Astra Security Black Friday Deals 2023 | Get Upto 30% Off

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Today I have featured Astra Security Black Friday Deals 2023 Black Friday is, undoubtedly, the most awaited time of the year to shop and Astra Security is here with a rock-solid deal! a FLAT 30% OFF on all Astra Plans.

Use code SECUREBFCM19 and ensure rock-solid security for your website. 

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Astra Security Balck Friday Deals Get 40% Off

Astra Security Black Friday Deals 2023 | Get Upto 30% Off

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Get 5% off Select Items at Astra Security

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Astra Security Discount Coupon Save Upto 25%

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Get 5% OFF On ALL Plans

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ATTENTION: This offer is valid only till the 8th of December. You can grab it here

Any business looking to secure their website can use Astra Security. This means Astra is perfectly compatible with CMS(s) like WordPress, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Drupal, etc.

To date, Astra is known to secure big brands like Gillette, African Union, Ford, Carrier, Oman Airways, Hotstar, Kotak Bank, Akeneo(Founded by former CTO of Magento).

By all means, fill those shopping bags this Black Friday. Just don’t forget to add your website’s security in that. Surely not when it’s super affordable.


Astra Security Suite is an all-in-one security solution for your website. Right from a web application firewall, one-click malware removal, machine-learning powered malware scanner, immediate malware cleanups, vulnerability testing, and security audits, it has all covered.

Moreover, all these security facets are accessible within a single yet crisp dashboard. So, get ready for an uncluttered & non-confusing security solution.

In this whole process, if you get stuck anywhere, Astra’s support will be there to help. All human support makes you feel you are never stranded in case of a crisis.

Overview of Astra Security

Astra is also GDPR ready and makes your website GDPR compliant in seconds with its pre-built cookie consent bar. Its community security program encourages safe vulnerability disclosures for websites. This ensures that no one blots your reputation with a bug/vulnerability by disclosing them publicly.

ASTRA Security - 360° Website Security WAF Malware Removal
ASTRA Security – 360° Website Security WAF Malware Removal

Astra impresses us because it not only takes care of the current web security situation but also because it adjusts and configures itself to take on newer cybersecurity challenges with its machine learning formula and community-powered product. It evolves with every new pattern, type, the methodology of hacks. 

What Is Astra?

Astra is a website security package that protects websites from hackers, bots, and over 80 Internet threats, and adds add-ons for WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Joomla, and more.

Astra protects your site from SQL injection, cross-site scripting, local file inclusion, remote file inclusion, broken robots, and more.

ASTRA Security Black Friday Slae

A security solution that includes the perspective of hackers and anticipates its next move. Astra has been developed to OWASP standards and stops millions of attacks every day.

Our visualization helps you make decisions based on data when planning the architecture. The intuitive panel provides a detailed and detailed view of the security status of the website.

How Does Astra Security Suite Help?

As we used it, the Astra Security Suite turned out to be a diverse security solution for our website. Right from a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Malware Scanner to security audits, everything is covered under a single intuitive dashboard.

Moreover, each of these plays a pivotal role in strengthening your website’s security. Apart from the security, when we started using my Astra dashboard we also found a readymade GDPR consent code snippet for me to install.

Happy customer World Wide

Not deflecting from our motive of finding a worthwhile website security solution this is how Astra stands in the face of a cyber attack. Using Astra we found it to be quite competent in securing a website from Owasp top 10. Apart from that, it also protects a website from credit card hacks, phishing attacks, email spam, SEO spam, etc. Grab the deal now on Astra Security Black Friday Deal now

1.  Video lessons make it easy to learn

No extensive reading required. Just watch, listen and learn. It’s as simple as that. Above all, the lessons do not extend illogically. At all points, it remains crisp and short. Hence, it does not make you exhausted at all.]

2. DIY security for your WordPress

All the lessons have been tailored to include easy to follow steps. With each lesson, you will be prepped with go-to solutions for your WordPress. And guess what, all the measures depicted will be easily doable by yourself. So, no need to ask around for any help.

