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As to monetize the sites more, most of the publishers generally partner with some or the other ad networks. There may be a lot of hit and trial to find out which ad network, or even which ad networks in combination, generate the highest revenue for the publishers, but once they finally do find that out it will be well worth the effort. Correct monetization and right choice of ad service has the power to improve blog monthly earning rate.

One may find a number of different advertising network on the internet these days specifically for the publishers. But most of them are not paid in accordance with the blog potential of the publishers. CPM with the course of time has become the best method for earning money from every last impression that is on webpage or blog. CPM stands for the name cost per mile and also cost per thousand posting impressions.

Mainly every site and the blog publisher wants to get a greater income. Everybody needs to pick out best ad networks which provide adequate amount of money.

WHY NATIVE ADS NETWORK?Following are the major advantages of using native ads network:

  • Native ads look like content, they are non-intrusive and the visitor feels as if they are consuming content. The benefit here is that native ad affiliate campaigns can be “masked” as content
  • Lower cost per click (CPC), higher click-thru-rate (CTR) and higher conversion rate. That’s some pretty solid benefits there.
  • You can borrow the publisher’s trust for your campaign because your ads can appear on top publisher websites like Forbes, CNN and thousands of other trusted top publishers, users assume the content they are consuming can be trusted, because they trust the source. And affiliates love this.
  • There’s a lower barrier to entry than Facebook, Ad words and other ad networks. In other words, your ads get approved easier.

List of Top 19+ Best Native Ad Networks of 2021

1)MGIDThere isn’t any traffic requirement by the publisher.
Payment is done through the check, western union
The minimum payout is approximately 100$
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2) Media.netThere isn’t any publisher traffic requirement.
The method of the payment is through the PayPal or wire transfer.
The minimum payout is 100$.
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3) RevContentPayment Terms: NET 30
Payment threshold: $100
Offer type: CPM, CPC
Publisher requires at least 30 million monthly impressions along with the compliance to Google ToS
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4) Adpushup- Offers types include both CPM and CPC
- Partnership with top ad networks and exchanges
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5) SharethroughRate is $3 CPM (US, UK, AUS, CA)
The Payment Terms is NET 30
The Offer type is that it is Visible CPM Publisher requirements
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6) AdbuffTime of approval may take between 5 – 7 days
a welcome bonus of $25 for signing up.
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7) Advertising.comConditions: – They Approve Sites only having Huge visitors.
Payment: – via Check.
Payout: – Minimum Payout $25
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8) ChitikaPublisher Traffic Requirement – None
Payment Method – Check, PayPal
Minimum payout – 10$
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9) Adsterra It Out Now
10) Yellow HammerYellow Hammer is a 100% fill ad network
offers a wide variety of campaign types
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MGID Review- Bloggersideas Discount

MGID is one of the best native advertising platform available in the market. MGID has been a great source of good value CPC traffic, I have tried a number of CPC providers and MGID generated the highest sales conversion % of all we have tried to date.

All affiliates are forced to follow trends, choose offers, and whitelist widgets. Actually, there is no such things as “instant money” button, you win and make money only if you do optimization of your campaigns permanently. Many marketers are choosing tier 1 countries to promote their offers just because of higher payouts. On the one hand, this is a very legitimate aspiration, but on the other hand you have to set higher bids. You pay more for the traffic, then you start to pay more for the leads, and only bits and pieces are left of your”golden” payouts.

Should I pay my attention to other GEOs? Our answer is definitely – yes, this traffic should be tested, especially if you have well-paying offers and unusual geos.

Automation, insights – everything can be useful for the affiliate. “Traffic Insights” is a relatively new feature in MGID‘s native advertising network. To avoid guessing which GEO or tactic to choose, look at three tables in MGID dashboard: Hot Opportunities, Low Competition, Best Performing.

Mgid review MGID traffic insights

Having studied them, you can estimate the budget for the test and optimization, avoid running your campaigns blindfolded, and then adjust the bids as you run your campaign.

mgid coupon code

Also, using Traffic Insights tool you will be able to check which GEO has low competition, and you can literally buy a lot of traffic for a penny. Inside, you can find all info in the description – just hover over the title of the tab.

mgid review

What objections can there be? Well, for example, that teasers for unusual geos require exotic languages ​​and in general, take more time. Nobody said that it would be easy 🙂

But we promise on the our way – it is going to be the child’s play. If you are willing to spend more than $ 500 to buy traffic for your offers you will have access to:

  1. a) an account manager who will optimize campaigns carefully;
  2. b) custom teasers and landing pages. You can forget the language issue, just leave it to MGID creative department.

