20 Amazing Free Content Marketing Tools For Marketers

Content is and will be of prime value but marketers might find it tedious to come up with the best of quality and cost effective content on a regular basis. This is where content curator comes into picture. Content curators offer unlimited methods to ignite your inbound marketing strategies. Discovering and sharing quality content will provide your audience with the chance to view fresh and innovative articles everytime.

Check out 20 Amazing Free Content Marketing Tools

20 Amazing Free Content Marketing Tools for marketers

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1) Pinterest – It is one of the oldest and popular tools for content marketing. Pinterest gives the option  to create pin boards that can organize themes and other inspirational recipes. Pinterest for business  has taken pinning to another level. You can collate your favorite pins and can easily market and promote your business. It is a free business account, only the promoted pins come at a premium cost.

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2) Juxtapost – It might look like Pinterest with similar functioning on homepage and pin favorites. The site puts forward invitation to marketers to develop postboards among favorite ideas, themes, styles and topic. You can share your posts in a spreadsheet with fellow marketers or create private postboards. It comes free.

3) ContentGemsContentGems screens more than 2 lakhs RSS feeds for new sites and blogs. If you want to boost your daily curator then switch to ContentGems. It is even better than a search engine as it filters results based on specific search keywords and social signals. It has a button to share your search results in social networking sites. It comes for free.

4) Feedly – If you liked Google Reader you will definately love Feedly. This is a very simple RSS based reader which pulls the favorite blogs or news via RSS feed. You can categorise feeds and go through your recent publications. You can choose the best of curators among blog roundups, bookmarking sites, social sharing and many. It is free.

5) Flipboard – This is a very popular mobile app. You can create beautiful curate magazines with a click of a button.  Flipboard has the ability to give optimal results at less possible time. You can flip easily any article or blog by a browser bookmarker and unbelievably  you can create a look alike of a professional digital magazine. It is free.

6) Storify – It is an amalgamation of creating and storytelling. With Storify you are armed with curated content and at the same time you can create sensational media stories with the opportunity to embellish your thoughts as well. You can create images, videos, and social screenshots. The basic plan comes free, the VIP plan is chargeable.

7) Bundlr – It does what the word suggest, helps you create content from your favorite sources across the web. You can source from blog posts, articles, links and other media stories from the web and clip content into bundles. Optimize the meta information of each clip and publish them into Bundlr public web page and you can even share them. The basic plan is free but the premium plan is charged annually.

8) iFlow – With iFlow you can browse the web and curate content all at one place. Among the various ,the tool selects content specific to your topics. It can identify blogs, articles, images to curate and once done you can share them. This comes for free.

9) Newsle – If you prefer journalism more than social buzz, Newsle is for you. Here you can establish thoughtful connections with your fellow marketers, clients and prospective clients. Even it creates contacts with people whom you deem to be important. It comes free.

10) Kuratur – Like Flipboard, Kuratur also makes easy curate custom magazine. Kurator offers more. You can use custom hash tags,  RSS feed,  Facebook messages, Twitter mentions among others to cull content for custom design magazines.  You can share this via magazine integration in your blog or can directly link with the magazine URL. As of now it is free.

11) Zemanta -This is a sort of one time click tool. Install Zemanta and while you write a blog post, Zemanta will pull in related content. If you sign up with Zemanta, as a bonus it will push your content to other blogs. It is free and paid content are available to marketers and advertisers

12) PearlTrees – It is more of like a digitalbinder. It files web pages, photos and notes into the digital library and you can voluntarily organise them. The content are the pearls and organisation are the PearlTrees , which can be further categorised into sub Pearltrees. The best is, it is easy to add pearl to each tree via browser extension, mobile apps and social networking sites. The basic plan is free and the premium membership comes with additional storage.

13) Zite – If you are a person who plans and review marketing ideas on the move then Zite is the correct application  for you.  Its algorithm does the measure and brings to you selected content on your preferred topics. You can discover new content within minutes. This is free

14) Bundle Post – This tool specifically works for backoffice creating for social sharing and post scheduling. Connect to RSS feed and other content channels from the dashboard of BundlePost , your content will automatically get saved and imported by the system. So you can review, edit and share at your own sweet time. It has a free 30 days trial pack and then the package starts from $ 19.99

15) Triberr – If your content marketing is inspired by the biggies of blogger industry then Triberr will help you get included in a  group consisting of established bloggers. So within the group you can find great topics in your preferred area. The dashboard gives easy access to share recent content at customized intervals. It is free apart from the premier membership.

16) Spundge – This tool helps you to find and filter content according to your choice. Then you can curate them into legible and appealing notebook. Once done you can share and target new audience through Spundge. It is free of charge

17) Paper.li It is a popular handy pop up app. It automatically finds relevant content and share them in your online newsletter and promote it across the web. It is free of charge.

18) Thinglink – It is a next gen tool which transform photos into powerful content by embellishing information hotspots in photos by click of mouse. The hotspot can be from any type of media. Thinglink is the next level dynamic visual cool.

19) Scoop.it– If you want to develop engaging content marketing Scoop.it offers you that. Its pro – active community and search engine finds the best content and customize them elegantly to ‘scoop it’ in your topic. It is popular so you can attain social reach and increase traffic for your topics. The basic account is free of charge but the pro account comes at 12.99/month.

20) Listly – It is an exceptional tool that blends lists, content marketing and social sharing. It makes list socially fun and visually appealing. You can create your own list or work in collaboration to create inspiring and photo enriched links. The basic account is free but the premium starts from 9.99 $ per month.

This list of 20 content curator tools can help you discover, aggregate and share your tools worldwide. Your topics will be viral in blog round ups, big resources or in social sites. Sharing always digs a long term ground of relationship with co bloggers.

Do you want to suggest more tools for content marketing , do share these in comments below ! Sharing is caring !

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  1. Nice article mate. For me, Triberr been good to me and Feedly? Definitely my reading companion all the time!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You’ve said it right, Jitendra! 🙂

    Content curators help marketers to come up with the best of quality and cost effective content on a regular basis. As what is said, content curators offer unlimited methods to light your inbound marketing strategies.

    I’ve found these content marketing tools listed above powerful and effective. Half of these tools given are well-known to me, while the other half was already foreign to me. Though, I must agree that these curator tools are helpful and marketers should at least try a few of them.

    Thanks for this post! 🙂


    By the way, I found this post shared on Kingged.com

    • Hi Ann, Thanks a lot for coming here on my blog again, yes content curator tools always help you to share your content effectively. If you are regular then your content will spread like a fire.


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