Astra Security Pricing

astra pricing

Astra Security Features 

24×7 Realtime Protection

Astra’s unshakable firewall shields your site from SQLi, XSS, terrible bots, spam and 100+ dangers. Just genuine clients gain admittance to your site.

IP and Country Blocking

With a tick of a button you can obstruct or whitelist a nation or an IP and effectively add exemption rules to whitelist certain boundaries

Animal power Protection

Get assurance from programmers’ rehashed endeavors to access your record with Astra’s animal power insurance.

Danger Analytics

Astra’s dashboard gives you a higher perspective of your site security alongside basic data on the dangers Astra halted.

Aggressor Profiling

See the aggressor’s profile with subtleties like their nation of beginning, program and IP address and effectively go to defensive lengths.

Terrible Bot Protection

Astra shields your site from terrible bots like information scrubbers, promotion bots and spam bots while allowing the great bots to like pursuit crawlers through.

Insurance from 100+ defects

Astra’s unshakable firewall shields your site from SQLi, XSS, terrible bots, spam and 100+ dangers. Just genuine clients gain admittance to your site.

Boycott Monitoring

Astra screens 60+ security motors day by day to check if your site has been boycotted because of security issues or weaknesses.

Spam Blocking

Get security from bots that make spam accounts on your site or from spam remarks with Astra’s insightful spam hindering

Web search tool Bot

Astra screens well known web crawlers like Google, Yahoo and Bing to check if your site has been taken out because of security blunders.


Trap the trouble makers out and just let the heroes in. Astra perceives clients with malevolent purpose, obstructing them before they cause harm.

Dubious Login Alerts

Astra’s firewall screens and squares all dubious login endeavors continuously and gives you the instruments to boycott accounts when required.

Forestalls Malicious Uploads

Astra filters and investigates every one of the documents that get transferred to your site and consequently obstructs pernicious transfers.

Square and Control augmentations

Effectively control the record expansion you need to permit and the ones you need to keep clients from transferring from the Astra dashboard.

Put forth transfer size lines

Prevent huge records from being transferred to your site, and save valuable worker assets and administration disturbance. Effectively put down certain boundaries inside Astra.

Secondary passage transfer counteraction

Control what arrives at your worker. Keep programmers from getting to your worker by transferring muddled pernicious documents and web shells.

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Get 75% off at Sucuri.
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Get 10% off on Wordfence Premium
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Get 10% off Select Items at Incapsula
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Top 4 Astra Security Alternatives

1. Sucuri 


Sucuri is a managed security service provider for websites. Our cloud-based tools provide complete website security solution, including performance optimization via a CDN, mitigation of external attacks like vulnerability exploits and DDoS attacks, and professional response in the event of security incident. The team provides 24/7/365 customer service with a 97% satisfaction rate, and a median response time of 4 hours.

They provide mitigation for several types of DDoS attacks, including Ping-of-Death, UDP Floods, L7 Attacks (HTTP Floods & Slow Read), Layer 7 Attacks (DNS Floods), and NTP Reflection Attack. In the event that a website is under attack, we utilize a network of scrubbing centers to filter malicious traffic before it reaches your origin.

2. Wordfence 


Wordfence is a WordPress security plugin that provides real-time protection from all of the common attacks against WordPress websites. These include brute force attacks, attempt to change website files and directory changes, exploit attempts for outdated or vulnerable plugins and themes, spam injections into comments and more. In addition to this we provide firewall rules to block bad visitors and a malware scanner that checks your site for suspicious files.

Wordfence goes above and beyond when it comes to protecting your website. We provide real-time protection against all of the common methods used by hackers to compromise websites. To do this we’ve built our own firewall that provides additional security for your site, block bad traffic, monitor directory changes and provide a large suite of other features. In addition to this, we provide a malware scanner that checks your site for suspicious files that might be used by hackers to take over your website.

3. Incapsula 


Incapsula provides the power and flexibility businesses need to secure critical Web applications from cyber-threats and optimize Website performance. By routing Web traffic through Imperva’s global network of data centers, Incapsula ensures that bad traffic is removed before reaching protected Websites and good traffic is accelerated; creating a more secure and enjoyable experience for Website visitors.

