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Ease Of Use
Product Research Tool
Chrome Extension


  • AmzScout Provide Extremely Accurate Estimates.
  • A Large Number of Tutorials, Guides, and Videos for Beginners
  • AMZScout Have Everything You Need for Product Research.
  • Analyze and keep up with the product inventory and trends using AMZScout product tracker.
  • AMZScout’s tools are very competitively priced.
  • Get data and insights on any product currently being sold on Amazon.
  • AMZScout offer free trials for both the Web App and the Pro Extension
  • Get updated with product inventory and trends using AMZScout product tracker.
  • AMZScout gives Amazon sellers everything they need to find profitable products.
  • AMZScout Chrome extension will help you find winning products in unsaturated markets.


  • The free trial for the Web App is only a week, and the Pro Extension can be used for free only 15 times.
  • Video Tutorials are Mainly for Beginners
  • AMZScout is lacking is tools to help you launch new products on Amazon.


Price:$ 29.99


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Finding a niche market for your products can be daunting and time-consuming. There are thousands of products, but which ones are actually going to make you money?

It takes hours of research to find the right products that you should be selling on Amazon. You don’t want to spend hours looking for the perfect product, do you?

AMZScout will help you find profitable Amazon products in any niche in minutes. I have done a comprehensive AMZScout Review 2021 along with that I have also featured AMZScout Discount Code that you can use to get up to 50% Off On All Plans Now.

We people are used to the constant behavior of purchasing anything. The spots where we get the things we like are extremely notable to us, and we trust those spots for it. Before this, we influence market research keeping in mind the end goal to discover places where we will get our most loved items.

The same is the situation with the ones who wish to launch another item. It is required for them to influence the research before launching any item to make their item a more improved one in rivalry with others.

For this reason, the dealers can utilize some unique research devices that can enable them to make a top to bottom research of any items accessible in the E-Commerce commercial centers.

One such item examining instrument is AMZScout, which is outfitted with heaps of highlights, making the dealers on the Amazon entryway adaptable to utilize it. AMZScout is worth trying if you are a full-time FBA or seller on Amazon.

Bottom Line: Despite being an Amazon seller, are you still making very little money? Maybe because the product you chose is not right. That’s where AMZScout comes to the rescue. This product research tool can find the best products for you to sell and that can ultimately boost up your sales. It is not just a product research tool, it also includes features like sales estimates, revenue estimates reports, FBA fee calculators,s and much more. Grab a special discount coupon from AMZScout to get up to 50% off.

What Top Amazon Sellers talking About AMZScount:

Now lets look at featured AMZScout Review 2021 that includes the pricing, working, features, and product database insights. Let’s get started here.

AMZScout Review: What Does AMZScout Do? Top Pros & Cons of AmzScout Reviews

AMZScout is a Product Research Tool for Amazon Sellers, which is accessible as a web application and a program expansion. Both the instruments are very simple and easy to utilize and also easy to get.

It helps you to locate the most beneficial and offering items on Amazon. It examines everything on the page, glance through limited-time items at the best speed.

AMZScout Review- Amazon Product Trends Research Tool

A couple of years back, the eCommerce industry was at an alternate pace and style than what it is today. These days, making the web-store has turned into the most effortless approach to begin your business.

Before you start a business in any of the fields, you ought to have essential learning about the business and the item of how it functions. More critical, what is the interest for the item, and what are the patterns for those specific sorts of items. AMZScout is likewise accessible as a Web App and a Chrome extension.

With the assistance of technology, it has turned out to be really easy to discover those parts of your business that can profit you from a conventional seller who is subjected to the old insights and innovation. Amazon has changed the eCommerce business of the globe. Amazon is the world’s driving eCommerce organization presently.

Amazon’s “Business Rank” is an intriguing and useful marker that enables you to comprehend what are the effective items and what sort of volume it has on the market. Clearly, Amazon will rank higher in those items which are doing and making a considerable measure of offers. AMZScout is a handy tool if you sell on Amazon. I found a lot of great products useful!

What One Can Do With Their AMZScout Web Application:

1. Identify the perfect keywords for your Amazon PPC Ads: 

Determine the most effective keywords to use in your PPC advertisements to increase access to your web pages and increase sales. Create Amazon listings that are search engine optimized and conduct effective pay-per-click promotions

2. Search for Profitable Products Using Historical Data:

View the rank, average pricing, and ranking of a commodity for a specified period.

3. Generate Brand-new product and niche ideas:

Utilize 44 specialized filters to sift through Amazon’s massive product catalog in search of the most valuable items.

AMZScout Latest Updates:

AMZScout PRO Extension recent updates:

AMZScout PRO Extension now allows users to choose a time frame for viewing Sales, Rank, and Price history. When viewing Product history, you can select the period of viewing: 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or the maximum available period. More data means deeper analysis!