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MGID is one of the most popular traffic sources for native advertising. You might wanna check out our MGID Review, where we shared all the details including pros and cons about MGID native advertising platform.


2. RevContent

RevContent is the latest content recommendation and native advertising platform for business as it improves their return on investment. They follow the recent trend of native advertising compared to conventional ads posting system, especially through a revolutionary native ad networking system.

Revcontent- The Bets Native Ads Network

The basic principle of native advertising is to create ads in disguise. For example, when a user reads through an apparels section of buzz feed, a story on modern apparels might come across sponsored by premium apparel showrooms, increasing reader engagement.

RevContent offers more than 100 billion recommendations every month to improve user engagement through quality native advertisements. But it is not an easy task to engage with RevContent and the company rejects 98% of the applications on an average. They don’t compromise on the quality of the websites and work only with publishers who have the potential to reach the premium level. Once approved as a publisher it is important to include a JavaScript code on the website to portray native recommendations.


  • RevContent offers completely responsive widgets that could adapt to any screen size without clutters
  • It protects the brand and by checking the ‘X’ at the right corner of the ad, it is possible to remove any inappropriate content
  • It offers high RPMS to its clients in the range of $3 to $40.
  • RevContent offers highly customizable widgets and offers a high native feel of ads to users so that users don’t feel it is an ad
  • Their Ads improves customer turnover ratio and native advertisements are offered in different formats such as XML, API or JSON on par with the client’s desire.
  • With RevContent it is possible to calculate real-time performance metrics based on device type, website section, and content performance.
  • RevContent offers 50% return on Investments to its advertisers. It also improves the bounce rate and page view time of the website.


3) is type of a contextual ad service program which is powered by the Yahoo! Bing Network. The company has reported a revenue of somewhere around 232 million USD in the 2015 and has certainly managed more than 450 million USD of the managed ad spend. In accordance to the quality of the ads a person has quite a nice chance to earn a good sum of money.

The yahoo Bing serves the media.Net basically comprises of a lot of national as well as the local advertisers, that ensures a 100% fill rate across all the ad formats. Also, in addition to the display units, is also known to support desktop interstitial, mobile docked ads and in-content native. A few of the Media. Net’s publishers are the Forbes, Reuters, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and a lot more. The standard IAB sizes are generally supported by the network.


  • There isn’t any publisher traffic requirement.
  • The method of the payment is through the PayPal or wire transfer.
  • The minimum payout is 100$.

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4) Adpushup


For publishers looking to grow their ad revenue, AdPushup is a hybrid ad network with advanced revenue optimization features such as ad layout optimization, header bidding, innovative ad formats (including native), ad mediation, adblock recovery, and AMP conversion.
AdPushup is a managed service, i.e., publishers don’t have to do the heavy lifting of managing their ad operations—the ad ops team at AdPushup will take care of that.
In addition, they have demand partnership with top-tier ad networks and exchanges such as Google AdX, AppNexus, Rubicon, and Criteo, among others. Their ad optimization tools coupled with premium demand from helps publishers deliver better user experience and achieve higher CTRs and CPMs, with an average revenue uplift of 33% for their publishing partners.
    • Offers types include both CPM and CPC 
  • Partnership with top ad networks and exchanges
  • Dedicated account manager and after sales support
  • Minimum Payout Threshold is $50
  • Payment Options support Wire, Paypal

5) Double click ad exchange


Double click ad exchange

The DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a top Ad network used by a lot of publishers. It is basically known as a marketplace in the partnership along with the Google Display Network used for the purpose of the buying and selling of advertising. It basically represents another marketplace for all of the interested advertisers so that they can bid on the display advertising over the Internet.

  • The premium version of the AdSense is basically DoubleClick exchange, it comes along with certain deep integrations with every known ad network, DSP, agency and a number of different advertisers, along with some exclusive access to a range of big brand advertisers.
  • It is integrated completely along with the Google’s ad server; the DoubleClick is mainly for the publishers where it can be setup easily through the dynamic allocation in order to ensure the highest price for each and every impression.
  • With the help of the DoubleClick Ad exchange you can easily buy a good quality mobile web, video, mobile app and desktop inventory from a large number of the publishers all over the world Ad Exchange lets you reach the consumers on the screens on every format, at scale.
  • You can connect with even a premium publisher inventory, no matter what your media buying strategy is form the private exchanges or private marketplaces, open exchange transactions, programmatic direct are available on the Ad exchange.
  • The query tool that is provided by the Ad exchange is present in order to make it easier to find the inventory that you want across the marketplace. It generally consists of a fraud protection for free which is basically an automated as well as the manual filtering that is known to prevent you from buying any invalid traffic.

