramatically speeds up your website and improves the loading times of your PHP environment with much faster processes.

HTTP/2 Supported Servers

Cloudways servers are HTTP/2 enabled which significantly increases the speed of communication between the web servers and clients.

Managed Hosting Comes With 24/7 Managed Security

Our proactive security practices keep all your servers safe and secure.

Dedicated Firewall

All Cloudways hosted servers are protected by platform level firewalls that filter out malicious traffic and keep out the intruders.

Automated Backups

You can set automatic backup of any frequency (from 1 hour to every 7 days). You can even take a backup on demand.

1-Click Free SSL Installation

Our built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL improves website security with a trusted certificate that fulfills all your HTTPS requirements for free.

Regular Security Patching

We perform regular OS patches and firmware upgrades on your server. This ensures a secure cloud server and avoids vulnerabilities.

Auto-Healing Servers

You don’t have to worry about your website crashing. Most of the issues within the server are resolved with auto-healing restarts

Two-Factor Authentication

TFA is an easy and effective extra layer of safety for your Cloudways account, keeping your server safe from any intruder.

IP Whitelisting

Lets you create a whitelist of IPs, making it easy to collaborate over networks or regions with unrestricted access to SSH and SFTP.

Up-To-Date Applications

Managed hosting for a range of applications, supporting all the latest versions of Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Laravel and many more.

Cloudways Customer Support

Cloudways has an extensive customer support. You would get every assistance on the Cloudways service.

Live Chat

It has one of the most responsive and active Live chat customer support. You can get this live chat assistance 24/7/365. Get every help about WordPress hosting, Managed hosting, management, renewal or anything. To conclude, I would rate its Live chat support excellent.

Email Support

You can submit your queries or get the sales enquiries on your email through the email support. The average response time of the email support was found to be 24 hours which is quite decent.

Telephone Support

Cloudways has an unparalleled and excellent telephone support. With live chat support, it gives 24/7/365 phone support. A team of experts have been assigned to assist the customer’s through phone. It was found to be quite satisfactory.

Automated Backups

Cloudways gives the option to backup your website, everything from files to databases automatically. You get the backup for free and on the reliable servers such as Amazon S3 and others. You can also restore your website later with just one click. An automatic restore allows you to save your site for later purpose.

cloudways coupon- customer support

Cloudways Pricing: Popular Cloudways Coupon Codes? Cloudways Promo Codes, Coupons & Deals

Cloudways services cost you pretty decent. You can get a lot of features at an affordable price. You can choose any cloud platform and each of the cloud services varies differently. What I liked most about it is ‘the pay-as-you-go’ which means you will have to pay only for the resources you have used. No other extra charge would be leveraged by the Cloudways. Besides the monthly plan, you can also choose the hourly plan.

Choose your cloud platform ( DigitalOcean, linode, VULTR, Amazon Web Services,  Google Cloud Platform, Kyup) and they all come up with a number of plans.

Digital Ocean plans range from $10/month to $135/ month. The most recommended plan would cost you $42/ month. (4GB RAM,  2Core Processor, 80GB Storage, 4TB Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificates, Unlimited APIs, Cloudways Bot Alerts.)

cloudways review- digital ocean pricing

Linode pricing ranges from $12/month to $250/month.

cloudways review- linode pricing

VULTR plans range from $11/month to $225/month. The most recommended plan costs you $44/month.

cloudways review- vultr pricing


Amazon Web Services is the most reliable cloud platform. It ranges from $34.91/month to $272.73/month. The plans include (AWS small, AWS Medium, AWS Large, AWS CO Large, AWS CO XL, AWS XL).

cloudways review- aws pricing

Google Cloud Platform gives the most varied pricing plans. It starts from $33.18/month and ends at $1290.3/month.

cloudways review- google cloud pricing

cloudways review- gogle cloud p pricing

Kyup gives its customer 5 pricing plans which range from $21.16/month to $531.22/month.

cloudways review- kyup pricing


Cloudways PHP Hosting : Cloudways PHP Hosting Promo Coupon Code

You can host your any PHP based application with Cloudways. It gives its customer great results with its scalable performance. One of the main reasons for choosing Cloudways for PHP based hosting is its unbeatable ThunderStack.

ThunderStack is a mix of advanced caching technologies (NGINX, Apache, Varnish, MYSQL, and memcached). They altogether take care of your caching and top-notch speed. You can look after or perform cron jobs for your PHP based site using Cron job management tool. Besides this, you can manage your backups, use a built-in database manager to manage your site.

cloudways review- php hosting


cloudways review php

Use the WordPress Blueprint Maker Cloudways to put a website faster together!