AMZscout chrome extension

Amazon Refunds Buyers at First Scan:

Amazon announced that starting on May 4th, it would introduce the Refund at First Scan (RFS) feature to all sellers who use the Prepaid Return Label program. Products returned through Amazon’s Prepaid Return Label program will automatically be eligible for RFS. 

It is already mandatory for seller-fulfilled items and for sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). With RFS, sellers will no longer need to rush to process a refund within the two business day SLA. 

Amzscount fba calculator

Customers will receive a refund after the first carrier scan when they drop off or ship back their return using an Amazon prepaid return label. A seller will continue to be notified about refunds through Amazon notification emails for all refunds processed with RFS.

Product Documents for Brand Owners:

Amazon Brand owners can now upload product documents such as installation manuals, compatibility guides, and troubleshooting guides so that they are available to customers on the product detail pages.

amzscout product document

Customers will benefit from this content pre-purchase to help them make shopping decisions and post-purchase to make the most of the products they choose to buy.

AMZScout Ket Features & Benefits: Pros & Cons

Saturation Score:

It shows how much users saw or analyzed the niche in the AMZScout Chrome extension in the last 30 days.

amzscout saturation score

Saturation Score helps to understand if other users have found this niche before.

This is our partner’s video about this feature:

Niche Score:

This score looking into the niche to assess it’s overall profit potential. The extension breaks the Niche Score and provides analysis in three areas: profit, demand, and competition.

It’s similar to the evaluation of the Product Score, but there’s more detail since you’re analyzing an entire product’s niche and not an individual listing.

Product Score:

This number summarizes how well the product matches the main criteria given by FBA experts. Put simply, it shows you how easy or hard it is to succeed in selling the same product. A brief summation will provide verdicts as Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down to help you get a quick view of a given product.

Niche History and Product History: 

In the AMZScout Pro Extension, you can find graphs that show you Price, Rank, and Sales changes for a certain product or the whole niche. By hovering your mouse over any point on the graph, you can see its history.

Features of AMZScout

• Sales Estimates

Get assessed deals in only a single tick to dissect the specialty.

Revenue Estimates

You can, in a flash, check assessed income and get more information for your item’s research.

Spy on the Competition

Add contender’s items to the product tracker and check their everyday sales.

Keywords Explorer

Discover what the most mainstream watchwords are for your items in the blink of an eye with our Explorer that encourages you to pick the best ones to expand your deals.

amzscout keyword explorer

Fulfillment Details

Get every one of the information on FBA expense

View Trends

Dissect Google inclines on each item you’re examining.

Sales Rank at a Glance

Acquire applicable data on Best Sellers Rank.

Profit Calculator

Ascertain your evaluated wage in a couple of clicks.

Sales History of a Product per Year

Get full deals history on each item you look into.

Instant Information on Ratings

Get data on how different items are evaluated in a squint of an eye.

Quality of Product Listing

Break down posting quality through our LQS esteem.

Quick Product Sourcing

Get information about your potential providers in a single tick.

AMZScout Review- Location Coverage Of AMZScout Tool

Free Tools Offered By AMZScout

• Sales Estimator

• FBA Fee Calculator

• Amazon Inventory Spy

• Amazon to eBay Price Comparator

How does AMZScout estimate the sales?

AMZScout utilizes the most recent innovation and logic to comprehend the sales volume of any item. It additionally takes the information from real Amazon Sales about the ranking to decide the business volume for any item. They go into profound subcategories as well.

If the item doesn’t have any rank in its parent classification, they check the sales in subcategories or significant classes. We have also featured Jungle Scout vs ASINspector comparison which includes detailed insights into these platforms.

The estimation procedure comprises the following steps:

1. AMZScout checks the rank of every item in singular classes.

AMZScout Review- Tracks The Sales History

2. It tracks a portion of the product stock. As we as a whole know, it isn’t possible, and Amazon would not give that information to anybody, but instead, we can simply figure out how to defeat our shortcomings and discover an answer. In a similar way, AMZScout tracks top items and their stock. (For instance, no. 1 and no.10 items)

AMZScout Review- Evaluate Your Business

3. It is compelling that they don’t have all of the information; however, they take a shot at a few strategies to make sales estimation. On the off chance that we take a gander at the past illustration, they have followed number 1 item stock over the timeframe; however, they don’t have the information for the other 3 items.

After that, they have information for number 5 and 6 items, and after that, they have the number 10 item stock information. They will take the average of that information to assess the business information of that classification or item.

