Best Cheap 5 Residential Proxies 2022 Under $10 (Residential Proxy Network Services)

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You must have read in a number of blogs and posts that proxy servers are a fantastic way to hide your IP on the internet simply because they mask your IP and channel your connection through another separate server. Apart from just masking your IP, private proxies also allow you to tell the internet that you’re in another a location by geographically spoofing your original location.

Proxy servers allow you to efficiently surf the internet in privacy. Your connection will not get encrypted like it happens on using VPN which will stop ISPs and Government agencies from sneaking on your traffic. However, there still are certain limitations.

The main issue with the majority of proxy servers or VPNs is that they use data center servers that are not linked to a specific homeowner. This implies that such servers are essentially on their lonesome. In short, these are dedicated servers.

What is a Residential IP address?

Before you understand the use of a Residential Proxy you need to first understand what a Residential IP address is. These are IP addresses that are given by an internet service provider to a homeowner. Logically stating that every computing device and the home network has its own Residential IP and it holds certain information. These include information like the approximate location and the name of the ISP Company.

The biggest advantage of these IP addresses is that they are legit, meaning completely legal and are tagged to a legit home or location. Another added advantage is that they are not data centers and cannot be banned as easily which makes them excellent for proxies.

Residential proxies are first and foremost online proxies that let you hide your IP address with another homeowner’s IP. These come under the category of anonymous proxies since they mask your IP and make it look completely legit.

Residential proxies are perfect for people who use aggressive data mining technique and to get access to sneaker sites. So keeping these aspects in mind let me tell you about the top 5 residential proxies available in the market today as of mid-2018.

5 Best Cheap Residential Proxies In 2022 (Monthly Residential Proxies)

1. IPRoyal Proxy

IProyal Proxies

IPRoyal residential proxy network consists of real IP addresses from real users, making sure you never get detected or blocked. There’s no sharing of any kind, so your proxy is available only to you. Pick between sticky (up to 24 hours) or rotating proxies and enjoy 99.9% uptime and a continuously growing global IP pool.

Their datacenter service is good for using the internet because it has unlimited bandwidth with no extra charges. It also has blazing speeds and easy integration. You can pick from different locations worldwide, so geo-blocking is over. Every IP is reserved for you, so you won’t get your private data hacked or stolen. Enjoy fast internet with our datacenter proxy service!

Location :

IProyal proxies location

Pricing :

IProyal proxy pricing

2. OxyLabs

Oxylabs is a name that every person in the world of proxies is familiar with. The network specializes in large-scale web data extraction and is an extremely popular choice for many industry leaders for web crawling needs. Their IP address database consists of more than 2M data center IPs and a residential proxy network with more than 60M residential IPs. This allows their services to span more than 180 countries around the world.

oxylab- Best Web Scraping Proxies

With more than 60M IP addresses all over the world you can get geographically accurate data without any issues. Furthermore, you can now purchase Oxylabs residential proxies right away via their Fast Checkout service with minimum commitment starting from $300/month.

Any residential proxy has to meet the right requirements for speed and performance, to perfectly function during large-scale web scraping jobs. Oxylabs’ residential proxies not only reach the necessary limits but exceed over them, reaching up to 95% success rates, making them one of the fastest and highest-performing proxies on the market.


  • Country, City and ASN level targeting
  • Sticky or rotating IPs
  • Session control up to 30min.
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • 95% Average Success Rate
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

3. Smartproxy

When it comes to Residential proxies pricing, it’s hard to beat Smartproxy

Smartproxy offer 7 different pricing plans based on traffic usage. There are no other limits, so you can use as many connections, locations or sessions as you want. The price per GB gets lower with every plan: it starts from $75 on Micro plan with 5GB of traffic included and ends with the Enterprise plan for $3/Gb.

All plans come with a 3-day money-back guarantee, so you can test Smartproxy without any risk. 

Residential Proxy - SmartProxy

For those who wish to use more than 1 TB, Smartproxy can set up custom plans. To do that, you would need to contact Smartproxy support team or email [email protected]

Smartproxy rotating residential proxies are perfect to scrape data, make multiple posts, avoid location restriction, get around phone verification or avoid getting banned and be anonymous. Smartproxy gives you more than 10 million IP addresses in 195 locations, including 8 major cities.

All of these IPs look like real mobile and desktop devices, so they are undetectable. You can choose country-level targeting and decide between using a random proxy that rotates your IP address with every request or sticky proxy, which would change your IP every 10 minutes.