The Cloudways team has developed a free-to-use tool for the entire WordPress community in that spirit: the WordPress Blueprint Maker Cloudways!

There are thousands of WordPress themes and plugins on the web, but this only confuses most new users of WordPress. WordPress Blueprint Maker from Cloudways allows these users to easily test themes and select the plugins required for their WordPress site from a list.

What is more frightening is that even the vendors have been bone-chilling with their offers this year. They helped the brand to compile exciting deals for you on Magento, WordPress, PHP & Halloween Internet Marketing.

Get better insights with the functional monitoring of application performance

The Priority for company  # 1 for 2019 was “Delightful Service,” and in addition to several projects including the expansion and replication of the Support Team, one of the main aims was to build tools/features that support our Support Team and Customers fix problems more efficiently

Pick your cloud support level as easily as you pick your cloud hosting

Current Advanced Support and Premium Support Add-ons are built for growing companies and organisations seeking a stable hosting partner

Full details of the selections available

Compare the Advanced Help Add-ons and Premium Support Add-ons to see which one fits you.

For a full description of Standard, Advanced, and Premium Support, see the Support Scope page. It covers response times and other SLAs, the range of issues we can deal with, and how you can get in contact with us.

Cloudways Managed WordPress hosting : Cloudways WordPress Hosting Promo Coupon Codes

I would recommend choosing as your host provider if you are willing to host your PHP based site such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla or Presta or Open Cart. It gives you the wide range of features with each hosting. You can host your WordPress site on Cloudways with just one click. You can read more in Cloudways WordPress Hosting.

cloudways review- wordpress hosting


cloudways wp hosting

WooCommerce Hosting : Cloudways Woocommerce Hosting Promo Coupon Codes

If you are looking for host for your e-commerce store, Cloudways is the right choice for you. It is the most reliable platform your WooCommerce store. Here, you can get a number of plugins and other add-ons for your store.

What it gives:

  • WooCommerce cache plugin
    Breeze speeds up your WooCommerce store with high performance and top-notch speed. With Breeze, you get Varnish for spprding process.

  • Cloudways CDN improves your store performance and makes sure that its security is not compromised.
  • Like WordPress, you can migrate your WooCommerce store within a matter of seconds. You just need to enter the details and download the migrating tool Blog Vault for the migration process.
  • Cloudways takes care of your WooComerce security by providing the free SSL certificate and SSH and SFTP access. This also improves the performance of your store.

cloudways- woo commerce hosting

Pros and Cons of Cloudways


  • 1- Click Installation

1-click installation of PHP and CMS applications like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla and many others is possible with Cloudways. You don’t even need a cPanel or Softaculous to install these applications. All you need is to click on the Application tab to install it.

  • Secured SSL certificate

If you want to host multiple applications on a single server and add a layer of security to your applications, you can get the Cloudways SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is HTTPS secured and it is equally important to rank your webpage.

  • Free trial

Cloudways gives its customer a 14-day free trial. In this trial, you can get all the features of Cloudways in the trial period. Not all the hosting providers give everything in their trial period. You can later make your decision about the purchase.

  • Easy Setup

Setting up your account is breeze with Cloudways. You can complete it in 2 minutes. After the sign up, you can install your application and can hover between server management and application management tab. You just need your email address and password with a mobile number for verification. Sign up and you are done!!


  • No Domain Registration

A very unfamiliar drawback of Cloudways is that it doesn’t offer domain registration for its users.  You will have to do register your domain somewhere else. Also, it doesn’t have any DNS management server. This means that you cannot point your domain to the website.

  • Extra cost for Email

There are no free servers that Cloudways provide for email hosting. However, there are certain Email add-ons which you can use to make get a private email inbox for yourself. This add-on might cost you around $1 for each email address.

  • No cPanel

There is no specific cPanel or any other web manager such as vDeck which takes care of your website right from its customer support to webmail. With the cPanel, you can get live stats about your site, manage disk space, CPU, bandwidth or storage.

Top Cloudways Hosting Promo Coupon Codes 2021

More About Breeze Cache Plugin:

In 2017, Cloudways launched its own Breeze caching plugin. The idea was to provide WordPress users with an effective yet simple all-in-one caching solution. This plugin offers a wide range of options that can be tweaked to achieve very high performance on the website.