AMZScout Review- Checks All The Keywords

AMZScout Web Application:

You don’t need to introduce or install anything to utilize the AMZScout web application. You can begin using the tool straightforwardly from your program. Simply just sign in to the website or signup utilizing Facebook, Google, Weibo, or your email address. When you are finished with the signup process, you are set to use the AMZScout web application.

amzscout web extension

When you signup, you get a 7-day time for testing to investigate the instrument. The item accompanies three designs: Basic, Start, and Business. The essential difference in every one of these plans is for a number of items you will have the capacity to track using item tracker. Pick your coveted arrangement and get the show on the road to wind up the success.

AMZScout Chrome Extension

Here you should introduce an extension to your program. Starting now, the AMZScout expansion is accessible for Google Chrome Browser. Install the extension from essential and star contingent upon your membership. Once establishment finishes, you will get a warning for joining your record, and you are good to go to begin utilizing it.

amzscout chrome extension

Basically, go to any of Amazon pages you need to investigate and tap on an extension to begin utilizing it. You can examine any page or any item, or even you can scan for items by catchphrases as well.

You will see a spreadsheet with a great deal of information, now the ball is in your court to take a gander at them and locate our applicable items for your business and profit out of it.

As I mentioned previously, this is probably the best Chrome Extension in the market. It’s easy to use.

Features of AMZScout Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension is much the same as that of Jungle Scout with for all intents and purposes matching features inside it. AMZ Scout’s Chrome expansion works flawlessly, only like some other extension.

Gross Sales Approximations – It offers total anticipated deals in scarcely a single click to assess the market.

Revenue Estimates – It is possible to expeditiously check an anticipated profit and also get significantly more data for item sourcing.

Fulfillment Details – Obtain all data on FBA expenses.

Look at Trends – Examine search crawler’s inclines on how every merchandise is drifting.

Gross Sales Rank –Get suitable specifics of Perfect Vendors Rank.

Profit Calculator – Estimate your anticipated profit in two or three mouse clicks.

Historical Information – Obtain verifiable data of cost and also rank evolving.

Immediate Info on Rankings – Get data on how great is evaluating different products in a flicker of eyes.

Excellent Quality of Merchandise Itemizing – Examine organizing quality through our LQS esteem Data Export

AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension

AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension release is an “advanced” version because of more highlights it has. The AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension version offers different sections of information you may get by clicking a mouse on the “options” link toward the finish of the screen.

AMZScout Seller’s Course

First things first, if you are a complete beginner you would want to know what selling on Amazon is all about and what the actual process entails.

Even if you’ve done some research on your own, you will appreciate that you will have all the information in one place, being guided step by step by a very successful seasoned seller.

AMZScout Pro Bundle

Exclusive Amazon insights

As one of the foremost prominent Amazon market intelligence software companies, AMZScout has access to enormous amounts of data. For all the users that have a yearly subscription to the bundle, they will be regularly sent information about emerging niches and general Amazon’s selling trends. It’s mostly in the form of a newsletter that is exclusively available to annual subscribers.

WebApp Database and Product tracker

The AMZscout Web App is something that’s accessible right from the AMZScout website. With it, you can browse Amazon and investigate products and niches that meet some of your criteria and then use the Extension to investigate it in more detail.

The other way is to use the entirety of the information on Amazon and filter through it using your own criteria and picking out the results you find interesting. This is exactly what the AMZScout Product Database does. You have a set of criteria you can put in and then you simply click “Find products” and wait for the list to populate.


Once you start playing around with this, you can easily be overwhelmed with the number of attractive results you find. You can easily click on the product and go to its page and investigate it even further using the extension. Of course, the results contain crucial information about the results such as the number of sales, reviews, and revenue.

The other part of the AMZScout Web App is the Product Tracker. This is where you store all your product ideas. If you are yet to use the AMZScout tool to find product ideas, you will quickly find yourself finding something new and interesting almost too often to keep track of it.

You can simply use a single click to move your most interesting finds from both the Product database and the Extension into the Product tracker. This is where you can compare all your findings and contemplate which product you want to source next.

The best part is that once you want to add new products to your store you can always come back here and move on to the next best idea you’ve had since the last one.

Product Tracker

AMZScout Keyword Tracker

The AMZScout Keyword Tracker is an extremely useful tool that plays more of a role once you start selling. You can put your product ASIN into the tool along with a list of your most important keywords and see how your organic ranks behave over time.

Keyword Tracker

You can track multiple products and a number of keywords per product. This is great for assessing the effect your PPC campaigns have and it never stops being useful, this is something veteran sellers use on a daily basis.

You can also track your competitors’ ranks on the same keywords and adjust your PPC and pricing approach accordingly. The tool works great with the Extensions since you can extract the exact keywords you would track from it and simply copy and paste them into the Keyword tracker.

