10+ Best China Proxies 2023– Paid & Free Chinese Proxy Services

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Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best China Proxies, most individuals find SmartProxy and Oxylabs are the best options.

Do you want to gather geo-targeted online material from China-based websites? Or do you want to browse a website but are unable to do so because you are not located in China? Is there an escape route? Yes, and this will be covered in further detail below.

Numerous websites’ material is becoming more tailored to consumers depending on their location. This implies that what you see on a website hosted in the United States is not the same as what someone viewing it in China sees.

And no, it has nothing to do with linguistic differences – even when translated into English, the substance might be radically different.

As a result, Internet marketers are leery of just viewing a website through their browser or an automated tool without taking geo-targeting into account. With Chinese proxies, you may access geo-targeted online content in China.

Internet Censorship In China

China’s internet restrictions are one of the reasons you may use proxies to surf in the country. Simply told, some websites and online platforms are restricted in China; as a result, you will be unable to access these websites and platforms while in the area.

This is feasible because of China’s Great Firewall.

As with a standard firewall, the Great Firewall of China restricts citizens from accessing government-restricted websites. The Chinese government established this firewall to assist them in controlling and monitoring internet activity inside the nation.

It is a massive system that monitors the online activity of China’s over 600 million internet users.

Twitter, Whatsapp, Netflix, Uber, Gmail, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are just a few of the popular platforms and websites that are restricted in China.

This implies that if you’re in China, you won’t be able to check your Gmail messages, view your favorite movies on Netflix, or update your Instagram and Twitter followers, among other things.

This may be infuriating, which is why you would want a proxy in China. Why, on the other hand, are all of these sites blocked in China?

How Did We Select The Most Reliable China Proxy Services?

We conducted many tests to determine the speed and reliability of each supplier. We monitored their connection speeds and success rates while accessing Chinese-language information.

Additionally, we examined their ability to handle severe loads by simultaneously processing 500 connection requests. Our final rankings take into account performance testing as well as other factors such as simplicity of use, cost, and customer support.

Each service on this list provides the finest proxies available.

10 Best China Proxies 2023: Paid Chinese Proxy Services

There can be no doubt that China has separated itself from the global Internet, and one cannot live in self-denial — what you see on certain websites may vary from what Chinese users view.

Notably, there are several China-exclusive online services to which only Chinese Internet users are permitted access. These websites impose some type of geo-location restriction, limiting access to them to Internet users in China.

If you want your traffic to be considered as Chinese traffic, you must utilize proxies or VPN services — if you are not physically present in China.

The purpose of this section is to discuss proxies. While both proxies and VPNs perform the same function, they have certain basic characteristics that make them effective in some situations and ineffective in others.

Proxies are preferable for Internet marketing chores such as scraping the web, testing website translation, and other online automation jobs. The following section contains suggestions for some of the top proxy companies from which you may get Chinese IP addresses.

1. Smartproxy:


Smartproxy is the best choice when it comes to China proxies. Whether you’re trying to access China-exclusive content, scrape, and mine data, or automate your business processes, Chinese proxies will help you to stay anonymous without any blocks.

Smartproxy’s Chinese proxies are reliable, fast, and undetectable.

With Chinese proxies you can enjoy:

  • Only real device IPs
  • Unlimited connections and threads
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Up to 30 minutes of sticky sessions
  • 24/7 tech support

2. Oxylabs.io:

Oxylabs dedicated proxies

If you’re searching for some of the fastest proxy speeds available, Oxylabs.io offers a rate of 0.6 seconds, assuring nearly no delays when online.

This company’s residential China proxies are beneficial for intellectual property protection, search engine optimization monitoring, and market research.

If you want China-based IP addresses, Oxylabs.io also allows you to tailor your residential proxies down to the city level, enabling you to carry out your operations from a more precise location rather than a random data center.

Their starting service includes 20 GB of storage for $300 per month, and their website has a simple user interface and a wealth of free instructional information.

With more than five million IP addresses located in China, you’ll never run out of possibilities.

3. ProxyEmpire 

ProxyEmpire reviews

ProxyEmpire began two years ago when the virus forced people to stay home. This proxy service caught my attention, even though many people would prefer tried-and-true options. The company is new, but the about us page shows they have proxy expertise.

They had considerable proxy expertise and started a company. The service delivers 3 million IP addresses from 150 countries. ProxyEmpire provides residential and mobile proxies, which is a good solution for people who want to maintain their privacy and stay anonymous online.

The company’s outstanding reputation has drawn many clients. They keep growing and expanding, which is wonderful for privacy-conscious consumers.

4. SSL Private Proxy:

SSL Private Proxy

SSL Private Proxy is one of the cheapest alternatives for high-performance, dedicated private proxies.

Their monthly basic membership starts at $15.00 per month for five China proxies and includes 100 threads per proxy.

You may anticipate them to be very anonymous and to include several subnets. Additionally, they provide additional savings for the more proxies you install.