At the core of everything we do here at Cloudways is creativity, and Breeze is no exception. The Breeze team has improved the overall plugin quality and implemented better-performing more stable user-centric functionality after hours of hard work, thousands of lines of code, and a few hundred coffee cups.

Cloudways released version 1.1.0 that overhauled the plugin support of WordPress Multisite enabling you to manage sub-site level settings. The company has already updated Breeze’s software and now it supports PHP 7.3.

Multisite help for WordPress

For quite a while, Breeze users have been wondering about this feature.

Cloudways WordPress hosting


Let’s see in practice this function.

  • Go to the WordPress Multi-site Dashboard by clicking throughout Enabled Network.

Cloudways breeze dashboard


  • Configure window caching and mining of CSS and JS files once the plugin is allowed. On this Multisite Network, these configurations are implemented across the pages.

Cloudways breeze cached plugin


  • Now log in to one of the subsites to see which options you receive as a subsite owner
  • . By default, the subsite uses the network admin settings. Nevertheless, subsite holders can choose to replace the Network Level Settings with the new updates by choosing the second option to use the sub-site’s custom settings.

Cloudways wordpress breeze


  • The options are filled inside the module setup window with the option to customise custom subsite Breeze settings. Here you can identify specific rules for this subsite for custom caching. Remember that these settings at the subsite level should override the Breeze settings at the global network stage.

how to breeze cache plugin


Good right?

The codebase has been upgraded

Upgraded to support PHP versions 5.6 to 7.3 is the Breeze code base. The team ensured the code would follow the guidelines of the Codex. The current recommended versions replace deprecated functions (such as create function)).In contrast, wp redirect is substituted by wp safe redirect, which provides better protection in the redirection of URLs.

Cloudways customer testimonials


Cloudways in Numbers 

cloudways review- numbers

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Cloudways Alternatives Best Deals & Offers:

Save Up to 30% Off on Select Dedicated Hosting Plans at Cloudways Today’s Top Cloudways Coupons

FAQ About Cloudways Coupon Code: FAQ’s For Cloudways Hosting Promo Coupon Codes

✅ Why should I choose Cloudways Hosting?

Cloudways provides best Cloud Hosting on multiple platforms, It makes Cloud Hosting Easy to use and very newbie friendly.

✅ Is There Any Cloudways Hosting Coupon Code?

Yes I have special coupon code: CWBlOGIDEA Offer: $20 free hosting credit.

💥Is There Any Cloudways Promo Discount Code ?

Yes I have special Cloudways discount coupon code please use this code : CWBlOGIDEA Offer: $20 free hosting credit

⚡️Is Migration Free on cloudWays?

Yes its free

💥Is it completely Cloudways free trial?

No, you need to verify $1 in credit card. After verifying $20 credit will be added to your account.

⚡️Does Cloduways offer discounts on their WordPress or VPS plans?

Yes they do, use my special Cloudways discount promo coupon code on any of their hosting & you will get $20 free. Use : CWBlOGIDEA Offer: $20 free hosting credit.

Conclusion : Cloudways Coupon Code Discount   May 2021: 3 Months Free 40% Discount: Recently Used Popular Cloudways Coupon Codes

Dont forget to use Cloudways discount promo code, Cloudways free credit, Cloudways coupon code, Cloudways free trial. All Cloudways plans comes with six industry-standard cloud providers. In addition, the platform supports a wide range of PHP powered applications including WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento and custom PHP projects based on Laravel and Symfony (and other) frameworks. The users could host their websites and projects on their choice of locations, thanks to 45+ data centers.

Cloudways Review & Complete Setup Tutorial - The Best Cloud Web Hosting in 2021!?

This way, the users could host their website as close to their target audience, thereby reducing latency and lag for the visitors.

Cloudways Platform offers a wide range of one-click features including:

  • CloudwaysCDN
  • CloudwaysBot
  • CloudwaysAPI
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Ironclad security
  • Real time monitoring of the servers and applications
  • 24x7 support by cloud experts.
  • Promo code: CWBLOGIDEA Offer: $20 free hosting credit.

Find Out Which Is Best?

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Managed Cloud Hosting – 10% Off for 3 Months

Get 10% off for the first 3 months on managed cloud hosting on all servers including Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS & Google Cloud.
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New Users – Get $20 Hosting Credit Free On Hosting Plans

Get free $20 hosting credits when you sign up with Cloudways. No card needed to use the offer.
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