The Inventory quality comes certified by the IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines as well as the UK Digital Trading Standards Group Good Practice Principles.


  • Payment Terms: NET 30
  • Payment threshold: $100
  • Offer type: CPM, CPC
  • Publisher requires at least 30 million monthly impressions along with the compliance to Google ToS



6) Infolinks

Infolinks Review


As the picture suggests, the Infolinks is known to be the best alternative to the Google AdSense as well as the best in in-text ads. Infolinks provides four kinds of ads which are the intext ads, in search, in frame and in tag ads. It also works in collaboration with the AdSense without violating any rule.

In order to maximize the benefit, one may even combine the infolink ads and some other image that base the ads network.

Infolinks produce a very high monthly revenue for over 200,000 publishers in more than 130 countries every day, and they even work with the all-time top advertisers such as Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and EBay.

The platform of the Infosys is very simple to integrate into your site and is open to all the publisher, without any setup fees and minimum requirements for page views or visitors. It is an in-text link based CPM ad network.

If you possess a text based rich blog or site then the Infolinks is the most appropriate for you to earn some revenue. They generally do not need space for the banners which is certainly the best part known of the Infolinks ad network.

They show targeted ads for all the elegant keyword from your content. Infolinks do not cover the spaces at all which is the reason why you can use other ads banner from AdSense or some other alternative to earn more revenue for site content.


  • No publisher traffic is required
  • The payment method is either through the e-check, PayPal or the Western Union
  • Minimum payout is 50$


7) Sharethrough


Sharethrough is known basically for taking the advertising to a whole new level through displaying articles, photos, videos on a native ad platform. The ad units have been designed in such a way that it adapts to the look and feel of the website on which it is place. The platform of their ad crawls the website source code to determine style, font, color, lightboxes, etc.

Sharethrough with pride claims that their ads are highly effective as it works in an environment which is ‘scroll-centric’ and is optimized for smaller screens. Sharethrough gets a high engagement from the users due to their integrated creative content. And this is the way how they generate great performance for publishers.

Here in sharethrough even trafficking is easy as you can create custom sized DFP ad units that will run only Sharethrough or you can create additional flex sizes on your in-content ad placements. It’s the best one can implement within the 728×90 placements.

It’s native advertising software is helping the Internet in its evolution beyond interruptive ads. Sharethrough allows the publishers to manage their all native ad strategy from sale to delivery and even measurement.


  • Rate is $3 CPM (US, UK, AUS, CA)
  • The Payment Terms is NET 30
  • The Offer type is that it is Visible CPM Publisher requirements


List of Best Native Advertising Network 2021: Must Try List

8) Adbuff

 14 Best Pop-Under Ad Networks - Adbuff


Adbuff is an alternative of AdSense ad network having a strict approval guidelines for publishers and advertisers. They are accepting publishers having English sites with a majority of the traffic coming from USA, Canada, Australia and the UK currently.

Time of approval may take between 5 – 7 days and every approved site will receive a welcome bonus of $25 for signing up.

For the premium publishers who are looking for the best AdSense Alternative ad network, Adbuff is the first ad network you should look at.


9. Outbrain

Outbrain is a content discovery platform that customizes its services based on the search queries of the audience. It helps publishers to monetize their content and make money by attracting readers, who wish to keep reading at all times. It does not matter if people stay on a website and read related posts, or simply click on an ad and leave the site, publishers are able to make money with Outbrain.

 Outbrain - Best Native Ads Network

Outbrain values the importance of bringing its audience and content together, it delights its reader, drives their engagement, breeds customer insight and creates revenues for its publishers. Outbrain is a platform that brings marketers of all sizes and premium publishers on the same platform.

Publishers get paid proportionately to the traffic that they’re able to divert to the advertiser website. Outbrain employs behavioral targeting to increase user engagement and provides recommendations for several media types, including online, video, and mobile.


  • Outbrain works on a pay per click model which is similar to Google AdWords and is highly rewarding in terms of ROI.
  • Publishers are free to supply as many copies of the content as needed along with multiple heads likes to generate maximum response.
  • It offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to enhance their brand and have their content served on big publisher’s names.
  • The account engagement system of Outbrain is excellent and publishers are offered regular updates on site performance

10. Taboola

Taboola is a content marketing platform and one of the most popular native ad networks that provide a “content you may like” widget to online publishers to display promoted content including articles, videos, and slideshows. BBC, USA today, mail online, TMZ, Business Insider, NBC news, Chicago Tribune, and Boston Globe are among the many publishers that form the taboola network.