SSL Private Proxy also benefits from dense fiber connection, high-quality upstream providers, and anti-DDoS security.

While they do not now offer any locations in China, they are focused on swiftly growing their services outside of the United States and Europe.

5. Proxyrack:


Proxyrack is a proxy supplier that provides over 140 geolocations and up to two million IP addresses, depending on the plan you choose.

The firm does not publish the number of China-based IPs in its pool, but their bespoke geotargeting and 142,000 Asian-based IPs should prove beneficial.

Additionally, they provide the option of randomizing ports with each action, ensuring that your digital imprint is kept clean with each operation.

Proxyrack also offers excellent customer support and a variety of residential China proxy levels to pick from.

6. Shifter:

Shifter overview


This organization supplies millions of IP addresses in almost every city on the planet. While there are several sites available, Shifters‘ proxies are time-sensitive and change every five minutes.

In contrast to our prior offerings, their China proxies are charged by ports rather than bandwidth.

As a result, they provide limitless bandwidth as part of their proxy concept, which is something that not many other proxy providers offer.

Their proxies are ideal for ad verification, talent procurement, user testing, and audience discovery.

Although they provide a large number of IP addresses, they do not specifically identify any IP addresses situated in China.

7. High Proxies:

HighProxies- Best Cheap Private Proxies

High Proxies may now be regarded as a seasoned proxy provider. While they do not now offer IPs situated in China, they do have a large number of global locations accessible.

Additionally, they offer a real-time server status center on their website. The company’s private proxy services begin at $2.30 per hour.

With limitless bandwidth, several subnets, and a track record of positive evaluations, they’re an easy pick.

They emphasize that their private proxies will not operate with sneaker websites, social networking platforms, or apps.

Additionally, High Proxies gives a wealth of information about the business and how to utilize their proxies securely online.

They use Raid10 SSDs and an intelligent routing network that outperforms standard networks in terms of performance.

8. Storm Proxies:


This proxy supplier has some of the lowest costs, the fastest speeds, and immediate access to your proxies after payment.

There is no account activation or setup required, and Storm Proxies provides a 24-hour money-back guarantee, 24/7 assistance, virgin IP addresses, and different subnets.

While China-based IPs are not presently supported, they offer several locations around the United States.

Their private proxies begin at only $2.00 a proxy, which is much less than many other competitors on the market.

Storm Proxies services are ideal for surfing the web anonymously, accessing geo-restricted material, and masking your digital trace.

Storm Proxies is growing in popularity, and as they do, you can anticipate them to extend their IP locations.

9. Bright Data:

Bright data

Bright Data is without a doubt one of the greatest proxy services available. They provide proxies in practically every nation and have a pool of over 4 million China proxies.

Additionally, they have specific location targeting, enabling you to specify the area, state, or city in which you want your proxies to be located. This degree of customization is uncommon among a large number of other proxy providers.

They have a history of supplying their consumers with infinitely dependable proxies located across the globe at the fastest speeds possible.

Of course, when it comes to being the greatest, the price generally reflects that rank.

While Bright Data is a top pick, several of its services are deemed pricey.

10. Proxy Seller:

Proxy Seller

This China proxy service is well-known for the wide variety of geolocations available via their private proxies.

Additionally, Proxy Seller provides a 1GBPS connection speed for $2.17 per proxy for their China-based IPs.

Additionally, proxies with a China location are only available in IPv4 format. There is support across China, although Proxy Seller does not mention the number of IPs in that pool.

Additionally, they offer you to buy the usage of these proxies for periods ranging from one week to twelve months.

Choose how long you’ll need the proxies and then input the money; their website will calculate the total for you automatically.

Often overlooked, a slick user interface contributes significantly to developing a trustworthy connection with the proxy community, and Proxy Seller has done an excellent job there.

A Beginner’s Guide To Purchasing China Proxies

Given China’s population, it’s reasonable to assume that proxy server use is significant, which is why clients want a guide to assist them in purchasing the correct China proxies.

There are several firms on the market that provide limitless VPNs and lightning-fast proxies for this nation, but with the aid of our buyers’ guide, one may exercise caution when purchasing a proper proxy for their devices.

One cannot disregard aspects such as anonymity, security, and unlimited access to geo-restricted websites in one’s nation. To get these advantages and benefits of using proxies, clients must read this article to learn more about the elements that should be examined before purchasing China proxies.

Best Characteristics Of China Proxies

High Performance And Speed:

Typically, the finest proxies that are dedicated to a single location have a restricted number of servers, which is why they are faster and more dependable than proxies with data centers located around the globe.

Automating Social Media:

China proxies are used for social media automation, which entails unblocking geo-restricted social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts and accounts. They are also handy for web crawling and scraping applications since they allow for unlimited data extraction.

Which Proxy Should I Use: Residential Or Datacenter?

It is preferable to find organizations that provide both residential and data center proxies since each has distinct advantages. However, the IP addresses and servers utilized by residential proxies are more trustworthy since they enable users to remain undiscovered.