  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support 
  • 10M+ proxies in 195+ locations, including 8 major cities
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • 3.1 s average response time 
  • Sticky IP sessions for up to 10 minutes
  • Rotating proxy network lets you switch to a new proxy without any effort
  • Access to all search engines and other data sources
  • No subnetworks – very low block rate

4. Bright Data ( Formerly Luminati)

Luminati has helped a lot of fortune 500 companies use the internet for their data scraping needs and is one of the leading providers of residential proxy servers in the world. The residential proxies they provide allow all the companies to harvest vast amounts of data without being blacklisted by internet providers. Luminati’s IP network database consists of around 30 million IPs consisting of real addresses. This wide availability of IPs makes it difficult to get a server banned or blocked.

Luminati- Residental Proxies

To be precise, the different IP addresses Lumnati have in its pool are present in just about every major city around the world, thus giving you spectacular global reach through the internet. The major reason behind this extensively global coverage is that they offer a free VPN service named ‘Hola VPN’ in exchange for a residential IP address. This native VPN service goes into their pool of P2P servers.

You can further send concurrent requests to a different IP address. The best thing that you experience in this regard is that you never get slowed down too much by a rogue server.

When it comes to pricing, Luminati offers four different packages that keep changing depending on the amount of data you require. The pricing starts at a cost of $500 a month which gives you 40 GB of usage ($12.5 per GB). Depending on the amount of data you require, these numbers go up to $30,000 a month for 10,000 GB ($3 per GB).

These prices are indeed pretty expensive and would probably be ideal for large-scale brands and businesses only. Apart from that, Luminati is a fantastic proxy provider overall.


  • High Speed and Performance
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Automatic and Instant Delivery
  • IP address will be highly anonymous
  • Offers premium support 24/7
  • Offers 2-Day Money Back Guarantee

5. StormProxies

StormProxies is a popular proxy network when it comes to back-connecting residential proxy servers, enabling you to safely use data harvesting tools. You can use this network to search the internet without the risk of being blocked or banned. Their residential rotating proxies are amazingly easy to understand, use and control whether you are an amateur not wanting to spend too much money or an expert user needing hundreds of proxies.

StormProxies- Residental Proxies


This network offers beginner one port at just $19 per month, a plan perfectly ideal for those who do not need as many ports. Though they are not really at par with Luminati when it comes to a number of ports on offer, they still have a fair few on their P2P networks. 40,000 to be precise! The variation in their plans lies in the number of ports you can connect through, while all of the plans allow you to have access to P2P servers.

What I personally loved about Storm is that they provide a 24-hour money-back guarantee, which is probably the best and most prompt refund service for a network that provides unlimited bandwidth. They also provide a conventional and cooperative 24/7 support for customers and also give you access to their network immediately.

StormProxies is also well-known for providing high speed and performance as here StormProxies 1GB networks optimized to prevails the performance and fast multiple thread tools. StormProxies also gives the automatic delivery as here you can easily get instant access to your proxies right after the payment. And the best part is that you don’t have to wait for account activation in order to set up your proxies. StormProxies will also provide unlimited bandwidth at no hidden cost and no-bandwidth is there.

StromProxies is significantly different from other proxies in the market as the Rotating Reverse Proxies and Residential IPs proxies are something new in the market, the latest technology developed by StormProxies team members.

StormProxies also offers 2-Day Money-Back Guarantee, just try StormProxies 100% risk-free. If you are not satisfied with their services then you can simply get your money back right within 48 hours.


  • Provides High Speed and Performance
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Automatic and Instant Delivery Offerings
  • The IP address will be highly anonymous and safe
  • Offers premium helpful support 24/7
  • Offers 2-Day Money-Back Guarantee

6. MicroLeaves

MicroLeaves is arguably the biggest residential proxy network available in the market as of mid-2018. The network consists of over 26 million IPs around the world, which is the biggest network coverage in its class. Their network is genuine and reliable as all of their IP addresses are of real people and real homes.

This implies that users stand very minimal chances of getting banned or blocked when using their network. This makes it perfect for data mining and harvesting purposes.

MicroLeaves- Residental Proxies

Their network is very dynamic and rotates between several IP addresses porting your connection every 5 minutes. They offer the biggest range of plans and excellent 24/7 customer support. They offer 10 different price plans that suit everyone’s needs and even allow for custom plans if you still cannot find the ideal plan for yourself. Starting at $62.49 and going up to around $12000, their packages are fixed and offer unlimited bandwidth.

They charge on the number of ports you require instead of charging per GB.