Taboola - Best Native Ads Network

Taboola, along with Ad-blade and Outbrain, is one of the top sponsored content networks on the Internet. The power many of the “Sponsored links” and “Stories you might like from around the Web” sections that you have probably seen on sites like the New York Times, TMZ, and USA Today to name a few. While certain implementations can appear rather full of spam (e.g., a link to a story titled “10 Celebs you’d never guess went full frontal on film”), these links can be effective sources of incremental revenue for many sites.

The quality of recommended content found on outbrain is usually higher because they pre-filter content that they consider being spam, Taboola takes pride in its Taboola Choice feature where users can offer feedback on what recommendations they don’t like so that the platform is constantly learning and improving from user feedback.


  • Quality Ads
  • Good CPMs
  • Good customer support

11. Gravity is well known as well as a popular ad network, which has an immense contribution in the field of ad networking. After being founded in the year of 2009, it completes the journey of 7 years in this year. Being a premium ad network, though it has its own headquarter in California it has also another branch in the US. After the successful start in 2009, this native ad-network got occupied by the AOL company in 2014 in lieu of $90M.  As the Native ads have enough potential to become the perfect substitute of the mainstream display ads, hundreds of website (e.g. Outbrain, Taboola etc.) preferred these native ads which is the main reason behind the success of Gravity ad-network.

Gravity- Best Native Ads Network

They aim to personalize the entire web, in an effort to understand user interest patterns and serve personalized content recommendations based on the topics that they engage with most. They do this by analyzing each web page, tweet, and status update that’s published on the web in real time and organizing it all by interest to identify trending topics and the most relevant stories about any topic. For publishers, Gravity provides a set of personalized plugins that allows personalized content recommendations and sponsored content to be displayed on the website.


  • Easy installation process makes you feel worried free while starting to use their services.
  • The easiest process of implementation consists of copying their Javascript content. Enriched personalized experience can easily be achieved by the traditional publishers as well as the app developers.
  • The native ads can also be used with the other ad-networks which include AdSense,
  • Higher rates, as well as the timely payments, are the added advantages of this native ad-network.
  • The dedicated real-time reporting system always helps the publishers to know the status of their content at a glance without any hassles.
  • This ad-network also provides excellent customer service. Their representatives are always ready to help you to solve any unwanted problems.

12. Nativo

Nativo is an outlier among native ad networks in that it allows publishers and advertisers to scale, automate, and measure native ads. Currently, more than 300 brands and 350 publishers use Nativo is a platform that helps you power their next-generation digital advertising.

Nativo- Best Native Ads Network

The distinctive feature of Nativo, one that separates it from the usual content recommendation systems, is that Nativo serves the advertiser’s content in-feed, i.e. the user can view the sponsored content without ever leaving the publishers website.

Nativo Features- Best Native Ads Networl

The content is served as part of the publisher’s content updates with a tag that clearly states “sponsored” – it’s a much more seamless way for advertisers to promote their content and publishers gain because the users never leave their website. From a recent study, it was observed that just last month, Nativo raised $20 million in funding, pretty much reinstating that native is here to stay, and so are they.

What if I tell you that you can see how your competitor’s ads are performing and get all their important details? That would awesome, right? Well, we have reviewed many such tools that can easily help you do exactly this. One of such tool is AdPlexity, and we have already published an in-depth guide on the same on Bloggersideas. Do check it out.


  • Nativo has been a great digital performer in the Native space.
    Campaigns have performed very well
    Customer service provides great insights and access to a dashboard.

13. TripleLift

TripleLift currently has 400+ advertisers and 2300+ publishers. This includes advertisers like Microsoft, Nissan, GAP, JetBlue, Kraft, Land Rover, Campbell’s, AT&T and publishers like Men’s Fitness, Conde Nast, Digg, USA Today, Atlantic Media, Hearst, and more.

TripleLift- Best Native Ads Network

The mode of operation is similar to Nativo. Advertisers can create content-based campaigns and then deploy them across multiple publishers’ websites at one go. At the publisher website, the content is automatically displayed in-feed and mimics the exact design specifications of their regular content with just a tag that states “sponsored” attached next to it.

TripleLift Stats- The Best Native Ads Network

TripleLift is a platform that allows true RTB auctions, enabling buyers and sellers to leverage unique data, bidding algorithms and real-time insights to their advantage. It also uses computer vision technology to recognize elements such as faces, objects, and text areas in an image to republish them in the best possible manner.


  • Just like every ad network yes, they have their own UI allowing publishers gain access to granular reporting. They have a dedicated support team that can easily help and assist in ad implementation. They work on a CPM basis as well.
  • It’s the quality of the ad. They made it more engaging.
  • Triple lift transforms images with web content into ads. These units beat the conventional banner ads four times in terms of click-through rates. Since the ads are seen as part of the content and not the usual blinking banners, users actually share these images on social networking sites with the likes of Pinterest and Facebook.