AMZScout Quick View

As we mentioned before, the Extension works by allowing you to take a peek behind the search results. It doesn’t exactly help you to know which pages are worth peeking at.

This is why Quick View was invented. This tool will enrich your Amazon browsing experience by adding some crucial information under each and every search result to give you an idea of how well any product is doing without having to open up the Extension.

Quick View

AMZScout FBA Calculator

Of course, the whole point of selling on Amazon is to make a profit. Finding out how much money you stand to make by selling any product is one of the most crucial bits of information. This is exactly what the AMZScout FBA calculator is for:

FBA Calculator

With a single click, you will know exactly how much you would owe Amazon in FBA fees for selling any product, you can also see how much you stand to make if you were to sell at the same volume as any product you might find. You can also put in different prices and other variables to find a price that would meet your desired profit margin.


AMZScout is a Product Research Tool for Amazon Sellers, which is accessible as a web application and a program expansion. It helps you to locate the most beneficial and offering items on Amazon. It examines everything on the page, glance through limited-time items at the best speed.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

AmzScout Provide Extremely Accurate Estimates.

😩  Cons

The free trial for the Web App is only a week, and the Pro Extension can be used for free only 15 times.


AMZScout is a reliable product research tool when compared to other tools like JungleScout. It has a pile of superb features that can help you find profitable products to sell online.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

AMZScout Stock Stats

When it comes to selling on Amazon, one of the things you have to worry about is staying in stock. Inventory management is one of the most challenging aspects of business models. Knowing how many units to send it at what time is necessary to ensure the continuity of sales and growth.


AMZscout Stocks Stats allows you to look into the level of stock any seller has for any of their listings. This can help you use it as a benchmark when it comes to planning your own orders, or you can use it for more advanced strategizing down the line.

When any product goes out of stock, they start to lose organic ranks quickly. By keeping an eye on your main competitor’s stocks you can anticipate when they might be running out and use it to apply some arrive PPC strategies in order to overtake them in the rankings.

What One Can Do With Their AMZScout Web Application:

Identify the perfect keywords for your Amazon PPC Ads: Determine the most effective keywords to use in your PPC advertisements to increase access to your web pages and increase sales. Create Amazon listings that are search engine optimized and conduct effective pay-per-click promotions

Search for Profitable Products Using Historical Data: View the rank, average pricing, and ranking of a commodity for a specified period.

amzscout historical data

Generate Brand-new product and niche ideas: Utilize 44 specialized filters to sift through Amazon’s massive product catalog in search of the most valuable items.

AmzScout Pricing Plans| AMZScout Coupon (50% OFF)

They have monthly and yearly pricing plans –

  • Free plan ($ 0): Pro Sellers use various resources to boost revenue on Amazon plus. The comprehensive video course will teach you how to market.
  • Light plan ($ 45.99 for monthly plan and $ 197.99 for yearly plan): This choice includes the most excellent product testing platform and in-depth Amazon education.
  • Full plan: ($ 49.99 for monthly plan and $ 349.99 for yearly plan): The best choice for getting started on Amazon, with all you need to locate and launch items, build listings, and monitor results.
  • Lifetime plan ($ 1499.99): Have permanent access to all of the best resources for Identifying and Marketing Successful Goods on Amazon, like masterclasses and the step-by-step course.

amzscout review with discount coupon

Save Upto $844 On Amazon Seller’s Bundle Special Offer

Amzscout bundle pro discount

Features of AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension:

AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension has significantly more great features for lucrative vendors.

  • Monthly Gross sales & Revenue
  • Industry Best Precision
  • Rating & Analysis Monitoring
  • Category & Vendor Reviewing
  • Ongoing Help & Notifications
  • Web App State-of-the-art Integration
  • Sales Product Revenue Calculator
  • Dimension & Mass of Products
  • FBA Fee Estimator
  • Opportunity Rating

Is AMZScout Worth the Money?

AMZScout is reasonably priced, reasonably decent, and the training sessions are beneficial for new sellers. Thus, in specific ways, it is worthwhile. On the other side, it sells far fewer than its rivals. For just a few additional dollars per month, you can upgrade to Jungle Scout, which offers far more value than AMZScout.

Yes, AMZScout is well worth the investment. You get a tonne for $ 50 per month, and that’s more than enough for locating profitable items and establishing a shop.

What Does the Amazon Sellers Bundle Include?

According to the brand, the Amazon Sellers Bundle is a roadmap and toolkit for success in three months.

Amazon Trainer Beginners Training Includes – 

amzscout seller bundle

  • Bumps in the path that wreak havoc on most businesses and how to avoid/overcome them.
  • A primer on pay-per-click campaigns
  • Locating successful goods and finding duds
  • Establishing an account

This is one of the features I like the most in AMZScout. Although competitors provide instruction, AMZScout’s beginner training is significantly more straightforward and transparent.