Microleaves network consists of more than 26 million IPs all around the world and that’s the biggest coverage in a row.

Microleaves network is genuine and reliable as the IP address is of the real home and real people. And there will minimal to no chances of getting banned or getting blocked while using the proxies. Microleaves is quite best for data mining and harvesting purposes.

Microleaves network is very dynamic and it generally rotates right between the several IPs address that ports your connection after every 5 minutes when you will be using. Microleaves offers the biggest range of plans right with 24/7 customer support.

Microleaves is for you as here it offers 10 different pricing plans that generally suits everyone’s needs and requirements. The service generally starts from $6.49 and the price go up to $12000 according to your needs. Microleaves offers number of ports along with unlimited bandwidth right at no hidden cost and there will be no restrictions.


  • New IPs in every 10 minutes
  • Offers Over 26 million IPs
  • Has Advanced Control Panel
  • It has Worldwide Locations
  • HTTP & Socks Compatibility
  • Selected multiple countries with GEO Plans

7. GEOsurf

GEOsurf is another popular residential proxy network that has good global coverage and consists of over 2 million different IP addresses in every city in the world to give you an enormous reach. They are also pretty popular for their fantastic network speed that can help you perform high-data requests parallel to each other through multiple IP addresses.

Their services are very reliable and the vast global coverage ensures that users don’t get banned or blacklisted.

GEOSurf- Residental Proxies

Their network has over 199 locations across the globe and offers premium customer support anytime and anywhere to make sure your services are working ok. The best thing about their plans is that all the packages give you access to their complete pool of IPs. You can choose whichever plan you want to.

Another great thing about Geosurf is that they give you access to vital statistics and analytics to monitor your data harvesting which you can optimize whenever necessary. Though slightly expensive, their starter package begins at $300 per month and goes up in price depending on the amount of data you require.


  • No Limits On IPs Usage
  • Statistics & Dashboard
  • 130 Geo Locations
  • Coder Friendly
  • Offers Premium Support
  • Unlimited Clean Residential IPs

Benefits Of Using A Residential IP Proxy

Using residential proxy services have a bunch of advantages that can make your internet browsing experience a joyride. Let me mention a few benefits that you should definitely know about.

They Allow You to Hide Your IP

The most obvious benefit about a residential proxy is that it works in such a way that it masks your original IP address and spoofs your geographic location to keep your private information more secure and anonymous. In other words, it allows you to stay anonymous when using the internet. However, because the network is not encrypted you are not entirely anonymous, meaning an ISP can still see your traffic.

Comes Across as a Legit Connection

Residential proxy servers are really good at accessing sneaker sites because they are tagged to a specific home and ISP. They look more legitimate and the sneaker site will see that the connection is coming from a real person and let you through. However, residential proxies still do stand a chance of being banned if they are abused. This is the biggest reason why the IP rotates every few minutes so that the proxies do not fail or get detected easily.

Residential Proxies Are Best For?

Residential proxies are not for everyone. It is not due to technical hassles or risk elements. It is simply because they are very expensive and should only be used by people who really need them. Experts primarily recommend residential proxies for large-scale businesses and mobile services providers. Let me tell you who all may benefit from a residential proxy.

Data Harvesters

They are perfect for marketing agencies and corporations who need to collect a lot of data quickly about their audience and competitions. In short, thee proxies are ideal for data harvesting and collection, because they can instantly collect the required data without being told off by their internet provider.

They also find wide application in SEO for information scraping. A number of international systems that are designed to scrap hundreds of data very quickly often bare a huge weight online. This is why link building devices such as SEnuke and GSA are used with a residential proxy service because of the frequent rotations that occur in the system. This also pretty much prevents individual’s home IPs from being abused and blacklisted from sites.

Getting Past Sneaker Sites

Residential proxies are widely used in place of a datacenter proxy for sneaking into some secure websites, or simply sneaker sites. This is because when the security systems sniff out a datacenter proxy during connection, they will blacklist it if any alarm is triggered. Using a legitimate residential IP address will most likely not be scrutinized and will be allowed to pass through.

However, in some cases, datacenter IPs are preferred more over residential proxies due to its ability to spoof your browser fingerprints. This is ideal for Shopify Sites or setting up the proxies on Sneakers Bot. But when it comes to official websites like Adidas or Nike, a Residental proxy is the safest and most reliable option to go with.

