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  • Only takes a few minutes
  • Captures your style and specs
  • Copyright and ownership is all yours
  • Production ready files for print and digital
  • Guarantees
  • Turnaround Time
  • Choice in Context
  • Affordability


  • I have not personally found any cons

99designs began with a group of designers who were competing together on the Site point forum to create the right designs. In 2008, that friendly competition grew a unique design marketplace, which ultimately forged connections between the tens of thousands of micro businesses and an international community of designers that’s now over the 950,000 members are strong.

In this post we are going to share latest 99designs best discount coupon codes October 2020 which will help you to save money.

99designs are continuing to pioneer new and exciting ways for the creators and businesses to collaborate. As we trust that every connection make moves a business forward or shapes a designer’s career and brings another ambitiously business owner closer to their vision of success.

Today a new design project is uploaded to the platform every 1.5 seconds and to date they paid out more than $122,750,682 to their designers. From their offices in San Francisco, Melbourne, Berlin & Rio de Janeiro, they’re working hard 24 hours by seven days to provide their customers with the best platform for getting their dream on demand.

99designs Coupon Codes Promo codes discount

Everything starts with our vision, do not you think? But how can this vision become a real project? When we talk about graphics, we need to find developers, designers, and companies who can help you.

If you’re a designer or someone who needs graphic designs for your logo, business cards, etc., we have the perfect place for you: 99 designs. It is the online graphic design market that unites people from all over the world with one goal: turning visions into real projects.

99designs review -Logos Web Graphic Design

In this article, we offer you everything you need to know about 99designs so you can see why this platform is the best.

Coupon and Discounts:

Just like other online companies 99designs also offers the coupons and discounts. Companies offer coupons to attract new users. Coupons help to lower the cost price of a package hence creating a benefit for the end customer. Many companies have now incorporated coupons & discounts in their promotional strategy.

To find 99designs coupon you can visit any search engine such as Google. Once on Google, we type ‘99design coupon’ or a ‘99design promotions’. Soon as you press enter in the search bar a list of websites will appear on the users screen. Some are the coupons that we found during our research on this company it includes PRE-MADE LOGOS for $99, $10 off and a stationery design coupon.

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How this service works

At 99designs, you can choose from a variety of service categories, including brand and logo design, web application design and applications, advertising and advertising design, packaging design, design, and marketing. Labels, etc.

If you need a logo for your business or a cover pattern for your next book, you will need to follow certain steps. This service is pretty easy. For best results, you must provide the designer with as much information as possible about the desired end product.

99designs review-How it WorksFirst things first

In the first step of the process, you must complete a design contest and create a design summary. This is a step you want to take your time with. Be as accurate and detailed as possible. You can choose between different types of designs to give your designers an idea of ​​what you are looking for.

You can select color combinations or send a custom color scheme. It’s a good idea to be as complete as possible, to share resources and clear specifications so you can get the most out of this publicly generated design experience.
Price levels

The second step to approaching the design of your dreams is choosing a design package that is actually the price package that applies to the design you choose.

Each level gives you different rights and prices are set according to the type of design you want. For example, the price for a WordPress design in the Silver package is $ 899, for which you can choose from 40 designs, while the Gold package costs $ 1,599, for which you have 50 designs for a dedicated manager can expect and the presentations of experienced designers.

99designs Coupon -Graphic Design Services

The 99Design lot options are a great way to save money if you want to get a logo with other branded materials. For example, the logo and social media pack include a logo, Facebook and Twitter covers, and a YouTube fund for packages starting at $ 399.

As part of the Design Contest, you can invite designers to participate in a contest, or you can choose to work with a designer of your choice in one-to-one projects outside the boundaries of a design contest.

In an earlier version of 99Designs, customers were able to purchase ready-to-use products in the logo store or run small designs with the task service on the fly. The logo store was closed in early 2016, while the tasks service was merged with the one-to-one project service.

Submissions, feedbacks and final product

Once the contest starts, the designers send their work and see those who meet their expectations. You can use analytics, comments, and private messages to shape the ideas of the designers. In the end, you can choose your favorite design, the designer will receive the prize and you will have full copyright to the chosen design.

99designs Coupon -Graphic Design Services contests

Benefits of 99designs

As with any major online platform (be it a graphic design platform, a digital asset platform or any other type of platform), you will find many negative reviews without knowing if they are genuine and reliable. That’s why it’s important to find a place where you can be sure that the information you read is accurate so that you can make an informed decision. no, That is, we offer you the benefits of 99designs to give you a clear idea of ​​what this graphic design market offers.