Why Does China Have Internet Censorship?

China’s government prohibits a large number of “foreign” websites and online platforms mostly to promote the country’s economy.

With these limits in place, Chinese people will be less affected by events occurring outside their country, and the government will be free to pursue policies that they feel are best for the country regardless of what occurs elsewhere.

It did not take long for the Chinese government to impose limitations after the internet’s introduction. That was the purpose of the Golden Shield Project.

The Great Firewall of China was one of the Golden Shield Project’s surveillance and security programs. This way, the government has control over the material that its people consume. This, however, can only be accomplished in part.

As previously stated, these limitations are intended to stimulate the Chinese economy. Consider social media. In China, the most popular social media platform is WeChat, which was established by the Chinese business Tencent.

Because Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all forbidden, locals are forced to utilize WeChat, which helps the economy since it is a Chinese product.

Why Do You Need Chinese Proxies?

If you can visit a website without using a proxy, why would you want to? You’ll need China proxies to get access to geo-targeted content and specialized data. Apart from that, some websites and services are restricted to residents of China.

Requests from IP addresses outside of China are immediately denied. This implies that you will be unable to scrape data from such websites or purchase their products or services outside of China. If you must do so, you must use a Chinese IP address – which China proxy companies will give.

What Should You Be Aware of?

When purchasing proxies, ensure that they are compatible with the use case for which they are intended. It’s pointless to purchase data center proxies for online services that use proxy detection technologies since data center proxies are quickly spotted.

Before making any financial commitments, contact the customer support staff of a proxy service and request a free trial.

Why Is It Necessary To Use China Proxies?

There are several reasons why you or your organization may benefit from employing proxies hosted in China.

China’s digital material is heavily regulated, to the point that those outside the country cannot view what Chinese citizens see online.

Unless, of course, you’re using a proxy server with a China geolocation to conceal your true IP address.

You’ll need China-based proxies if you wish to test automation inside their network, scrape data, or conduct any other activity involving Chinese citizens and the networks they utilize.

By concealing your true location, you may fool their network into believing you are in China, enabling you to browse the web from their viewpoint.

This is accomplished by rerouting your searches via a Chinese-based IP address, and some proxy services allow for bespoke city-level targeting.

Additionally, there is no incentive to use proxies with China geolocations other than to conceal your IP address and access their network via their eyes.

FAQs Related To China Proxies

🤟 Why Might You Require a Proxy in China?

A China proxy server is the optimal technique to get access to material that is restricted to the Chinese area. As a Chinese citizen, you'll be able to browse local news and even create a WeChat account. Additionally, you may utilize a Chinese proxy server to get local pricing and data scraping.

🙆 Why Should You Abstain from Using Free Chinese Proxy Services?

We highly advise against using free China proxies. You should only utilize a proxy service if you have complete faith in the person or organization providing it, particularly in China. Its owner can intercept any data passing through the server, which might include your passwords and other important information. And China is renowned for its monitoring capabilities. Bear in mind that if you do not pay for a thing, you are the product.

🧏‍♂️ How to Use a Proxy Server in China?

A China proxy service may be used with practically any device or piece of software. The specific processes for configuring proxies with each of them may differ. However, Chinese proxies will ultimately route your connection via IP addresses located inside China or Hong Kong. This guarantees that you are allocated an authentic Chinese IP address and are not prohibited from accessing Chinese material.

🤟 Will Chinese proxies be effective in other parts of the world?

Perhaps, and perhaps not. China has a somewhat stringent guideline about what citizens may access. That is why some prominent websites are prohibited and have their substitutes. For example, Facebook is restricted in China, therefore if you attempt to access the site using Chinese proxies, you will be refused access. On the other hand, Weibo is a Chinese social media network that your Chinese proxies will have no trouble accessing.

🙆 Will I be able to access stuff that is only available in China?

Yes. Proxies' primary function is to make it seem as if you are viewing a website from another location. When you use Chinese proxies, your device's traffic is routed via the proxy server and then sent to the target server. When you redirect traffic in this manner, the destination server sees the source IP address of the requests, in this example, the Chinese proxy server.

🧏‍♂️ Is it possible to utilize the free Chinese proxies?

While the Free Chinese proxies are acceptable for usage, the issue is their lack of security and performance. Indeed, the same is true for proxies from any location. In terms of security, since the free Chinese proxies are not regulated by a corporation for whom you pay, you have no clue who may have access to them or the data that will travel via them. On the performance front, the majority of free Chinese proxies are the slowest of all proxy kinds. While we generally advise against using them, there are rare occasions when they are acceptable.

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Conclusion- Best China Proxies 2023

After going over all of the data in this article regarding residential and private China proxies, it’s clear that finding a reliable supplier for China proxies requires speed, IP location diversity, and a trustworthy business plan.

While pricing is always a consideration, you may want to double-check what is included, since you may be restricted in terms of location, subnets, or capacity.

It is critical to realize that proxies should never be used maliciously and should be used only to safeguard your personal information and identity.

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