AMZScout PRO Add-on

The PRO Extension for AMZScout is a winning-product shortcut that shows critical details. I’m not trying to oversell this gadget, but this one is a no-brainer if you know what to search for. Additionally, it runs directly from your browser. It’s all about the Niche Score.

amzscout pro addon

Rather than doing your niche analysis, Niche Score combines a plethora of various niche-related variables into a single number. Whether it’s worthwhile, the niche is worth exploring. Otherwise, flee. You’ve only spared yourself some days of work and avoided betting in a losing category.

If the niche earns a high score, you can delve into the following data:

  • Listing quality
  • Number of sellers
  • Reviews
  •  Bestseller Rank
  • Sales Volume

Additionally, there is the QuickView Chrome Extension. The QuickView Chrome Extension allows you to evaluate brands directly on the Amazon reviews tab. This method, you can obtain detailed information about winning brands while saving resources and avoiding probing losers.

AMZScout Web Application: Product Catalogue and Tracker

This platform endows you with superhuman analysis and keyword capabilities. Utilize millions of specialized filters to narrow the search to the top 1% of items on Amazon.

Amzscout product catalog tracker

This is the fast track to identifying low-competition, high-demand, highly profitable items Well BEFORE your rivals do. Rather than spending days researching and wondering, you can set the criteria and immediately see which goods are ideal for starting an FBA company. Not that shabby, eh?

The Web App then identifies the most critical keywords correlated with such brands, allowing you to refine the listings and pay-per-click campaigns. This results in increased traffic, cost savings, and benefit. Not quite enough? It also allows you to spy on rivals to learn about their activities, recognize their flaws, develop their approach, and ultimately outrank them!

Additional Tools

AMZScout has been generous enough to offer a few additional tools in the kit to assist with performance, revenue, and margin improvement.

They are as follows:

Income, margins, and other costs may be calculated to determine the profitability of your FBA shop. This could be the difference between a store reaching the five-figure mark and reaching the six- or seven-figure mark. Certain goods have a clear limit, whereas some do not. This is how you determine which ones do not.

amzscout specific tools

Amazon to eBay Comparison: This is not my preferred option, but it can come in handy. Instantly compare rates to eBay and increase the profitability of dropshipping.

Stock Statistics: Track the competitor’s stock and inventory to get a greater understanding of how their shop works and the inventory challenges they face and learn how to avoid your inventory problems.

Amazon-Specific Insights (Yearly Subscribers Only)

Annual users can get exclusive AMZScout tips every two months. Essentially, they’ll give you either 1 commodity or 1 niche per week that’s in the top 1 %. That is, they would essentially display you the best brands or niches to invest in.

Today, I have no idea how they do this study, and I am unaware of someone who has successfully released a product using this information. Additionally, if it’s been months and you haven’t settled on a commodity, you might be facing more serious issues. Nonetheless, it is beneficial to obtain additional information.

Webinars and Courses on AMZScout

AMZScout provides new vendors with free webinars and other lessons. Indeed, I believe my experience with the tool might have been far improved had I been a novice rather than an experienced vendor.

Webinar AMZScout

Though courses like “How to Start Selling on Amazon” and “The Latest Strategy for Finding Highly Profitable Products” are not revolutionary, they are highly beneficial for new sellers.

Few other tools have such high-value capabilities for free. If you’re a total novice, this added value can tip the scales in favor of AMZScout.

Pros and Cons of AMZScout:


  • Very Accurate Estimates: Since Amazon does not disclose revenue figures about the products they offer, all sales statistics you get from a retail analysis service is a guess. AMZScout, on the other hand, seems to have it dialed down, as their forecasts consistently match what retailers see after they begin selling a commodity.
  • Numerous videos, guides, and tutorials Designed for Beginners: You’re in luck whether you’re new to AMZScout or selling on Amazon in general. The company’s website contains a wealth of knowledge that will assist you in using their software and growing a profitable Amazon business.
  • Anything You Need to Do Product Research (Database of Products & Keyword Explorer): AMZScout provides Amazon vendors with all they can to locate profitable goods, from revenue and market statistics to statistical patterns and profitability calculations.
  • Product Tracker: Using AMZScout’s product tracker, you can analyze and keep track of product availability and patterns.
  • Free trials and affordable prices: AMZScout’s solutions are very affordable compared to most comparable goods on the market. Additionally, they provide free trials with both the Web App and the Pro Extension, allowing you to test them out before subscribing.
  • Extensive Product Database: Gain knowledge and info for every product currently available on Amazon.


