Astra Security Black Friday Deals 2021 | Get Upto 30% Off

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Today I have featured Astra Security Black Friday Deals 2021 Black Friday is, undoubtedly, the most awaited time of the year to shop and Astra Security is here with a rock-solid deal! a FLAT 30% OFF on all Astra Plans.

Use code SECUREBFCM19 and ensure rock-solid security for your website. 

Astra Security Balck Friday Deals Get 40% Off

Astra Security Black Friday Deals 2021 | Get Upto 30% Off

ATTENTION: This offer is valid only till the 8th of December. You can grab it here

Any business looking to secure their website can use Astra Security. This means Astra is perfectly compatible with CMS(s) like WordPress, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Drupal, etc.

To date, Astra is known to secure big brands like Gillette, African Union, Ford, Carrier, Oman Airways, Hotstar, Kotak Bank, Akeneo(Founded by former CTO of Magento).

By all means, fill those shopping bags this Black Friday. Just don’t forget to add your website’s security in that. Surely not when it’s super affordable.

Astra Security Suite is an all-in-one security solution for your website. Right from a web application firewall, one-click malware removal, machine-learning powered malware scanner, immediate malware cleanups, vulnerability testing, and security audits, it has all covered.

Moreover, all these security facets are accessible within a single yet crisp dashboard. So, get ready for an uncluttered & non-confusing security solution.

In this whole process, if you get stuck anywhere, Astra’s support will be there to help. All human support makes you feel you are never stranded in case of a crisis.

Overview of Astra Security

Astra is also GDPR ready and makes your website GDPR compliant in seconds with its pre-built cookie consent bar. Its community security program encourages safe vulnerability disclosures for websites. This ensures that no one blots your reputation with a bug/vulnerability by disclosing them publicly.

ASTRA Security - 360° Website Security WAF Malware Removal
ASTRA Security – 360° Website Security WAF Malware Removal

400;”>Astra impresses us because it not only takes care of the current web security situation but also because it adjusts and configures itself to take on newer cybersecurity challenges with its machine learning formula and community-powered product. It evolves with every new pattern, type, the methodology of hacks. 

What Is Astra?

Astra is a website security package that protects websites from hackers, bots, and over 80 Internet threats, and adds add-ons for WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Joomla, and more.

Astra protects your site from SQL injection, cross-site scripting, local file inclusion, remote file inclusion, broken robots, and more.

ASTRA Security Black Friday Slae

A security solution that includes the perspective of hackers and anticipates its next move. Astra has been developed to OWASP standards and stops millions of attacks every day.

Our visualization helps you make decisions based on data when planning the architecture. The intuitive panel provides a detailed and detailed view of the security status of the website.

How Does Astra Security Suite Help?

As we used it, the Astra Security Suite turned out to be a diverse security solution for our website. Right from a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Malware Scanner to security audits, everything is covered under a single intuitive dashboard.

Moreover, each of these plays a pivotal role in strengthening your website’s security. Apart from the security, when we started using my Astra dashboard we also found a readymade GDPR consent code snippet for me to install.

Happy customer World Wide

Not deflecting from our motive of finding a worthwhile website security solution this is how Astra stands in the face of a cyber attack. Using Astra we found it to be quite competent in securing a website from Owasp top 10. Apart from that, it also protects a website from credit card hacks, phishing attacks, email spam, SEO spam, etc. Grab the deal now on Astra Security Black Friday Deal now

1.  Video lessons make it easy to learn

No extensive reading required. Just watch, listen and learn. It’s as simple as that. Above all, the lessons do not extend illogically. At all points, it remains crisp and short. Hence, it does not make you exhausted at all.]

2. DIY security for your WordPress

All the lessons have been tailored to include easy to follow steps. With each lesson, you will be prepped with go-to solutions for your WordPress. And guess what, all the measures depicted will be easily doable by yourself. So, no need to ask around for any help.

Conclusion: Astra Security Black Friday Deals 2021

We use Astra to protect our servers from bad bots, injection exploits, cross scripting, and so on. It is implemented with country-based IP blocks and of course development practices to optimize security.

It’s amazing how many exploits he records in one day! Astra has not only managed to eliminate all malware but also successfully defended the site against hacker attacks.

Do you need another reason to secure yourself? Don’t wait till someone hacks you.

Secure yourself now.


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