1. OxylabsCheck It Out Now
2. StormProxiesCheck It Out Now
3. SmarProxyCheck it Out Now
4. MicroLeaves
Check It Out Now
5. GEOsurfCheck It Out Now
6. LuminatiCheck It Out Now

How do Proxy Servers work?

Proxy servers play a crucial role in providing varying levels of functionality, security, and privacy depending on your use case, needs, or company policy. When you are using a proxy server, internet traffic flows through the proxy server on its way to the address you requested. The request then comes back through that same proxy server, and then the proxy server forwards the data received from the website to you.

Whenever you send a web request, your request is first directed through a proxy server. As you know, every computer device has a unique and distinct IP address, the internet uses this unique IP address to send the correct data to the correct computer.

Proxy server - By Passing The Server

Image Credit:

Importance of proxy servers

Numerous corporate and government networks ban certain websites so that they are not accessed by employees during work hours. This gives them complete control over what employees are accessing and using on the Internet, which is one of the most important reasons why proxies are widely used.

Next, when it comes to private or personal use, proxy servers help users to encrypt all your browser traffic which then cannot be intercepted and read by anyone using any transmit or data sneaking tools. Furthermore, private proxy servers also allow users to efficiently mask their original IP address and spoof their geographic location to keep your private information more secure and anonymous.

Risks of using a proxy server

It is logical to think that every happening thing in the world of the internet has its share of merits and demerits. You do need to be cautious when you choose a proxy server since there are a few common risks that can negate any of the potential benefits of the proxy server if not dealt with properly:

Free proxy server risks

When something is absolutely free, you must consider the fact that there will be some compromises made in developing the service. That is exactly why using one of the many free proxy server services can be quite risky.

Since some proxy services are free, it means that the developers aren’t investing heavily in backend hardware or encryption. You may find performance issues and potential data security issues in such cases. Though the chances of finding a completely “free” proxy server are minimal, of you do find one, you better be careful while considering it. Some of those might just be fraud or a hoax.

Browsing history log

If you are using a proxy server, then you should be convinced that the server has your original IP address and web request information possibly unencrypted and saved locally. It is strongly recommended that you make sure if your proxy server logs and saves your browsing data. This includes studying what kind of retention or law enforcement cooperation policies they follow.

If you expect to use a proxy server for privacy, then you should be sure of the fact that your internet activity is getting complete privacy and anonymity. If the vendor is just logging and selling your data, you might not be receiving the expected value for the service.

No encryption

One unsaid rule about using proxy servers is that you should NEVER use a proxy server without encryption. No encryption means you are sending your requests as plain text. This directly implies that anyone who comes across this information will be able to pull usernames and passwords and account information really easily.

Why should you use a proxy server?

Now the most valuable question would be that why should you use a proxy server. The reasons and benefits of using a proxy server are many and vary from user to user basis. Let me give you the advantages of using a proxy for personal, business use and as a traveler.

Advantages of using a proxy server for personal use:

  • Protect Your Online Personal Privacy Information
  • Incognito to the Search Engines
  • Mask your Location based on a proxy server
  • More Secure when online shopping and banking
  • Stop  Tracking from your ISP

Advantages of using a proxy server for business use:

  • Anonymously Research Competitors

If your competitors know when you visit their website, they can send you to a dummy website based on your IP address, keeping you in the dark about what they are offering. When a Private Proxy server comes into play as a mediator, an anonymous proxy can make sure you see the competitors and be absolutely convinced that they can’t see you.

  • Bypass Restrictive Posting Limits

Many websites use your IP address and their cookie to block you when you hit posting limits on websites. This is a very usual and common scenario. Using a private proxy can help you easily and legally bypass website limits and continue posting by simply randomly rotating your IP addresses to get a new IP address.

  • Publicize Your Website Anonymously

You can be anonymous when posting on websites so you can publicize your website as though you are a user and not the actual company. Private Proxies as mentioned earlier will mask your company’s IP address, which means that the website and users don’t know where you are coming from.

  • Unblock Yourself from Websites that have Banned You

Some users often get banned from a forum for spamming. Companies restrict you from their website by using a combination of tracking cookies and your IP address.  In that case, you may want to use a private proxy to overcome the ban. You can choose your location and then Private Proxy does the rest. It will make it extremely hard for websites to block you since the server randomly changes your IP address every 30 minutes.

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Conclusion: Best Residential Proxies (Monthly Residential Proxies)

We have finished the list of top 5 Residential Proxies In 2022 and we have also told what things you should consider before buying a Proxies. So it’s your turn to tell us which one do you like the most right in the comment section. And also feel free to share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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