Quick Links:

14), is basically the technology, data and insights arm of AOL Advertising. It is known to be related to approximately 70+ of domains Score’s Top 100 ad-supported sites, along with a publisher network that spans 30+ content verticals and also monetizes approximately 2 billion ad impressions each day on an average.

The best reason for choosing is that they show relevant add that matches to your site and also liked by the readers of your site. They have the best CPM rates to offer.

If one is in search of a specific set of advertisers, offers ad blocks by advertiser, industry, media, and category so that the best fit for your provides various types of display ads, video, mobile ads and some custom implementation as well.


  • Conditions: – They Approve Sites only having Huge visitors.
  • Payment: –  via Check.
  • Payout: – Minimum Payout $25

15) Chitika

Chitika is a yet another advertising network that comes after the AdSense with approximately more than 300,000 publishers. It can be used with other ad networks such as AdSense ad in the same page without violating any rule. It also provides a high CPC rate but sometimes clicks from Asian courtiers provide almost zero money.  If you combine chitupa ad with AdSense ads it works the best.


  • Publisher Traffic Requirement – None
  • Payment Method – Check, PayPal
  • Minimum payout – 10$

16) Adsterra

Adsterra is yet another premium advertising network that serves more than 10 billion geo-targeted ad impression per month. They provide support to the publishers from each of the verticals and guarantee them 100% monetization of their ad inventory.

Adsterra also offers a vast variety of effective ad formats in every popular size for both mobile and the web which includes- interstitial, display banners, push up, pounders, sliders, and direct links. Publishers get on-time payments made bi-weekly through the major payment systems, and also a personal account manager and real-time statistics. They also provide a 5% referral program.

17) Google AdSense

Whenever a person talks about monetization, most of times, the first ad network that clicks up into the mind is Google AdSense. Google AdSense offers the best ad performance for international traffic approximately close to 100% fill for small publishers. Google AdSense is known as the world’s largest as well as the best advertising network these days.

Account approval for AdSense is quite hard but not impossible. If a person follows the AdSense policy as well as the webmaster quality guideline then they can easily get the approval by the AdSense.

One should take proper care about following Google terms and conditions. The publishers can very easily enjoy the benefits of an amazing ad network, if they use it in a certain way and at the same time, if they tend to violate them, then they may have to encounter a lot of punishments.

You can even block ads you don’t wish to see and choose where ads appear in your blog, and even change the look and feel of text ads to match your site. The categories of ads you allow can also be controlled. It’s complete as they say ” Your site, your rules”. Block ads you don’t want, choose where ads appear, and change the look and feel of text ads to match your site.

The categories of ads you allow can also be controlled. It’s completely as they say ” your site, your rules. You can quickly create, run, and analyze A or B experiments without changing your code.

AdSense Experiments allows you to compare one of your ad settings against an another to let you see which performs better.

Basic details: 

  • There isn’t any traffic requirement by the publisher.
  • Payment is done through the check, western union
  • The minimum payout is approximately 100$


18) Yellow Hammer



Yellow Hammer is a 100% fill ad network and it uses App nexus reporting interface and also offers a wide variety of campaign types. Once you go to the network the representative will get a registration form filled by you to get you started so that you sign an insertion order.

As many ad tags, as necessary will be provided as per your request, and will be segmented according to your reporting needs, and they without any fail or delay respond.

19. AdNow

AdNow provides widget-based native ads that publishers can use to monetize their sites. It is an advertising network with over 150,000 publishers at the moment. It is the network to work with when you want high RPM rates especially for those wishing to monetize their sites through native ads.

Their goal is to create a hybrid ad format. This unique format combines ads and other engaging websites content to enhance user engagement. The network makes it possible to combine native ads and media banners in one campaign, which is quite useful for clients and brands engaged in promotional activities.


It provides a unique way of monetizing website traffic through relevant and engaging user content that visitors are highly likely to click and view. If you have good traffic for your website, then this is one of the best networks you can use to earn a good profit from your website.


  • The network accepts non-English websites too
  • Allows you to monetize worldwide traffic
  • Can safely be used together with other ad networks such as AdSense and Propeller Ads
  • Weekly payments that are paid on time
  • It has a real-time reporting system
  • It has a rewarding referral system

Over to You: Best Native Ads Network | Must-try List

So, this was our complete list of best Native Ad Networks 2021. Comment below your favorite native ad network and which had helped you to make money online.

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