Incapsula’s service starts with a website and its associated Domain Name Service (DNS) records, which tell the Internet how to find and interact with it. By changing these DNS records to point to an Incapsula URL (say,, traffic to the site will be routed through Incapsula’s global network of data centers. Customers can then configure which types of traffic should be allowed, and how it should be handled, via a simple control panel within their online account interface.

4. Beagle Security

beagle security

Beagle Security is a web application penetration testing tool that helps you to identify vulnerabilities on your website before hackers exploit them. With Beagle Security, you can integrate automated penetration testing into your CI/CD pipeline to identify security issues earlier in your development lifecycle and ship safer web applications.

Beagle runs against your target application over the course of multiple HTTP requests and examines the response code of each page to determine if it’s vulnerable or not. It will then generate a report for you that lists all vulnerabilities with details about what type of failure occurred and how this can be exploited.

Beagle is able to identify the following security-related failures:

– Server or application misconfiguration errors

– Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities

– Logic flaws like insecure direct object reference bugs and remote code execution issues

– Unvalidated redirects and forwards (URL redirection attacks)

– CSRF attacks can lead to various malicious actions

– Open URL redirectors allowing attackers to indirectly route traffic through external sites

Conclusion: Astra Security Black Friday Deals 2023

We use Astra to protect our servers from bad bots, injection exploits, cross scripting, and so on. It is implemented with country-based IP blocks and of course development practices to optimize security.

It’s amazing how many exploits he records in one day! Astra has not only managed to eliminate all malware but also successfully defended the site against hacker attacks.

Do you need another reason to secure yourself? Don’t wait till someone hacks you.

Secure yourself now.

Astra Security On Social Media

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Get 30% OFF On Astra Security

181 People Used
Only 6 Left
Rating 5.0
On Going Offer

Astra Security Suite is an all-in-one security solution for your website. Right from a web application firewall, one-click malware removal, machine-learning powered malware scanner, immediate malware cleanups, vulnerability testing, and security audits, it has all covered.

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  1. Astra Security is the best and most affordable security for all your devices. They do a great job and they’re always available 24/7 to help you out when something goes wrong. I definitely recommend them!

    Hurry, Astra Security has an exclusive annual promotion on their remote backup service. Buy two years of subscription at 50% OFF. Barring any data loss disasters, our experts can easily return you to safe operational status at lightning speed!

  2. I used to be the IT director at my company, but now I’m an engineer. It’s fine. But it got me thinking about all this talk of cyber security, so I started doing some research and found out that hackers are ubiquitous out there! And then one day they hacked into my fancy company website and put up a picture of themselves holding up anti-capitalist slogans. Luckily Astra Security were quick on their feet, fixing the site within hours after the breach absolutely free. I didn’t manage to go around doing it myself, having been very busy with some other projects (*mind those deadlines!), and I was worried more hacker attacks would follow before someone stepped in to fix things.

  3. I realised the website developer made a mistake after I got hacked. Even though they fixed up, that didn’t help me much because I managed to get hacked again. Astra helped me out swiftly for their Black Friday Deal. If you’re looking to secure your site, go ahead and grab this half-off deal!

  4. “They do the job well and fast. Even after fixing the site, they gave me recommendations to make sure it was more secure. I didn’t manage to go around doing it, and I got hacked again. But Astra helped me out again swiftly. Thank you so much.”

  5. On the first try, Astra Security was able to secure my site quickly. They were also really quick to help me out after I came back from vacation and an unauthorized change had been made because they are experts at finding any vulnerability. Thank you for insisting that there must be a solution other than changing passwords, which ended up being the only option left because the intruder found one!

  6. “They do the job well and fast. Even after fixing the site, they gave me recommendations to make sure it was more secure.” I didn’t manage to go around doing it, and I got hacked again. But Astra helped me out again swiftly. Thank you so much!

  7. Astra Security is worth more than just their Black Friday Deal. They’re the best security company, and I guarantee you they’ll be worth it for your business or personal needs. With fast service and low prices, this deal is too good to pass up!

  8. Astra Security, the global leader in Information Technology Services spoke to us and offered their services for a fair price. As we dug into their services, we found there were many ways they could help you: VAPT engagements, Web Application Penetration Testing and Software Engineering Services. We also know Astra takes pride in developing individual relationships with each client versus working on large volume commitments.