  • Free Trial Could Be Extended: The free trial period for the Web App is just one week, and the free trial period for the Pro Extension is only fifteen days. Both of these experiments are brief, but they have ample opportunity to determine if you want to continue doing them.
  • Misses a few features for product launch: AMZScout is without software to assist you in launching new items on Amazon. However, if you pick the best goods to market, the products can quickly gain traction with sellers.
  • Video Tutorials Are Designed Specifically for Beginners: Although AMZScout provides extensive guidance about utilizing their apps and finding things to sell, the site is mainly geared toward beginners. However, the organization is already extending its guides to provide more experienced customers, which could address this issue shortly.

AMZScout Customer Reviews & Testimonials:

AMZScout Review With Discount Coupon

What Users Say About AMZScout On Trustpilot:

AMZScout-Reviews Trustpilot

AMZScout vs. Jungle Scout – A Brief Comparison

JungleScout gives a tough competition to AMZScout. Comparison is as follows –

Pricing: AMZScout outperforms its rivals in terms of pricing. AMZScout’s basic kit is $19.99 a month, while Jungle Scout’s pricing begins at $ 29 per month.

Customer Reviews: Both companies average an excellent 4.3 rating on Trustpilot, but the primary distinction is in the number of buyers.

Jungle Scout is the obvious favorite in this category since it has significantly more ratings, and 81 % of them are favorable. And when we claim a great deal, we mean about 1,400 compared to AMZScout, which already has over 200 ratings at the time of writing this AMZScout review.

Suppose we conduct an AMZScout Vs. Jungle Scout functionality analysis, we must be candid – AMZScout ultimately falls short in given functionality. On the other side, AMZScout is an all-purpose, novice-friendly platform that can assist you in launching your online company.

AMZScout Review: FAQs

👉🏻How much does AMZScout cost?

AMZScout offers three pricing plans. The basic plan costs $29.99/Month. The starter plan costs $39.99/Month. And also, the business plan cost you $59.99/Month.

👉🏻What Is AMZScout Pro?

AMZ Scout Pro is a pro chrome extension that lets you choose your next Amazon Product is easy. With AMZScout Pro, you can easily find profitable niches quickly and start selling.

👉🏻 How to Buy AMZScout Chrome Extension Pro ?

Just visit their official website. From there, you can buy the AMZScout Chrome Extension Pro

👉🏻 How does AMZScout Extension & Web App Work?

AMAZScout Chrome Extension works only with Chrome. And yes! the Web App work with any browser seamlessly.

Do their web extensions work with any browsers?

Their web application works with any browser, while their extensions only work with the Google Chrome browser.

How many devices am I allowed to use their tools on?

You can use AMZScout Pro Extension simultaneously on three separate machines with the same account. As a result, you would log in to the same account used to create the license. There are no restrictions on the number of computers included in a Web App.

Is it worthwhile to purchase both the Pro extension and the AMZScout web application?

AMZScout PRO Pro Extension and AMZScout web application are two different items that work well together. Although the Web App is used to generate ideas for good goods by parameter and category selection, the AMZScout PRO Extension allows for in-depth analysis of each commodity and niche in real-time. The pro extension and AMZScout web application capture and measure data in distinct ways. A web application is a cloud-based service. Since the extension utilizes the Amazon API, it is not required to store data in the same way the Web App does. Additionally, the algorithm is unique: The web application estimates estimated revenue based on the rank it earned during the update. Additionally, the AMZScout PRO Extension collects rating data for the previous 30 days and calculates an average level. As a result, the projected revenues are focused on the average monthly rank.

Is an Amazon account needed to use AMZScout?

No, you do not need an Amazon account to purchase their items.

How to install AMZScout chrome extension?

Steps to install AMZscout extension- Log in to your account Choose the extension menu from the tools option. Click on download now. Add to chrome Add extension. You will get a confirmation message once the extension is successfully added.

Some More Frequently Asked Questions Related To AMZScout?

How does AMZScout work?

AMZScout is mostly used for product research. Setting parameters and exploring the Amazon database for winning product ideas are how you use them. Then you conduct keyword research and competitor analysis before launching your store.

Can I access Amazon’s Product database using AMZScout?

Yes. AMZScout gives you access to a product database that allows you to determine whether or not a product is profitable to sell. Sellers can utilize the dashboard to search the database for similar items by entering a keyword or ASIN. After you’ve searched for a product, you’ll see all of the goods that are related to it, along with its image and details. This allows you to quickly determine whether a product has been profitable and what the cost of selling those goods on Amazon is. You can also use filters to eliminate products that aren’t very profitable, have a lot of competitors, or have a very high selling cost.

Can I search the database without using keywords?