1. Ease of use

The first thing people like about 99designs is the ease of use. All elements of this website are designed for simplicity so that anyone can use them easily. The site is also well organized and you will get help throughout the process as it will guide you. Add to that the fact that every 1.5-second site is added to the site, and you can understand why 99designs gives you a great opportunity to get the design you dreamed of.99designs Coupon -colorful illustration of artist painting2. There are no limits.

Unfortunately, not all of us are fortunate enough to live in a developed country where we can more easily realize our dreams. However, it seems that 99designs limits are not limiting. This is indeed an added benefit of the platform. From anywhere in the world you come from, the 99designs platform offers space for your creativity and ideas.

3. Cooperation

As this is the largest graphics market, more than one million artists, entrepreneurs, smart companies and anyone who wants to express their creativity are connected. It’s easier if you have a community that supports you, and that’s why this business is so successful.
Source: 99designs.com

99designs Coupon -culpting and doing VR design4. Design competitions are fast.

Compared to similar platforms, the design competitions on this platform are very fast. At 99designs, people know that time is money. Design competitions take about a week. This means that after a week on your wallet, you can add a nice design and even earn some money if your client is happy with the job. If you’re a customer, your project will be ready in a week.

5. 100% money back guarantee

Sometimes designers and customers simply do not find the same language. Therefore, none of the submitted designs matches what the customer was looking for. However, there is nothing to worry about. If a customer is not satisfied, there is a full money back guarantee. This is another reason that this platform is the best on the market.

The Contest Begins

After you have selected the plan, it takes between 24 and 48 hours for the drawings to arrive. The drawings are recorded according to a classification system that varies between 1 and 5 stars.

I’ve read that you can get more designers to enter your contest by contacting various designers at 99designs.com and telling them that you’ve started a logo design contest. I recommend a “blind” contest because your designers cannot see the designs sent.

Many of them mimic what you already like and make only minor variations of different ideas.99design Coupon- news hunt

You have 5-7 days to refine the different designs before the next round. The goal is to rate different models and leave comments.

The designers make changes to the logo design. If you are satisfied with the logo, select the winner. The designers then send you the files through 99designs.com and can make further changes.

Then complete the transaction and leave the comments of the designer. 99designs.com will do anything to satisfy you with the design you have chosen. They treat their customers who pay as royalties.

Is 99Designs.com for you?

This service is certainly not for everyone. If you can communicate your ideas well when you’re ready to go to work (for example, write a very detailed draft summary, send comments, invite designers to your contest, etc.) and understand the nature of With This Product you probably have a good overall experience with this service.

However, if you do not take the time to write a quality outline summary and generally do not take a proactive approach to your project, 99Designs may not meet your expectations.

99design Coupon - video production

If you are a small business and you do not want or can not invest too much in brand-related services or other services available on this platform, a multiple-sourcing approach can help you. begin

If you choose a competitive service, not a one-to-one project service, you can not expect designers to do anything to show their work. After all, your payment is not guaranteed, and you are guaranteed to receive a product in return for your money.

99design Coupon- photoshot

The higher the price, the more motivated the designer becomes. In this sense, the lack of a guaranteed price can lead to a reduction in the number of presentations, which is not necessarily bad if these presentations come from good designers.

Pros and Cons


  • Only takes a few minutes
  • Captures your style and specs
  • From super simple to crazy complex projects
  • Design experts in over 90 skill sets
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Creative concepts from multiple designers


  • I have not personally found any cons

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Conclusion: 99designs Discount Coupon Code

99designs exists to challenge the status of the traditional design process and promote the best relationship between designers and micro businesses. In 2016, they had helped over the one million people grow their businesses through access to high quality and affordable design.

They believe self-expression has no borders and that everyone across the global deserves great design.

They started their company with a group of designers who were competing in a forum and friendly competition turned into the design market which developed into several connections between the hundreds and thousands of artists and micro enterprises. With their creating services the businesses get one step closer to their success, and  our customer   gets a new shape to the career

99designs have their offices located in Berlin, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco. The intention of their existence is to create a strong relationship between the microenterprise and the designer. The designs available are of high quality, and they are available at very competitive and affordable rates.

Logos do speak, and they portray a message to their viewers, and the future of any stakeholder relation is typically based on that portrayed photo, so everyone across the international is in need of that right design for their small business to achieve great success.

99designs is a fantastic, great service with reasonable prices, and it believe or not, an enjoyable platform for the design of your logo or website, etc. great impressive responses from designers, excellent end results and substantial support from the 99designs company. I hope you like the 99designs Best coupons and promo codes October 2020, Up To $95 Off 99designs Promo Code.

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