  9. I was feeling frustrated and depleted. I wasn’t sure what to do about the website, and I had no idea how to fix it. The people at Astra Security were unbelievably helpful! They were kind on the phone, patient with all of my questions, and they gave me some great advice / tips on how to better protect myself in case anything ever happened again. They even helped me get back up on my feet so that the site was secure again in a matter of less than a day – for a fraction of what others wanted! What amazing service!!!

    Maintaining your best interests has never been more crucial than right now with hackers running amuck. You need Astra Security Black Friday Deal protection NOW!

  10. Astra Securitys’ services are unbeatable. They respond to service requests quickly and provide detailed solutions, saving our developers a lot of time troubleshooting issues. Astras team was responsive, productive, and easy to work with! Highly recommend them for any security assignment!

  11. If you need an easy way to keep your data secure, check out Astra’s Black Friday Deal. You’ll get a VAPT done by them and the team was quick to respond to all our queries and always provided a detailed response. The test results shared were detailed too which helped our developers fix the issues quickly and we were able to get the app retested again within 2 weeks and whole engagement was successfully closed within 3 weeks.

  12. People are usually put off by the idea of security. They avoid downloading apps because they don’t want to be bothered with all the notifications app developers send about vulnerabilities in their software. We had a VAPT engagement done by Astra, and they were quick to respond to all our queries and provided detailed responses – even after business hours! The test results shared was also really helpful for our developers, taking away some head-scratching moments of ‘we wonder what could have caused this’. Best of all, we were able to retest our application within 2 weeks using their testing reports as input into fixing existing issues. I thoroughly recommend Astra’s services!

  13. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Astra Security Suite! This expansive suite of security measures has protected my website, alerted me to any suspicious activity on my site and given me various options on what to do – all with amazing customer support. It’s like they exist 24/7 for anything I need (I guess that makes sense since they are available around the clock!). I really appreciate how fast I can get a hold of them when an issue arises – it feels like they care about the well-being of their customers. Overall this website security is great, from its affordability to its reliability, product quality and availability in terms of customer service.

  14. If I could give Astra Security Suite an infinite number of stars, I would! Not only has the firewall secured my website for the past year but also provides up-to-date malware scanning that helps me keep a close eye on any malicious content. Whenever something is flagged, their customer support team always manages to assist in a quick and efficient manner with whichever option you choose. Highly recommend!

  15. Astra Security Suite is the best security package I’ve ever used, and this Black Friday Deal makes it even more affordable. The alerts come within minutes of anything happening on my site; there’s no downtime whatsoever when I use their products; And not to mention that customer support has always been quick in responding to any concerns I’ve had related to the product.

  16. If I had to summarize the Astra Security Suite in one sentence, it would be “Astra saves my assets.” Now, when I say assets, I don’t just mean the products and information found on my website. It also includes all of my personal data that has been exposed in the past. I’m grateful for this product because it truly keeps me safe.

  17. I am so happy with Astra Security Suite, all the features have made my life easier. The firewall has kept hackers away from my website for months now and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s new innovative software has help keep customers’ information private.

  18. I love this suite. This Black Friday Deal makes it the perfect time to get all of your security needs covered by just one product. Astra Security Suite has preventative monitoring that alerts you whenever something happens on your site; there’s no downtime, which means you never worry about hackers slowing down traffic or ruining business; customer support is really responsive and always available for questions related to the suites – not many companies are able to provide this kind of comprehensive service.

  19. I’ve been using Astra Security for over a year now, and I can’t even remember the last time my site was hacked. I used to have downtime on my website every month or two because our hacker had found another way in. But since changing to Astra Security Suite, I am always protected from hackers who are looking for an easy target with no security measures. My product pages are never down!

  20. I interviewed the top ten cybersecurity companies before choosing Astra. I had used them for two years and never had an issue; they’ve always protected me against potential threats on my site. They were the most affordable of all the companies I looked at too!

    If you don’t want your personal site hacked or compromised this holiday season, choose Astra Security Suite to do it right.

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