Yes. You can also conduct a search without entering any keywords. You will be presented with a variety of categories including various types of products as a result of this. You also have a category filter and a filter for selecting products based on their trend data at your disposal.

Do they offer Keyword tracking tools?

Yes. AMZScout has several great features to assist you to find hidden keywords and improve your listings by removing low-hanging fruit. Competitor monitoring, keyword tracking, keyword explorer, and new listings optimization are all included (beta version).

How does the keyword research tool work?

The keyword explorer feature in AMZScout is really useful. This can be accomplished in two ways. Finding appropriate keywords for your listings is the first step. If you already sell a product on Amazon, using the keyword search to find high-density keywords is simple. The second option is to limit your search to high-demand products. The explorer will show you keywords with a lot of searches. As a result, you can employ that keyword to increase your sales. 

Does AMZScout have a Chrome Extension?

Yes, AMZScout offers a QuickView Chrome Extension that fits perfectly in your browser and gives you fast info on every Amazon product you’re looking at. It’s similar to the tracking computer in The Terminator’s eye. You focus on the product and receive all of the information at once. On the Amazon results page, the Extension compares goods side by side. You’ll obtain more specific information about winning items and save time by not having to look into losers.

What can I do with the Product Tracker?

You may effortlessly save things that you wish to sell in the future with the product tracker. You can develop a database for these possible products that will supply you with a wealth of information. With the save button, you can continue to add new products to the database. With the help of the access button, you may see all of the possible product trends and sales statistics. This way, you can quickly decide whether or not such things will be profitable in the future.

Is AMZScout cheaper than Helium 10 and other tools?

The Amazon Sellers Bundle from AMZScout costs $49.87 per month or $299 per year. That’s a significant saving over Helium 10, Jungle Scout, or Seller App. Helium 10 will set you back much over $100 per month if you want the same features (product database, keyword tracking, and browser extension). It also includes a seven-day free trial.

What is the AMZScout PRO Extension?

The PRO Extension from AMZScout is a winning-product shortcut that provides critical information. It’s all about the Niche Score. Rather than conducting your own niche research, Specialty Score combines a variety of niche variables into a single figure. If it’s good, the market is worth looking into. Otherwise, flee. You’ve just spared yourself a bunch of time and the chance of investing in a losing market.

Is the AMZScout Web App good?

The Web App empowers you with keyword and research abilities. You can use dozens of advanced criteria to narrow down Amazon’s full database to the top 1% of products. This is your fast track to finding high-demand, low-competition, highly profitable products before your competitors do. Instead of spending days researching and guessing, you can define the parameters and instantly see which products are ideal for establishing an Amazon FBA business. The Web App identifies the most important keywords linked with those products, allowing you to improve your listings and PPC campaigns. This translates to increased traffic, lower costs and a better profit margin.

What is the FBA Calculator?

AMZScout features a built-in FBA Calculator that lets you figure out profits, margins, and other expenditures to see how viable your store is. This might mean the difference between a five-figure store and a six- or seven-figure store. Some items feature a clear ceiling, whereas others do not. This is how you figure out which ones don’t.

How is the FBA Calculator useful?

When it comes to referral fees, Amazon deducts a charge from each product transaction. This reduction is due to the fact that you are selling your products through their website. The referral fee might be as high as 15%, and it is entirely dependent on the profitability of the product in question. However, if you choose the correct things to offer, the referral fee will have no impact on your profit. Finally, after calculating all of the fees, the FBA Calculator displays the total selling price of a product.

Will the FBA Calculator help me calculate product costs?

The price of a product is determined by the provider, quantity, and ability to negotiate. When you buy something in bulk, you save money because it is a less expensive choice. The FBA Calculator’s ratings are heavily influenced by the product’s purchase price. If you have a rough idea of a product’s pricing, you may plug it into the calculator to receive a precise estimate of how much it will cost you.

Can I spy on competitor’s stocks?

Yes. Stock Stats are available through AMZScout. You can observe your competitor’s stock and inventory to gain a better understanding of how their store functions and the inventory problems they face, as well as learn how to avoid your own inventory problems.

How much does the PRO Extension cost?

The AMZScout PRO Extension comes in 3 pricing schemes; Pay Monthly – $ 44.99 per month., Pay Yearly –  $179 per year billed annually and Pay For a Lifetime – $299 for a lifetime.

Is AMZScout worth it?

Yes, AMZScout is well worth the money. The freedom that AMZScout has granted to its consumers is one of the most appealing aspects of the service. The Chrome Extension or the Web App are also options. A free trial option is also a unique feature that provides useful flexibility. You should definitely take advantage of the free trial to see if the app can help you increase your sales.

