3 Best Proxies For Travel Fare Aggregation 2023: What Are Travel Fare Proxies?

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Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best Proxies For Travel Fare Aggregation, most individuals find SmartProxy and Shifter are the best options.

Then you have come to the correct website as you will be learning about a key part of designing a travel price aggregation system — proxies. Travel fare aggregation services, in most circumstances, do not own the data they show on their website and do not even have the authorization to do so.

They make use of a method known as web scraping to obtain publicly accessible travel fare data from websites on the Internet.

Today, due to travel aggregators, organizing a vacation and locating the cheapest airfare and hotel rates has become a breeze. These are online platforms or websites that compile all important travel information, such as prices and make it accessible via their platform.

Aggregating travel pricing information is the process of gathering data from airline and lodging websites. Online travel aggregators then utilize this data to streamline the purchase or reservation process for guests. They assist in obtaining a diverse range of bargains for clients to pick from, simplifying the process of looking for flights and booking hotels online.

After learning about travel pricing aggregators, it’s natural to be curious about how they gather data from the source airline or hotel websites. Proxies are used by transport fare aggregators to provide a quick and seamless data collection procedure.

3 Best Proxies For Travel Fare Aggregation 2023

Travel websites are notoriously tough to scrape. This is because they have been targeted for scraping and automated access for such a long period that they have created mechanisms to identify and block it. As a result, not all proxies available on the market can be utilized to scrape travel websites for fare data. Residential proxies are the most effective in this respect.

The following section discusses some of the residential proxy providers that provide proxies compatible with a variety of travel websites.

1. Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)

Bright Data is unquestionably one of the leading suppliers of residential proxy services. Residential proxies from this provider are ideal for scraping travel websites.

bright data: Best Proxies For Travel Fare Aggregation


One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Bright Data that makes it an ideal travel fare aggregation proxy service is that its proxies are undetectable and compatible with the vast majority of websites on the Internet.

With Bright Data proxies, you never have to worry about IP rotation, since Bright Data handles everything for you. It utilizes highly rotating proxies that dynamically change IP addresses in response to each request.

Additionally, its coverage of locations is outstanding. Its minimal monetary need is prohibitively expensive.

2. Shifter:

Shifter Proxies

Shifter makes use of genuine broadband, digital cable, and DSL residential IP addresses, and so assists you in scraping the right data in the manner in which it looks to typical customers.

They operate a proxy pool with 31 residential IP addresses, making them one of the world’s biggest proxy networks. In terms of price, they are comparable to Luminati and GeoSurf.

3. SmartProxy:


Smartproxy is another residential proxy supplier that offers proxies for scraping web pages to build your travel price collection system. Smartproxy advertises its proxies as unlimited, and they deliver on that promise regarding the locations they offer. Smartproxy has proxies in over 195 countries worldwide.

This implies that you may get the ticket price as perceived by various people worldwide. They have a sizable proxy pool, with over ten residential IP addresses. Unlike Luminati and GeoSurf, Smartproxy requires a minimum financial investment of $75.

Why Do Proxies Work So Well for Travel Fare Aggregation?

Proxies assist travel aggregators by impersonating genuine internet users and enabling them to collect an endless number of the most precise travel data. Proxies are the most dependable, quickest, and most comprehensive method of collecting and providing high-quality trip data on demand.

Proxy servers operate as a point of interaction between websites and people attempting to get relevant travel information in terms of travel aggregation. Proxy servers are the first to receive requests from internet users.

They then update the IP address by redirecting traffic to a matching website, such as Geonode, that has the desired information. Once the website has approved the request, the proxy restarts it, filters it for any threats or viruses, and then returns it to the user.

Proxies perform so effectively because they are excellent at obtaining clean, reliable data. Rather than browsing a plethora of websites, the internet user may just request the desired information from the travel aggregator and receive it without disclosing their IP address.

To top it off, the finest proxy for travel price aggregation enables travel aggregators to offer accurate information regardless of whatever website they are currently browsing, and without fear of being tracked or monitored.

As a result of this, proxies are the optimal answer for travel price aggregation since they discover, collect, extract, and classify travel data from the Internet and make it accessible to Internet users. They compile all pertinent data from a variety of travel firms and consolidate it in one location, making it almost straightforward for passengers to compare pricing and travel rates.

FAQs On Best Proxies For Travel Fare Aggregation

Why aren’t Datacenter Proxies Used for Aggregating Travel Fares?

Travel websites are capable of detecting datacenter proxies. Even providers with undetectable proxies suffer from restricted geographic support, since we do not have data providers that cover half of the world’s nations. Thus, even if they can be employed, it will need considerable effort.

Are Travel Websites Appropriate for Using Proxies?

No travel website now or in the future will enable the use of proxies. This is because they are misleading in nature and often assist their users in circumventing limits imposed by travel websites for commercial purposes. Numerous travel websites have procedures in place to identify and refuse access to proxy via traffic. However, some proxies are undetectable.

Is the Use of Proxies Required for Travel Fare Aggregation?

Yes, you must utilize proxies in order to correctly collect fare costs. This is because many of the websites that have the data you seek lack an API or charge for access to their APIs. Fortunately, since the essential data is publicly accessible on their websites, web scrapers may be used to scrape them. However, your site scrapers will not function without proxies.

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Conclusion: Best Proxies For Travel Fare Aggregation 

Making the best option is never easy since there are so many variables to consider. The best course of action is to choose a proxy type that has no security issues and is not susceptible to IP blocking.

Static proxies or real-time crawlers, or a mix of both, seem to be the ideal proxy option. Naturally, while determining which proxy type is appropriate for your organization, you should research the market’s major suppliers and learn more about their solutions.

Proxies are critical in the process of obtaining data from travel agency websites for travel aggregators. Additionally, they are a critical role in determining the finest travel website, differentiating between erroneous and accurate data, and providing the best travel costs upon request.

Without the assistance of proxy servers, travel aggregators would be unable to give crucial information to passengers. Proxies are what differentiate the poorest travel aggregators from the best in terms of competition.

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