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Alternatives Of AMZScout:

1. Webgility

Webgility is perhaps the most adaptable, efficient, and user-friendly accounting system for internet companies. All of the distribution channels’ data is integrated simultaneously and safely.


You keep your tickets up to date at all times. You have complete control over your cash flow and profitability. Sales taxes are quick to register. Flexibility based on transaction count aids in keeping costs down until our volume warrants a higher level of customer service.

Daily status emails help us keep track of what’s going on without having to remember to log in and review our statistics. Aid has been tremendously helpful in addressing issues we’ve had.

2. DataHawk

DataHawk is indeed an Amazon seller application platform that can be used to track page rank, analyze product performance and revenue forecasts, conduct product testing, and conduct market analysis for Online retailers and advisors.

DataHawk - Amazon Sellers Analytics Software

DataHawk is a cloud-based Amazon Analytics Platform that helps sellers, retailers, brands, & agencies tracking keyword & product rankings and results, conduct product analysis, analyze market and competitiveness data, and automate their SEO lists.

It all began with Amazon, which is now working to create the best information tools for companies selling on these sites.

Since DataHawk creates a best-in-class SaaS analytics platform, millions of sellers can expand with its support. Many big marketplaces, such as Amazon, Wal – mart, also eBay, profit from it.

3. Jungle Scout

Putting the entirety of Amazon’s collection at your fingertips. To find the best goods to sell, sort products across multiple categories by demand, price, projected sales, ranking, seasonality, measurements, and more, Jungle Scout is the best alternative.

Jungle Scout- Amazon Selling Tool

Pricing: AMZScout outperforms its rivals in terms of pricing. AMZScout’s basic kit is $19.99 a month, while Jungle Scout’s pricing begins at $ 29 per month.

Customer Reviews: Both companies average an excellent 4.3 rating on Trustpilot, but the primary distinction is in the number of buyers. Jungle Scout is the obvious favorite in this category since it has significantly more ratings, and 81 % of them are favorable. And when we claim a great deal, we mean about 1,400 compared to AMZScout, which already has over 200 ratings at the time of writing this AMZScout review.

While conducting AMZScout Vs. Jungle Scout functionality analysis– AMZScout ultimately falls short in given functionality. On the other side, AMZScout is an all-purpose, novice-friendly platform that can assist you in launching your online company.

4. Feedvisor

Feedvisor might be the next optimization tool and a group of specialists driven by proprietary AI and data that helps brands & dealers win on e-marketplaces by applying enhanced advertising strategies, patented pricing software, business strategy, and knowledge.

Feedvisor Review-

Our Amazon advertising strategy will not be complete without Feedvisor. We have gained market share and streamlined our footprint on Amazon thanks to their platform & professional team, and we are very happy with the effective results we have seen through clicks, transactions, purchases, & ACoS.

We can still remain one step ahead of our rivals thanks to predictive reporting and automatic improvements, and we can increase our operational productivity beyond current abilities. 

5. ClearCut Analytics

Our goal is to use data-driven data analytics to democratize rational decisions for brand names. ClearCut offers a wide array of sales analytics for the CPG industry, with an emphasis on the Amazon marketplace, to equip brands with the knowledge they need to measure brand results, understand the competition, or focus on market blank space with the product, competitor, and brand analytics.

Activate actionable e-business and Amazon insights with our retail analytics tools to drive profitable product innovation, fuel sales faster than rivals, and support long-term market development.

Conclusion: AMZScout Review | AMZScout Coupon 2021

AMZScout is a reliable product research tool when compared to other tools like JungleScout. It has a pile of superb features that can help you find profitable products to sell online. The basic plan starts at $29.99/mo, and it’s much affordable compared to other product hunt tools. It’s has been trusted by over 80,000 customers over the globe.

I have actually utilized AMZScout and saw how it functions and what are key factors that influence AMZScout to contrast from comparative Amazon Product Research Tools. AMZScout is superior from different devices since it gives a lot of features at a lesser cost. I would recommend you to go for AMZScout than some other items if you need to make most out of your spending on a research device.

You can check them out here. Or you can connect with them on their social media handles at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.

One thing I enjoyed about AMZScout is a paid month-to-month extension that enabled me to pick sort of products wanted to sell off as indicated by data, rather than instinct. By utilizing this expansion, I could discover BSR, month-to-month deals, income, and so forth without really set off to item’s website page.

I could assemble data in a flash and made great deals. The AMZScout is very useful on Amazon, and I will highly recommend it to our visitors.

It is the best Amazon program for any FBA purchaser or merchant that is open. It gave me loads of information concerning my income, salary, and costs, all, not at all like your business rivals who are offering the same products. Finish help is provided to utilize this extension. Likewise, they give an unmistakable 35% rebate on Pro together with a 30% markdown on essential.

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